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My Completely Honest Stitch Fix Review (Updated After 6+ Years!)

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here.

Looking for honest Stitch Fix reviews? I’ve used Stitch Fix on and off for over six years now and have a lot of experience with the pros and cons of the service! Read on for my completely honest thoughts about my Stitch Fix experience + all my best tips & tricks for making it work for you!

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completely honest Stitch Fix reviews

For those of you who have been following me for a really long time, you’ll probably remember parts of my Stitch Fix journey throughout the years and how I slowly went from hating it to loving it. I figured an updated post was long overdue since I’ve been using it on and off for over SIX years! And I’ve learned a lot in that timeframe as to what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to this service.

For those of you who haven’t been following me for very long or are reading about my Stitch Fix experience for the very first time, you should know that I am always brutally honest with my product reviews. I will never endorse a product that I don’t truly love. I will also never lie about loving a product that I don’t. So if you’re looking for really honest Stitch Fix reviews, this is the one to read!

In this post I’ll cover how Stitch Fix works, how much it costs, the pros & cons of the service, my honest experience with Stitch Fix, and how to best make Stitch Fix work for you.

What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix has been around long enough now that you’ve most likely at least heard about it in passing. But just in case you’re not familiar with it, I want to first briefly cover what Stitch Fix is and how it works.

Stitch Fix is an online clothing shop designed to provide personal styling services for women at an affordable cost. It was specifically created for women who need to wear nicer clothes for events/work but who don’t want to spend hours and hours combing through clothing stores to put together outfits.

Originally, it was only for women, but they recently opened up a line for men and a line for kids. They carry women’s sizes 0-24W and Xs-3X, maternity and petite options, men’s sizes XS-XXL, and kids’ sizes 2T-14.

When you sign up, you’ll receive a box of clothing (called a “Fix”) on your doorstep at the frequency you choose (no subscription required). Each box is custom picked just for you by a Stitch Fix stylist based on your size and style preferences!

Crystal looking at Stitch Fix Box

How Does Stitch Fix Work?

If you’re interested in getting started with Stitch Fix, here’s how it works…

1. Sign up for a Stitch Fix account.

2. Fill out your style profile. You’ll give very specific details on sizes you wear, styles you like, colors you like, types of clothes you like, and what types of clothing you are specifically looking for (more casual, all business, a mix of both, etc.) You can be very detailed in your descriptions and even share a Pinterest board with them to give Stitch Fix some ideas of your tastes in clothing.

3. Go to checkout and pay a $20 styling fee. This is reimbursed if you choose to keep any of the clothes.

4. A Stitch Fix stylist will look at your style profile and put together a box of clothing just for you. It will be based upon what they think you’ll like, according to all your size, color, and style preferences.

5. They’ll send you this box in the mail. You’ll have a few days to go through the box, try on the clothes, and then choose to keep any that you liked and ship back any that didn’t work (they provide a postage-paid envelope for you to use).

They also recently added a feature where you can shop for one-off items based on your past kept items from boxes! It’s really convenient!

How Much Does Stitch Fix Cost?

You only pay a $20 styling fee out of pocket to have the box shipped to you.

If you choose to keep any of the clothing in your box, that $20 will be put towards your order as a discount. If you choose not to keep any clothing at all, you’ll lose the $20 you paid for the styling.

When you sign up, you get the opportunity to specify your budget range. There is a really nice variety of different brands at different costs for all budgets.

If you decide to keep all the items in your box, you’ll receive an additional 25% off your entire order!

very first Stitch Fix box

My Very First Stitch Fix Experience

Back when Stitch Fix first launched, a few of my friends signed up for it and loved it. Based upon their recommendation and my husband’s encouragement, I decided to finally try it out.

I wasn’t thrilled with what I got in my first box. In fact, I sent half of it back, and I wish I wouldn’t have kept two of the items I did. As much as I thought I could convince myself to love them, I just couldn’t.

I did get a pair of earrings in the box that I love and have worn countless times since then. So that was the one redeeming part of my very first Stitch Fix experience.

But I kind of just decided that Stitch Fix probably wasn’t for me and was happy to leave it at that.

totally honest Stitch Fix reviews

My Second (Disappointing) Stitch Fix Box

However, a year later, a friend here invited me to go with her to a Stitch Fix Influencer’s Dinner here in Nashville. I decided to go — mostly because I was honored to be asked and I was hopeful that I’d meet some other local bloggers at the event.

While at the Stitch Fix event, I had a long talk with the Stitch Fix folks. I was quite cynical about things, and they patiently answered all my questions and encouraged me to give Stitch Fix another try. They gave me some pointers on how to get a box that better matches your style. They told me to be really, really specific in what I asked for and also encouraged me to set up a Pinterest board with wardrobe ideas.

And then, they gave me a $20 Stitch Fix credit coupon so I could try the service without having to pay the $20 stylist fee. I debated whether or not I was brave enough to try again. I finally decided that it was worth a shot since it was so risk-free. Even if I sent everything back, I wouldn’t be out any money out of pocket.

So I really put some time and effort into making sure my profile had very specific directives on it and I set up a Pinterest board with some outfit ideas. I was SO excited to get my box in the mail.

…But I sent every single item back due to the pieces either being not my style or not the right fit. I really wanted to love Stitch Fix (maybe because I really dislike actual in-person shopping and this seemed like such an amazing option to just have clothing arrive at my doorstep that was picked out for me?!).

I had heard that it takes a few times of really honest feedback before your stylist really learns your style well and starting sending the right kind of clothing for you, but I was starting to feel frustrated…

mom and daughter holding Stitch Fix box

The Box That Completely Changed My Mind

Truthfully, if I hadn’t had a little bit of referral credit built up in my account, I probably would have walked away at this point. But I decided to give it one more try, since I basically had free money in my account and I hated for it to go to waste!

So I tried another box. This time, when I sent the previous box back, I was super forthright in my feedback of the items they sent to me in hopes that my critique would help them do a better job of nailing my style in this third box.

All of the items were much more my style than the first two boxes. Yay! In fact, I really liked every piece. I did send 4 out of the 5 pieces back simply because of fit and price.

Stitch Fix Jeans

But when I pulled out these Jimmy Ankle Length Skinny Jeans, everything changed for me.

I LOVED these jeans!!! It’s so hard to find jeans that fit my short frame well. These were PERFECT and I was SO excited that they fit me so well! Honestly, I wanted to buy multiple pairs of these exact same jeans because they were exactly everything I’d ever wanted in a pair of jeans.

The jeans were $88, and I know that’s A LOT to pay for a pair of jeans. In fact, it’s quite a bit more than I’d ever paid for jeans prior to this. However, I realized that I would probably wear these jeans hundreds of times over the next few years (and I definitely did!). In that case, I decided it was worth it for me — especially to get a style and fit I love.

And over the years, Stitch Fix jeans have continued to be my absolute favorite jeans. They always fit me perfectly and are such high quality. In fact, four out of the eight pairs of jeans in my closet right now are from Stitch Fix!

Stitch Fix Reviews: My favorite jeans

{Another favorite pair of jeans from Stitch Fix!}

The Secret to Making Stitch Fix Work for You

After lots of trial and error with receiving many boxes and being patient, I’ve learned that it’s all about getting a stylist that learns your tastes and preferences well. It might take a few boxes for this to happen, but for me it has been well worth it.

Here are my best tips to make Stitch Fix work for you…

Make Sure You Fill Out Your Style Profile Carefully — Be really, really honest in your style profile. Make sure all your sizing and preferences are absolutely accurate and that you are very specific about colors, patterns, and styles you don’t want.

Request a Stylist — If you know someone who has gotten fixes that you especially love, you can ask them who their stylist is and you can request that they assign the same stylist to you. No guarantees, but I’ve heard of this working for people. You can also request to have the same stylist you had last time (if you liked them) or a different stylist (if you didn’t like what they chose).

Leave a Note For Your Stylist — Please do this. Tell your stylist exactly what you are looking for and what you aren’t looking for. They do read these notes and try to honor them. You can even ask for very specific items for an upcoming special event — like a dress to wear to a wedding or special event!

Give Incredibly Honest Feedback — Seriously, don’t shy away here. I’m brutally honest and I’ve seen that it makes a huge difference when I leave 100% honest feedback. Don’t hold back! It might seem mean-spirited, but it’s not. They really want you to be honest so that they can get it right for you next time. (By the way, a number of times, if I left feedback about how I really didn’t like what they sent, they either refunded me the stylist fee or gave me a free $20 stylist credit to use the next time.)

Stick With it For a Few Fixes — It took several fixes for my stylist to really learn what I liked. I’m very picky on the clothes I keep. Since I have more of a simple wardrobe, I have to really love a piece of clothing to keep it. As the stylists learn your fashion tastes and what you don’t like, they will do a better job choosing for you. After I had done several fixes with them, they started sending me fixes much more in line with my style.

Request Multiples of An Item You Liked — If you liked a specific dress, shirt, or pair of shorts, you can ask if they have it in any other colors. I’m the kind of person who loves to get multiples of the same style (it simplifies things!), so this has worked well for me! (For instance, I got multiples of this dress and these pair of shorts — just in different colors.) And now you can even buy one-off items based on your past kept items. Just log in and look under the “buy it again” tab under “shop.”

Stitch Fix Shorts in flat lay

{The shorts that were one of my all-time favorite Stitch Fix pieces. I also requested them in khaki because I loved them so much!}

Pros & Cons

Are you the kind of person who needs a simple pros & cons list?

These are my overall positive and negative thoughts about Stitch Fix, after having used it for over six years now…


  • Filling out your style profile is fun! It kind of helps you figure out your true style and discover what you actually love and don’t love when it comes to fashion. Since I’m not a fashionista, this isn’t something I’ve spent much time considering. So I thought that was a very valuable exercise.
  • I love the anticipation of getting a box in the mail. It adds to the excitement that you don’t know what will be in it. It’s fairly rare that I get to open and go through a mystery box. Looking forward to the box makes the experience more fun!
  • It’s SO much easier than shopping! Since I don’t enjoy shopping in-store, I find it so much easier and more fun to receive a Stitch Fix box on my doorstep! Plus, it’s nice to be able to try clothing on in the privacy of your own home and compare/match them to items already in your closet. It makes it really easy to decide whether or not to keep an item.
  • It challenges you to try new things. It’s fun to try new and different styles that you normally wouldn’t pick off the rack in a store. It helps you further define your style and experiment some!
  • You get to set your budget for what they send. Although the prices at Stitch Fix are going to be much more than what you’d find at thrift stores or on the clearance rack at Target, I love that they give you the option to set your price preferences for certain clothing items and they also offer you the option to set a budget for the entire cost of your box.

Styling Card

  • I love the styling cards that come with each box. It gives you great ideas on how to style and accessorize an item of. clothing. These are great especially for someone like me who had no idea how to put outfits together when I first started with Stitch Fix.
  • The stylists are very helpful and try really hard to listen to your honest feedback and notes
  • You don’t end up buying things you don’t love. I find that I am more apt to only buy what I really love when I get to try things on at home and have a few days to decide versus having to decide when I’m in the dressing room at a store. Plus, it’s easier to tell if a clothing item fits into your wardrobe well and matches other pieces.
  • You can change your profile at any time. Update your profile if your spending preferences, sizing, or likes change. You can do this whenever and however many times you want.
  • Returns are incredibly easy and free. You just send whatever you don’t want to keep back in a pre-paid envelope. So simple!
  • No subscription is required. You can get a box any time you want. Either on-demand or regularly — every few weeks, once a month, or every season.
  • There are discounts! If you keep your whole box, you get 25% off your entire order. Plus, your $20 styling fee always goes back towards your order if you decide to keep even one item.

Stitch Fix Jean Jacket

{Jean Jacket from Stitch Fix!}


  • You might need to be patient. Like I mentioned previously, it will probably take a few times for your stylist to get it right.
  • Prices are higher. If you’re used to shopping at thrift stores or from sales racks, the prices you’ll find at Stitch Fix are definitely higher. Stitch Fix curates their collection from high quality name brands, and that comes with a bit of a price hike compared to what you might be used to normally.
  • You never know what you’re going to get. While it’s fun to not know what you’ll get, it can sometimes be a bit disappointing. A few times, I’ve loved almost every piece in my fix. Other times, I’ve loathed most of what I received. It’s a risk you’re taking — and you’re out $20 if none of the items work for you.
  • Sometimes, it seems like they don’t look at your style profile carefully. This usually doesn’t happen, but I have had a few times where I wondered if the stylist even so much as glanced at my profile because what she sent was so far off from my style profile and preferences. Like I said, this isn’t super common, but I did think it was worth mentioning. If you’re on a tight budget, it might not be worth the risk of the $20 styling fee.

Stitch Fix Silky Top next to friend

{Shirt from Stitch Fix. I love some of their dressier shirts!}

Honestly, Stitch Fix has kind of been a dream come true for someone like me who really dislikes shopping and finds it exhausting and time-consuming to go to a store, search endlessly through racks and racks of clothing, and then try things on, only to discover that most of the items don’t fix or won’t work!

Overall, I think I’ve come to realize that I really do love Stitch Fix after all these years!! In fact, some of my very favorite items in my closet are from Stitch Fix!

Though it can be a bit pricey, their clothing is really high quality and lasts a long time. This is especially true of their jeans and shorts. And it’s really nice that you can set your budget when you sign up.

If you like wearing quality pieces, you don’t enjoy shopping, and you’re not on an extremely tight budget, this styling service can be a lifesaver for busy women — and it can be a fun way to branch out and try new styles!

Stitch Fix Reviews: I love this entire outfit!

{Sweater and Jeans from Stitch Fix!}

I’d love to hear all of your Stitch Fix reviews! Let me know about your experience in the comments!

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family friendly titles on Pure Flix

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popular series on Pure Flix

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To sign up for your FREE 7-day trial to Pure Flix, just click here to sign up. You’ll be able to immediately access all of the movies and shows as soon you sign up.

Note: After your FREE 7-day trial, your subscription will automatically renew at the regular charge of just $12.99/month. If you don’t want to continue after your free trial, simply cancel your membership in your account settings.

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My Honest Review of the Master Your Money Super Bundle

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here.

Interested in purchasing the Master Your Money Super Bundle? I spent hours going through all of the resources in the bundle and I am sharing my completely honest review with you, including what I liked and what I didn’t like.
What's inside the Master Your Money Super Bundle!

The popular Master Your Money Super Bundle is back for two days only, through February 20, 2020! We haven’t see this deal in almost a year and this is $10 lower than last year’s price! If you’re curious about the bundle or wondering if it’s worth purchasing, keep reading for my completely honest review of this bundle!

Should You Purchase the Master Your Money Bundle?

If you have been considering buying the Master Your Money Super Bundle, I am here to provide you with a completely honest and biased review. I say biased because we all have bias. Which means that you are free to agree or disagree with my conclusions.

But I want to share this honest review of the Master Your Money Super Bundle for those of you who are on the fence as to whether it is worth purchasing or not.

So many of you loved my honest review of The Ultimate Productivity Toolkit and begged me to do honest reviews for each of the bundles from Ultimate Bundles. While it takes a lot of time and effort to go through each and every product in a bundle, because I love to help you spend your money wisely, I am happy to prioritize the time to do so.

Master Your Money Super Bundle Products

Why I Am Not a Contributor

First off, I need you to know that I did use my affiliate links throughout this post. I am an affiliate for the Ultimate Bundles this time around, not a contributor.

A contributor is someone who has included a product of their own in the bundle. As a thank you for the time and effort that you put into creating your product and allowing it to be part of the bundle, Ultimate Bundles pays you 70% of every sale made through your link. They also split a small percentage of the overall sales amongst all contributors. (This is usually a few hundred dollars or less).

I have been a contributor to other bundles in the past (and will likely be one in the future!) I love the folks at Ultimate Bundles and love their heart for what they do.

However, when they approached me about being one for this bundle, I decided against it because I felt that the price point of $37 was a little on the high side for my audience — especially since this bundle was on the topic of saving and investing money.

I am typically only a contributor for a bundle if I feel like it is going to be a really, really good fit for my audience and something that you all will be super excited about. I just felt like many of you would not be excited about a bundle on money that cost $37, so I decided to decline the opportunity.

Instead of being a contributor, I am an affiliate, which means I earn 40% of every sale through my link. I just wanted to put that out here in full disclosure. If you click through any of the links in this post and purchase the bundle, I will earn 40% of the sale.

Be the boss of your money.

My Honest Review of the Master Your Money Super Bundle

I spent hours going through every single ebook, video, and course in the bundle in order to bring you the most thorough and honest review that I can. Again, I’m biased, so please know you can wholeheartedly disagree with me.

But whether you agree with my assessment of the bundle or not, I hope this is helpful to you as you think through whether purchasing the Master Your Money Super Bundle is worth it for you!

The Negatives:

  1. Some of the products had an inflated price tag. I will say that I felt like many of the prices on the products in the Master Your Money Super Bundle were very realistic and fair for the value, I felt like most of the videos that had a value of $19 weren’t really a $19 value and about 5 other products in the bundle felt over-priced to me. With this in mind, even though they say the bundle is a $1200 value, I’d say that for the products I would use and felt were worth what they were priced at, to me the value would be more like $350 to $400 maximum.
  2. I didn’t like the videos at all. Okay, I sort of said this above, but I’m going to say it again: I just really didn’t like the 11 videos they offered as stand-alone products in this bundle. I know it was something new they were trying and I think it fell flat. In many cases, there was poor audio and the content didn’t seem like it was super valuable — at least for what I was looking for. Honestly, I barely watched any of all of the videos. (I watched a little bit of every single one just to do this review, but I found myself skipping ahead and quickly turning them off because I just wasn’t jiving with them at all. Maybe it was just me.)
  3. Some of the products were poorly designed. I know that we don’t always have the highest quality design on things we offer because of various reasons and I know sometimes you just do the best you can do, but I found that at least 30% of the ebooks were poorly designed and hard to read. I know that “content is king”, but if your ebook is hard on my eyes and unprofessional, it makes it a lot harder to really enjoy soaking up the wisdom in the content.
  4. There is quite a bit of overlap. I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing as we need to hear things more than once and different people are going to resonate with different types of teaching styles, but for some people, the fact that there is quite a bit of overlap — especially in the areas of learning to budget and cutting expenses — could de-value this bundle.

The Positives:

  1. I loved that there were so many different aspects of money management covered. This bundle covers everything from investing to paying off debt to how to make more money to ways to practically cut expenses to starting a side hustle to retirement. The bundle was very comprehensive and had a lot of valuable resources with actionable tips.
  2. Most of the products were more by everyday people instead of professionals. While some people would prefer to only get financial advice from certified professionals, I prefer to learn from people who aren’t just talking in theory, but who have actually lived what they are teaching (not to say that all professionals haven’t experienced some of what they share, but I think you understand what I mean). Instead of a theory on how to pay down debt, I much prefer to hear your story of how you actually did it. There’s a lot of that in the resources in this bundle and it makes it feel very accessible and doable.
  3. My bottom line opinion is that this bundle — if you buy it and actually go through the resources and take them to heart — could save you WAY more than the $37 price tag. I had prepared myself to be underwhelmed with the content, especially since I have been blogging and studying money and saving and making money for years. But I learned a lot of new things, loved how so many of the ebooks and courses were presented, and just overall felt that this was worth purchasing, if you will USE it and have the money in your budget to pay for it. (Please, for the love of all that is good and right, do not spend money you don’t have to buy the Master Your Money Super Bundle, okay?)

an image of Budgeting That Works by Caroline Vencil

My Favorite Resources

Budgeting That Works — I love Caroline’s style of teaching and she breaks everything down step-by-step. She also has a great voice on audio that is interesting to listen to. In this course, she gives you the tools you need to really set up a budget and follow through with it. She comes across as a fun cheerleader. I loved her 30-7-30 rule that she outlines and she has some great printables at the end of the course, including a 160 Ways to Save Cheatsheet which I thought was very valuable.

Fancy Serial Numbers For Fun & Profit — I had NO idea that people would pay big bucks for cash bills that had fancy or special or limited serial numbers. Did you know this? I kind of hand my mind blow by this one! It would be a really fun way to make extra money. (I can just see it now: “What do you sell on eBay?” “Oh, I sell money!”)

Marriage & Money Bundle — This was a beautifully put together series of workbooks that had so many different valuable ideas and encouragement to help you get on the same page with your spouse when it comes to your finances.

30-Day Money-Saving Challenge — Looking for someone to give you some really actionable and simple ways to cut your expenses so you can save more money? I loved this 30-day download that offered a realistic and doable money-saving project for each day… and it could add up to a lot of savings over the course of the 30 days and beyond!

Great Ways to Make Money in Your Space Time by Angie Nelson

Great Ways to Make Money in Your Spare Time — I’m constantly on the lookout for ways moms can make some extra money in little pockets of extra time they have throughout the week. This book had so many fantastic ideas — and many were ones I had never heard of before. This ebook alone could help you make back the cost of the bundle in just a day or two!

The Budgeting Binder — There were a few different printable budgeting worksheets. One of my favorites was The Budgeting Binder because it was clean, colorful, comprehensive, and… wait, what’s another C word that would work? 🙂

Side Hustle Starter Kit — If you are thinking of starting a side business, this is a valuable resource to go through. It walks you through everything you need to think through, plan for, and prioritize as a brand-new business owner. I also feel that going through this could help you prevent a lot of mistakes upfront.

The Ultimate Money-Saving Guide — This is a beautifully-done ebook that walks you through different areas of your home and life and offers lots of practical ideas of ways to save. If you are looking for some really actionable tips and ideas, check out the 250 ideas in this little ebook. (By the way, this was one that I felt the price listed was inflated on, but I still really liked it!)

How to Be Frugal: A Guided 10 Unit Course That Will Teach You How to Be Frugal Online, In the Store, and In Your Home — I have gotten to know Jennifer online a little in the last few years and truly loved this course of hers. Jennifer is a mom of 7 and she knows her stuff! She makes you feel like you are just sitting with her in her living room with her and she’s downloading all of her hard-won money-saving tips and tricks to you. Definitely worth your while to sign up for this one — and if this is the only course you go through, this one alone might make the $37 price tag worth it.

If You’re Ready to Purchase:

Click here to order the Master Your Money Super Bundle for $37!

P.S. Any questions on anything about the Master Your Money Super Bundle? Leave a comment and I’ll do my best to help answer it! I want to make sure you only invest your money in something that is truly going to make a difference in your life!

My Honest ButcherBox Review

Looking for really honest ButcherBox reviews or searching for ways to save money on high-quality meat? This is a really comprehensive post on what you can expect from Butcher Box and how to get the best deal when ordering. And don’t forget to check out the latest ButcherBox discount code to save on your first box!

{Note: This post is sponsored by ButcherBox, but all opinions are my own. Read our disclosure policy here.}

Psst! See all my other honest product reviews here.

ButcherBox Reviews
Have you been wanting to try out ButcherBox but are wishing someone would do an honest review for you beforehand. Well, I gotcha covered today!

ButcherBox reached out and asked if I’d be willing to try out the service and write an honest review of my experience. As you well know with my honest review posts, I try to do my very best to give you a comprehensive overview of the product and service and my truthful thoughts on whether it is a good deal.

For those who might be unfamiliar with Butcher Box, they are a subscription service that sends a box of high quality meat to your door every month.

How ButcherBox Works

When you first sign up with ButcherBox, you can choose what kind of box you’d like for them to send. We’ve tried out a few different boxes in order to get a good feel for the type and quality of meat they offer.

how ButcherBox works

You can choose between five different types of boxes:

I recommend doing a custom box because it allows you to customize the meat that they send and you are able to get exactly what you know you will use.

ButcherBox pricing options

Once you choose which box you’d like, then you pick your monthly box size. You can choose between a Classic Box ($128-$149/month) or a Big Box ($238-270/month). The price varies depending upon which type of meat box you chose.

ButcherBox meat quality

After you’ve chosen your box size, then you can customize exactly what they will send you. I like that you can see exactly what your options are and you can figure out how to get the best bang for your buck!

Then, just input your payment information and you’re done. (Psst! You might wait a bit on the payment page, because an offer should pop up to add free bacon to your box if you do!)

reviews of ButcherBox meat

Is The Meat High Quality?

ButcherBox is very committed to offering some of highest quality meat on the market. They pride themselves on having some of the highest standards for sourcing, sustainability, and taste.

No meat from Butcher Box will ever have added hormones or antibiotics. (Note: Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in pork and the use of hormones or steroids in poultry.)

In addition, ButcherBox animals are only humanely raised. Here are some more details on the packaging in our latest box…

ButcherBox reviews and quality of meat

Alaskan Sockeye Salmon

ButcherBox Wings

grass-fed beef labeling


Is The Meat Fresh?

I have gotten three different boxes from ButcherBox and, each time, the box has showed up in good condition and the meat is still frozen almost solid when it arrives.

As you can see from the box below, ButcherBox sends their meat in very sturdy boxes and it’s packaged well with dry ice.

ButcherBox High Quality Meat

ButcherBox is eco-friendlyempty cardboard box

My Overall Thoughts on ButcherBox

We really loved the meats we tried out from ButcherBox and were very impressed with our experience. We especially thought that beef seemed exceptionally better than store bought beef.

That said, we typically buy our meat at Kroger when it is on a great sale and/or is marked down. And, as you likely know, we currently only spend $70/week on groceries for our family of 5.

From this vantage point, the price of ButcherBox is really expensive for us compared to what we typically pay for meat. However, we also usually stick with very inexpensive meat cuts that are definitely nowhere near the quality of ButcherBox meat.

While ButcherBox is much more expensive than buying meat when it’s marked down at the grocery store, the overall quality is much higher. If you are looking for a source for quality, humanely-raised meat, ButcherBox might be a good option for you to consider.

salmon and meat in a box

Is it Easy to Cancel ButcherBox?

If you want to cancel your subscription or pause it, you can easily do so at any time.

You don’t need to call or email them about it. You can just go into your account and do it — easy-peasy!

Looking for a ButcherBox Discount Code?

If you’re looking for a ButcherBox Discount Code, be sure to head over here to this post where we update the page any time there’s a new deal!

Have you tried ButcherBox before? If so, I’d love to hear your ButcherBox reviews in the comments below!

Grocery Savings that Come in a Box (An Honest Misfits Market Review!)

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Do you struggle with the cost of produce for your family? Check out this really honest Misfits Market review for a possible solution that might save you money on groceries! And be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post for a Misfits Market discount code that will save you 25% off your first box!

Psst! Looking for more grocery savings? Sign up for my FREE cheat sheet on 10 ways to cut your grocery bill by $50 per week!

Honest Misfits Market Review

If you’re looking for honest Misfits Market reviews, be sure to read this guest post by Samantha Hatcher from Inspired By Lucile and Self Care Mama Club. And if you’re curious to try it out, scroll to the bottom for a Misfits Market discount code you can use!

The Cost of Produce

Have you ever gotten to the middle of the pay period only to discover you have either run out of produce or what you have has gone bad? That was my problem for years. Produce would go bad because I didn’t get to it fast enough, or we would be scrounging around for any vegetable to put with our main dish. (And with nine people in the house, this is a real problem!)

Besides meat, produce is usually the most expensive item for most people. When you are trying to make sure your family has a nice variety of fruits and vegetables, it can start to add up in cost. And when not everything is in season, the prices of out of season imported produce is even higher!

My family has their favorite veggies and fruits that I almost always pick up at Aldi, and while they have some of the best prices for organic produce, their out of season produce isn’t very flavorful. Think of a garden-fresh tomato and one from the store. They taste completely different.

The Struggle with Buying Produce

Buying produce can be overwhelming.

Maybe you pick up the same exact produce each shopping trip, despite being sick of eating it. Why? Because you know these tried and true purchases will work for your family.

Or perhaps you stand there not knowing what to buy, overwhelmed by the rainbow of produce in front of you.

Or maybe you’re the mom who doesn’t have time to go to the store to buy real food between work, errands, and kids’ activities. You don’t care what they eat; you wish it would show up at your door like magic.

I have dealt with all these struggles during different seasons of my life. I know the stress and brainpower it takes to plan meals, shop, put it all away, and cook all the meals. And the night of shopping, we usually just end up having pizza.

I’ve honestly gone through seasons when even going to the grocery store made me want to consider having my entire family fast.

This past year I realized I desperately needed a solution — one that would take care of all these struggles and not break the bank.

Misfits Market Grocery Savings

Enter Misfits Market

A few months ago, I discovered Misfits Market through a friend.

I had heard many people’s Misfits Market reviews and was curious, so I finally decided to sign up with her referral link to get 25% off my first box. And I was SO pleased!!

Everything was fresh, delivered with several cold packs, and was shipped to my house in two days. The variety of items was overwhelming, but looked like almost all of it was something I would have bought anyway. Things were a bit odd-shaped or sized, but I definitely didn’t mind!

I checked out the price and picked the larger 18-22 pound box for a family of five. The box is normally $35, but with the 25% discount it brought it down to just $26.25! And that’s a great price, considering all of it is organic! (Want to save 25% off your first box? Use Misfits Market discount code COOKWME-SW6DDZ at checkout!)

I was pretty hooked after my first box and knew that I couldn’t get that much produce at the store for that price, especially organic. I decided to give it a try, and knew that we could cancel the subscription if we didn’t like it.

Changing Up Our New Favorite Produce

I was the mom who bought the same produce over and over without thinking. And when I got tired of it, I just stood there and stared at the produce, hoping it would have some answers for me.

When my first Misfits Market box arrived, everything looked like something we would eat, except for eggplant.

I have only eaten eggplant a few times in my life. It was slimy and gross, but I was determined to give it a try. I found this great recipe for eggplant fries, and that changed everything! The first night we tried them, we ran out of eggplant fries instead of chicken, and my children were asking for more!

We had a hit on our hands. The next box contained swiss chard and more eggplant. We once again made the fries, and we roasted the swiss chard with gnocchi. Yum! Once again, something new was a big hit for our family.

When our third box arrives, my six-year-old said, “Oh, goodie, I hope there is an eggplant.” To her disappointment, there wasn’t eggplant, but we discovered how much we loved pomegranates!

Misfits Market Discount Code

Why We LOVE Misfits Market!

Because of Misfits Market, I no longer have to make a mid-paycheck trip to the grocery store, which would cost more than it should.

Misfits Market has not only saved me from going to the grocery store. It has also pushed me to expand my culinary skills and our children’s taste buds.

Never did I imagine that any of my children would say they hope we got eggplant. Never did I imagine my kids would be so excited about new foods and finding recipes to try.

But here we are! I have cut my grocery bill by $250 each month, my family is trying new things, and my children are learning to like new things that I would never have bought before.

Because of all these reasons, I’ve become a faithful Misfits Market subscriber!

Misfits Market Discount Code

Want to give Misfits Market a try without paying full price? You’re in luck!

Just use discount code COOKWME-SW6DDZ during sign-up to get 25% off your first box!

Have you tried this service yet? I’d love to hear your Misfits Market reviews, if so!

Samantha is a SAHM of 7 children who has spent 25 years learning how to live on one income. She used the wisdom of her Grandma Lucile, who grew up during the depression, to learn how to get the best bang for her buck. When she isn’t homeschooling her kids, you will find her blogging at Inspired By Lucile or the Self Care Mama Club.

My Completely Honest Ultimate Homemaking Bundle Review

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Thinking of purchasing the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle? Be sure to read this honest review first to help you decide whether it is worth paying for or not.The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

Due to its popularity back in May, the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is on flash sale again for two days only!! If you missed it back in May and wished you’d bought it, here’s your second chance!

My Honest Review of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

I know many of you look forward to purchasing this every year. It’s such a HUGE bundle of resources on all things homemaking.

I mean, hello, for just $29.97 you get access to:

  • 27 eBooks
  • 30 eCourses & videos
  • 25 printables
  • 16 workbooks
  • 3 summits
  • 2 membership sites

For real! And that’s why so many of you buy the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle year after year… because you get access to so many new resources (many that you might never discover on your own!) for just one flat rate price of $29.97.

Is It Really Worth $29.97?

Many of you might be on the fence about whether you should purchase the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle or not.

You’ve seen multiple emails about it from various email lists you are on. You’re wondering whether it’s really as amazing as it looks. You might have even been thinking that it sounds too good to be true.

Yes, you get a LOT of resources for just $29.97! Considering that the supposed retail value of all of the items bundled together would be almost $2300, that can seem like a c-r-a-z-y deal!

However, I want you to be really wise and intentional in how you spend your money. Which is why I’m writing this really honest review. I’ll share my thoughts on what I liked and what I didn’t like.

And then in tomorrow’s post, I’ll share what my favorite resources were from the bundle.

Yes, I Went Through Every Single Resource in the Bundle!

I got so much positive response from doing honest reviews of The Ultimate Productivity Bundle and the Master Your Money Bundle that I knew I needed to also do the same for the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle.

But let’s just say, this was a MUCH bigger undertaking to go through every single ebook, online course, and product in the bundle.

In fact, after going through about 30 of them, I started to wonder if I had up and lost my mind in making this commitment. But I’m here to tell you that I did it — and if this post helps you make an informed decision about whether or not to buy, then it will have been worth the hours and hours I invested! 🙂

My Honest Thoughts

Here are my honest thoughts on the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle:

The Negatives:

  1. Some of the products had an inflated price tag. The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is supposedly valued at $2300. I’m going to be honest and say that I felt at least 25% of the products had an inflated price tag. And, truth be told, I likely wouldn’t use at least 60% of them. So for me, the value would be really and truly more like a $300 to $400. Maybe, possibly, more like $500. But definitely not $2300.
  2. A few of the products were hard to access. Due to the nature of how the bundle is set up, you have to individually download/sign up for each product. This can be frustrating because it means you have to set up account after account for each product you want.
  3. Many of the courses required my email address to access. Guess what that means? My inbox is now getting a lot more emails because in order to download or sign up for a product, I had to give out my email address and now the author put me on their email list.
  4. A number of the products will not be your cup of tea. The products in this bundle are from a wide variety of sources and I cannot see how every single one would ever appeal to every single person. There are a number of homeschooling products that would only appeal to homeschoolers. Some of the products are from a very Christian perspective and these would only appeal to Christians. The resources for moms that would only be helpful if you have kids or care for children on a regular basis. And so on and so forth.
  5. There were SO many resources. This can be a positive or a negative. I personally loved it (see below), but I can see where some people could feel overwhelmed by it. It could make you feel like you need to do more and be more… like you should homeschool and set up a cleaning system and learn how to hand letter and take up sewing and practice hospitality and redecorate your house right away and all at once after buying this bundle.

*I completely understand that this is one of the reasons authors are willing to heavily discount their products in the bundle, but the irony is that I’m now getting quite a few extra emails that are promoting the bundle to me from these very authors! I really would love it if those who have products in the bundle make sure to tag people who come into their system so that we aren’t getting their bundle promotion emails because we downloaded a product from them that was in the bundle we already bought!

The Ultimate Homemaking BundleThe Positives:

  1. There were SO many resources. As I said above, this could be a positive or a negative. For me, I loved that there was so much variety. I loved that I could buy one bundle and get access to a plethora of different courses and resources on all sorts of topics.
  2. There were some really high-quality products. I was thoroughly impressed with how many of the courses and ebooks were well-done, well-designed, and truly quality. It felt like the folks at Ultimate Bundles were very careful with what they accepted this time around and it showed in the caliber of the products.
  3. I was personally very inspired by a number of the resources. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of resources, I felt so inspired by the amazing women who put all of these together and who are out there doing such great work through their online businesses.
  4. I learned a lot from the resources. In going through the resources individually, I learned a number of new things when it came to makeup application, home decorating, and time management.
  5. There were so many different perspectives — truly something for everyone! While I said above that not all of the resources are going to be your “cup of tea”, because there is such a wide variety of resources from so many different people with difference perspectives, you are definitely going to find at least 5 or 20 different courses and ebooks that will likely be very helpful and beneficial for you personally.

Want to Know My Favorite Resources From the Bundle?

Like I said, I went through each product in the bundle myself and tomorrow, I’ll be sharing my top picks from it.

I had initially planned to share my list today as part of this post, but it ended up being so long that I felt like I should turn it into two posts. Stay tuned for that post tomorrow!

Ready to order the Bundle?

For two days only, you can get all of the resources in this Homemaking Bundle for just $29.97! Plus, there are some AMAZING bonuses that you’ll get! (You can see all the bonuses towards the bottom of the sales page HERE.)

Click below to purchase the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle for just $29.97!

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

P.S. This bundle is backed by a 30-day happiness guarantee. Not sure whether this is a good fit for you? You can go ahead and purchase. If for any reason, the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle doesn’t live up to your expectations, you can request a full refund — no questions asked.