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My Completely Honest Review of The Ultimate Productivity Bundle

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Wondering if The Ultimate Productivity Bundle is worth buying? Read my honest review below, and you can decide for yourself!

If you are on other blogger’s email lists, there’s a good chance you’ve gotten some emails or seen some blog posts or social media posts yesterday and today about The Ultimate Productivity Bundle.

I know a number of you have already purchased this bundle, but if you haven’t purchased The Ultimate Productivity Bundle yet this year, here are two things you need to know:

1) It is back again through midnight tonight for a Flash Sale! This is your last chance to grab it at this huge discount!

2) I went through every single resource in the bundle and went through it so I could give you my completely honest review.

Yes, you read that right. I literally signed up for every.single.course and downloaded every ebook and printable. My poor computer put in a lot of work!

While I didn’t read every word or listen to every single minute of video (that would have taken me a LONG time!), I went through and at least skimmed every single resource and decided to share my really honest thoughts…

Here were my honest thoughts:

The Negatives:

  1. Some of the products had an inflated price tag. This is a pet peeve of mine. Don’t put $29 on a product just to make it sound more impressive. While The Ultimately Productivity Bundle is supposedly valued at $1500, I’m going to be honest and say that I felt at least 25% of the products had an inflated price tag. And I likely wouldn’t use at least 60% of them, so for me, the value would be really and truly more like a few hundred dollars, not $1500.
  2. There weren’t as many products in it as I was expecting. I was surprised that there weren’t more like 60-70 products in it (there are only 46 products in it). I think I’m used to them having that many when it’s the Homemaking Bundle, so I thought the options weren’t as plentiful as I was hoping for.
  3. I wish there had been more ebooks. While courses are great, I often prefer ebooks because they are easier for me to read and digest — especially since I’m a fast reader and sometimes skim (Shh! Don’t tell anyone!). There are only 5 ebooks in this bundle and the rest of the products are printables or courses.
  4. Some of the printables were poorly designed. I know that we don’t always have the highest quality design on things we offer because of various reasons and I know sometimes you just do the best you can do, but I found that at least 30% of the printables were ones I would never consider using because they just looked like they were designed by someone who didn’t have a lot of design experience or it just was not my style at all.
  5. A few products felt very clunky to download. I noticed there were a number of .zip files as well as some courses that seemed to require multiple hoops to jump through to get them to download. It felt like it sort of flew in the face of productivity to have to go to quite a bit of effort to download a product in order to be able to use it.

The Positives:

  1. There were a number of really helpful and well-designed printables. I was impressed with how many different styles of printables this bundle offered. If you love printables, you will just adore this bundle! So many great options to choose from!
  2. I loved that many of the resources were created by people who aren’t naturally organized. It seems like many times, productivity classes and courses and ebooks are created by naturally organized people. This was not the case with many of the products in this bundle — many of the creators said they were more of a Type B, laid back personality —  and that’s why I feel like it has much wider appeal.
  3. The bundle offered a variety of printable planners. If you are looking for a planner for yourself and you’re okay with printing it yourself, you’ve got a wealth of choices in this bundle!
  4. There were some really high quality products. There were some really high quality products in the bundle that I felt would make it worth the price tag ($37) if you would use these and they would help your life be more organized. Like I said, I went through each and every product to pick out the ones I felt were the highest quality and value and something I would personally use or that I thought would be really helpful to other people.

Here were my top 4 favorites:

Family Chore Planner: The Complete Home Management System for Families ($17 value)

This PDF download not only offers some great tips for getting your kids to help around the house and suggested chore ideas for different ages, but you get customizable rotating chore chart systems for your family!

Child, It’s Time to Get Off Your Butt ($7 value)

This may have been one of my favorite resources in the bundle. It’s an inspirational ebook with very practical tips on how to get your kids to go from being couch potatoes to being assets in your home — without having some rigid system that was designed for Type A moms.

There are lots of helpful charts and hands-on examples in the book, like this:

If you’re frustrated that your kids aren’t more disciplined and diligent but you just don’t know where to start, you’ll find a lot of fantastic help in this short but highly actionable ebook.

Brilliant Baby Steps: Productivity Course ($47 value)

This course was one of the most beautiful and value-packed courses in the bundle and I couldn’t believe all you got for the price. It definitely was not one of the products that I felt had an inflated price tag.

One of the best parts of it is where Beth Anne shows you just how much you can get done in 10 minutes. She’s not a Type A personality, so her advice will work for pretty much every personality type.

How to Organize Your Life With Trello ($47 value)

Okay, so full disclosure here: I am not a Trello person and I don’t think I ever will be. BUT, I do believe that it can be an amazing organizational system for many people and I wanted to highlight this course because it was so well done and helpful for those who are looking for a better way to organize their life and thoughts and projects.

If you haven’t purchased The Ultimate Productivity Bundle yet, and you are still interested in purchasing after reading my honest review, you can click here to purchase it for just $37 through August 15, 2019!

You’ll get access to these 4 products + 42 other resources including a number of printable planners and other time management and organizational and goal-setting resources! Go here to read more.

Click here to purchase The Ultimate Productivity Bundle. Remember, this special flash sale price is only good through midnight tonight (August 15, 2019)!

P.S. Have you purchased The Ultimate Productivity Bundle? If so, I’d love to hear your honest thoughts on it!

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  • Tamboliya says:

    I love your hair! It looks Great! 🙂

  • Jill says:

    Agree 100% about inflated pricing on certain things offered, and not just the ones you’re referring to contained in this bundle. I see it all too often throughout a variety of blogs and websites. I know these are individual small businesses trying to make a profit. I just personally don’t care for the inflated value sales tactics. I don’t feel like you’ve ever done this for anything you’ve offered. Thanks for sharing a very honest review.

  • Laura Anderson says:

    Ditto everything Jill said! Thanks for this review. I had already purchased based on previous bundles and my need for productivity helps. The method I purchased it through did not provide in depth details (Or I missed it). I may not have purchased if I’d known there were so few books. I’m glad for the money back guarantee. I will look through it and see if I want to keep. I also purchased the cheat sheets sight unseen. I feel like I paid for the equivalent of a book jacket. So I won’t buy those again. I wonder if I can be refunded just the cheat sheets. Anyhow, thanks again!

  • Nicole says:

    I didn’t buy this and in addition to noticing some of what you pointed out the biggest thing that turned me off is that I felt like the majority of the monetary value came from the multitude of planners, but who needs more than one planner at a time? And the printing cost adds up. After years of being a strictly digital/printable planner gal, I’ve started using a hard copy planner that is amazing and has changed my days. Nothing against the planners included (several look really good), but I can’t use more than one.

  • Thanks, Crystal, for your helpful review. My kids are wonderful but I need to show them the way to get them more actively involved in daily chores. These guides look really great, and just what the doctor ordered.

    Most of all, thanks for being you. Ps – I also skim books (shhhhh!)

  • JULIE says:

    Nicole, would love to know which kind of planner you love!

  • Nicole says:

    I use the Full Focus Planner by Michael Hyatt. I know it’s pricier than most people here probably want to spend and it’s not for everyone, but it has made such a difference for me. My husband uses the same planner (I watched him use it before I took the plunge) so it helps us coordinate weeks and speak in the same language since we’ve both read several of his books as well.

  • Cindy says:

    I have bought bundles from them before and this one just didn’t stack up. I couldn’t download the full zip file so it took forever to do each item separately. I’m getting way too many emails from the courses. I didn’t feel like the productivity advice was useful at all. It was the same tired advice of make a list and divide up tasks. I’m very disappointed.

  • Sarah Schreffler says:

    I saw the number of courses in this bundle and stopped looking. My experience in the past tells me that I don’t use courses. Printables — sometimes (But I’m not looking for a planner. I have one that works great). VERY occasionally a podcast I listen to like an audiobook. But mostly I read ebooks.

  • Nicole says:

    I’ll be waiting for it! I’ve seen you mention Michael Hyatt before which is partly why I was even willing to look into it. My husband is the one who took the plunge and started using the planner since I was SO anti paper planner, but I’ve found it Very helpful even as a SAHM. We have a subscription (that we got a great deal on for Black Friday) and my new one arrived yesterday. ❤️It’s like Christmas 4 times a year, although I sometimes wish it was “prettier” (I understand why it’s not).

  • Kari says:

    They really missed the mark releasing this in February. Most of us who use planners already bought prior to January 1! (I had already bought one of the printable ones included in this bundle directly from that person’s website in November!)

  • SM says:

    I like it so far. But im very glad it was only 46 products t o go through. Becase that is MORE than enough. Ive semi glanced everything and had to relent and buy the cheatsheet because there is so much to go through. I too feel like some of the price were inflated esp for a couple i saw were either the planner or the product looked really cheap and chintzy. Like something i could have created myself on Word ( and i am by NO means a graphic artist- the fact i can do a sentence, paragraph and maybe center is a miracle:)) However just like you i saw some of the products that really did look like great quality and were worth more than the 37 it cost for everything. We’ll see ill have to try to go through it this weekend when i have time to look through each one or at lease read the cheat sheet pdf in full. thank you for your review

  • Emily says:

    Thanks for another great and helpful review! What do you think of the cheatsheets? Are they worth the extra $10? I wasn’t even thinking about this bundle until I read your review, now I’m a little bit swayed but not totally – for me, it’s not just the price but the time it would take to get through the material and whether it would be worth the time. I have two of your courses – make over your evening and make over your calendar……part of me feels like those might just be what I need for now! 🙂

    • I’d say to stick with the two courses for now. In this particular bundle, I didn’t think the cheatsheets were as valuable since there weren’t as many products to go through.

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