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My Completely Honest Review of Pure Flix

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If you’re looking for Pure Flix reviews or you’ve been wondering whether Pure Flix is a good fit for your family, we tried it and this is my completely honest Pure Flix review!

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my completely honest Pure Flix review

Have you heard of Pure Flix? They are a streaming service that provides wholesome movies and television that the entire family can enjoy together.

We signed up for it last year to check it out and I was really impressed with all the different movies and shows they offer. (You can also see more honest Pure Flix reviews in the comments of this post!)

Pure Flix Menu

Pure Flix has a mix of family-friendly & wholesome entertainment, including movies for all ages, kid’s animated titles, documentaries, how-to’s, hobbies, educational, health & fitness, sports, outdoors and travel, plus many inspirational and devotional titles.

family friendly titles on Pure Flix

I love that all of their titles are family-friendly and they give you clear details on what you can expect if any of the shows or movies have more adult themes.

popular series on Pure Flix

They offer a number of different series, in addition to movies. We found that some of the shows and movies have been pretty cheesy, but others are pretty high quality!educational shows on Pure Flix

They also have a number of different educational shows — and I think they’d especially be perfect for Christian, homeschooling families.kid's series and movies on Pure Flix

Probably the best section of the site is all of their kid’s series and movies. They have some that my kids really loved when they were younger, including the What’s in the Bible series that was one of their favorites. Pure Flix kid's shows

To sign up for your FREE 7-day trial to Pure Flix, just click here to sign up. You’ll be able to immediately access all of the movies and shows as soon you sign up.

Note: After your FREE 7-day trial, your subscription will automatically renew at the regular charge of just $12.99/month. If you don’t want to continue after your free trial, simply cancel your membership in your account settings.

Go here to get a FREE week of Pure Flix!

Have you tried Pure Flix? I’d love to hear your honest Pure Flix reviews, if so! I’d also love to know which movies/shows your family has especially loved or would recommend.

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  • Carol says:

    Pure Flix is definitely a good alternative to Netflix if you’re looking for clean and wholesome shows/movies, many with Christian themes. That Coffee Shop movie is really cute, and there are plenty of other good, clean movies. Like A Country Song is another good one. I’m a Hallmark girl myself (I guess I like their brand of “cheese”) so I’m pretty happy with Hallmark Movies Now and Sling TV which includes Hallmark. We got rid of Netflix because the content wasn’t worth it and besides, we have access to Amazon Prime TV and movies – more than enough options! If our kids were younger, I think Pure Flix would offer more value because they do have a ton of wholesome children’s shows + family movies.

    • Kaitlynn said, “It’s kind of like a Christian Hallmark!” 😉 Thanks for sharing some movie suggestions!

      • Yvonne Labbe says:

        I am really enjoying this site. It’s refreshing to watch wholesome programs and movies. The only downside is that in almost all the movies, the words spoken and the lips speaking are not in sinc. Can be a bit annoying.

    • Cindy says:

      Pure flix has good movies some of the acting is bad but over all good movies. But I can hardly get the movies I want to see it is constantly loading no matter where I am. And I am being charged 2 a month. I habe reached out a couple of times with no help. Smh. Very sad

  • Michelle Murphy says:

    I was and still am sadly disappointed with it. It is sold as Christian but really isn’t. Probably a better title for their service is Decent Flix. I wouldn’t say family. Quite a few movies contain bad language and questionable content for small children. It isn’t all Christian movies either. Sadly some of my favorite Christian series etc aren’t included in their service. So many of the movies are super cheesy. Hard to find a decent series that is good quality filming. I think they do however have a great selection of no name Christian movies. Just disappointed that the ones I’m familiar with aren’t offered.

    • Were the movies with language in them in the adult section or kids’ section? I noticed that they had some movies in the adult section with adult themes, but they were very clear what they had in them and had warnings that they weren’t for kids. From everything I looked at, it appeared all of the kids’ movies were very safe and didn’t have any sort of language in them.

      And yes, it’s not all Christian movies; my apologies if we posted something somewhere that made you think they were all Christian.

      The good news? It’s completely free to try out! Hopefully, you didn’t pay anything for it.

      Thanks so much for sharing your honest opinion.

    • Chris says:

      I love to check out kids-in-mind before watching movies. Our family is extremely particular with what we watch and I love these reviews. You can also google parents guides for a particular movie.

      • Dee says:

        Yes! I check kids in mind before we watch anything…even comes in handy for adults! Paired up with vidangel, I create my own “pureflix” lol.

        • Luisa says:

          Hi, I was so Thrilled about me switching from Netflix to this until I realized even though I have a samsung smart tv is an older model and the Pure Flix app is not supported =(
          What is the alternative here to stream ?

          • Meg says:

            Aw, bummer! I would contact their customer service to see what suggestions they have! -Meg, MSM Team

          • Niki says:

            We have an Amazon Firebox (like Firestick). You need something to allow the internet to stream/connect to the tv. You can download through this.

          • Barbara Muller says:

            You can buy an inexpensive Roku device to attach to your TV.
            Roku carries Pureflix.

          • Jean Diehl says:

            There is a chromecast symbol if you tap the screen. But your older model may not support it. If so, you have to set up Chromecast on your TV first. I’d call Samsung. With everything being connected these days, it may be possible to make your TV chromecast compatable.

          • ROBERT D KRUMWIEDE says:

            Roku Stick 25 bucks

    • Kimberly says:

      I agree with Michelle… Some of the programming for kids has stuff we work hard to protect our children from. Very disappointing.

      However, for adults we can highly recommend “Sue Thomas, FB Eye.” True story about a phenomenal way God used a Christian woman to help many, many people. Lots of comedy, too. Fantastic writing, acting, editing, directing, themes, and more.

      (Caution: The third/final season has some darker/creepier content than the first two.)

  • Kimberly says:

    Forgot to say:

    You’re right, Crystal–there’s SO much great content for Christian homeschoolers!

    • I’m sorry that you are disappointed in some of the content. I haven’t watched everything, by any means… but I hadn’t seen anything concerning in anything we looked out. However, like always, I encourage all parents to do their own research and be careful to check things out because each family and child is different. It sounds like you’re doing a GREAT job of that!

  • Nancy says:

    I would like to know if they have Marvel movies?

  • De says:

    Wondering if you have to pay for the movies, etc. once you’ve paid the monthly subscription?

    • No, they are free!

      • Jeff Burgess says:

        The price is so high!! Compare to others like prime tv. Netflix! They would sell service more if was cheaper!! Then they try charge you so many months at one time people now can’t pay out that much! I love pure Flix but just just looking at all sides

        • Jordan says:

          I’m sorry you feel that it is expensive. When compared to other streaming services their prices are actually fairly standard. and the pay for the whole year at once saves almost half the cost of the pay by month route. Thank you for sharing your honest review! We always appreciate reader feedback! -Jordan, MSM Team

  • Sam says:

    Are they b rated movies and shows or are they like regular movies and shows?

    I like Hallmark channel so if some are like that for that type of movie I’m ok..

  • Kathy says:

    Dont like that the latest update freezes if you have paused programming. You have to start completely over and reload the information and fond where you left off to proceed programming. This is on a series.

  • John says:

    I signed up for the monthly payment and they debited for the whole years payment. Canceled but it won’t cancel till the end of the year. Disappointed in what I thought was a Christian organization.

  • Jordan says:

    Thanks for your honest feedback! -Jordan, MSM Team

  • Katrina Wayne says:

    So many opinions that are kinda selfish. Kids will be exposed to foul language at school, church, daycare, youtube, Facebook etc… PureFlix I’m sure will not show sexual content, murderous/violent/graphic movies. Although those things happen in EVERY DAY REAL LIFE! A lot of the A grade .movies were.meant for us to fixate on and buy more of so we spend money because Hollywood cant live if we dont buy.

    Focus on the point of PureFlix! It’s to give you entertainment without bankrupting your morals!

    I will try it out. Thank you for your review MSM!!! 🙂

  • Anthony says:

    I am currently on my second year with Pureflix. I saw a huge upgrade in the quality after the update. I really enjoyed the first season of The Encounter and hope they add more seasons or episodes to it. I agree with the fact they have both good and cheesy movies. I understand that as they grow we should receive more and even better options. I am pleased with my purchase. I would however hope to see more up to date or modern movies and series’ in the future. Overall they do receive a high rating from me. Thank you.

  • shadow kingsley says:

    it doesn’t show what movies have been previously watched and if you accidentally close out the app while watching a movie , you BETTER remember the name of the movie otherwise you’ll have to search and search and search again for it or have to try and remember the name of the movie. It’s happened to my mom several times. It should be like Netflix or Amazon where it remembers viewing history. Outside of that my mom LOVES and that alone made the $100 subscription worth it.

  • Cherie says:

    I have trouble viewing the movies sometimes they show video and sometimes just the audio. I’m on a trial but I don’t believe I will sign up because of this it’s very frustrating when you get all ready to watch a movie and it won’t play. I have several movie apps and this is the only one that does it ..
    Disappointed ☹️

    • Jordan says:

      I’m sorry you’ve experienced this! Have you checked their FAQ page for troubleshooting ideas, or contacted costumer service to see if they can assist? -Jordan, MSM Team

  • Jennifer says:

    I signed up last week and was hoping to experience my free trial but was billed $83.33. I was dissapointed that I couldn’t find recent movies, and was already billed for something I was dissatisfied with.

    • Meg says:

      Oh bummer! It sounds like you accidentally chose the annual plan instead of the monthly plan, so it renewed at the annual price instead of the monthly price. I also noticed they recently changed the month trial to a 7-day trial, so we just updated that in our post. Sorry about that! I would definitely reach out to their customer service and see if they can give you a refund. I think they probably will. -Meg, MSM Team

  • William Gunnells says:

    I signed up for the 7-day free trial and automatically was billed for the first month. I thought I would be billed after the trial. Not so here. I cancelled immediately, yet I did not receive a refund. I did enjoy the programming for the first part of the month. After a week or two of viewing, I found less to watch.Not a whole lot of shows that would catch my attention. Some seem to be “B” rated. I just can’t justify spending this amount monthly for just a few shows a month.

    • Meg says:

      You shouldn’t have been charged for the first month until after your free trial. I would contact their customer service about a refund, as I’ve heard they are very quick to make things right. Hope that helps! -Meg, MSM Team

  • Jay says:

    By chance are you planning on reviewing others like 24 Flix, VidAngel and RightNow Media? Would be interesting to read your comments on these as well since many of us don’t want more than a couple of paid streaming services going at the same time 🙂

  • Helene says:

    From what I’ve gathered, it seems this service is more for younger children. Are there any shows that would appeal to a 13 yo boy? I have a hard time finding things that are appropriate for him without being too young, or more his age and not too sexy or violent. Thanks!

  • Rachel says:

    We also have had PureFlix for the last year. Trying to decide if we will renew. Yes there are some “B” movie, there are more amazingly made movies. Our favorites recently is the series The Chosen and wished everyone could watch it and the the movie The Princess Cut.
    Have you seen these yet?

  • Laura says:

    On a side note, we saw “I Still Believe” right before the pandemic and really enjoyed it. I don’t know where it is available, but my picky husband and I thought it was well done.

  • Lee Pettit says:

    Thank You Pure Felix. I get so tired of trying to find a good movie to watch that isn’t loaded with poor language, unnecessary sex scenes, or vulgar hard to watch stuff.
    Pure Flix has good clean movies with everything you want minus the Hollywood junk. It has chick flicks (not my bag), action, comedy, I can go on and on. The best part is you can easily find a good Faith Based movie with a message of Christ’s enduring Love and sacrifice he gave for us. I’m a movie buff so to speak, I’ll watch 1-2 a night, so I’m glad they have such an abundance of selections. Again, Thanks Pure Flix. 🙂

    • Jordan says:

      Thank you for your honest review! We love hearing reader feedback and are so glad that you’ve found something that works so well for you! -Jordan, MSM Team

  • Mark Lawrence says:

    My wife & I first saw the trailer for “Finding Normal” and decided instantly we wanted to see this movie. I signed up (on a Saturday morning), for the “Free” 7 day preview. We watched the movie and really enjoyed it together. After scrolling through their selection over the next few days, I decided I didn’t want to pay the $7/month fee because their entire selection was not that impressive. By the time I tried to cancel Saturday evening, I was already billed $83.33 for the YEAR! I was shocked! The most I thought I’d lose is the $7 bucks, I did not expect them to bill me for the entire year! Had I known that was their billing practice, I would’ve NEVER signed up. Okay, I’ll just cancel no problem. So I cancel my subscription immediately, thinking I should get a refund in a week or two. After 3 weeks I went on their website and searched “Refund” it responded with NO REFUNDS ALLOWED (in caps)! Now I’m really upset because I feel SCAMMED by this “Christian” company. I spent almost an hour searching their website for an email address or a phone number for Customer Service, but found none. Sorry for this long post (I very rarely post comments), but I feel Purflix has not demonstrated integrity with the promotion and sale of their product.

  • Barbara says:

    After signing up, we were unable to access service. I had seen that Samsung Smart TVs were supported, but ours was apparently too old and we had no other devices we would have used it on. We never accessed or used the service because of this, so I reached out for help and a refund.

    We were charged for a full year of membership, with no way to watch, yet the company representative states that in accordance with company terms and conditions, once that initial yearly charge is made, there are no refunds. So our family is out $83.33, which is not insignificant to us.

    Of all the companies that we buy from or use services from, I find it unfortunate that this is the one that would do that. They may have made $83.33 off of us, but they lost so much more.

    • Meg says:

      Oh my goodness, I’m SO sorry that happened to you. What did customer service say when you reached out to them? -Meg, MSM Team

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