Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most frequently asked questions I receive. If you don’t see your question here, feel free to contact me.

Getting Started

Using Coupons & Saving Money

Getting Involved

Getting Started

I just found your site and I’m overwhelmed. Where do I start?
Check out the Start Here page, or, to jump right in, I recommend you start with the 31 Days to a Better Budget series. You might also browse through the list of categories to explore other topics I cover. And if you want to get the best deals at your local store(s), find those on the Store Deals page. (You can also get the very latest deals for your favorite store(s) sent right to your email inbox by signing up here.) (Back to top.)

Using Coupons

I keep seeing terms like SS, RP and MQ. What do they mean?
We use a lot of abbreviations and acronyms when we talk about deals and coupons. You can find an alphabetized list of coupon terms and abbreviations here. (Back to top.)

How do you get multiple copies of coupons? And how do I organize them?
You can buy four or six copies of the Sunday newspaper or you can read my article on 10 Ways to Get Coupons for Free. I suggest you start with the free options first. 🙂 And here’s How I Organize My Coupons as well as other ways to organize coupons from readers! (Back to top.)

I’ve been spending more money on printer ink since I’ve found so many great printable coupons on your site. Any suggestions for saving on printer ink?
There are many different ways to save on printer ink. I’d heartily suggest investing in a laser printer, if you can afford it. It’s much more economical if you plan to be doing a lot of print. I also suggest changing the settings on your printer to only print in black and white — most stores will happily accept coupons which are not printed in color. For more ideas and trips, check out what my readers have to say about Saving On Printer Ink. (Back to top.)

The cashier at my store wouldn’t take my coupon! What should I do? Where can I find a copy of their store policy?
You can check a store’s website to see if they have a corporate coupon policy, however, in many cases, a friendly chat with your local store’s general manager can provide the information you need. If not, email the corporate office via their website using the “Contact” or “Contact Us” (or similar) link. (Back to top.)

I have a question about the _____ deal. Can you help?
I’m afraid I can’t offer personal assistance about each deal, however, I encourage you to leave a friendly comment on the appropriate post; my readers are great about responding to each other’s questions. (Back to top.)

I live in Canada. Can I still do these deals?
Find out more about using coupons in Canada here. (Back to top.)

How can I save on natural and organic food?
I’ve put together a reference page for saving on natural and organic food here(Back to top.)

Getting Involved

How can I make money online?
I’ve listed my favorite money-making ideas here. (Back to top.)

What’s the best way to let you know about a deal I found?
If you find a great deal that you think I’d be interested in posting, please pass it along. Many of the deals you see posted were first discovered by a reader. To submit your deal, just use the contact form. (Back to top.)

I’d like to submit a guest post. How do I go about doing that?
If you have a great idea for a guest post you’d like to write for, I’d love to hear from you. Please send me a pitch here and I’ll definitely be glad to consider it. Please note that I am only accepting original submissions at this time. (Back to top.)

Why did you delete my comment?
I moderate comments on my blog for one reason–to keep an upbeat and encouraging blog. Comments I deem to be rude or sharply critical, questioning another commentor’s ethics, harshly criticizing the author of a post or another commentor, those that could very easily spark a firestorm of debate, or that appear to be left solely for the purpose of advertising will very likely be deleted.

Yes, I know I sometimes upset or offend people by taking this hard stance on comments, however, there’s enough negativity and infighting in the world without this blog contributing to it, so I’ve decided to do something different and keep things positive here. Thanks so much for your understanding! (Back to top.)

Can I copy posts from your blog and share them on my blog?
All text, original photographs, and content on are copyrighted. Please do not copy and paste full posts without express written permission from me. However, if you find content or deals here which are helpful, I encourage you to share a paragraph or two with others on your blog or website and then provide a link back to Thanks so much! (Back to top.)




  • Eileen says:

    Hi, lately when I go to download a free Kindle book, I am asked for my Amazon password. After supplying that, I am put to another page that I have to imput my credit card number, even though the book is for free. This just started within the last month or two. Before that I just clicked on the button that said send to my I pad, and it was there within seconds. What happened? Is there a way to download a free book without putting your credit card number in?
    Thanks, Eileen

  • wendy says:

    I am trying out your lesson planning pages and wondering if there is a way to gain more space in the cells. Thank you for making these available at no cost. ~Wendy