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Homemade Protein Bars

Homemade Protein Bars

I mentioned last week that one of my current goals is to challenge myself to make more things from scratch. As we’re eating lots of protein bars as part of P90X, I wanted to see if I could create a yummy, healthful and nutritious protein bar from scratch.

After scouring the internet for recipes, I ended up tweaking a recipe I found on the P90X forums. The result was the following recipe, which every single person in our family has dubbed as delicious.

I’m also planning to try Lindsey’s protein bar recipe soon, as well, as it looks like a winner, too!

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  1. says

    Oh- I love, love, love that you posted this! We just got our P90x system today and were just discussing the food so that we can have everything in order to get started!

    This is PERFECT and sounds super yummy. Keep these recipes comin’ Crystal :)

    • says

      I didn’t have any problem with this recipe when I used foil as it’s a pretty soft bar. You could try greasing the foil or spraying it with Pam, if you still have trouble, though.

  2. says

    so excited for this, but wondering if i can substitute anything for the coconut or just leave it out? hubby is not a fan of coconut and he is the one who will eat most of these!!

  3. Michelle says

    What kind of protein powder did you use? We drink a chocolate soy protein powder from Whole Foods and I wonder if it would taste good or be too chocolatey.

  4. Holly says

    I am so excited to try this recipe. I have been looking at recipes for the last week. We are on day 12 of p90x and I haven’t found any good protein bars yet. Thanks!!!

    • says


      Im no expert, but according to the calorie counter (you input the ingredients and it analyzes the recipe for nutritional information) there are 14.5 carbs if you cut into 12 bars, and 17.4 carbs if cut into 10 bars! That is using an 8oz (is that large?) dark chocolate bar. Using regular chocolate chips adds about 4 carbs to the above numbers. Hope that helps!

  5. Sandy H in SC says

    P90X? Haven’t tried it–but am interested in the protein bars. Doing medifast and anything will help that’s full of protein

  6. says

    Another good use for bananas being ignored on the counter, and I just saw a big box of flax seed at my Super Wal-mart for about $2. The rest is usually in the pantry (sans the coconut, but a good way to sneak in coconut, too. It’s really good for your hair). Good job!

    BTW, I cooked, rinsed and drained 3 lbs. of ground beef yesterday and separated it into 3 containers. I added water to the two I put in the freezer to use for other meals. I also made 3 batches of meatballs over the weekend, freezing 2 of the batches to make meatball subs or add to spaghetti (not quite on the P90X menu).

    • Melisse says

      Daisy, I also freeze cooked ground meat but haven’t had any problems not adding water. I’ve tons of the containers sandwich meat comes in and I fill each up, let cool or immediately freeze. When I use I thaw slightly by micro or in fridge overnight then add to whatever.

  7. AllieZirkle says

    awesome!! the bars they provide have like 20-22g of protein so i might have to 2x the protein powder to get my hubby to buy into a homemade version. yum!

    • says

      Yes, most of the homemade versions I found had around 6 to 8 grams of protein, so I was happy to figure out one that was higher. I think you could pretty easily add more protein powder to up the grams of protein.

  8. Celia says

    I am excited to try this one too, I have a bar I make to support my milk production but I after four months I could go for a change.

  9. Laura says

    We were just looking at protein bars at Costco last night. One package cost $1.91 a bar!! I’m not sure what was in it. Gold, perhaps? This recipe sounds terrific, although to avoid a mess I would probably add chocolate chips to the mix instead of spreading it on top. Thanks for the post!

  10. says

    also there are a bunch of recipes for homemade Lara bars out there. I don’t know if these would be helpful to the P90x, but they are sure yummy and healthy! Mostly just dates and nuts.

    • Brittany says

      @Shelley, Not completely sure, but I’d guess getting rid of the chocolate topping would get you considerably closer to 200 calories. It seems like most all of the other ingredients are pretty important to making the bar turn out well. Or you could making the serving smaller by cutting it so the rows are 3 by 4 (217 cal) or 4 by 4 (163 cal).

  11. says

    These look delicious! I also work out a lot and generally just buy protein bars and make smoothies, but I really want to try making these since it doesn’t look too hard :).

  12. Kristen McDonald says

    I am so excited to try this! As a vegan, there aren’t as many protein bars on the market to fit my needs. But this sounds perfect, for my diet and my budget. Thank you!

  13. Laurel Milam says

    Hi Crystal,

    I think these protein bars sound great, but I’m wondering where you buy the protein powder. Do you have to buy it at a health food store, or is it available at someplace like a WalMart Super Center?

    Thanks so much for all of your great info!

  14. Kimberly says

    This looks like a great recipe! I was wondering how it would effect someone’s glucose level? My husband has Type II Diabetes and Stage 1 Renal Failure (which he can sustain and live a long happy life if he keeps his blood sugar under better control). It doesn’t appear to have to much sugar, do you know the exact carb and fiber count?

    • Elise says

      Unfortunately the only way to determine the real effects on blood sugar is to make a batch, serve one portion and then check his blood glucose levels at one and two hours after eating.

      I understand your concerns as this is a real issue for my daughter (Type I); things that the diabetic counselors told us were fine turned out to NOT be fine according to her blood sugar. I’m not faulting the counselors at all. I’m just saying we did our own verification on the way foods would impact dd. Since she was diagnosed so young, we really wanted to be aware so informed choices could be made to help minimize long term effects of the diabetes.

      The two ingredients in this recipe that give me pause for my daughter, and potentially others with blood sugar control issues, would be the banana and the oatmeal; both of those *can* drive blood sugar levels way up although you won’t know unless you check. Even the ripeness of the banana and the form of the oats (e.g., instant vs long cooking) are variables in the impact on blood sugar.

      But I would certainly give it a try to see what happens!

  15. Virginia says

    Thanks for the post and recipe! I was wondering what the approximate cost for these were. Just wanted to make sure that if I decided to try to venture out and make them, it would save some money too- they look delicious! :-)

    • says

      I’m not sure on costs as it would depend upon which ingredients you used. I used items we already had on hand. I’m guessing they could easily be made for around $0.50 or less per bar. If anyone has a better estimate of costs, I’d love to hear!

  16. Linda says

    I tried to click onto Lindsey’s protein bar recipe and got an error message. Lindsey, if you are out there, I would love for you to email your recipe! Thanks bunches!

  17. Sally says

    Thanks for sharing! I’m excited to try out this recipe. What flavor protein powder? My husband takes his lunch and likes to take a bar or two with him. Is there a reason you keep it frozen until right before serving?

  18. Angie says

    I’ve tried making homemade granola bars before with uncooked, raw oatmeal but it ends up making us have stomach pains, and some family members um….gassy. more stomach pains though. did you find that was the case or do you have a way to overcome that?

  19. shannon morales says

    Thanks for the recipe…have tried protein bars before and they were yuck. I have decided anything that has to be cooked is not that good, so excited to try these. I have an awesome granola bar recipe that my family of 5 will polish off a double batch in a week. (It does have honey and brown sugar but way better than any store bought granola bar). I am new to the site and hoping that you will share more about your P90x experience. I have heard a lot about it and hoping you will share results as you go through it. Maybe something my husband and I could try….

  20. Lynn says

    Think I might leave out the raisins and chocolate to cut down on the calories. Would this make them totally inedible, like Luna bars without the yummy dipped bottom??

  21. Priscilla says

    I don’t have any protein powder. I haven’t yet learned about it or know which brands to get. I did see ladies posted which brands they use.

    Is there something that can be substituted for the protein powder? or can it be left out?

    • Faith says

      @Priscilla, We use GNLD’s all-purpose protein, which has no flavor and can easily be added to any food, including baked goods. It’s a great way to boost protein… and I love it especially when I’m pregnant and trying to compensate for the additional protein needs. And it’s one of the only protein powders available with all 22 amino acids. Very cool. Let me know if you’d like more information about it.

  22. Aleta says

    I just made my first batch. I added thinly sliced almonds in the mix and left out the raisins. I also sprinkled some almonds on top. They look and taste delicious. My teenage daughter even liked them. I had no problem with them sticking to the foil at all. I used Jillian Michaels vanilla protein powder from walmart. I’m sure chocolate would’ve been great too. Maybe next time.

  23. Faith says

    We made Lindsay’s protein bars a couple of weeks ago and LOVED them! I’m always up for a protein pick-me-up in the afternoon and your recipe looks great, too!

  24. says

    My youngest son is allergic to peanuts so I will be trying these with almond butter instead of the peanut butter….very interested to see how these turn out! Thanks for the recipe.

  25. Lisa K says

    Thanks for this one – we have protein powder that we can’t stomach in the smoothies, maybe this will work so the money spent on it doesn’t go to waste. :)

  26. Kim says

    Im allergic to peanut butter and banana so can you substitute these health bars with something else thanks heaps

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