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Swagbucks Paid for My Son’s 5th Birthday Party!

Swagbucks Paid for My Son's 5th Birthday Party!

Karin recently wrote in with a Swagbucks Success Story to share:

I have been participating in Swagbucks for a few years, off and on, but a few months ago I decided to really focus in on it. I tried to meet my 2nd total daily goal every day and get all the bonuses I could without paying for any offers that wouldn’t be made free by the amount of Swagbucks I got back.

I did this for just ONE month and was able to pay for my son’s 5th birthday party with Swagbucks! I earned $185 worth of Target and Amazon gifts cards that I used to pay for party supplies, decorations, and a pinata (we didn’t have to skimp on anything!). Then, I was able to use coupons and a $50 Visa gift card from digital reflection panel (which I signed up for through Swagbucks) for all the food.

Presents, decor, food, and party favors were all supplied by taking the extra time to get all the Swagbucks I could, and it was SO worth it!

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Swagbucks Paid for My Husband’s EMT Course

Blood-Pressure- cuff

Today’s Swagbucks success story is from Elizabeth:

I was the PTO President, my son was in second grade, and my husband worked full-time. We were already busy when my husband applied for a local EMT class — and got accepted!

That led me to panic a little. I worked as a substitute and he worked full-time — we had no idea how we would make everything work financially, but we were sure we could figure it out.

I have been using Swagbucks for some time now — usually to get gifts or things for our son with just pennies on the dollar using Amazon gift cards. However, when my husband got accepted to the EMT program, my new goal was to earn as many Swagbucks as possible before his first class started.

After his first class he came home with a lot of homework, a list of things he needed, and a smile that could brighten anyone’s day. I took his list of things he needed, and worked extra hard – just about every waking minute I wasn’t doing something, I was earning Swagbucks.

I was averaging about 200 a day — which was more than I had ever earned at the time. I was able to get enough Amazon gift cards to purchase my husband’s blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, first responder pants, and a pen light (totaling $200) and I spent nothing out of pocket!

It was all paid for using Swagbucks!

Here is a list of things I did to earn the Swagbucks:

The Daily Poll: these are only worth 1 point but if there are 30 days in a month, that’s 30 points!
Surveys: sometimes you get a bunch and others you don’t get any at all
Special Offers: I never did any that cost money but the little ones for a 1 Swagbuck or more always worked well for me
SwagTV: I played it on my phone and on the iPad (on their website they have the “watch” button and I would do that as much as I could. My son loves the animal videos)

A year later, my husband has now passed the class, and is working on two different departments. He really loves helping people, and I am happy I was able to get the items he needed with nothing spent out of pocket!

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Swagbucks Paid for Our Emergency Kits

emergency supplies

Today’s Swagbucks success story is from Emily:

I’m not by any means a “Doomsday Prepper” but I do have a realistic fear of some sort of catastrophe. I live in Las Vegas where water is supplied to the masses from the ever-shrinking Lake Mead. Should something happen that prevented water delivery to the city, I’m prepared thanks to Swagbucks!

I started using Swagbucks after seeing the numerous postings about it here on I quickly got a good system going, and managed to get $25-50 each month while staying home with my little one. I used my Swagbucks for the Amazon Gift Cards and started ordering my emergency gear.

We now have three kits (as seen in the picture above). One kit for each vehicle and one for the house. Included are: emergency water packets, water purification tablets, lifestraw, emergency rations, Mylar blankets, hand crank radio/emergency beacon, and moist towelettes.

This is by no means a long term survival kit but I feel better knowing I have enough water to get my family to a more stable location. I use Swagbucks everyday so that I can get more supplies, such as first aid books, large water storage containers, and books regarding local plants and animals.

Swagbucks Pays for my Gluten-Free Flours


Today’s Swagbucks success story is from Mallory

I love to bake, so when I found out I was allergic to wheat and gluten about two years ago, it was a rough transition. I eventually found some good recipes and resources — the next challenge was finding the right ingredients.

It’s difficult to find gluten-free flours for a good price in our small town, but after doing some research, I found a good deal on Bob’s Red Mill brand cases of gluten free flour on and starting ordering from there.

Then, a little over a year ago, I learned about Swagbucks and how it worked here on!

When I first signed up with Swagbucks, I didn’t really know what I was doing and felt like I was doing well if I earned enough for a $5 gift card every month. Now, I am able to get $15-$20 per month by doing the following:

1. Doing the NOSO every day

2. Answering the poll and doing to corresponding activity

3. Using the toolbar

4. Running videos for a large chunk of the day

5. Using the search bar

This has been a great help and has paid for many cases of gluten-free flours. Now I can continue to bake and feed good food to the people I love!

Swagbucks Helped Us Prepare for Baby #2

new decorations

Today’s Swagbucks success story is from Rachael:

With Baby #2 due in early June, we had to get quite a few items. We not only needed items for the new baby, but we needed to get my son into his big boy room.

We had gotten many of the “big” items through Christmas and baby showers, however there were quite a few decorations and small items that were wanted, but not necessarily needed. We decided the decorations would just have to wait until we could rack up enough rewards through Swagbucks and other rewards programs to afford them.

In 3 months, I have earned roughly $60 in Amazon giftcards through Swagbucks which put a dent in the “extras” for my son and baby girl on the way. I have been so pleased with how quickly and easily I was able to rack up on Swagbucks over the past few months with simple tasks:

1. Daily Poll: Though it only rewards 1 Swagbuck, it certainly helps in getting to my goals.

2. SwagbucksTV App: I try to watch roughly 50 points per day in videos on their mobile app. I sometimes miss this goal, but I try to make it a point to attain my goal as often as possible as this is where I get most of my points.

3. Bonus Points: Many times their mobile app will send notifications when there is bonus points available on Facebook, Twitter, or their blog. I love the notifications as it helps me keep up with new bonus points available. Although not a steady source of Swagbucks, these certainly help in filling in the gaps for days that I don’t hit my goal.

Swagbucks Paid for My Recipe Addiction!


Today’s Swagbucks success story is from Kristen:

I had been reading for months, and with the birth of my first baby coming soon, I wanted to start eating healthier, less processed foods.

I always thought the recipes on MSM looked delicious, but I didn’t always have all of the ingredients on hand. I really wanted to make the Homemade Breakfast Cookies, as well as the Best Ever Chocolate Oatmeal No Bake Bars. However, some of the ingredients (like coconut oil and coconut flakes) were things that are expensive, and I didn’t have much room in the budget for them, especially if it turned out I didn’t like the recipe.

I had been using Swagbucks mostly for Paypal gift cards, but then it dawned on me that I could get the most bang for my buck by cashing out my Swagbucks for Amazon gift cards. I could then use the Amazon gift cards to pay for the ingredients that I didn’t already have on hand.

So I got to work on earning the most that I could. In addition to doing the daily poll, NOSO, and searches every day, I started taking surveys. I started out with the surveys that were 10-15 minutes long, and would try to do a few of those a day depending on how much time I had. The surveys helped me to reach my daily goal, which really helped the Swagbucks add up more quickly.

I redeemed my Swagbucks for Amazon gift cards as soon as I’d hit the 450 points necessary for the $5 cards. Since there is a limit on those per month, it helped to cash them out gradually.

Finally I had about $90 in Amazon gift cards, which I used to buy a ton of oatmeal, almond butter, honey, chia seeds, coconut oil, coconut flakes, chocolate chips, dried cranberries, and more!

When my package arrived, I was so excited to make the Best Ever Chocolate Oatmeal No Bake Bars, and let me tell you, they are delicious!! I can’t wait to make them again and again, and luckily I still have a ton of ingredients left over from my Amazon purchase.

My husband would always laugh at me for using Swagbucks, but when he saw my big Amazon box on our doorstep, even he admitted that Swagbucks is pretty awesome! That was almost as sweet as the Best Ever Chocolate Oatmeal No Bake Bars!