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Swagbucks Paid for Everything!

Today’s Swagbucks success story is from Sri:

Swagbucks is one of the best things I have come across on internet. In the last three years, I’ve earned more than $600 in Amazon, Walmart, and Target gift cards — which helped me purchase so many things that I can now joyously say my home is filled with items purchased with Swagbucks.

Just a few things I purchased using Swagbucks:

  • Klean canteen stainless steel water bottle
  • Thermos Nissan insulated bottle
  • Jeans, Books and lunch bag(for my husband)
  • Chicago cutlery knives
  • Crayons, coloring books and toys(to make gift boxes for our township kids)
  • Loads of Vita coco coconut water
  • Cuisinart stick blender
  • Oster citrus juicer
  • Aroma Stainless steel rice cooker
  • Low flow faucet aerators
  • Drying rack for clothes
  • Brita filters, Cereal boxes, groceries, toiletries

I can go on and on..and I only hope the list continues to be endless in future too.

My favorite ways to earn Swagbucks are:

  • Special offers: I get most Swagbucks from here. These include signing up for websites, doing surveys, watching short videos, trial offers, and many more. I have gotten some big bucks from trial offers. But we have to make sure to cancel before the trial period ends.
  • Inbox offers: Watch out for offers in your Swagbucks inbox. I recently had an offer for 2500 Swagbucks if I spend at least $25 at I purchased a down alternative comforter for $25 and it turned out to be “better than free” as I used the Swagbucks to redeem five $5 Amazon gift cards (and still had Swagbucks left over).
  • Trusted surveys: I qualify for very few surveys but for the ones I do I feel that I am rewarded well. As an added bonus, I have received some products to try out as a follow up of the surveys.
  • Searches and Swagcodes: These give me at least 15 Swagbucks everyday.

Referrals are a definite bonus but I have never had the success. Even with out referrals it is possible to make $20 – $25 each month. Just explore all the ways of earning and in a few days you will understand which ones work for you.

Thank you, Swagbucks!

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  • Patrona Dyck says:

    I don’t know if this is an acceptable place to ask……. But has anyone been having problems with the Swagbucks page? Everything lines up along the left side of the page for me, and when I try to search in the search box it just jumps around on the page. also the same when I try to contact support. I’m very sad as I Love swagbucks. Has anyone had this trouble, and if so… What did you do to get it fixed? thanks!

  • Kristy says:

    I signed up for Swagbucks and got a virus on my computer. What did I do wrong? It’s certainly not worth it for me to get amazon gift cards but have to pay for a new computer or expensive repairs. My active anti-virus didn’t even catch it! Help?

    • Crystal says:

      I’m not sure what happened, but I’m so sorry about that. I’ve never had a problem with viruses from Swagbucks. Maybe contact them directly to see if they can help you?

    • I think Swagbucks has some security issues. My husband works for a Christian non-profit with extremely high security because of their work with the persecuted church. When we moved here for his job, we lived on campus for a few weeks while waiting for our house to close. Swagbucks was one of the sites their internet security blocked, flagging it for security issues. I recently uninstalled the tool bar because it slowed my computer down immensely when I installed it. Not sure what they’re doing, but I don’t think it’s all good. That said, I do still use Swagbucks for searches, but

      • Shirley says:

        I’ve had trouble with their toolbar too. It would slow my poor aged VAIO to a crawl. I tried again on a new Apple and quickly realized that the 1buck/day is not worth the hassle of potential virus (it’d also flag up through virus scans) for keeping the toolbar installed.

        Everything else works pretty well for me though. I’d get frustrated when I feel like I’ll qualify midway and get that dreaded disqualified or over quota message. haha

    • Rachel says:

      It’s not just you! We also had to quit using certain parts of Swagbucks due to viruses. We tested and the NOSO had several and so did a couple of the videos.

      Because of this we only do the Daily poll and for points when buying something online now. Better safe than paying to have another computer fixed!

    • Shauna says:

      I had one issue where my anti-virus popped up and said something had malware on a survey but besides that I haven’t had a problem.

    • I got a rook-it malware on my computer and I had to get a new one. I’m totally bummed but absolutely no more Swagbucks for me – even with a good anti-virus software and an anti-malware software installed! Both tech teams/repair companies I had look at my computer asked if I had Swagbucks on my computer and agreed that it was probably the culprit. I haven’t run it on my new computer and no problems so far.

      This bums me out because it was such a help.

      • leslie says:

        Swagbucks made my last computer crash and it was unrepairable. I bought new computer used swagbucks and already having problems with it. I think it has a virus.

    • I had the same problem with the toolbar. Once I uninstalled the toolbar it ran better, but not enough better, and the computer had to be replaced. No anti-malware problems helped. I used it without the toolbar on the next computer and it was fine. But, I only used the search and no other features.

  • margaret says:


  • Meredith says:

    I am starting to do more and more special offers. Another great thing in them is that if you have an ipad or iphone, you can download some apps for SB and then just delete the apps. I have had some funky games on there!!!!

    • Angela says:

      I have read a ton of stories about people paying for lots of stuff with swagbucks, but it makes me curious how long they invest their time to do all the activities to get the swagbucks? I use swagbucks for all my searches and get a $5 Amazon gc every 3 months or so. I’m wondering if its really worth the time away from family to try to get the gift cards?

      • Ashley P says:

        I hardly do anything on them and get a decent amount. I don’t even search, really. I do the toolbar, the daily poll, and the NOSO. I also have a swagcode watch connected to my phone that alerts me when there’s any new codes available.

        Since I have a day job, I also occasionally do a survey when work is slow, but not usually more than 1 a month. And at least once a day there’s a video for 2 SB. I play it on mute in the background while I work on other things.

        In all honesty, though, I prefer Bing Rewards over Swagbucks. It’s less time consuming and easier to get giftcards. There’s a set limit on how many points you can get per day so you’re not wasting time searching to maybe hopefully get rewarded. Every 2 searches is a point. Maximum of 15 search points per day. Plus they usually give you an extra one or 2 for free each day just for checking your inbox. It literally takes me less than 2 minutes to get all my points for the day. If you do it every day, you easily get a $5 Amazon card each month.

      • Shauna says:

        I would say that I don’t spend more then an hour a day but not all at the same time. While the pay isn’t great for a stay at home mom, do whenever you want and it is time I am already on the computer anyway it works for me.

      • Meredith says:

        I maybe spend over an hour a day (not at one time). I go until stop at the first goal marker and I will go to the second if a survey gets me close. I always think abstractly too…like we needed a hotel for a cheerleading competition so I booked through swagbucks and got shop and earn credits. My daughter is in Kindergarten and I am a volunteer, freelance musician, and I do swagbucks for me some extra spending. Yes, I do have more time that someone who works 40 hours a week, yes the pay is stinky, but it does get me some extra spending money. I am fortunate it’s around. I can get up at 6AM and do swagbucks until my daughter gets up for school. I’ll usually be to my goal and I make about $40 a month. – Meredith

      • Elizabeth says:

        I’ve decided it’s not worth my time to do more than the daily poll and maybe the NOSO every day, and to use it for my searches. I enjoy the poll; I think it’s fun. Also, sometimes when I’m going to relax and play a computer game or watch some YouTube videos, I’ll wander over to Swagbucks and I end up watching Swagbucks TV or doing their other activities. Since I’m already going to just relax and spend some time online, I think it’s fun to earn points for the activities I do. But I don’t spend any time actively trying to earn points. It’s not worth my time, in my opinion. I second the comment about Bing – I do their 30 searches per day and earn 15 points (plus a few daily bonus points) every day that consistently add up for Amazon gift cards.

  • Rose says:

    Does anyone know if you are supposed to claim swag bucks winning on your tax return? Is it only if you make a certain amount?

  • Quinn says:

    Loving the idea of getting paid! Concerned about doing surveys through Vindale Research. Concerned about putting my birthday and information out there…

    • Luba says:

      Quinn, I stopped doing surveys for that reason. For hours and hours of my personal time and for how much personal information, it was not worth the money to me. That is my personal decision, however, and I do not condemn anyone for completing surveys. 🙂

  • Stephanie B says:

    It’s true, you can get things for ‘free’ with points! If anyone has recently seen the $5 Secret clinical offer where you get two Secret clinical deodorants and coupons for $5, Swagbucks was also offering 500 points if you did this deal, making it ‘free’ after Swagbucks! We use Amazon often enough to use the points easily and get our money back anyways.

    • Tracy says:

      I’ve been doing Swagbucks for a long time now. I don’t do much other than the occasional special offer like the Secret clinical deoderant special offer. I have yet to cash in my points so to date I’ve amassed almost 17,000 swagbucks. $25 paypal cash costs 2500 swagbucks. So right now, I’m sitting on about $175 in paypal cash. A 50 walmart giftcard costs 5000 swagbucks. So I’m sitting on about $150 to spend at Walmart. I always use swagbucks for all my searches both at home and at work and use shop and earn to earn extra swagbucks.

  • Angela Marie says:

    I too have gotten viruses from using Swagbucks. I love the concept. I have gotten quite a few $5 giftcards to Amazon, but 2 of my laptops had to get completely wiped and my new mac runs slow. I uninstalled the toolbar and no longer search through Swagbucks. I unfornately even had a friend sign up and she had a nice mac laptop. She had to hire someone to get all of her photos off of her computer because swagbucks messing it up. I don’t think the giftcards are worth it when I’m spending lots more money in repairs or getting new computers.

  • Kris Jackson says:

    I signed up for the swagbucks, but how do I get started? Do they email me surveys etc/

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