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Swagbucks Paid for My Son’s 5th Birthday Party!

Swagbucks Paid for My Son's 5th Birthday Party!

Karin recently wrote in with a Swagbucks Success Story to share:

I have been participating in Swagbucks for a few years, off and on, but a few months ago I decided to really focus in on it. I tried to meet my 2nd total daily goal every day and get all the bonuses I could without paying for any offers that wouldn’t be made free by the amount of Swagbucks I got back.

I did this for just ONE month and was able to pay for my son’s 5th birthday party with Swagbucks! I earned $185 worth of Target and Amazon gifts cards that I used to pay for party supplies, decorations, and a pinata (we didn’t have to skimp on anything!). Then, I was able to use coupons and a $50 Visa gift card from digital reflection panel (which I signed up for through Swagbucks) for all the food.

Presents, decor, food, and party favors were all supplied by taking the extra time to get all the Swagbucks I could, and it was SO worth it!

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  • Delynda Middleton says:

    Great job! I’d love to know how much time you had to devote to that each day? Thanks!

    • Karin says:

      It can be time consuming some days to tell you the truth, probably around 2 hours a day when the total goal was up over 400SBs. Doing a free trial that will award swagbucks later let me have a few days where I didn’t have to spend a second on it! Aldo using coupons printed from swagbucks would take a nice chunk out of the swagbucks I had to do surveys to earn.

  • Anna says:

    Wow! The most I’ve ever gotten was $25/month. So I stopped 2 years ago. Have they changed things so you can get more rewards now? It might be worth it for me to get back into it.

    • Karin says:

      Definitely more than 25! If you get your daily goal every day for the month you get 400 as a bonus, plus all the daily bonuses, usually around 700 just in that. Then my total goals kept climbing, most days were between 450 and 650! It was sometimes hard to get that high, but the daily bonuses are usually 10 percent of the goal, so earning between 45 and 65 extra a day was awesome!! My total bonus for that month was 1600! The goals and bonuses are not always that high and I don’t know how they pick them, but I loved it!

  • Jessica says:

    Do you have to have a smartphone to earn that many points? I refuse to pay $500 for phone and another $100-200 for a data plan, because that’s not affordable! I use Swagbucks as my search engine and am lucky to earn five points per day.

    • Cristina Powers says:

      I have my phone thru metro PCS and basic smart phones are very affordable (maybe $30-$50) and we pay $100/month for unlimited plans.

    • Karin says:

      I do, and I do take surveys on there, but I would say more than half of my earnings are through free trials and a lot of surveys on the computer.

    • Jennifer says:

      I paid $200 for my last iphone-an SE model, which has all the bells and whistles of the new iphones but is a smaller size, which is better for me because I have small hands. But, you can buy certified refurbished older iphones for less on Amazon.

      I pay $40 a month for unlimited talk/text and data through AT&T.

  • Amie says:

    I used to be very active with Swagbucks and earned enough for Christmas and a lot of shopping at CVS with ECBS and coupons. I would also cash in for Wal-Mart cards and get groceries there. Swagbucks really helped out so I could purchase diapers when my kids were younger. It was great! I have a part-time job teaching online and make a lot more so my time is better spent that way. I highly recommend Swagbucks if you’re tight on money and can’t find a better way to earn or if you have a little extra time and want to save up for something special.

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