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Swagbucks Paid for Our New Printer

Today’s Swagbucks success story is from Erica:

My husband was accepted to the Graduate Program of his dreams on March 2, 2013. This was incredibly exciting, but also incredibly daunting as it would mean we have to move to a new town and quit both our jobs.

So we saved every penny we could in the Spring and Summer, which was quite difficult because my husband and I needed to purchase textbooks, clothing for a drastically different climate, and pay for assorted moving expenses.

We have long gone without a printer since we both graduated from college, but my husband felt (and I agreed) that a printer will be a true necessity for us in this new adventure. We will be living in a very cold climate and foregoing the use of a car in favor of public transit and walking. It’s just not realistic for us to expect to make use of the school’s library printers all the time. I knew we needed a printer. However, I just couldn’t stomach paying for it out of pocket.

I knew exactly what printer I wanted and how much it would cost on So for roughly three months, I plugged away on Swagbucks trying to save up the Amazon gift cards to purchase our printer. By hitting the Daily Goal on Swagbucks every day, I was able to really ramp up the pace at which I was able to earn Amazon gift cards.

We hit our goal! I earned $85 in gift cards and the printer was priced slightly lower than normal at $84.99. The delayed gratification of saving and working a little bit each day for something that we needed makes the feeling of success even sweeter!

Erica: Can you email me so I can send you your $50 Amazon gift card as a thank you for sharing your story?

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  • Lana says:

    We got the same printer with Swagbucks about 2 years ago and we still love it! Way to go!

    • Jan says:

      I have this same printer..and I Love it…
      Make sure you set it up for the ink saving printing….and the cartridge will last for a Very Long time…..
      I get my laser toner cartridges for a good discount at:
      they have the generic brands that will fit this printer.
      they are Great!

  • Jamie says:

    Yay! You have inspired me to do the same thing! What is the daily goal for Swagbucks? How did you manage your time in order to complete goal everyday?

    • Shauna says:

      The daily goal is based on each individual person it is set up on the top left hand corner when you login.
      I just started using swagbucks tv on my phone and it just runs throughout the day and I get 50 points every day.

  • Brianna says:

    Is it best to not cash out til you have a ton saved or can you cash out 5 at a time and them not expire? Curious because I have 5 now and don’t know if I should wait

    • Luba says:

      Brianna, I waited for a while and then tried to cash in a bunch for $5 Amazon cards (those are the best “deal”). Then, I found out that I can get only 5 of those per month. Now I have begun cashing them in just about as fast as I earn them. 🙂

  • Crystal says:

    Dear Jamie,

    The goal varies each day, but it’s usually between 70-110. I use Swagbucks to pay for my COMPEL Training and just shared about it yesterday on my blog. I have an iPhone and have the Swagbucks app where I can watch videos for 50 Swagbucks a day which makes it easier, but search wins go a long way to reaching goal!

  • Erica W. says:

    Thanks everyone! So excited to see my story/printer here!

    I cash my points out every time I have enough points for a $5 reward. You get slightly more “bang for your swagbuck” if you cash out at the $5 mark than at any of the higher dollar values. AND you can only get 5 rewards every month, so there isn’t any benefit to letting your rewards accrue in my experience.

    • Ericka Lewis says:

      I didn’t realize that the $5 Amazon card was cheaper and also didn’t realise there was a monthly limit! I was going to save it up but now I’ll cash out as often as I can. Thanks for the info.

    • Sherri says:

      I wanted to clarify for those who may be new to Swagbucks. You can get more than 5 rewards in a month, but you can only get 5 of any certain reward. So, you can max out at 5 Amazon $5 gift cards, and then if you still have points you can cash out for something else (Amazon $10, Paypal, whatever you want). You are also limited to 2 reward per day, so there is no point to saving up you swagbucks.

      Also, the Amazon codes you receive do not expire. Usually, I go ahead and redeem them on Amazon and just have a balance on my account for when I want to use it.

  • Meagan Caton says:

    This is awesome. I LOVE swagbucks and for the past two years have been able to get my daughter a Kindle Fire HD for Christmas in 2012 and my son one for Christmas in 2013 with money left over to build on.

  • I love Swagbucks and that printer!! I have a very similar one and it’s awesome.

  • Shauna says:

    I love swagbucks and I just started in August. I worked really hard and at the beginning of November I had enough for a $100.00 gift card for Toys r us to buy my son’s new bike for his birthday. I was able to use a coupon and for spending so much received a gift card and then with my gift card from toys r us I made $4 to give my son a bike for his birthday.

  • jen says:

    swagbucks is great I wanted to get my cats a molly and friends cat tree, there not cheap but built to last and worth every penny. I worked my butt off for about 6 months and was able to buy them a $350 cat tree with nothing out of pocket from amazon using my swagbucks!

  • Julie says:

    I always buy the Brother brand all-in-ones. I can get generic ink very cheaply from Amazon (less than $1 a cartridge). I used to take the empties to Staples for a $2 store credit so was actually making money buying the cartridges. Staples changed the way the program works for turning in cartridges so now it requires an initial outlay and more work to get rewards. I haven’t turned any in since the new program started but still love being able to get the ink so cheaply. And my reams of paper I get at Staples either free or for $1 after the rebates that are offered frequently. Congratulations on all the positive things happening in your life.

  • jan says:

    Don’t forget to start your Amazon shopping trip from Swagbucks in the first place! Over the holidays, you could earn 6, 9 points for each dollar spent if you linked through from Swagbucks. Today, 3 weeks after my last order, I just got another 600 points added to my account … I tell everyone in the house to go through Swagbucks before buying on Amazon (the kids got all their textbooks through Amazon this year)

  • Nancy says:

    when do the points show up for the meeting the daily goals?

  • Momma Katie says:

    Swagbucks is so fabulous! I’ve used it a lot to supplement my diaper spending on Amazon. Once our munchkins are out of diapers, I’d like to use the earnings to save up for something special. Way to go with saving up for the printer! That’s huge!

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