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Category: Income-Earning Ideas

Achievemint: Get paid to be healthy!

Achievemint: Get paid to be healthy!

Sign up for Achievemint to get paid for being healthy! Just create an account, and you’ll earn points for every healthy activity you perform: taking steps, exercising, sleeping, tweeting about health, weighing yourself, logging calories, etc.

Achievemint pairs with many different apps to help reward you for being healthy, including Twitter, MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper, Jawbone, Fitbit, Foursquare, and more.

I signed up a while ago, and it’s super easy! I linked my Up3 band to it in about 3 minutes and it looks like I’ll earn the equivalent of $1-2 every 4-6 weeks for doing nothing. And if I logged more (water, food, etc.), I could earn more points more quickly!

You earn $10 for every 10,000 points earned. It’s not a ton of money, but every little bit adds up — especially when it’s passive like this, and you get rewarded for something you’d already be doing anyway!

Go here to get started with Achievemint.

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6 Reasons Why Blogging Might Not Be For You

Female workplace with laptop, flowers and coffee

Jesenia at The Latina Homemaker has a great post up on 6 reasons why blogging might not be for you. Here’s a snippet:

The other day I was going through some of my old blog posts and I noticed how much my writing has evolved. It was one of those proud moments that reminded me of how far I’ve come in my blogging journey. However, this wasn’t always the case. In fact, there were several times that I almost quit and gave up blogging. Why? Because blogging is not easy. And blogging to generate income is even harder. If you’re thinking about blogging, I don’t want to discourage you. But I do want you to truly analyze if blogging is something you want to pour your heart and efforts into.

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How I Became an Entrepreneur…And You Can Too!

How I Became an Entrepreneur

Stephanie at Six Figures Under has a great post up on how she became an entrepreneur…and you can too! Here’s a snippet:

Being an entrepreneur is in my blood. Growing up I watched my mom use her creativity to help supplement my dad’s income. As a professor, he didn’t usually get paychecks during the summer, so my mom’s income was very helpful.

Ever since I can remember, she has taught dozens of piano students. She has done freelance calligraphy work and has taught children’s singing and art classes. In the pre-Etsy days, she sold crafts and patterns at a local boutique. She has taught everything from tie-dye to cake decorating. She is one of those people who not only excels at everything she puts her mind to, but has a knack for teaching it too!

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How I Went From Being a Hobby Blogger to Making an Income

How I went from being a hobby blogger to making an income

Melanie at Gather For Bread has a great post up on how she went from hobby blogger to making an income. Here’s a snippet:

I remember that very first day that I made a couple pennies from ad income here on the blog. I literally did a happy dance in my living room. I was over the moon excited.

Who knew that I could do what I love and make a few bucks? I certainly didn’t. I definitely started my blog as a hobby. When I first started, I wasn’t even sure what to focus on. There were recipes and marriage posts and parenting posts. And I’m still passionate about all those things.

But over time, I realized that I had limited time (just like we all do) and in order to focus and fine tune I had to cut some things out. So in 2014 I cut back to posting mostly recipes. I rarely blogged on any other topics because I wanted to be a better photographer. I wanted to be a better food blogger. I wanted to focus on quality over quantity.

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10 Creative Ways to Earn $500 Per Month From Home

10 Creative Ways to Earn $500 a Month From Home

Rachel from Smart Mom Smart Ideas has a great post up on 10 creative ways to earn $500 per month from home. Here’s a snippet:

Are you a stay at home mom that would like to add a little to your family income every month?  Maybe you work full-time or part-time but would still like to increase your income with a side hustle?  With a little creativity,  everyone can find jobs and earn extra money working at home.

Let’s make $500 extra dollars a month your starting point.  You can break $500 several different ways to determine the type of work you might complete to reach your goal.  For example, you could work 10 hours during the month for $50 per hour or 20 hours for $25 per hour or you could work 5o hours for $10 per hour.

After you decide an hourly rate for your time, you can also decide how many weeks you want to work each month.  Do you want to do all the work in 1 week or just a few hours every week during the month?  Remember,  the more you can charge per hour for your services the fewer hours you will need to work to reach the goal.

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How Money-Making Mom is Changing My Family

How Money Making Mom is Changing My Life

Brigett Holmes has an inspiring post up today on how Money-Making Mom is changing her family. Here’s a snippet:

Have you ever been stuck in a rut?  You had a vision (or maybe you still have that vision), but you just don’t know how to attain it?  Maybe you even started down a path that was sure to lead to your vision, but then something happened, life happened!  Well, I just described myself, but maybe some of you can relate too.

It was almost a year ago when I decided to bite the bullet and start this blog.  It was a decision that had been several years and much prayer in the making.  It was a bold decision, but it was an exciting decision.  I had dreams, a vision, and somewhat of a plan.  I began researching and learning.  It was fun, tiring, and sometimes very frustrating, but it felt right and it felt good to take action!

Then somewhere along the way, life, kids, homeschool, family happened.  And I began to wonder if I had made the right decision.  I knew that

anything worth having is worth the effort to achieve it.

But I began to wonder if maybe I had missed God’s leading or if I just wasn’t supposed to have a home based business.  Maybe my motivations were wrong.  (Tell me you’ve struggled with those same doubts and fears! That I’m not alone.)

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