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Category: Income-Earning Ideas

How Money-Making Mom is Changing My Family

How Money Making Mom is Changing My Life

Brigett Holmes has an inspiring post up today on how Money-Making Mom is changing her family. Here’s a snippet:

Have you ever been stuck in a rut?  You had a vision (or maybe you still have that vision), but you just don’t know how to attain it?  Maybe you even started down a path that was sure to lead to your vision, but then something happened, life happened!  Well, I just described myself, but maybe some of you can relate too.

It was almost a year ago when I decided to bite the bullet and start this blog.  It was a decision that had been several years and much prayer in the making.  It was a bold decision, but it was an exciting decision.  I had dreams, a vision, and somewhat of a plan.  I began researching and learning.  It was fun, tiring, and sometimes very frustrating, but it felt right and it felt good to take action!

Then somewhere along the way, life, kids, homeschool, family happened.  And I began to wonder if I had made the right decision.  I knew that

anything worth having is worth the effort to achieve it.

But I began to wonder if maybe I had missed God’s leading or if I just wasn’t supposed to have a home based business.  Maybe my motivations were wrong.  (Tell me you’ve struggled with those same doubts and fears! That I’m not alone.)

Read the full post here.

How to Turn Your Favorite Hobby Into a Profitable Business

How To Turn Your Favorite Hobby Into a Profitable Business

Kalyn over at Creative Savings has a great post up on how to turn your favorite hobby into a profitable business. Here’s a snippet:

I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I didn’t want to hold a 9-5 job, sit in a cubicle all day, and do it over and over again until the day I retired, or died. I know that sounds pretty morbid, but it’s true! I literally feel like a caged animal whenever I work for someone else. That’s how desperately I wanted to be my own boss.

So it’s no surprise all sorts of business ideas popped into my head after I graduated college. Okay, who am I kidding….I actually started some of these ideas during college!

It would take forever to list them all here {yep, there’s a lot!}, but suffice it say, if I was pretty good at something, I had to find a way to make it profitable. One of these hobbies was cake decorating. I took all the classes at Michaels, and fell in love with the craft.

Read the full post here.

How Being A Money Making Mom Has Changed My Life

How Being A Money Making Mom Has Changed My Life

My friend, Erin, over at The Humbled Homemaker has a great post up on how being a money making mom has changed her life. Here’s a snippet:

Three years ago this month, I wrote what would turn into one of the most popular posts of this blog: Staying at Home with Your Kids When You Can Barely Afford It.

I don’t think it was the writing or even the subject matter that made this post so popular. Rather, I believe it was because I took a chance and was vulnerable on this site for the first time, sharing our family’s situation of living on a low income.

Little did I know that that post would jump start this blog into becoming a business, and, three years later, our family’s primary income source would be this blog. 

My husband and I can pinpoint four main ways how being a money making mom has changed our lives…

Read the full post here.

Watch My Interview with Michael Hyatt from The Influence & Impact Summit!

Crystal Paine Influence and Impact Summit

If you missed the chance to see me speak at The Influence & Impact Summit online a few weeks ago, you can go here to watch a replay version of my presentation and interview with Michael Hyatt.

Also, summit attendees can sign up for the FREE Platform University video series that will encourage you in having more of an impact and getting your unique message out to the world.

How to Build a Business Without Completely Exhausting Yourself

How to Find a Time to Build a Business?

“I was wondering how a mom of three little ones (mine are ages 5, 3, and 1) can find the time to grow a blog without killing myself? – Sarah on Twitter

I often get questions from many of you who are wanting to build a business but feel frustrated by the lack of time you have to devote to it. Maybe you are like Sarah and have young children at home, or maybe you’re working another full-time job and you’re not sure how to find the extra time to devote to that business idea you’ve always had.

Whatever it is, here are a few tips to help you build your business without completely exhausting yourself:

1. Make The Time.

Look at your schedule right now. Is there another activity that you’re doing that maybe isn’t as important to you as building a business is?

Maybe it’s social media, TV, mindless browsing on the internet, or something else. None of these are necessarily bad things to be spending your time on, but maybe you can find one activity to replace with business-building time.

2. Borrow The Time.

If every single minute of your day is filled with important things, maybe you can’t make the time. If that’s the case, you may need to borrow the time by cutting something else out of your life.

When you say “yes” to one thing, you have to say “no” to something else.

It could be a good thing that you have to cut, but if it’s not as high of a priority as building your business, then you might have to choose to say no to something in order to borrow the time to put your business idea into motion.

3. Buy The Time.

This may not be something you’re able to do in the beginning, but as you get further along in your business, it might be a great idea for you. Sometimes hiring help is so worth the time you get back.

Maybe you need to hire a babysitter to give yourself a couple hours each week to invest in your business. Maybe you need to hire someone to do your laundry. You could even swap services with someone — perhaps another mom who needs time to invest in her business, too. Maybe it’s picking up takeout once per week to save time on making dinner and cleaning up the kitchen once per week.

In my book, Say Goodbye To Survival Mode, I tell the story of the moment when I realized the best thing I could do for my family and sanity was to hire a Mother’s Helper. When my children were very young, I was stretched way too thin and found myself very overwhelmed.

So we hired a young girl from our church to come over one day a week and help us with laundry and other tasks around our house. I felt like it was an extravagant choice, but it ended up being one of the best decisions we every made.

How to Find Time to Build a Business?photo from Melissa at the ATimeforEverything Etsy Shop

How Much Time Do You Need?

When deciding whether you need to make, borrow, or buy time, you need to set goals and figure out how much time you’ll need in order to meet them.

Ask yourself what your goals are. Where do you want your business to be and where you’d like to be financially within 3-6 months, or even a year? What season of life are you in? What is realistic at this time of your life?

Set some realistic goals and then break those goals down into bite-sized pieces. This will help you figure out what kind of time you need each day in order to meet your goals. Once you have those time blocks figured out, add it to your calendar each day.

Treat it as an appointment, set your timer, and start chipping away at your goals slowly over time. This will help you gain traction towards your goals without feeling overwhelmed.

How to Find Time to Build a Business

An Important Reminder

Everyone is in a different season and situation. Don’t compare yourself to other people, or you will always feel like you’re coming up short. You’ll try to run yourself ragged trying to do what other people do.

If you can only work on your business for 15 to 30 minutes every couple of days, that’s okay. Do what you can do, and focus on that.

Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. You have to give yourself grace if you want to be in it for the long haul and be successful without completely exhausting yourself.

Want more ideas, inspiration, and advice on how to build a business from home? Click here to order a copy of my brand new Money-Making Mom book!

What other suggestions do you have for finding time to build a business without becoming completely exhausted in the process?

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