This Week’s $130 Grocery Shopping Trip & Menu Plan

Our $130 Grocery Shopping Trip & Weekly Menu Plan

So, I told you last week that we’ve recently more than doubled our grocery budget. Here’s a picture of what $130 in groceries looks like for us.

We shopped at Aldi and Harris Teeter this week. And I somehow misplaced the Aldi receipt (dug through the trash and everything to try to locate it) and it’s nowhere to be found.

So I’m not going to give the break down of prices, because I’m not completely sure what they were. But I will try to do a better job of saving the receipt (maybe I’ll snap a photo of it as soon as I get home?) this coming week so that I can give you a detailed description of everything we bought and what we paid for it.

Our $130 Grocery Shopping Trip & Weekly Menu Plan

I also downloaded the Snap App and got $1.75 in cashback for these purchases. I loved that the Snap App gives you cashback for items purchased at any store — including ALDI — unlike some of the cashback apps that require you to purchase at a specific store. Plus, I got $1.75 back from Checkout 51 for the above purchases. Yay!

This Week’s Menu Plan


Bacon & Eggs or Oatmeal

Jesse also made Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Eggs & Cheese one morning. It was a new recipe and it was SO good. It might sound weird, but it was amazing!


Sandwiches or Leftovers

I also made a Healthy Blueberry Crisp that I ate as lunch two days (recipe coming on the blog tomorrow — hopefully!)


Apples with Almond Butter
Snacks sent to us from Wild Oats Organic
Protein Shakes
Healthy Cake in a Mug


Crustless Quiche
Crockpot Triple Cheeseburger Creation
Crockpot Stuffed Peppers with Mashed Sweet Potatoes
Chicken Pineapple Kabobs
Stuffed Chicken
Italian Sausage with Potatoes and Vinegar
Dinner with friends (we’re bringing a side dish — probably a veggie tray)

What’s on your menu this week? Leave a link to your menu plan or tell us in the comments.

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Gretchen’s $45 Grocery Shopping Trip and Weekly Menu Plan

FullSizeRender (1)


1 lb Butter – $3.49 (I about fell over when I saw this price; then I checked prices at Dillons and it was $5.49! I think I may have to cut back on baking this fall.) :(

1 Cucumber – $0.69

1 pkg Grapes – $1.58

1 pkg Roma Tomatoes – $1.29

1 dozen Eggs – $0.88

Total with tax ($0.57): $8.59

FullSizeRender (2)
Health Food Store

2 Grapefruit – $0.69 each

4 Navel Oranges – $0.49 each

1 Silver Hills Sprouted Grain Hot Dog Buns – Marked down to $0.99

Total with tax ($0.31): $4.64

Some friends kindly gave us all this organic meat as they had just ordered a 1/4 of a cow and wanted to share it with us. We have some of the nicest friends! :)


1 Turkey Hill Ice Cream – $2.50, used $1/1 printable - $1.50 after coupon

1 gallon Milk – $3.09

2 Kroger Shredded Cheese – $1.67 each

1 Kroger Cottage Cheese – $2.29

1 Kroger Frozen Orange Juice – $1.59

1 Kroger Sour Cream – $1.69

2 Mission Soft Tortillas – $1 each (I will be freezing these, thanks to a reader’s tip last week!)

1 pkg Heritage Farms Chicken Thighs – Marked down to $3.29

2 Brawny Paper Towels – $1 each, used 2 $0.55/1 printable - $0.45 each after coupons

1 pkg Kroger Unbleached Flour – $1.79

1 Kroger Peanut Butter – $1.79

2 Kroger canned Pumpkin – $1 each

1 Kroger canned Tomatoes – $0.69

1 pkg Kroger Pudding – $0.59

1.09 lbs Bananas @ $0.59/lb – $0.64

1.30 lbs Broccoli @ $0.99/lb – $1.29

1 Romaine Lettuce – $0.99

2 Cantaloupe – $0.99 each

Total after coupons: $31.45

Total for all grocery items: $44.68

Menu Plan for this Week


Cereal, Toast, Scrambled Eggs & Juice, Oatmeal, Banana Muffins & Fruit


Leftovers, Tossed Salad, Baked Potatoes, Cheese Quesadillas, Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches


Oven Fried Chicken, Freezer Biscuits, Steamed Broccoli, Tossed Salad

Sour Cream Enchiladas, Tortilla Chips, Steamed Peas, Cantaloupe

Lasagna Casserole, Pumpkin Crescent Rolls, Tossed Salad

Hamburger Vegetable Soup, Buttered Toasted Hot Dog Buns, Fruit Salad

Grilled Steak, 30 Minute Rolls, Tossed Salad, Sliced Oranges

French Toast, Scrambled Eggs, Cantaloupe

Out to eat

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Gretchen’s $55 Grocery Shopping Trip and Weekly Menu Plan

photo 1

Health Food Store

3 lb bag Apples – $2.49

1 Cucumber – $0.59

1 pint Grape Tomatoes – $0.99

4 Oranges – $0.69 each

Total with tax ($0.46): $6.89

photo 2

Items a part of the Mega Sale (Buy 5, Get $5 off instantly):

3 Pampers Wipes – $0.99 each, used 3 $0.50/1 printable - $0.49 each after coupons

2 Kotex Pads – $1.99 each, used $2/2 e-coupon - $0.99 each after coupon

1 Kotex Tampons – $1.99, used $1/1 e-coupon - $0.99 after coupon

1 Herbal Essence Bodywash – $1.99, used $1/1 printable - $0.99 after coupon

2 Gillette Shaving Cream – $0.99 each, used 2 $0.50/1 printable - $0.49 each after coupons

2 Barilla Spaghetti Sauce – $1.49 each, used 2 $0.75/1 printable - $0.74 each after coupons

2 Wheat Thins – $1.49 each, used $0.75/2 coupon from the 8/10 SmartSource insert – $1.11 each after coupon

1 Casa Fiesta Taco Shells – $0.49

1 Honey Nut Chex – $2.79 (I try to get cereal for under $1.50/box but my husband asked me to buy this so I splurged for him.) :)

Other Deals

3 Barilla Pasta – $1 each, used $1/3 printable - $0.67 each after coupon

2 bags Candy (1 Skittles & 1 Starburst) – $1.50 each, used $1/2 coupon from the 9/7 RedPlum insert – $1 each after coupon (I was looking for a fun reward for my Awana girls this week and was happy when I saw the sale on these!)

1 Kroger Tortilla Chips – $1.25

1 pint Half & Half – $1.39

1 Jimmy Dean Delights Frozen Meal – $2.50, used Free e-coupon (no longer available) – Free after coupon

3 Totinos Pizza – $1.34 each (I usually make my own pizzas and freeze them for my husband’s lunches, but since we just moved and are still in the process of unpacking, I haven’t had time to stock our freezer up with pizzas yet. So I bought these to hold him over.) :)

1 Dillons Eggs – $0.99

1 Kroger Cheddar Cheese (16 oz) – $3.34

1 pkg Tyson Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts – Marked down to $5.41

1 bag Frozen Peas – $1

1 Kroger Cottage Cheese – $1.25

1 Kroger Sour Cream – $1.25

1 Kroger Frozen Orange Juice – $1.59

4 cans Kroger Beans – $0.50 each

1 can Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup – $1.50

1 Romaine Lettuce – $0.99

1 Cantaloupe – $0.99

1.45 lbs Bananas @ $0.59/lb – $0.86

1 Private Selection Whole Wheat Buns – $2

Total before coupons and sales: $98.82

Total with tax after coupons and sales: $48.90

Total for both stores: $55.79

Menu Plan for This Week


Cereal x 2, Toast, Scrambled Eggs & Orange Juice x 2, Baked Oatmeal


Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Leftovers x 2, Tossed Salad


Tacos, Sautéed Zucchini, Fruit

Chili, Banana Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins, Fruit

Pizza Joes, Tossed Salad

Hamburgers, Homemade French Fries, Steamed Broccoli

Mexican Chicken Chili, Chips

Chicken and Veggies with Cream of Mushroom Soup, 30 Minute Rolls, Oranges

Dinner with family

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Brigette’s $30 Weekly Grocery Shopping Trip and Weekly Menu for 6

This week is our first official full week back in homeschooling, so I tried to stay home as much as possible to help us adjust to a new schedule. My husband is a teacher and has the summers off – which we LOVE, but it is really hard to stick to a consistent summer schedule with Daddy home. :)

This makes transitioning back to a regular routine in the fall a little more challenging! I chose to stick to a simple menu and focus on using what we already had in the freezer and pantry. I am also hoping to clean up some of the not-so-great eating habits (like too much sugar and processed foods) we fell into over the summer.


 Farmer’s Market

1 large bag Brussel Sprouts, reduced – $2.00

1 huge box of assorted Fresh Vegetables, reduced (included Cabbage, Red and Green Peppers, Cucumbers, Yellow Squash) – $5.00

Total: $7.00



I had my husband do some price-matching at Walmart this week, since it is 1/2 mile from our house and very convenient. The regular prices on the brown rice, potatoes and romaine are all cheaper at Aldi, but since they aren’t listed in their sales flyer, I couldn’t price-match those. Aldi is a good 15 minutes from my house, so I only make the drive there when I am buying more than a few items.

4 ears of corn ($0.25/each) – $1.00

5 avocados ($0.49/each – price-matched Aldi) – $2.45

1 16-oz bag Brown Rice – $1.28

1 15-lb bag Russet Potatoes – $5.68

5 dozen Eggs ($0.99/each – price-matched Harris Teeter) – $4.95

Red Seedless Grapes ($0.99/lb – price-matched Harris Teeter) – $2.54

1 gallon Milk (price-matched Harris Teeter) – $2.97

3-ct package Romaine Lettuce – $2.98

Total: $23.85

Weekly Total for all Groceries: $30.85

Weekly Menu Plan


Cereal x 2, Oatmeal x 2, Smoothies and Hard Boiled Eggs, Veggie Omelettes, French Toast and Scrambled Eggs


Stir Fry Veggies/Salmon over Brown Rice, Baked Potato Bar, Leftovers x 2, “Snack” Lunch x 2 (plate of cut up fresh veggies and fruits, cheese slices), Build-Your-Own-Salad Bar


Stuffed Baked Peppers (using ground venison), Corn on the Cob, Cucumber Slices, Grapes

Venison Roast in the Crockpot, Roasted Brussel Sprouts, “Mock” Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Chicken on the Grill, Grilled Yellow Squash and Red Peppers, Grapes, Homemade Freezer Biscuits

Grilled Peppers with Chicken Sante Fe, Sliced Avocados, Balsamic Maple Brussel Sprouts and Cauliflower

Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls, Apple Slices, Homemade Freezer Biscuits

Dinner at a Friend’s House



Homemade Protein Bars (for me – I am training for a half marathon next month plus nursing a 6-month old, so trying to focus on lots of healthy fats, carbs and protein!), Homemade Popcorn, Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies (for the rest of the family)

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Brigette’s $27 Grocery Shopping Trip and Weekly Menu Plan for 6

We are going to be traveling some over the next couple of weeks, so my grocery spending was lower this week because we won’t be eating every meal at home. This gives us some wiggle room to eat out when we’re on the road.

And… to be perfectly honest, I am guessing there will be at least one impromptu grocery shopping trip made by my husband and children at some point before we leave to buy “necessities” for our vacation. That kind of grocery trip is funded straight from the “splurge” fund, and my husband has strict instructions to put the receipt somewhere that I will never, EVER see it. :) 


Fresh Produce from a Friend’s Garden — Free!


Harris Teeter

1 gallon milk – $2.97

2 16-oz packages Mueller’s Pot-Sized Spaghetti (B1G1 @ $1.75) – $1.75, used 2 $0.75/1 printable (doubled) – FREE after coupons (I actually got overage, making these a $1.25 MM, but that was because the coupons beeped and my cashier manually entered them in!)

2 Head & Shoulders Shampoo (@$5.00 each) – $10.00, used $5/2 Head & Shoulders Full Size Product, exp. 8/10/14 (P&G 07/27/14), plus $5/2 Harris Teeter evic – FREE after coupons

2 16-oz Kraft Salad Dressings (@$2.00 each) – $4.00, used 2 $0.75/1 printable (doubled), plus $1.00/2 Harris Teeter evic – FREE after coupons

2 boxes Kelloggs Rice Krispies cereal (@$1.99 each) – $3.98, used 2 $0.75/1 printable (doubled) from Kellogg’s Family Rewards – $0.49 each after coupons

4 cans Ortega Green Chilies (@4/$3.00) – $3.00, used 2 $1.00/2 printable – $0.25 each after coupons

9 cans Chicken of the Sea Light Tuna (B1G1 @ $1.29) – $5.80, used 3 $0.75/3 printables (doubled) from here and here – $1.30/9 cans after coupons

2 8-oz containers Land O’ Lakes Butter with Canola Oil (@$1.50 each) – $3.00, used 2 $0.50/1 printable (doubled) – $0.50 each after coupons

Total after Sales, Tax and Coupons: $6.70



2 bags Carrots (@$0.69/each) – $1.38

1 pint Blueberries -$1.49

I package Sweet Mini Peppers -$2.29

2 packages Mushrooms (@$0.79/each) – $1.58

1 package Romaine Hearts – $1.99

1 head Cabbage – $1.29

1 package Zucchini – $1.29

1 carton Egg Whites – $1.99

1 bunch Bananas (@$0.49/lb) – $1.63

1 package (32-oz) Brown Rice – $1.29

Total: $16.22



1 Dawn Dish Detergent – $0.99, used a $1.00 off any 9-oz Dawn CVS email I received – FREE after coupon

3 jars Ragu Spaghetti Sauce (@3/$5.00) – $5.00, used $0.40/2 Ragu Product, exp. 8/24/14 (RP 07/27/14 #2) – $4.60/3, plus receive $3 ECB

2 bottles Seltzer Water (@$1.00 each) – $2.00

used $3 ECB from a previous shopping trip, plus $3 complimentary ECB sent to me from CVS Beauty Rewards Club for my birthday

Total after Sales, Tax and Coupons: $0.60, plus receive $3 ECB back


Farm Market

1 head Reduced Cauliflower – $0.99

Fresh Local Peaches (@$0.99/lb) – $3.14

Total: $4.13

Weekly Total: $27.65

Menu Plan for This Week


Cereal, Oatmeal, Eggs and Toast, Smoothies (using frozen fruit), Veggie Omelettes


Tuna Sandwiches/Bananas/Carrot Sticks; Cheese Quesadillas/Cucumber Slices/Cantaloupe; Macaroni and Cheese/Peaches; Build-Your-Own-Salad Bar; Stir-Fry Veggies and Rice; PB&J Sandwiches/Blueberries/Pepper Slices


Burritos (using homemade tortillas and ground venison for the taco meat), Green Rice, Sliced Peaches

Venison Roast in the Crockpot, Baked Potatoes, Steamed Carrots, Easy Whole Wheat Muffins

Easy Tuna Noodle Casserole, Sauteed Zucchini, Tomato and Cucumber Salad

Breakfast for Dinner: Best Ever Blueberry Muffins, Scrambled Eggs with Cheese, Hashbrowns

Spaghetti, Dill Bread, Tossed Salad, Green Beans


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Gretchen’s $34 Grocery Shopping Trip and Weekly Menu Plan



1 Cantaloupe – $1.49

1 pkg Carrots – $0.99

1 Vegetable Oil – $2.29

3 Cucumbers – $0.59 each

2 pkg Strawberries – $0.99 each

1 pkg Cherries – $1.49

1 pkg Cream Cheese – $1.29

1 pkg Celery – $1.19

1 pkg Rice Cakes – $1.29

1 pkg Blueberries – $1.49

Total (with tax): $16.36



I rarely shop at Walmart but couldn’t resist the price of these fabric softeners.

2 Final Touch Fabric Softeners – $2.48 each, used 2 $2/1 printable (no longer available) – $0.48 each after coupons

Total with tax ($0.06): $1.02


Items a part of the Mega Sale:

2 Breyers Ice Cream – $2.99 each, used 2 $1.50/1 printable (no longer available) – $1.49 each after coupons

4 Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Pasta – $0.49 each, used 2 $1/2 printable - Free after coupons

4 Hefty Storage Bags – $0.99 each, used 2 $1/2 printable - $0.49 each after coupon

2 Kraft Cheese – $2.29, used $2/2 catalina coupon – $1.29 each after coupon

Other Items:

1 Lettuce – $0.99

2 lbs Ground Beef – $1.99 each

1 Green Pepper – $0.99

1.53 lbs Bananas @ $0.59/lb – $0.90

0.67 lbs Broccoli @ $1.59/lb – $1.07

Total before coupons and sales: $46.66

Total with tax ($1.75) after coupons and sales: $17.16

Total for all items: $34.54

Menu Plan for this Week


Cereal, Toast, Smoothies, French Toast Roll-Ups (Don’t these look amazing?!? I saw the recipe on Pinterest and knew immediately I had to try it.)


Peanut Butter & Jelly on Rice Cakes, Tuna Sandwiches, Tossed Salad, Fruit/Veggies/Cheese, Baked Potatoes and Steamed Broccoli


Salad Bar, Sliced Cantaloupe

Hamburgers (My parents gave us a huge box of frozen hamburger patties last week!), Homemade French Fries, Green Beans, Grapes

Savory Crescent Chicken Pockets, Tossed Salad

Grilled Pizza, Steamed Broccoli

Meat Potato Quiche, Biscuits, Fruit Salad

Pancakes, Eggs, Sliced Cantaloupe

Double Date Night with our friends :)

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