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Brigette’s $85 Grocery Shopping Trip and Weekly Menu Plan for 6

My older sister, Brigette, shares her shopping trips and menu plans every week! You can go HERE to see all of her weekly menu plans and you can go HERE to read all about her family!

huge Aldi shopping haul

1 64-oz carton Orange Juice – $1.69

1 64-oz carton Unsweetened Almond Milk – $1.69

1 gallon Whole Milk – $2.38

1 gallon 1% Milk – $1.38

1 16-oz carton Heavy Whipping Cream – $1.55

3 individual-sized Yogurts – $1.95

1 24-oz carton Cottage Cheese – $1.59

1 pkg String Cheese – $2.19

1 pkg Broccoli Crowns – $1.79

1 3-ct pkg Multi-Colored Peppers – $3.29

1 pkg Vine-Ripened Tomatoes – $1.19

1 pkg Zucchini – $1.49

1 Cantaloupe – $0.99

1 pkg Brussel Sprouts – $1.49

1 bunch Bananas (2.09lbs @ $0.44/lb) – $0.92

1 5-lb bag Grapefruit – $2.49

1 3-lb bag Fuji Apples – $2.59

1 Cauliflower – $1.99

1 pkg Romaine Hearts – $1.99

1 large bag Organic Kale – $2.99

1 3-lb bag Mandarin Oranges – $2.69

1 large tub Organic Spring Mix – $3.99

2 bag frozen Broccoli Florets – $2.38

1 bag Mini Sweet Peppers – $2.39

2 cans Green Beans – $0.76

2 cartons Blackberries – $1.78

1 pkg Baby Carrots – $0.89

1 3-lb pkg Boneless Chicken Breasts – $5.99

1-lb pkg Sausage – $1.89

1 pkg Pepperoni – $1.99

4 dozen Eggs (not pictured)  – $3.48

1 24-oz jar Pasta Sauce – $0.85

1 Deli Brown Mustard – $0.89

2 cans Condensed Tomato Soup – $0.98

3 boxes Honey Nut Oats – $4.17

1 can Parmesan Cheese – $2.29

1 16-oz bag Shredded Mozzarella Cheese – $2.49

1 16-oz bag Shredded Cheddar Cheese – $2.49

1 pkg Rice Cakes – $1.19

1 loaf Sandwich Bread – $0.65

1 pkg Hamburger Buns – $0.65

1 38-oz jar Ketchup – $1.19

1 can Crushed Tomatoes – $0.65

2 boxes Macaroni and Cheese – $0.66

Total: $85.01

Weekly Grocery Total: $85.01

Weekly Menu Plan


Everyone is responsible for making/cleaning up their own breakfasts. Choices include:

Cereal, Toast, Yogurt, Fruit, Veggie Omelets, Fried/Boiled/Scrambled Eggs, Oatmeal, Smoothies


Macaroni and Cheese, Mandarin Oranges, Peppers

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches/Ricecakes, Grapefruit, Carrots x 2

Build-Your-Own-Salad Bar (assorted chopped veggies and lettuce, chopped apples, craisins, hard-boiled eggs, sunflower seeds), Crackers

Leftovers x 3


Sausage Gravy and Homemade Biscuits, Steamed Broccoli, Cantaloupe

Meatloaf (using ground venison), Baked Potatoes, Biscuits, Kale Salad (a variation of this)

BBQ Chicken Sandwiches, Tossed Salad, Baked French Fries

Upside Down Pizza (using pepperoni), Tossed Salad

Shpeherd’s Pie (recipe from a church cookbook), Make-Ahead Butterhorns, Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Venison Roast in the Crockpot, Make-Ahead Butterhorns, Buttery Mashed Cauliflower


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  • Melanie says:

    I see heavy cream on your list quite often and just curious what recipes you use it for. Was it for the mashed cauliflower? I tend to use half & half since that’s what i buy for our coffee.

    • Brigette Shevy says:

      That’s a GREAT question! I do use heavy whipping cream for things like the mashed cauliflower, but mostly I use it in my coffee. I use a mix of half and half and heavy whipping cream because half and half alone doesn’t cut it for me. Haha! I’m alllll about the cream. 🙂 And yeah, I go through a carton of HWC a week, just in my coffee!

  • Zrypto says:

    Thank you Brigette, your blog saved me a lot of money. As a single mom struggling with finances I found your blog as a god’s gift.

  • Carla says:

    I love to see all the Aldi prices and that encourages me to want to shop at Aldi more! Thanks.
    I also plan on looking at the recipes.

  • kelli a petrone says:

    The prices at my ALDI are a lot more expensive than this.

    • Eirik Shevy says:

      It’s amazing how much Aldi prices vary across the country! The Aldi by my house is cheaper than the Aldi 20 minutes away. Very weird.

  • Reannon Borquist says:

    are these prices that you find at the grocery store or are they the prices after you have combined coupons. We never see groceries like milk this cheap!

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