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Reader tip: We’re saving over $20 per month by switching to safety razors

Kristin emailed in and said:

I recently bought my husband a safety razor. It’s becoming a new “fad” amongst men. He was using a Schick Hydro and when I was not able to get a deal on the cartridges we were spending $12-15 for four cartridges! And on top of that, I was using them also.

Add on shaving cream and we were easily spending $30/month just to shave. After a lot of research, I bought him a safety razor. The blades are just pennies each.

He has gotten into wet shaving…took to it like a pro. He gets as many shaves from a 10 cent blade as he got from a $3 cartridge.

On top of that, his can of shaving cream would only last him a month. He has been using a $2 puck of shave soap from Walmart for two months and it looks new and untouched. I’m expecting it will last him a year and he shaves everyday.

By the way, he LOVES shaving now. He said he’s never had as close of a shave in his life, all of the irritation once caused by shaving is gone.

I bought myself a women’s safety razor and I love it too! It’s the closest shave I’ve ever had and I get 7-8 shaves out of one 10 cent blade also. -Kristin

The First Five Steps to a Real Food Kitchen eCourse just $5!

My friend, Laura, who blogs at Heavenly Homemakers, recently released a fantastic eCourse on getting started cooking and baking more healthfully.

Her Real Food Kitchen eCourse offers five step-by-step lessons to help you begin your journey to cooking and baking more real foods. Each lesson comes with a video, projects, and printables.

Laura makes cooking from scratch fun, doable, and simple. In this course, she doesn’t overwhelm you with lots of complicated steps. Instead, she gives you straightforward advice and practical tips that even the most inexperienced cook can follow.

Here’s what the Real Food Kitchen eCourse is about:

~ Baby stepping away from processed, boxed foods and toward delicious, healthy, fresh food.
~ Setting personalized goals that will work for you and your family – no matter your situation, location, or season in life.
~ Figuring out how you can make a Real Food lifestyle work for you financially.
~ Walking through the basics of simple, healthy menu planning.
~ Deciding when to compromise your real food diet.
~ Learning how to keep the journey simple and easy.
~ Enjoying balance and grace. Ahhhh...relax. Your Real Food Kitchen will be a breath of fresh air!
~ Having fun.

$5 for this entire eCourse is a really good deal. I was impressed with everything you get for that price — and you know that it takes a lot for me to say something is a good deal. 🙂

So what are you waiting for? Go purchase your copy of the Real Food Kitchen eCourse for just $5 and get the tools and help you need to cook and bake delicious, healthful foods without slaving in the kitchen all day.

(Note: The link in this post is my referral link. Read my disclosure policy here.)

Free ebooks: 20 Quick & Easy Breakfast Mug Recipes, Past Forward: Episode 22, Stop Feeling Lazy

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Download a free copy of Past Forward: Episode 22 by Chautona Havig.

Download a free copy of Stop Feeling Lazy: How to Break the Procrastination Cycle and Excel.

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Ask the Readers: Has anyone used Magic Jack phone service?

Today’s question is from Emily:

I am wondering about people’s experiences with Magic Jack or Magic Jack Plus phone service. Is it worth it? Is the service reliable?

I’d also welcome any other tips about how to get home phone service for less (our cell phones are extremely unreliable at home, so we need something, and the local cable company charges a lot for their “bundle”). -Emily