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My 25 Favorite Things to Buy at ALDI

Spending your grocery budget at ALDI? This list is SO helpful to know which items are HOT deals that will save you tons of money at ALDI!

You all know how much I love ALDI. I mean, how could I not love the store that has saved us thousands of dollars over the years??

I often get questions from people asking what are the best things to buy at ALDI, so I thought it was high time I put together a post on my 25 favorite things to buy at ALDI. (Note: These are in no particular order!)

1. Salsa

While we love Pace Picante Sauce, we have bought countless jars of ALDI salsa throughout the years and find it to be good — especially for the regular price!

2. Tortilla Chips

We can’t tell one bit of difference between ALDI tortilla chips and any other store brand or even brand name of tortilla chips. Plus, we love the $1.19 regular price tag!

3. Chocolate Chips

We’ve purchased chocolate chips at ALDI for years and they are great! I can’t tell a difference between them and Nestle chocolate chips… well, except for the regular $1.79 price tag!

4. Coconut Oil

The fact that ALDI began carrying organic products a few years ago made me love them so much more! Their prices on coconut oil are so much better than what you’d pay many other places. (Note: TJ Maxx is also a great place to look for deals on organic coconut oil!)

5. Olive Oil

ALDI offers great prices on both organic olive oil and regular olive oil. (Note: TJ Maxx is also a great place to look for deals on olive oil!)

6. Sugar

We typically only buy cane sugar or raw sugar, but the regular ALDI prices on all sugar products usually beat out regular grocery store prices by quite a bit. We’ve bought their regular sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar, and cane sugar for years and haven’t ever had issues with any of them.

(Note: Someone told me recently that they found the 4-lb. bag of pure cane sugar at Dollar Tree for just a dollar!!! I’m so checking on that the next time I’m at Dollar Tree!)

7. Peanut Butter

You’d be hard-pressed to find a better deal on peanut butter than what you’ll regularly find at ALDI. We have tried all of their peanut butter, but we typically buy their natural peanut butter and it’s really yummy!

8. Cereal

My kids absolutely love cereal, but I do not love the prices you usually find at the grocery store. Which is why, if we buy cereal, we almost always buy it at ALDI. You want to make sure to get the Millville brand, not the name brand cereals, though, as the name brand cereals at ALDI are NOT less expensive.

But many of the Millville cereals are priced at $1.19 to $1.39 per box. The only kind we don’t like are the knock-off Cheerios. We have yet to find any knock-off Cheerios that actually taste great. However, we do buy their knock-off Honey Nut Cheerios and my kids like those.

9. Tortillas

Remember my post on why I don’t make my own tortillas? This is why… because I can buy a bag of them for just $0.99!!!

10. Canned Tomatoes

We have purchased pretty much all of the ALDI tomato products many times over the years and had no issues with any of them. Plus, you can’t really beat the $0.49 price tag!

11. Canned Green Beans

The ALDI french style green beans take me back to our law school days. We ate SO many cans of these! I think they were only $0.29 per can or something at the time and one can would feed the two of us.

For the record, I think that the ALDI brand of french-style green beans is better than any other brand I’ve tried!

12. Milk

We’ve purchased milk at ALDI for years and have had great success with it. I’m not sure that milk ever tastes differently if purchased from different places, but I’d recommend their milk.

13. Bananas

Their bananas are regularly priced at $0.44 per pound — which is a pretty good price! Sometime, the selection isn’t that great, but I usually try to buy them when they are not very ripe and then let them ripen at home on the countertop. (Also, take them out of the bag as soon as you get home as that seems to help them ripen better.)

14. Berries

I basically can’t stomach paying regular grocery store prices for berries after the deals I’ve gotten at ALDI for berries. A few times per year, they’ll have them on sale for just $0.99 per container! When that happens, I stock up and try to buy some extra to freeze.

(Note: Some stores have notoriously bad fruit. We’ve not had this experience at any of our ALDI stores in the different cities we’ve lived in. However, on occasion, they’ve been completely out of some produce item that was on sale or it’s been very slim pickings what is left. I suggest asking them when the produce gets restocked and trying to shop on that day. Also, really look through the produce. If you dig, you can usually find some great tubs of berries — but they might not be the ones that are right on top!)

15. Grapes

My kids love grapes and ALDI routinely has these on sale for $2 per 2-lb. bag. I find that these are one of their produce items that are usually the least picked over and often the longest lasting. It might just be that grapes hold up better, but regardless, I always buy grapes when they are on sale!

16. Melons

In the summer, ALDI often has great prices on melons — especially cantaloupe and watermelon. I love it when the cantaloupe prices go on sale for $0.99! Yes, you do have to look carefully through the bins to find great watermelon and cantaloupe, but I can usually always find them if I search!

17. Butter

I love butter. Maybe I’m weird, but I do. It pretty much makes everything better! 😉

So I also love that ALDI doesn’t charge you an arm and a leg for their butter. That way, I can slather it on my muffins and toast freely.

18. Bread

While the ALDI bread isn’t the best bread on the market, it works great for sandwiches. We usually buy the 100% whole wheat bread and all of our family is good with it.

(Note: I also check our store’s day old bread area and often find whole wheat bread there for about the same price as ALDI. When I do, I buy it and stick it in the freezer!)

19. Feta Cheese

I love feta cheese on my salads and it’s a special treat that I sometimes splurge on, thanks to the fantastic prices on it at ALDI!

20. Hummus

Hummus is another item I enjoy that I will sometimes splurge on. I like the Pine Nut variety the best. 

21. Cheese

While the ALDI cheese prices have gone up in recent years (they used to be $1.39 per block back in the day!), their regular prices are still usually some of the best prices around. We sometimes splurge and buy the string cheese, too, because my kids love it!

22. Frozen Chicken Breasts

I don’t buy a lot of meat at ALDI, but one staple item we buy almost every time we go there is their frozen chicken breasts. I can’t tell any difference between them and the Kroger brand and they are usually at least $1 cheaper per bag.

23. Frozen Fruit

We love frozen fruit in our smoothies! If I can’t find some great deals on marked down fruit somewhere, buying the bagged frozen fruit at ALDI will work — especially since the prices are pretty decent.

24. Frozen Veggies

We usually buy all of our frozen vegetables at ALDI, unless there’s some really fantastic deal at Kroger.

25. Macaroni & Cheese

Their mac & cheese is not at all healthy and it’s one of the few pretty processed things we buy at ALDI, but for $0.33 a box, it makes for an occasional treat for my kids. And they love that they can make it themselves. I love that it doesn’t have any food coloring in it (something we try to avoid at our house).

In Jesse’s law school days, he and I ate many, many boxes of this stuff! So I’m very grateful for it — because it was a fallback meal anytime the grocery budget was especially lean!

ALDI Shoppers: Do you agree with my list? Anything you would add or take off? I’d love to hear!

P.S. New to shopping at ALDI? Read this post before you head to the store.

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  • Jenifer says:

    I would add frozen wild caught salmon filets & canned wild caught salmon to your list. You can’t beat the Aldi prices on them..

  • Cheryl says:

    I LOVE Aldi’s chicken salad on their mini croissants!

  • Lorrain says:

    I love their goat cheese. Both the crumbled and the logs are very good and much less expensive than Kroger. I grab a baguette and toast a few slices and slather them with the garlic and herb flavor

  • Tammy says:

    Aldi pita chips are the best! Pick up some hummus and some black olives = great snack at great prices.

  • Tammy says:

    You can’t beat 46cents for eggs and $1.44 for a gallon of milk. .89 for a bag of salad. What’s not to like?? Friendly staff and clean stores.

  • Brenda says:

    Add – peppercorn pork tenderloins and frozen burritos.

  • Julie H says:

    I like their spice prices…and they have organic spices as well! My oldest son has to drink lactose-free milk and theirs is the best price around. They have a really yummy organic bbq sauce that is a good price too. And their guacamole is delicious and cheap!

  • Diana says:

    If you are Gluten Free you cannot beat their own line of LiveGFree products. They not only taste better than most of the products on the market, they are affordable compared to products in other stores. AND, they listen to your ideas and suggestions if you take time to write to them.

  • Gwen says:

    My husband works at a plant that bottles milk for Aldi. It’s the same milk as the name brand milk. No difference at all.

  • Kelsey says:

    I LOVE Aldi and shop mostly there and some at Costco! The only thing I buy at Costco versus Aldi is the coconut oil. (We are huge coconut oil users) and Costco has a 84oz tub of organic coconut oil for $18.99!

  • Vicki says:

    Doesn’t the natural peanut butter contain palm oil? I think that’s why I’ve never bought it. Palm oil raises cholesterol.

  • Linda says:

    I buy the chicken in the can to make chicken salad. It’s so much cheaper than the store.

  • ELisabeth says:

    Aldi’s baby food! The organic bags with the screw top are .89 and super handy to have ready for outings. I haven’t found them cheaper anywhere else.

  • Jackie says:

    I agree with all you said except haven’t tried the mac and cheese. Oh gosh what to add. Lets see some of our favorites is the bottled water super cheap. Mu husban and kids love their root beer. Their frozen pizza is great for a busy night pop those in the oven for a fast meal. Trash bags are so much cheaper and just as good. I buy toilet paper and paper towels just as good as the name brands and I am super picky about what I buy. I buy the boulder ultra paper towels. Get all our fresh veggies there. Chips love their chips.

  • Tracey says:

    crackers are very cheap there too.

  • cheri says:

    During the winter I stock up on corn syrup at Aldi’s you get a big container for under $2 (normally $8 or $9 at the normal grocery store around here) I use a ton of it in candy making.

    • Tara says:

      This just reminded me that the best 100% real maple syrup I’ve ever had was from Aldi’s. It was around $4.99 I think. And my household goes through an obscene amount of Orange Juice…the good stuff which is 6.99 here in ohio for the Simply Orange large bottle. I think Aldi’s is just as good, and the kids don’t notice. I wish their peanut butter and frozen foods didn’t contain palm oil. It’s hard to avoid lately but worth it to me not to include in my family’s diet. Great article, and replies…thanks!

  • Beth says:

    Definitely try the chocolate cake … small – has chocolate chips – extremely moist!! It’s under $3.00 and it’s the best cake you’ll ever eat!!

    • Laney says:

      We buy that cake whenever we see it. It’s amazing. Super rich. And really, a tiny piece is all you need. Well, maybe not all you want, but…..

    • Diane says:

      I agree and I am addicted to this cake. It calls me at night to come get a slice. I will never make a chocolate cake again.

  • Margaret says:

    I am so happy to read these posts! I am moving to MD where there is an Aldi’s to shop at! I need to save money and I am excited to try shopping there!

    • Margaret says:

      We made it to MD and Aldi is irresistible! The prices simply cannot be beat. We really enjoy the L’Oven Fresh split top wheat bread (88 cents), the cookies (99 cents), the knock-off Tide is so great, the paper goods are comparable to my NJ choices, even tried the frozen log of ground turkey, something I don’t normally use but liked! Salsa and chips are great, too!

  • kay kimball says:

    You cant beat the price on there eggs. I was in there last week eggs were 44 cents a dozen for large eggs.

  • Katie says:

    The aldi Oat bran sandwich bread is by far the best bread I’ve ever had. It’s so soft and stays fresh and soft FOREVER! I prefer it over every other kind of bread from anywhere. Try it!

  • Laurie says:

    Wait until you get a Lidl! Then you’ll say “buh-bye” to Aldi. Same/better prices, but also more products. A bakery with fresh breads of all kinds. Yogurt is delicious and the cheapest I have ever seen it. Other items we get: OJ not from concentrate, spices, flour, granola, nuts, occasional ice cream/soda, spring water. There is just so much. Weekly $5 off $30 coupons. It is amazing!

  • Lenny says:

    Eggs, coffee creamer, bagels and pretzels are all priced far below other stores and have the same taste/quality.

  • Lisa says:

    We just got an Aldi store in our area, so I’ve only been shopping there for 4 weeks. Thanks for the suggestions for my next shopping trip tomorrow. I absolutely love Aldi! Our options were very limited before, we only had Walmart and one other grocery store chain near us. I compared my first receipt to comparable items at our Walmart most items were 1/3 the price we usually pay, the rest were about 1/2 the price. I thought this can’t be right – there must be a catch – smaller packages – nope most were bigger. Cheaper quality, doesn’t taste as good? –Nope we’ve loved everything we’ve tried. We are eating healthier then we could ever have afforded before. I think Aldi expanding in the US may be a literal life saver for many people. We can now eat fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods that were not in our budget before. And we work very hard and make a decent wage, we have our house nearly paid off, only own one old car, I coupon to try to save everywhere I can. I just don’t know how a single parent or even two making minimum wage can possibly make ends meet. Our grocery bill for a family of 4 used to be about $250-300 a week and we never had much left at the end of the week. The last 4 weeks I’ve spent between $100 -$120 each week and I have food everywhere! I’m running out of places to keep it all, but I can’t quit shopping – I want to try everything. (I know, I may have a problem!) I will never spend another penny at Walmart. We are loyal Aldi shoppers now! Sorry about the long rambling post, I’m just so thankful to have Aldi now. P.S. the Salmon is great especially with dill sauce and only $7.99 for 2 pounds!

  • Suzan says:

    Ground turkey to make stuffed peppers, meatloaf and chili.

  • Carly Griffin says:

    Just wanted to add that around the holidays Aldi comes out with a line of fancy gourmet cheeses (my personal fave is white cheddar and cranberries) and if you pair those with a variety box of crackers you’ve got a pretty fancy cheese plate for way less. Their gourmet cheeses run around $3/apiece whereas groceey stores charge upwards of $9/$10.

    The only thing I haven’t been able to find at Aldi is a good wine.

  • Michelina says:

    Their frozen green beans are sooo good! Cheaper than regular grocery stores and tastier too. Besides that, my go-tos are milk and CHOCOLATE! European chocolate at less than Hershey prices!

  • KIM says:

    We love Aldi’s Tuna steak not very big but it’s thick pieces and 100 calories can’t beat it

  • Joyce says:

    Everything bagels, cream cheese and sliced hard salami. Makes great sandwiches. Their nuts are good as well. Really haven’t found anything we didn’t like.

  • Judy says:

    i buy frozen fruit at Dollar Tree! $1 for 12 oz of strawberries, mango, peaches, etc. It’s the best price I’ve found.

  • I’m in love with Wal-Mart online pick up, but you guys are making me want to go see what kind of deals I can find at my local Aldi…

    • Andrew says:

      Funny you should say that, I have an Aldi right across the street of a Wal-Mart. I plan ahead arrange the pick up at Wal-Mart followed by a quick “run in” at Aldi.
      Time and money saved!!

  • MitzMN says:

    Just about anything labeled Specially Selected is worth a try — especially their Specially Selected Ice Cream. So good. $3.99 for a half gallon and worth every penny.

    Their Savoritz crackers taste exactly like Club Crackers for $1.69 regular price.

    I like their German roasted regular coffee. 17.6 ounces for $4.99.

    Ricotta cheese — great price if you have lasagne on the menu. And speaking of lasagne, their pasta sauce is really as good as any jarred sauce, and it’s $.99 regular priced.

    And, of course, their gadgets aisle is my favorite in the entire store.

  • Cindy says:

    The chocolate – it’s imported from Germany. The high-end chocolate is labelled Moser-Roth and is excellent. I think it’s equal to Lindt at much cheaper prices (although fewer varieties)

  • Adrian says:

    Diapers and wipes!! Entire box of diapers for $10 and change, and 3 pack of wipes for $3.99.

    • Meg says:

      Thanks for sharing! 🙂 -Meg, MSM Team

      • Adrian says:

        No problem! I must add that I don’t highly recommend the diapers for nighttime. Out of the 3 nights we used them, they did leak a little 1 night, but not sure if that’s just because our daughter had to much to drink before bed or not. We went back to Luvs at night, but are using the Aldi’s diapers during the day since we all go through more then. It’s saving us a good amount of money. We should have done this from the beginning.

  • Janette says:

    We love their regular unsweetened almond milk. It’s about a $1 cheaper than sale priced Blue Diamond almond milk in the store, and just as good. Also love their organic salsa and huge bag of tortilla, strip chips.

  • Betsy Ewing says:

    I love their chocolate cheerios. They are so addictive. I think they are better than store brand or name brand! I ate 5 boxes in a week, l eat them dry as a snack instead of candy that is bad for me! Sooo good and worth their value.

  • Michele says:

    Great yogurt and chocolate candies.Their frozen pizzas are awesome!

  • Lynn Shepard says:

    Have tried just about everything in the store! Favorites include ground coffee, creamer(Italian sweet cream), butter, canned veggies and fruits, butter, pasta, butter, milk, eggs, fresh produce, butter. (Can you tell I love butter?) My only problem was with the sandwich sliced cheese. Wouldn’t melt and I didn’t care for the taste. Refund was made cheerfully with no problems.

  • Bankie says:

    New to Aldis but tried their Tuscan Salad Grains by Earthen Grains (boxed) and absolutely delicious over spinach. The seasoning/dressing pack was tasty but light, not overpowering as so many seaming packets are. I know that some of their items are promos or seasonal and was afraid they might not always have it so but liked it so much, I went back & bought a case!

  • Frank says:

    Great mussels frozen

  • Teddy Lynn says:

    Good list but also their fresh fruits and veg are the cheapest around. Their potatoes and onions are a must. Their pie crust and biscuits are good and cheap. And their canned mixed veg are so much better than veg-all if you want to make a quick pot pie!

  • Wanda Rosario says:

    At Aldi their bacon the one for 6.99 is very good, their fries there hamburgers, their meats are also good their bagels are cheaper than any other store and they keep fresh. They also have potatoes in a can which is very good for stew and no need to boil., well I could go on and on ,I do shop in Walmart for certain things and Western Beef and Publix .

  • Sv says:

    Their fresh deli pizzas are amazing and where I live they’re $6 per 16” pizza…we get them for my kids’ birthday parties.

  • Bridget says:

    Just remember to look at the sodium and cholesteral content on ingredients. Some items may be cheaper, but they may be worse for your heart.

  • Jamue says:

    Salted caramels are better than our gourmet candy store….

  • Carrie says:

    Thanks for this post!! I totally agree with all of these EXCEPT canned veggies- They are one of the only items I can get cheaper at Walmart.

  • Holly says:

    I am from Buffalo NY and a favorite local treat is Bison Brand French Onion dip. Aldi brand French Onion Dip is a very close copy! I stock up and enjoy with chips , veggies and backed potatoes. Yum!

  • sharon Williams kingsley says:

    Milk at Aldi’s in Ky $1.00 or .99, very cheap eggs

  • Gina says:

    Aldi’ s Chipotle Black Bean Burgers in the freezer section! My family is addicted to this. $2.79 for a 4 pack. Yummy!! The Earth Grain boxed blends, pesto sauce, Clancys jalapeno potato chips are awesome. Pistachio flavored gelato! Seasonal salsas are to die for like the extremely spicy Harrisa salsa. Just half a teaspoon on burgers gives it a real kick. Year’s ago, I said you would not catch me a mile near an Aldi but now…it is my favorite place. Quick shopping and no couponing hassles or guilt.

  • Bre says:

    I’ve been lucky enough to shop at Aldi for almost 30 years. At that time there was just 1 in our city and my boyfriend and I lived in our first apartment and we would go there for good cheap food but they were quite limited then. Now, we have several in the same city and one just a mile from my home and one literally in the parking lot of my business so I can walk there on a break. I have so many things I buy there. I shop at Aldi first and Kroger for the rest. I will NOT shop at walmart on principle. But the one thing I tell everyone to get at Aldi is their…

    jar of caramel sauce.

    OMG! it tastes amazing and at just $1.99 it is a steal and I will put it in my coffee, hot chocolate, top my cheesecakes, ice cream and yes, will steal a spoonful when I need a sugar kick.

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