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52 Different Ways to Save At Least $100 Per Year: Shop at Aldi {Week 27}

How We Save Close to $1,000 Per Year by Shopping at Aldi

Every week in 2013, I’ll be sharing a different way you can save $100 this year. If you do all of these things, you’ll be able to save over $5,000 this year alone! Many of these things will likely be things you’re already doing, but hopefully all of you will pick up at least a few new ideas or some inspiration from this series.

10 years ago, I stepped foot into Aldi for the first time in my life — and I was pretty much instantly sold. Since then, we’ve saved thousands of dollars by regularly shopping at Aldi.

In fact, I estimate that we save at least $15-$20 per trip every time we shop at Aldi. That adds up to around $780 to $1,040 in savings per year — or at least $9,000 in 10 years. That’s certainly not something to sneeze at!

Here are three reasons I think everyone should consider shopping at Aldi:

1. They Have Regular Low Prices

One of the best reasons to shop at Aldi is that their regular prices are almost always lower than you’re going to find at most any other grocery store. I love that I can count on these low prices. Without ever looking at a sales flier or clipping a coupon, I can see significant savings on my grocery bill.

2. They Have Amazing Produce Sales

Seriously, the Aldi produce sales can be incredible, sometimes even bordering on crazy low! I typically buy the most of whatever produce they have on special buys. If possible, I’ll buy extras to freeze, too.

As they rotate their rock-bottom produce sales every week or two weeks, we can eat a variety of fruits and vegetables — all at a fraction of the cost.

If you find that your Aldi consistently has a poor selection of produce, you can also price-match the produce sales at Walmart. This allows you to still benefit from the amazing sales, while almost guaranteeing that the produce selection will be in stock and high quality.

3. They Don’t Offer a Lot of Variety

At first glance, this might seem like a negative not a positive. But hear me out.

I love the fact that I don’t have to choose between 57 different varieties of cereal when I go to Aldi. There are just a few choices and they are pretty much all completely different.

There aren’t different brands, sizes, or choices that can make your head spin. Instead, what you see is what you get.

For me, this is incredibly freeing as it simplifies shopping. I can run in and run out of Aldi in nothing flat because I don’t have to compare ingredients or cost per ounce. I just pop the one kind they carry into my cart and move onto the next item on my list.

Recommended Resources

Need more convincing? Check out this Aldi 101 post.

If you’ve not read Slash Your Budget and Eat a Whole Foods Diet With Aldi, I’d recommend it. I especially loved Carrie’s one-month of Aldi menu ideas in the ebook. For more Aldi menu ideas, check out The Aldi Queen.

Also, I’d suggest checking out eMeals. They offer budget-friendly Aldi menu plans. Best of all, all the work is done for you — you just print the grocery list, shop, and cook! Find an EMeals coupon code here to make it even more affordable!

Be Strategic: Stick With Staples

If you want to successfully save money by shopping at Aldi, you’ve got to stick with buying staples. I know that pop-tarts and chicken nuggets might be less expensive than their regular grocery store counterparts, but they are a lot more expensive than it is if you just buy chicken breasts or ingredients to make muffins.

So skip the pre-packaged stuff and fill your cart with staples. Not only will you probably be eating a more wholesome diet, but your pocketbook will also benefit a lot.

Try Things at Least Once

If you’re leery of shopping at Aldi, don’t be. Just be courageous and go check out your local Aldi store. I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised! You can see a list of some of my readers’ favorite things to buy at Aldi here.

(Tip: If you have multiple Aldi locations in your area, visit each of them to check them out. Sometimes, the cleanliness and product availability can vary widely from store to store.)

Not every single item will be something your family loves, but commit to trying things at least once. After all, you can’t knock something until you’ve tried it!

Are you a fan of Aldi? Why or why not? I’d love to hear!

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  • I love Aldi and I am totally with you on the not too many options thing. I feel like I sometimes get lost and easily distracted in regular supermarkets but at Aldi I know what I want and don’t have to worry about having too many things to pick through. I have not had much luck with produce at the stores near me but I know that is not the case for everyone. I haven’t thought about trying to price match but I’ve gotten some not too good produce at Wal-Mart too. I guess I don’t have good luck with produce…lol. I typically buy mine at Meijer though for that reason.

  • Lisette says:

    You know, I’m on the fence. I do appreciate their produce sales, but the quality of produce can certainly be subpar. Usually, I prefer to price match at Wal Mart, but they have the same problem to a similar extent. I also think that a lot of Aldi’s boxed foods (cereals, cookies, etc.) taste heavily preserved and processed…worse so than other generics I’ve tried. (We really like Hy Vee generics.) I do buy their dairy and bakery products occasionally. They are good supplements when my name brand at rock bottom prices staples run out.

  • Carla says:

    It is just too far to go for us for weekly produce , etc. What is good to get once a month? We would have to drive about 30 minutes, so gas is an issue.

    • Lana says:

      You really should check out the store in person. It will pay for your gas to shop there. I drive 20 minutes.

    • Emily says:

      I drive 30 mins one way to shop at Aldi and it’s absolutely worth it for me! I usually go twice a month (maybe 3 times). I try to combine it with other errands in that area (or even dr appts).

      For produce, I buy a variety. During the first week, we usually eat what will spoil fastest and the second week, we eat the other items. I will sometimes pick up produce closer to home in between Aldi trips if needed (esp. at the farmer’s stand in the summer).

  • Carrie says:

    Thanks for the mention Crystal, and I totally agree with your points here. The point about limited selection is also a selling point for me. After reading the book Willpower by Baumeister and Tourney, I understood why. Using up willpower to make decisions, even if those decisions are trivial, leaves less self-discipline for other things the rest of the day. We wake up with a finite amount! I would rather save my decision making power for taking care of my kids or talking with my husband.

    • Lucy says:

      I found a store EVEN CHEAPER in a nearby town! Ruler Foods has Kroger brand foods at prices quite a bit cheaper than Aldis! Milk, usually $2.39 at Aldis is $1.49 Eggs are $1.19 at Aldis and are 59 cents there! GOOD quality too! Cheese is $4.99 for 24 oz. I rarely shop at Aldis now.

    • Sonja says:

      What an amazing concept! I need to read that book. I so often feel my decision-maker is broken! Maybe that’s way. I leave things too open-ended. It is sooo true that Aldis helps me make my decisions so much quicker!!! I have just recently stopped clipping coupons with the intention of using them. I have great intentions, but never get to a store to use them. Hence, I waste time/energy/space clipping them! Aldis is an awesome answer to financial and mental peace. 🙂

      • Ashley says:

        not to mention the money you spend buying the newspapers and using your printer ink. I spend less money overall now that I stopped couponing

  • Terri says:

    I love Aldi! Been shopping there for years. Produce is fantastic! We’ve only found a few things we haven’t liked there.

  • Victoria says:

    My second favorite thing about Aldi (my first is of course the amount of money you save) is how fast you can get in and out. Especially now that my children are older, I give them each a section of the list and they are off and running and we are in and out with a cart full of groceries in sometimes under 15 minutes.

    • Jessica says:

      Not in Columbus, OH you can’t. I always seem to be in there when everyone else is in there and there’s only 1 checkout lane open and then the person ahead of me will not realize they don’t take credit cards 🙁

      • Shannon says:

        I totally agree, Jessica! It’s not uncommon for me to be in line at Aldi for 20 minutes or so. I try to go at off-peak times.

  • JD says:

    I have never lived near an Aldi….but I bet I can come close in the teensy town I live in.

  • Shelly says:

    I was against Aldi’s for many years until I actually went to one (after a bad experience well over a decade ago, back when the ones in my area were nasty). Now it’s our first stop for grocery shopping.

    Their organic brand’s salsa is to die for, especially if you mix it with black beans. I hope they expand their organic line.

  • Leah says:

    My husband and I love aldi! We went into one shortly after we got married just to see what was in there and we were impressed with the prices. We haven’t had anything from there we haven’t liked. It helps us eat better on a small budget. I don’t know what we would do without aldi!

  • Melody says:

    I agree – Aldi has some good stuff. My favorite find – definitely the canned salmon. It’s wild alaskan – not the farmed stuff. And it’s tasty. And a great price. I’ve also had great luck with their specialty cheeses – think blue cheese and brie. For everyday milk, cheese, and cottage cheese you can’t go wrong as well.

    I did find something saying that our aldi’s get produce shipments every other day. You have to check it as they don’t weed it out like your typical grocery store (they just put the boxes on the display), but you can get some good stuff.

    Careful though – not all of the produce prices are necessarily less than other places, especially if they’re listed as a price per piece. For example, ours had peaches last week for .99 each – there are about 3 peaches in a pound, so that’s 3 bucks a pound. Our normal store or the farmer’s market usually has some for around 2 a pound in season, less on sale. So, track your prices.

  • Lana says:

    Our youngest son and his wife recently moved to a town with an Aldi and their grocery bill went from $100 a week to $50. They were so excited.

    I buy all my produce at Aldi. I cannot imagine paying the prices at our local grocery stores.

  • Jo Lynn says:

    I’ve never been in an Aldi but there are rumors one is coming to a town close to us. This post makes me excited to check it out. I really hope the rumors are true…simplified shopping and less expensive shopping sounds very very good!

  • Jenn says:

    I have found that Aldi’s produce is SO much better first thing in the morning (before they get picked over, etc.). I have made it a priority to shop there soon after they open and have been amazed at the difference. I still don’t like the quality of their strawberries, but am pretty happy with everything else and we save a lot this way.

  • Shelley says:

    Unfortunately, we had a bad experience with some boxed foods at Aldi – some very small, odd red bugs 🙁 I probably won’t be going back for a LONG time. P.S. I would have taken them back (it was several boxes) but we live over an hour away from the nearest Aldi and it wouldn’t have been worth the time and gas money. So…buyer beware!

  • Amy R says:

    Our walmart has become picky about which aldi’s prices they’ll match. They don’t match mangos, cantaloupe, jalapeños, and several other things so it’s become a pain. Unfortunately, Aldi’s is way out of the way for me since our other four store are all together.

  • Heather says:

    I just did a stock-up Aldi trip today and was surprised once again at how “small” my bill was. We live 30 minutes from town so I try to do a month’s shopping at once, aside from a few things I pick up between or coupon for. Today I had a full cart plus stuff on the rack on the bottom and my bill was only $130! Yay!

  • Lisa S. says:

    We love Aldi. One Sunday I wanted to stop by after church, but my husband wanted to get home. He said we could make a quick stop, but he wasn’t going to wait around for a full blown shopping trip. My daughter and I knew what to do. We’ve shopped there so much, we know exactly what we want and where it is. We went in and divided and conquered. We were finished in 30 minutes and spent $250 for two weeks worth of groceries. My husband was amazed (it takes him several hours at the big box stores). Crystal is right, the less selection the better. And Aldi brands are delicious! Many are even better than national brands. I don’t get bogged down and can get in and get out quickly.

  • Lisa says:

    We don’t have Aldi here in CA. What store would it be comparable to?

    • Brandette W. says:

      We are originally from Southern Ca. Honestly, there isn’t a store in Cali that is quite like Aldi. The closest may be Food 4 Less, but even then Aldi beats them in prices and the ease of selection. When we moved to the midwest a couple years ago, I was amazed by Aldi and it is one of our main grocery stores. It is definitely my stock up place along with Sam’s Club!

  • Candice says:

    LOVE Aldi! One time I wanted to see just how much cheaper it is for us to shop at Aldi than Walmart, where we previously did the majority of our shopping. After an Aldi shopping trip, I took my receipt into Walmart and wrote down their prices next to all the items purchased at Aldi. Walmart was 25% more expensive. Milk alone is about $1.50 cheaper.

    We don’t buy a lot of processed foods (cookies, boxed dinners, etc.) so I can’t testify to their quality, but all the staples are great, including produce. They offer a nice variety of healthy options too.

    Also, I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than 25 minutes in Aldi. If you’re looking for a particular item, you could scour the entire store in about 5 minutes. In Super Walmart I often feel like I’m trekking to the back forty just to get some eggs. I guess this isn’t bad if you’re looking for a workout. 😉

  • Sarah T. says:

    Agreed! I wrote a post lauding the simplicity of Aldi as well. Love not having to make so many decisions. In a regular grocery store I spend forever trying to figure out which size is the best price per ounce. Great prices. 24 oz salsa is $1.69. 15 oz natural peanut butter is $1.89. Seedless watermelons have been $3.49 for weeks now. Peaches, plums, nectarines are .25 each. Great for freezing! I love their Double Guarantee too- if you don’t like it for any reason, they’ll refund your purchase price plus give you a new one. I’ve had to do that with their produce. So while it might sometimes be questionable, they do stand behind it.

  • Stephanie says:

    We LOVED Aldi when we lived in Illinois for law school. Now we live in California where there aren’t any Aldi stores. Our grocery budget went up 50% when we moved 🙁

    Any rumors of Aldi coming to Sacramento?

  • Dee Wolters says:

    I discovered Aldi about 5 years ago, and have never looked back. Lots of comments about great prices! One of my favorite parts of shopping at Aldi is that it is a small store with a small parking lot. I can run in and out in a couple of minutes if I need only a couple of items. (Can’t say that about Walmart or Kroger). And even big shopping trips (I have 4 kids ages 16-23 and we live on a farm, so big shopping trip) takes less than 30 minutes and that includes bagging my own groceries. I do not buy meat at Aldi, only because we raise our own, but my husband (who is in the food service business) said that their meat looks good and is well priced. Produce- incredible! Dairy- wonderful. Cereal- great- I let me kids chose what they want because the prices are so good, I don’t have to worry about them chosing something too expensive. I get comments on how good my coffee is, when served at parties (aldi brand) and their sodas pass teenagers taste tests.

  • Cindy Shortall says:

    I have never been to Aldi, but I manage to save at least $25

  • Anna says:

    I tried a semi-local Aldi in the spring. Over-all I wasn’t wowed. Now, I had pretty high expectations from all the blogger hoopla, and I’d read the Aldi 101 before going so I was prepared to pay 25c for a cart, to pay for bags or go without, and not to use a credit card. The produce was not that great of a deal (Save-a-Lot here has better prices) nor was it superior in quality. Some of the prices that I’d seen online were 30-50% lower than I found at this Aldi.

    They did have over-all good prices, if not stellar, so I can see why people like to shop there. If it weren’t nearly an hour away, I would probably go in once or twice a month. But I don’t have the time to drive so far, and the gas would offset my savings, too.

    I second the gals who’ve had problems with Walmart produce. If at all possible we avoid buying produce at WalMart. Although, last time we were in there the produce manager was on the floor and quite helpful (imagine, a helpful Walmart Employee! I was shocked) so maybe my local Walmart’s produce is in for an upgrade.

  • Sharon T says:

    The closest Aldis is 88 miles. 🙁 They need to build one in Naples, FL!

    • megan says:

      My Aldi has the best produce in the area compared to other stores and better than other aldi in surrounding areas I have been told the smaller the store the better produce, due to them rotating there stock more. I plan to only shop at aldi’s here soon because I will have a newborn and other children I am homeschooling and I find it much less overwhelming than my big stores.

  • Stephanie says:

    I live 30minutes from the nearest Aldi store. I do like shopping there but the drive was a little much for me. A couple of months ago our little town got a Ruler Foods store. A gallon of milk is always $1.49 and a loaf of bread is $.64. The produce selection has the basics but the prices can not be beat. Sometimes the meat selection has manager’s specials which has amazing prices. I have found I can go there and get more bang for my buck without having to clip coupons. Ruler Foods does have a few name brand items and they do accept coupons!

  • Denise says:

    I LOVE ALDI! I buy probably 95% of my groceries there! One thing I really love is that if you buy something that turns out to be bad or not taste right or you just aren’t happy with hit they will refund your money AND replace the item! I have had to do this twice and neither time did they give me a hard time! In fact they apologized for the inconvenience!

    Plus honestly the quality and taste of their stuff is better than other places!

  • Ann says:

    Add me to the list of Aldis lovers! Most of the items I buy are staples, fruits, veggies and dairy, and we save major money on those items. Last week baby carrots were $0.49/bag, avocados were the same. I’m glad to be able to feed my family more fresh produce for a lot less money. I’d bet we save at least $20/trip, even with letting the kids get a treat item. Do remember your bags and a quarter for the cart 🙂

  • Ellen says:

    I don’t live near an Aldi, and I never have. I’ve heard the hype and haven’t doubted it, but this post sent me to the Aldi site just to double-check where the nearest store is (more than 2 hours away… 🙁 ) While I was on the website, I looked at the weekly ad. Oh my goodness! I will never compare my grocery budget to an Aldi shopper’s again! Those prices are unheard of around here, even with coupons and sales. I was just given a gift — I’m done beating myself up over my grocery budget.

  • ClareC. says:

    No Aldi around here. I’ve never seen one in our family travels either. Which parts of the country have Aldi? I wonder if they are expanding into other areas.

  • Ali says:

    I love Aldi for all of the reasons on other people’s comments. It is my first stop for groceries. I love the European influence…some of the specials they stock before Christmas are amazing. The Winking Owl brand of wine is great for less than $3 a bottle (love the Merlot) and their chocolate is great too! The staff are well trained and efficient, and are very courteous. They pay their staff a lot better than Wal-Mart and they get full benefits and paid vacation.

  • Evaa says:

    I am totally going to ALDI now because Walmart at Marshfield, WI has totally stopped matching prices of ALDI. When asked the Manager said ALDI food quality if much cheaper than Walmart and so we cannot price match it. So I am done with Walmart and Yuhooo for ALDI!!!

    • amie says:

      Humm… I didn’t know that local Wal-Mart branches could do that. I’d check with corporate about that.

      • Lori says:

        I worked at Walmart for over 5 years, and yes the individual store managers have the right to match/not match any and all ads/stores and set their store’s individual radius of where they price match. I have heard of some stores matching up to a 50 miles radius, the store I worked at would only match the stores in town (town of about 50,000). We had also stopped price matching Aldi’s produce because our store manager felt it was lesser quality, etc… but I have seen the same brands at Aldi’s as I have at Walmart when it comes to produce.

  • Pam says:

    We like Aldi here too. Recently we had a Walmart grocery store open here in town. From the comments I heard while I was there checking it out not too many people were impressed with the prices there. More than once I heard “Aldi’ is cheaper”.
    I am not thrilled with the meat there but I have eaten it and like everyone else there are some things there we just prefer over other brands.

  • Jillian says:

    I went to Aldi last weekend to stock up for about 30 meals since I am expecting a baby any say now. I was able to get almost everything I needed for a fraction of what I would have paid elsewhere. There was also an unadvertised sale on packs of chicken breasts. They were $1.99 lb for fresh chicken breasts (most packs were 5-6lbs) and each had a $4 off sticker on them, making it come out to around $1.25 lb! Amazing deal!

  • Whitney says:

    I love Aldi for their produce and baking staples! I always buy flour, sugar, spices and cream based soups at Aldi.

  • Janet Harrington says:

    I really appreciate Aldi’s prices on canned goods, dairy and there breads. However I find there meat selection to be VERY limited. So much so that I have to make a trip to another store. Also the frozen vegetable selection is in very small portions even for an average size family. Preferred shopping at Save Alot until our store closed. Aldi’s is actually my second choice, but I believe it would be greatly improved by more of a meat selection.

  • I absolutely love Aldi! About a month ago we found out that my hubby was going to get a change in pay (no more overtime, when he had been getting about $400 a month). I’ve been trying to cut back on my grocery bill, and I’ve been able to reduce it by about $200 a month simply by shopping at Aldi. No coupons, no deal matching, just going to a different store. Simple!

  • Shelly says:

    I wish we had an Aldi here. We do have a good close out grocery store and they have great produce prices but the basic things I buy week to week they don’t always have in stock. So I usually fill in by shopping at Winco or sale items at the other stores.

    I would love to have an Aldi here, maybe someday.

  • Joanne says:

    Aldi lover here! My mom shopped there when I was a kid 25 years ago and now I regularly shop there. Our store went through a floor plan change in the past two weeks, so my master list is in need of some major editing to get it all back in the order of the store, but I am an Aldi fan.

  • amie says:

    I’ve only shopped Aldi once since the nearest one is an hour away. I was impressed. We used to have a Save-A- Lot in our town. For years we avoided it because the building looked run down. One day we got a sales flyer in the mail and couldn’t believe the low prices. We stopped shopping Wal-Mart for staples because SAL was so much cheaper. I was sad when they closed down. Now when I make a trip to our nearest city, I always make stock up trips to SAL and Publix. I don’t think you can beat the prices. I shop kroger and Wal-Mart for groceries because that is what I have locally. I wish I could get an Aldi to come here.

    • Jenny says:

      I have avoided shopping at ALDI because I don’t understand how they keep their prices so low. Do they disclose who their suppliers are? Are they “leftovers” from brand names? Are their products chock full of pesticides, GMO-type foods, preservatives and whatnot? What about the meat? Is it raised naturally? Is it antibiotic free? I’m not trying to be antagonistic, but I’m wondering if anyone has any information about where their food is sourced from. Thanks.

      • Sarah T. says:

        They have a list on their website of reasons, including the refundable .25 cart usage (keeps them from having to hire extra people to retrieve them or ppl taking them), smaller stores (less power usage), smaller inventory, open only during peak shopping hours, no bags unless you buy them, cash or debit cards (no credit card fees), things like that. They rotate organic items into their stock several times a year, though I’m finding some of them have been a regular for quite a while now. Hope that helps.

  • Jennifer M. says:

    It took me years to try Aldis. It always seemed kind of scary. Now it’s my favorite place for staples and some produce. As a SAHM, we are always trying to cut corners. They have the cheapest milk in town, and it’s hormone free. They have REAL maple syrup and vanilla at a fraction of the price. Butter is great. People are shocked when I tell them it’s owned by the same people as Trader Joes. Really, it’s the same concept. I have actually found the same product at both places and it’s cheaper at Aldis. I don’t buy everything there, but I do get a lot.

  • Lori says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Aldis. I was just there today actually to do my grocery shopping for the next two weeks. I never shopped there much until about a year and a half ago, maybe two years. I started getting a few things here and there since our walmart stopped price matching them. I gradually started getting more and more there and now I would say probably 75% of our stuff comes from there. Household, baby, groceries, everything. The rest comes from lost leaders at our two local grocery stores and all our bred comes from a bread outlet store. About a year ago we moved and the closest one is about 30 minutes away. I usually go there every other week (paydays) and stock up.

    We are a single income family right now so it helps A LOT. Once I am able to get a job and go back to work, I would love to save up a bit and start doing once a month grocery shopping there to get more bang for my buck and only make the drive once a month. In the past year that we have been shopping their faithfully we have only come across ONE bad thing out of hundreds of things we have tried. {Their generic skinny cow ice cream sandwiches}.

    I am even turning my name-brand loving mother into an Aldi’s fan. With two little kids who love to eat, it is great. I love their produce and have never really gotten anything bad from there. My son loves to pick out fruit from their selection. (I try to stick to their major produce sales for the week we are there). I have also found some awesome clearance and markdowns there too. Boxes of pumpkin bread mix for .29!

    Their diapers and wipes are great too. We have been using them exclusively for the past 9 months or so and not one leak or blowout. Their wipes are thick and durable too. I was disappointed as they used to be 72 ct. packs and .99 and they went down to 56 ct. packs and were still charging .99. They have now lowered the price of the 56 ct. packs to .85. I wish they would have just kept the 72 ct. packs!

  • cheryl says:

    I love Aldi’s. I am a former grocery snob – – going only to highly priced Giant Eagle (they offer double coupons to .99). They also offered something here called “food perks”. So much money when you bought gasoline was converted to these food perks – – and you could accumulate up to 20% off your grocery bill, as well as using the double coupons. I usually did pretty well. They stopped the food perks program and I was mad! Now, I scour the ads, do a list for Shop N Save, then Aldi’s (LOVE their spaghetti sauce and their frozen meatballs!), and what I can’t get at either of those, go to Giant Eagle. I must say, our Aldi’s fruit has a little to be desired. Otherwise, I save so much money doing my shopping this way.

  • Rachael says:

    I’ve found flour, sugar, eggs and milk to be real steals at Aldi’s. Everything else… meh. Perhaps its because we only have, around here, HEB and Walmart. And you can’t beat HEB produce, at least around here, as they often buy from local farmers, its fresh and a good price. I don’t like Aldi’s produce with all the extra packaging, I can’t pick out the individual fruits or vegs with the packaging, and it leaves me more to throw away.

    But, all said, I’m glad Aldi’s came to Waco. I aim to stop by once a month to stock up on the items I know are a good price.

  • Laura says:

    Okay, this is a little odd, but I was so excited to finally have a chance to shop at an Aldi in, wait for it, Heemskerk, Netherlands! We got lots of fun things, like cheap milk and croissants, packaged fancy cookies and some yummy chocolate sprinkles that we brought back as a souvenir for my kids to use with their toast. I was so happy and it was so cheap, especially after spending 2 weeks in Switzerland where an egg cost 60 cents. Even my husband was impressed (he had no idea why I was so insistent we stop there, lol!).

    Ahhh, to have one here in Western WA would be blissful. At least we have Grocery Outlet, my new favorite store.

  • aimes says:

    I’m fortunate enough to live almost across the street from Aldi and I swear that if it wasn’t for Aldi, my kids would starve. I was trying to convince someone else to shop there and took her two bags of food, enough for 2 people for 2-3 weeks including a roast, for $40. She was floored! This was a few years ago but their canned goods and dry pasta are still a great deal if you can’t get out of the house often to pick up fresh produce, etc and need things in the pantry.

    Here’s another reason to support Aldi. They treat their employees well. Starting out in around $10/hr and the cashiers get to sit (yes!). Where else can you do that? And they close for holidays so employees get to spend time with their families instead of stocking shelves at midnight so the early-birds can get their Black Friday shopping started on Thanksgiving Thursday.

    See, Walmart? It is possible to treat both customers and employees well and still make a profit. And the employees always seem to be happy to see me when I’m there. They chat and smile. Can’t say that for other places I shop.

    • Rebecca says:

      I love Aldi’s! The produce in my local store is always super fresh, though sometimes you do have to pick over them a little, but who cares at those prices? I eat more produce now that I did before they build the Aldi’s, for sure, because I can AFFORD to! I also eat more of a variety because I buy what is on special. I bought mangos, avacados, things I never usually buy because they’re just too darn expensive. It’s a small store, so if you have to backtrack, it doesn’t wear you out. There’s not 5,000 choices to make your head spin, and I can just get in and get out. I love it!

    • I completely agree. My aunt was a manager there for many years and they do treat their employees exceptionally well. I’ve been shopping at Aldi ever since I’ve been buying my own groceries and I can honestly say that I’ve never had a bad experience with a cashier… which is a heck of a lot more than I can say for Walmart!

      My Aldi has a fantastic selection of produce and meats. They’re always really great quality and the best price in town. My family LOVES the boneless country style ribs. And obviously the staples like eggs, butter, flour, sugar, spices, and such are all great.

      Recently I was in line at Aldi and the gentleman in front of me commented on having to pay for the bags and how Walmart didn’t charge for them. The cashier said “Oh you’re paying for them, you just don’t realize it” And she was absolutely correct. Things like the bags and the carts make a huge difference to the company’s bottom line which in turn keeps the prices low for us, the customers. Happy employees and low prices… I think they’re doing something right.

  • Sara says:

    I bet you can save at least $100 a year at Aldis if the only thing you buy there and not elsewhere is the soup! Huge price difference. And casseroles do not care what brand is used!

  • Robyn says:

    When we moved to the midwest from California, I went to Aldi for the first time and was completely grossed out. The store was dirty and seemed full of junk food. (That was ten years ago). I stayed away for years…until my husband was laid off.

    I remember deciding I needed to give Aldi another chance and dreading it, but much to my surprise, I loved it!

    I went to a pretty new Aldi, and it was spotless and chock full of great food items. (Junk food too, but plenty of REAL options if you keep your eyes open.) I was amazed at the prices.

    Now when I hear someone say they just don’t like Aldi, I ask when the last time they visited one was. I think they vary quite a bit store to store. (The produce at mine is AMAZINGLY fresh.)

    Shopping at Aldi helps me stick to our grocery budget. Love it!

  • Kathleen says:

    I am so glad to know about all the Aldi’s fans! I live 30 miles from the closest Aldi store, but I try to go weekly for the produce. A head of cauliflower was $3.99 at a local grocery, but Aldi’s had the same for $1.89. Aldi’s has avocados less than a dollar here, and @ local grocery like HyVee, sometimes 2 for $5.00 The baking staples, chips, soups, cereals, dairy, breads, are comparable to our local big grocery chains in terms of quality, and even taste the same. I agree about big stores with their distracting high priced products in every aisle, I end up spending more time and money in those stores. Thanks!

    • Tracy says:

      I did not like going to Aldi’s years ago, but now its my first stop. I have 3 pre-teen boys that eat non stop! So I found that I can save alot by just buying my breakfast and lunch items there. I’m still not sold on there meat or produce ( I can do better at sales at grocer across the street) But cereal, frozen pancakes, waffles, french toast stix, dairy. Saves a ton! And the time in and out is the best!

  • Jani says:

    I first discovered Aldi 20 years ago in Austria and Germany and fell in love with it! Especially the section with all the really good German chocolate and gummi bears, etc. I was so happy when it opened near me in Massachusetts. People drive from all over to shop at it. Luckily it’s five minutes from my house and where I do most of my shopping. However, I find that the cheese is more expensive than my local Market Basket and the produce is not consistently fresh. That said, the German-speaker in me loves it when I run into Germans in my store. Just last week I ran into a German couple dressed from head to toe in a traditional German clothing (dirndl and suit). It was quite a sight and I even got to use a bit of German. Aldi is the best.

  • I didn’t fall in love with Aldi until the last year. Now, that is about the only place I go! You are correct that you should try different ones. The had tried one and didn’t like it at all and never gave it another chance until they built a new one minutes from my house. This is where we became hooked. People are sometimes skeptical not knowing the brands. But trust me, if you try them you will like most of them BETTER than the name brand or other store brands.

  • Missi says:

    One way to improve produce options is to call and talk to your stores manager. Explain your experience with produce issues and ask what days/times trucks deliver and that particular store. Shopping same day as delivery makes a big difference.

  • Jessica says:

    I love Aldi! I tell everyone to shop there. Produce is great and ours has a nice selection of natural and organic products that are half the price that you would pay anywhere else. We are a family of 6 and I have cut our monthly grocery bill over half of what I used to spend. For us that is HUGE! Their spices are so cheap, milk, cheese, Greek yogurt, coffee, bread the cheapest you will find and all great. We are big label readers and for the most part I am impressed with the quality and healthy options. I rarely buy processed foods and appreciate the wholesome selection they offer. I will even grab their take n bake pizzas for our busy weekday nights and they are delish. I like the fact that I know where everything is, I get in and get out! I also stock up on their Winking Owl wine which is a steal at $2.89 a bottle. Yes, we love Aldi!

  • Shana says:

    I am glad you posted this because I have a question about Aldi and wasn’t sure where to ask it 🙂 I love Aldi – mostly for the reasons you mentioned above. Produce is great, love the easy, quick trip, and they have most of what I need. Plus they have great labeling for us since my daughter has food allergies. However, I have noticed that their quantity per package is less than the typical store brand. For instance, I bought an orange juice there once that seemed like it was not full and, sure enough, there was something like 59 oz. listed on the carton rather than the typical 64 oz. – same packaging, less product, deceiving. Same thing happens with chips. Their prices are great on chips. I noticed the same thing there, too. I am wondering if this means that I am actually paying the same price per given quantity that I would at Wal-Mart or Harris Teeter. I AM paying less but I am also, in at least a few instances, getting less. Has anyone else noticed this or is it just me?

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