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This Week’s ALDI Shopping Trip + Tide Purchase on Amazon

ALDI Shopping Trip

So I told you that we were going to try to mostly eat from the pantry this past week since we’d gone over-budget on groceries the week before. Well, we ended up stretching what we already had on hand to last all of last week. So that means we’re now almost back on track with our budget — yay!

My husband swung by ALDI with a list and got the above items. I forgot to ask him to save the receipt, though, and we’ve been unable to figure out where it went off to (ever have that happen??). The beauty of using cash is that you don’t have to worry so much about exactly how much you spent so long as you stuck with the cash budget.

So I’m not sure on the exact, exact total, but the above shown groceries were just under $49 based upon the cash he spent. He also bought a bag of tortilla chips that I failed to get in the picture.

The tub of Tide Pods was purchased from Amazon using Swagbucks. I’ve not tried these before and splurged on them because I wanted to see how they worked compared to regular detergent.

We also used the 2 FREE Malt-O-Meal coupons to get cereal and the 2 FREE Hillshire Farms coupons to get two tubs of deli turkey. And I failed to get a picture of those, too, before they were opened and partially eaten. Because clearly, I’m super on top of things today. Ahem.

Wondering what we’re eating this week? See our weekly menu here.

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This Week’s Grocery Purchases: ALDI, Whole Foods, & Amazon

This Week's Shopping Trip

We’re still navigating all the new stores and options here in Tennessee. And we’re still finding our groove… but each week it gets better!

We are trying to find a good source for farm-fresh eggs and milk. We were spoiled in Kansas since our grocery store sold glass-bottled, cream top milk from a local farm and my family had chickens.

We tried out Whole Foods for milk and eggs this week to see what we thought. Well, we loved the eggs and milk we bought, but we didn’t necessarily love the prices — in fact, they sort of killed our budget this week. So we’re still looking into other options and hoping maybe we can find a local farm to buy from here (anyone have any recommendations?).

Here’s what we bought:

Whole Foods Shopping Trip

2 bottles of Whole Milk — $3.99 each
3 dozen eggs — $3.79 per dozen

Total with tax: $21.11

ALDI Shopping Trip

Asparagus — $1.99
Bananas ($0.44/lb) — $3.18
Cheddar cheese — $1.99
Bag of Pinto Beans — $1.89
Cream cheese — $1.29
1 bag of chicken breasts — $5.99
Bag of Fuji apples — $3.49
Sour cream — $1.29
Cottage cheese — $2.29
2 cartons of blueberries — $1.69 each
Ground Sirloin ($3.99/lb.) — $9.94
Strawberries — $1.59
Carrots — $0.99
5-lb. potatoes — $2.99
3 packs of sweet corn — $1.29 each
Onions — $1.89

Total with tax — $52.62

And the pasta pictured came from Amazon — thanks to a gift card earned through Swagbucks!

Since we went “over-budget” this week (we budget $50/week in cash to spend on groceries but we take it out on a monthly basis so that we can have stock-up weeks like this, if need be), that means we’ll make this last as long as we can and then I’ll plan our menu next week mostly based on what we already have on hand so that we don’t have to buy much at the store.

Or at least that’s what I’m planning to do. I’ll let you know how it all shakes out. :)

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This Week’s Grocery Order from Amazon: Cheerios, Fruit Snacks, and Toilet Paper

This Week's Amazon Purchases

I mentioned in the comments on my Aldi & Kroger shopping trip earlier this week that I order some items in bulk from Amazon each week using my Swagbucks credit. I thought some of you might enjoy seeing these purchases so you get a better idea of all the groceries we buy each week.

This Week's Amazon Grocery Purchases

I signed up with Swagbucks years ago and have since earned many, many gift cards from them. While much of my Swagbucks credit now is earned from referring readers here (thank you, all!), as I’ve written about, you don’t need to refer others to still earn at least $25 to $40 in Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks — which can be a huge help to your grocery budget!

This week’s Amazon order was to re-stock on cereal and toilet paper. Plus, I got some fruit snacks for a fun summer snack option!

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For more retail sales notifications and coupons, be sure to check out our Retail Sales Database.

Tonight’s ALDI & Kroger Shopping Trip (I stayed under budget — yay!!)

ALDI & Kroger Grocery Shopping Trip

So this may seem a little silly, but I practically floated home after my shopping trip tonight… because I stayed under budget and found some pretty good deals! Not anything downright and utterly amazing, but SOOO much better than my first TN shopping trip.

I’m making headway — huzzah!!! Next week, I might just be brave enough to try using coupons at Publix. :)

Here’s what I bought:


Whole Milk — $2.99
2 packages of Tyson Bacon — $2.99 — I was so excited about this price!
1.73 lbs. of Angus 93/7 ground beef — $9.50
1 lb. ground turkey — $3.99

Total with tax: $24.09


6 cucumbers — $0.33 each
1 bag of potatoes — $2.99
1 bag of onions — $1.89
2 colored peppers — $1.99
Blueberries — $1.99
Cabbage — $1.29
3 garlic cloves — $0.99
2.73 lbs. of bananas — $1.20 {I will not covet my sister’s 43-lb. box of bananas for $5 find. ;)}
1 bag of tomatoes — $1.99
2 bags of baby carrots — $0.99 each

Total with tax: $19.62

And if you missed it, here’s our simple menu plan for this week.

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Our Aldi Shopping Trip: Spent $55.39

Aldi Shopping Trip

After my Publix shopping trip fail, I decided to go back to my roots and try ALDI here in TN. I was planning to go last night, but Jesse was out running errands with Silas and offered to swing by ALDI to grab the items on my list. I was happy to oblige.

Here’s what we bought:

ALDI Shopping Trip

1 package tortillas — $1.19
2 cans refried beans — $0.79 each
2 boxes of aluminum foil — $1.99 each
Frozen green beans — $1.49
2 bags of chicken breasts — $5.99 each
1 package thick sliced bacon — $5.99
2 packages center cut bacon — $3.69 each
2 Cucumbers — $0.33 each
2 bags of Gala apples — $3.49 each
Strawberries — $1.99
4 Avocados — $0.99 each
Baby carrots — $0.99
Olive Oil — $2.99
Total with tax: $55.39

It wasn’t the most amazing shopping trip ever, but it did give me hope that, with some practice, we’ll be able to get back to most of the prices we were used to paying in Kansas! :)

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Tonight’s $66 Publix Shopping Trip (Yikes! Help a Publix newbie out!)

Publix Shopping Trip

So, I ventured out to do my first real grocery shopping trip in Tennessee tonight. I had Silas and Kaitlynn in tow and had planned to go to Aldi. However, for some reason, I was thinking ALDI was open until 9 p.m.

I waited to go until later so that we’d miss the crazy traffic. Well, we waited a little too long, because by the time we found the ALDI, it was 8:03 and they were standing at the door locking up.

Gulp. On to Plan B.

Which was, um, non-existent. Yep, I’m all organized like that today!

{Word to the wise: Not having a Plan B is never a good plan for grocery shopping!}

Since we were completely out of some essentials and we have guests coming over to our house all afternoon and evening tomorrow, I knew waiting until tomorrow to go to Aldi wasn’t going to work.

So, I got on my phone and starting searching for nearby grocery stores. I was so excited to locate a Publix nearby.

In fact, I let out a little cry of excitement, “Yay! I’ve never been to Publix before!!”

We trooped in, armed with a list and lots of excitement.

And I started looking at the produce section for the produce deals. I kept looking, and looking, and looking.

In fact, I spent so much time looking, that a kind Publix employee came over and asked what he could help me find. I wanted to say, “The good deals. Can you help me find them? Because I’m having a little trouble locating them.”

But alas, I held my tongue. :)

Publix Shopping Trip

Here’s what I ended up buying:

Publix Shopping Trip

Ground Turkey — $4.49
Ground Sirloin — $6.31
Frozen Veggies — $1.59
Frozen Veggies — $1.25
Frozen Veggies — $1.25
Spaghetti Sauce — $1.39
Parmesan Cheese – $2.79
Milk — $3.59
Carrots — $0.99
Cheddar Cheese — $2.50
Mozzarella Cheese — $5.99
Eggs x 2 — $2.79 each
Romaine Hearts — $3.49
Apples ($1.69/lb.) — $5.51
Bacon — $5.49
Yogurt — $1.50
Supergreens — $3.69
Pepperoni — $3.69

Tax: $4.47

Total with Tax: $66.06

Clearly, I need some help in learning how to find good deals at Publix as these prices are almost all quite a bit more than I’d typically pay. But I price-compared everything and am pretty sure I got the best deal Publix had to offer tonight.

So, help a girl out: how do you get bargains at Publix? Are there certain items you find regularly to be well-priced at Publix? What sites have the best Publix deals match-ups? I welcome all tips and suggestions.

Also, for those of you in Nashville area: What are your favorite grocery stores to shop at? Should I just stick with ALDI?

Thanks so much for your help — I so appreciate it!

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