Tonight’s $66 Publix Shopping Trip (Yikes! Help a Publix newbie out!)

Publix Shopping Trip

So, I ventured out to do my first real grocery shopping trip in Tennessee tonight. I had Silas and Kaitlynn in tow and had planned to go to Aldi. However, for some reason, I was thinking ALDI was open until 9 p.m.

I waited to go until later so that we’d miss the crazy traffic. Well, we waited a little too long, because by the time we found the ALDI, it was 8:03 and they were standing at the door locking up.

Gulp. On to Plan B.

Which was, um, non-existent. Yep, I’m all organized like that today!

{Word to the wise: Not having a Plan B is never a good plan for grocery shopping!}

Since we were completely out of some essentials and we have guests coming over to our house all afternoon and evening tomorrow, I knew waiting until tomorrow to go to Aldi wasn’t going to work.

So, I got on my phone and starting searching for nearby grocery stores. I was so excited to locate a Publix nearby.

In fact, I let out a little cry of excitement, “Yay! I’ve never been to Publix before!!”

We trooped in, armed with a list and lots of excitement.

And I started looking at the produce section for the produce deals. I kept looking, and looking, and looking.

In fact, I spent so much time looking, that a kind Publix employee came over and asked what he could help me find. I wanted to say, “The good deals. Can you help me find them? Because I’m having a little trouble locating them.”

But alas, I held my tongue. :)

Publix Shopping Trip

Here’s what I ended up buying:

Publix Shopping Trip

Ground Turkey — $4.49
Ground Sirloin — $6.31
Frozen Veggies — $1.59
Frozen Veggies — $1.25
Frozen Veggies — $1.25
Spaghetti Sauce — $1.39
Parmesan Cheese – $2.79
Milk — $3.59
Carrots — $0.99
Cheddar Cheese — $2.50
Mozzarella Cheese — $5.99
Eggs x 2 — $2.79 each
Romaine Hearts — $3.49
Apples ($1.69/lb.) — $5.51
Bacon — $5.49
Yogurt — $1.50
Supergreens — $3.69
Pepperoni — $3.69

Tax: $4.47

Total with Tax: $66.06

Clearly, I need some help in learning how to find good deals at Publix as these prices are almost all quite a bit more than I’d typically pay. But I price-compared everything and am pretty sure I got the best deal Publix had to offer tonight.

So, help a girl out: how do you get bargains at Publix? Are there certain items you find regularly to be well-priced at Publix? What sites have the best Publix deals match-ups? I welcome all tips and suggestions.

Also, for those of you in Nashville area: What are your favorite grocery stores to shop at? Should I just stick with ALDI?

Thanks so much for your help — I so appreciate it!

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My Aldi Shopping Trip This Week: Spent $27.98

My Aldi Shopping Trip

I stopped in for a quick trip to Aldi yesterday and here’s what I got:

1 can pinto beans — $1.19
2 cans of pumpkin — $0.89 each
1 can of chicken broth — $0.69
1 pomegranate — $0.49
1 bag of baby carrots — $0.99
3 blocks of cheese — $1.79 each
1 bag of apples (not pictured — I forgot about them when I took the picture!) — $1.88
1 bag tortillas — $1.69
1 jar salsa — $1.69
2 cans of tomatoes –$0.59 each
1 can kidney beans — $0.59
1 bag dark chocolate chips — $1.69 (I was excited to find these!)
1 can black beans — $0.59
1 bag of frozen chicken breast — $6.29

Total with tax: $27.98

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Dillon’s Shopping Trip: Spent $13.40

Dillon's Shopping Trip

My mom took me out to lunch on Friday and we ran into Dillon’s on the way home (mostly because my friend, Angie, had texted me and told me I must stop by Dillon’s and check out some of their deals this week).

We were both so glad we did! Here’s what I got:

  • 2 bags of Ocean Spray Trail Mix — marked down to $0.79 each
  • 1 Pineapple — $0.99
  • 1 Feta cheese — $0.99
  • 1 package of bacon — $3.49
  • 14 tubs of Greek yogurt — $0.39 each
  • Total with tax: $13.40 (my receipt says I saved $17.96!)
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Today’s Aldi Shopping Trip (and the most I think I’ve ever spent in one shopping trip!)

We’ve been mostly eating from the pantry and freezer for the past few weeks, so it was time for a big stock-up trip to replenish our bare freezer and refrigerator. I brought a long list and the grocery cash envelope, but I confess that I almost choked a little when the cashier told me my total… I think that’s the most I ever remember spending in one shopping trip!

I did buy a few treats for the kids — they’ve been so great to willingly eat some interesting pantry meals and I wanted to surprise them with a few fun things as a reward. Capri Sun Juice Pouches and Cheese Crackers are just about the best things ever according to my children and, based upon their excitement over them, I’m pretty sure it was $4 well spent. :)

Aldi Shopping Trip

2 bags of oranges — $1.49 each
2 cartons of blueberries — $1.29 each
2 cartons of red grapes — $1.58 each
2 cartons of strawberries — $1.49 each
1 box of cheese crackers — $1.89 (a special treat for Silas — I was thrilled to discover these don’t have food coloring in them!)
4 blocks of Cheddar cheese (8 oz. each) — $1.79 each
1 tub of sour cream — $1.29
1 block of mozzarella cheese — $1.79
1 bag of chicken breasts — $5.99
3 bags frozen corn — $0.95 each
2 bags frozen broccoli — $1.09 each
Capri Sun Juice — $1.95 (This was another special treat for the kids.)
1 bag tortilla chips — $1.19
1 bag corn chips — $1.19
6.72 lbs of bananas — $1.85
40-oz. bottle of Ketchup — $1.29
1 bag of dry pinto beans — $1.79
2 bags of baby carrots — $0.99 each
10 lbs. of potatoes — $2.99
1 bag of onions — $1.69
1 carton of green grapes — $1.58
3 cans of diced tomatoes — $0.59 each
1 dozen eggs — $1.39
2 cans of green beans — $0.49 each
3 cans of black beans — $0.59 each
2 bags of flour tortillas — $0.99 each
3 peaches — $1.17
2 bags of frozen peas — $0.95 each

Total with tax: $68.40

Also shown: 6 grapefruit from the health food store — on sale 3 for $1. I ran by there on the way home, but only found a good deal on grape fruit as the markdowns were all really picked over and there weren’t any other great sales.

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Health Food Store Shopping Trip

I stopped by the health food store to see if there were any great deals and markdowns. Nothing spectacular, but at few decent deals:

Health Food Store Shopping Trip

Bag of Crispy Pitas (these are SO good!) — marked down to $0.99

Rudi’s Organic Hamburger Buns — marked down to $0.99

1 pint of blueberries — $1.99

1 bag of organic baby carrots — $1.50

3 grapefruit — on sale 3 for $1

Total with tax: $6.93

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Today’s Health Food Store Shopping Trip

I stopped by the health food store when I was out and about today and here’s what I picked up:

Health Food Store Shopping Trip

2 dozen organic eggs — marked down to $1.99 each
3 2-lb. bags of carrots — $0.99 each
5 grapefruit — $1.67
4 organic cucumbers — $1.58
1 tub of hummus — marked down to $0.99
1 loaf of Rudi’s bread — marked down to $0.99
Total with tax: $13.07

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