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Jesse Answers Your Burning Questions

In this week’s podcast episode, Jesse shares answers to some of the most-asked questions he’s gotten in the last few years. We talk about why he closed his law firm, what prompted that decision, and what his life has looked like since then.

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Jesse Answers Your Burning Questions

In 2014, Jesse closed down his law practice, we moved from Kansas to Tennessee, and he came home full-time.

That was over 5 years ago and it’s taken us a few years to find our rhythm. We’ve both learned and grown a lot in these last five years. It hasn’t been easy. He struggled through a period of depression. I struggled to figure out what it looked like to love him well through that.

But in the last two years, I’ve seen Jesse truly come alive, embrace who God has made him to be, and pour himself into the people and opportunities right in front of him. It has been beautiful and heartwarming to have a front row seat on his journey!

So many people have asked questions over the past five years like, “Is Jesse still an attorney? Why did he leave his law practice? What is his role in your business? What does his day-to-day look like?”

I think the fact that he would choose to come home full-time after getting his law degree and being licensed as an attorney really fascinated people… or makes people shake their heads in confusion.

Today, on the podcast, I ask him these burning questions you all have asked and he gets really honest about his journey and where he is now.

If you’re struggling with major life changes, want to find your worth outside of your work, or are just curious about some of the behind-the-scenes of our lives, I think this episode will encourage you.

Thank you, Jesse, for your willingness to be so open and vulnerable. I love you and love this crazy and adventurous and wild ride of life we’re on together!

In This Episode: 

[00:25] Welcome back! We’re turning the tables a little today and I’m interviewing Jesse!

[01:38] What’s saving our lives: Nalgene bottles and seeing our baby on an ultrasound!

[06:44] I haven’t gotten in much reading recently, but every day I take time to read The Daily Light.

[09:01] Jesse shares a brief recap of his story post-law school and starting his own law firm.

[13:45] Why did Jesse decide to close down the law firm? 

[19:04] How Jesse struggled to recognize his gifts and battled depression in those early months.

[23:07] What does Jesse’s life look like now? 

[29:10] We talk about Jesse’s involvement in church, our home, and our business.

[31:16] I close out the show by sharing why I am so grateful that Jesse is home and how his willingness to take a risk has benefited our family in such profound ways. 

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  • September says:

    As someone who had two kids when I was a SAHM with a husband who travelled about 70% of the time and then ten years later had two more babies in a period where I was re-entering the working world and had a husband who worked from home, let me tell you that the experience with this baby will be completely different from your first three. Babies in the later years for us are a team effort in a way that the first two weren’t–not that he wasn’t an amazing dad and husband but just wasn’t available to be there in the same way. And the later babies have been parented differently–not better or worse, just different. We did a lot more preschool…this year I struggled with my older little starting kinder and putting my three year old in preschool five hours a day five days a week. This isn’t something I ever would have done before but it works for us as a family and she is thriving.

    • Thanks so much for sharing! I can hardly even imagine what it’s going to be like this time around — our life is just so entirely different!! We also may have a foster child or two joining us soon, so that will make things even more interesting! I think we will definitely parent differently… and I’m curious to see how it all pans out. And it will also be interesting having older kids who are super invested and have lots of opinions and want to be very involved, too! 🙂

  • Lindsay says:

    Crystal, I wish you had a written transcript for each of these posts because honestly when I am taking a break during my work day or at night when everyone else is sleeping, I can’t be listening to a podcast. I would really like to know what is going on in each of these posts but I am unable to listen. (Is there a bigger financial benefit to the podcast over documenting these items in print?) 🙁

    • Jen says:

      My favorite time to listen to podcasts is while I’m driving or doing food prep. Earbuds are super inexpensive.

      • Susan says:

        Yes! I was going to suggest airpods! While not cheap, it gives you the flexibility to be able to listen while moving around and not being tied to your device.

    • There’s zero financial benefit (we don’t make any $$ on the podcast right now — we actually pay money to have it done every week! But it’s something we really love to do, as we talk about on this episode and it’s a way to connect in a much deeper level than you ever can through a blog post).

      A lot of what we share in the podcast is really personal and just lends itself to be shared in audio form by us rather than to be a blog post that you would read, so that’s why we’ve chosen not to post the transcripts. Most all of our podcast are 30 minutes and you can listen on 2x speed, if you like — making them just 15 minutes or less. I love to listen in the car, while I’m cleaning, when I’m doing other around the house work, or before I go to bed.

  • Amanda says:

    For future reference, Nalgene has a great warranty. You just submit a photo of the broken product and a brief description of what happened and they mail you a new one! I didn’t know about this until recently when a coworker mentioned it to me and showed me her replacement bottle. Something similar happened to her, she dropped it and it broke. Here is a link to the website form.

  • Danielle says:

    We had a Nalgene bottle break once and we contacted them and they totally replaced it no questions asked. All they asked for was a picture of the broken one.

  • Katy says:

    Ditto what Lindsay said. I might be interested in the content, but I never listen to a podcast because my only computer time is when kids are sleeping. Maybe post your podcast first with an article recap later?

    • If you have a smartphone, you can download a podcast app and listen right on there. I know lots of moms listen while cleaning, cooking, etc. It’s a fun way to make a more tedious task go a lot faster.

      And as I mentioned to Lindsey, a lot of what we share in the podcast is really personal and just lends itself to be shared in audio form by us rather than to be a blog post that you would read, so that’s why we’ve chosen not to post the transcripts. Most all of our podcast are 30 minutes and you can listen on 2x speed, if you like — making them just 15 minutes or less.

      I hope that helps! Once you get started listening to podcasts, you’ll quickly see why they are SO MUCH BETTER than blog posts! 🙂 (At least if you’re anything like me!)

  • Jessica says:

    I think it’s really brave that Jesse left his law practice because it no longer worked for him. It’s fascinating and encouraging, that’s actually what made me want to listen to this podcast. It reminded me to keep listening to God’s calling in our life, for both my husband and myself….and to reject what other people say….over and over I have to remind myself to let go of other people’s opinion (even though sometimes they mean well) and listen to God’s calling.
    Thank you for sharing Jesse (and Crystal!) … made my day! This also reminded me to encourage my husband….my husband is amazing and perseveres….but listening to you guys reminded me to THANK my husband for all he does.

  • Lauren E Keplinger says:

    One of my favorite things about you (and Jessie!) is your willingness to grow and change and not be stuck in the roles that you’re in. I know that coming from the more fundamental background, it was probably a huge change/scary change for you to be the primary income and Jessie to have more of an “at home” role (though I feel pretty sure as a fellow business owner that the role that he plays is FAR more than anyone sees). I commend you both for stepping into those roles that are working for your family, regardless of the hesitations that other people had or whatever pushback you got when he decided to close down the law firm.

    • Thank you so much for your encouragement! Our current life and lifestyle isn’t at all what we dreamed it would be when we first got married and yet it’s so clearly what God has for us and I think we both are thriving in our roles. And you are so right about the “at home” role being far more than most people see/understand. I think the same probably goes for most any spouse in an at home role!

  • Charlotte says:

    Jesse should try Camp Gladiator (since ya’ll like exercise)……….I noticed that it is also in Nashville, TN. Those CG folks are trying to start it up in Atlanta (that’s where I am from).
    My husband is a personal trainer who is trying to become an instructor for CG in Atlanta.

    • Thanks for the suggestion. He’s pretty hardcore into CrossFit right now!

      • Charlotte says:

        My husband says its a totally different way of thinking about exercise. My husband does not like the same ole same ole exercise routines. Whatever the CG folks have shown him has really helped him with personal training clients. Thanks for your reply!!

        I am so happy for you regarding the pregnancy. Praying for you!! I’m in my late forties with a 2, 3, & 4 year old. Parenting toddlers at this age is definitely a God thing!!

  • Janice says:

    Jesse needs a Nalgene “sip guard”! It makes drinking out of a Nalgene while driving possible. 🙂
    Also I alway have to laugh at the intro when it says “grab a cup of tea”, I always grab a pile of laundry😆!

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