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Get Up Early Challenge: Day 1

Get Up Early Challenge: Day 1

It’s Day #1 of the Get Up Early Challenge… and when my alarm clock went off at 5 a.m., I so did not want to roll out of my warm bed — especially since our room was freezing!

But I did and I’m so glad I did because I loved getting to spend some early morning time being inspired and filled up with the Genesis study from She Reads Truth, as well as reading another chapter from Jefferson Bethke’s thought-provoking book.

Then, I was able to get in a brisk walk on the treadmill and a shower before the kids woke up. Yay for morning productivity!

I’ll be hopping on Periscope at 7:30 a.m. to share some Morning Motivation encouragement and to some thoughts and insights from The 5AM Miracle book. I’d love for you to join me or watch the replay (just download the app and search for @MoneySavingMom).

Are you joining me for the Get Up Early Challenge? If so, leave a comment on this post to let me know how you did with your wake-up goal this morning.

We’re in this together… And if you didn’t hit your goal, that’s okay! Give yourself grace, don’t beat yourself up, and know that you can try again tomorrow!

P.S. Read more about the Get Up Early Challenge here. Need some help and inspiration to use your mornings well? Download Day 1 of Make Over Your Mornings for free (scroll to the bottom of this page to sign up for it!)

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  • Julie says:

    Hi Crystal! Thanks for starting this challenge! I hit the 7-minute snooze when my alarm went off at 5:00, but then the phone rang (no school for the kiddo) and I knew that was my sign to get up. LOL.

    I’m also doing a challenge to write 500 words a day and I think I need to do that as soon as I get out of bed. This morning I took a shower and just started my regular morning routine, so I kind of feel like I didn’t accomplish as much as I could have.

    Looking forward to tomorrow!

  • Linda says:

    Good Morning. I didn’t officially join the challenge but I did plan on getting up early. My daughter goes to early morning seminary class and I was planning to be up and ready by the time she got up. FAIL. She woke me up and I was so slow in getting ready that we were 10 minutes late. But, now I am up and back home and ready to work on my morning routine before work!!

  • Mandi says:

    My goal was 6am, but I snoozed until 6:15. I had my coffee/Bible/journal time, read a chapter of Simply Tuesday on my exercise bike, and got my shower in before my girls woke up. Woohoo! Our days seem to run so much smoother when I make my morning routine a priority. Thanks for the motivation and encouragement!

  • Darcie says:

    I was up at 5 this morning, too. God led me to a start in Daniel….so, I was able to have quiet time reading before my hubs woke and then shortly after the boys. Not necessarily the way I had planned my morning, but, still a step in the right direction 🙂 Glad I can be doing this challenge with others!!

  • Asheritah says:

    My goal was 6 but I got up at 6:45. I hoped I could squeeze more in, but my daughter heard me and woke up, so we had morning devotions together. Now to trouble-shoot a way to squeeze in productivity without waking her up! LOL

  • MAry says:

    Just discovered this challenge & would love to join! Red ch. in Your Best Yes, showered, took son to school, 15 min on elliptical & ready for school myself by 8:30. Now to “vehicle war room” with God as I drive & spend some quality time before “hittin” the world

  • Sarai says:

    I’m actually doing the exact opposite of this. I’ve decided that I am going to stay up later to be productive & enjoy my mom time. I already get up at 6:15 every day to get my kids on the bus & waking up earlier in the morning means that I just stress about how long I have until one of my 4 kids comes sneaking out. Staying up ensures that they’ll stay asleep giving me time to get done the things I need to accomplish whether it’s working on a project or watching some tv.

  • Karen says:

    Up at 5 am, no alarm, but the little rescue dogs wanted out. Some computer time, breakfast, shower. Grocery shopping and bank after they open.

  • My goal is to be up at 5:30 each morning this month. I made it by 5:50. Progress, right?

  • teri hadley says:

    Well…. I got up at the time I planned, but I am still sitting in my same chair drinking my 2nd cup of coffee. I am a work in progress. I need to get motivated on this very cold, snowy day. I have home schooled for 8 years now and we have never been early starters. Oldest son wants to do public high school next year so I am really trying to help him acclimate to an earlier start. Alas…..

  • Susan B says:

    Up at 6 AM, my goal time, to alarm. In a deep sleep, but got up! I’m going to go to sleep earlier than usual tonight to see if that helps.

  • Dacha says:

    Up at 5:30- and no snooze as the alarm is in the other room… Made black tea with cinnamon and cloves and right away wrote for a while in my journal and then read. I’m doing “She reads truth – Genesis” study as well! I dis get a bit too caught up in looking over my daily planner. I started planning my day, week, work stuff and suddenly more than 25 minutes were gone and I had no time left for my
    morning walk! Nothing wrong with planning of course- but I need to give it a limit because if not I just get to rethinking my whole life ?! Still I had plenty of time to cook a healthy breakfast and eat it sitting down with my kids! Yay !

  • Carolyn says:

    6 am goal!

  • Allison Colson says:

    Did not make my 4:30 goal this morning 🙁 After getting in yesterday from our last weekend of holiday travel, exhaustion just wouldn’t let me roll out early. After getting my oldest daughter off to school, I decide that today will by mine and my 11 month old daughter’s down time day. Pajamas, rest, a little light cleaning and planning the rest of our week.

  • Gwen says:

    I did not sleep very well last night so I did not get up at the 6am I wanted but by 6:45 I was up and spent some time talking to my 16year old, good times.

  • Well, I was planning to get up at 5:30am but it didn’t happen. I woke up at 3:30 am and could not get back to sleep. Thus, when the alarm sounded at 5:30 I swiped it off and went back to sleep until 7am. At first I thought it was an epic fail but I did get my exercise, shower, and prayer time in so I guess it wasn’t that epic. 🙂

  • Melanie says:

    Question regarding the She Reads Truth study – Crystal, do you have a hard copy of the She Reads Truth Genesis study? I’m scouring their website and can’t find where I could order an actual hard copy? I’d rather have a book/booklet rather than getting out my laptop and being on their website while doing my quiet time! Thank you for your ministry!

  • Lorraine says:

    I need some devotional so books or websites, to get me on purpose to spend time with the Lord. Any one have any suggestions. Please and thank you

    • I love the Daily Light and also

    • Jody says:

      I really like The Daily Light also! I ordered it after I heard Crystal mention it and have found it to be really good.

      I also LOVE the ESV Daily Reading Bible as it is a Bible laid out with 4 sections to read a day. I only read two a day and have found it to be the perfect amount for the time I have and to have a really meaningful time with the Lord. It might be another resource to check out. I got mine off but they’re also sold on Amazon.

  • Erin says:

    My oldest was wide awake in the middle of the night, so I reset my alarm to 6:30 instead of my 6 am goal. I got up and still fit in my 90 minutes of work before everyone else was awake, so I consider this morning a success!

  • Brandi says:

    Anyone have any advice for alarm clocks? I use my phone for an alarm clock, but I’m starting to tune out and sleep through it! It doesn’t matter the volume or the ring tone.

    Has anyone used one of the ones that lights up like this with success? Seems like it would be cool.

  • Kristen S. says:

    I actually woke up 15 minutes earlier than my 6 am goal, which was nice! I went to bed on time last night, and that really helps. I’d used your suggestion, Crystal, of writing out my day’s plan/to do list before bed, and that was great. I woke up excited about the day and with a plan of action! 🙂

  • Sue says:

    I’m up @ 4:30 am when hubby’s alarm clock goes off….but my challenge is to actually sleep til then and not wake up @ 3 or 4….and to not fall asleep before 8:30 pm… you can tell I’m a morning person.

  • Jody says:

    Yay! I can actually finally get up early! There is a silver lining in everything and my son’s recent open heart surgery led to him finally being able to sleep on his own through the night!! It feels so good to actually be able to get some real sleep for the first time in six years and as a result be able to do things like get up early and be productive.

    My goal was 6:30 am and today got up at 6:45 and realized to get done what I want to and not be rushed 6:00 would actually be best. So I’m shooting for 6 am tomorrow :).

    Thanks for providing this challenge and creating a place for accountability!

  • Janelle says:

    My goal was 6 but I changed it to 630 because of an uplate baby last night. I only laid in bed a couple of minutes and got lots done before the girls were up! Unfortunately I took a loooooong nap because I was so tired which made the rest of the day not so great. Baby steps!

  • Emily says:

    I watched your scopes this afternoon. I can’t ever seem to watch them live! I am so glad you are doing this challenge because one of my goals for 2016 was to get up by 6 AM. It has been difficult because my son has been sick most of this month which means I get less sleep at night, but like you said, I’m not going to beat myself up about it. Tomorrow is a new day, and I will do my best to get up early. You are such a motivation and encouragement. Thank you!

  • Rachel says:

    I snoozed until 5:45 (planned to wake at 5:00) and paid for it. The morning felt very chaotic. Tomorrow will be the real test. I don’t work on Tuesdays so I’m bad about sleeping until it’s time to take my son to preschool and not getting a shower or dressing because I’m with my 9 mo all day. Tomorrow, in rewarding myself with a trip to Starbucks between preschool drop off and my dayfhter’s dr appt if I get up at 5:00.

  • Sara Neubert says:

    You need to get a Nest or similar programable thermostat. Set the thermostat to turn the heat on before you need to get up. Then it’s not freezing in your room when you have to get out of bed. Much easier to get moving!

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