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Freezer Cooking Day: The Final Accomplishments (and come link up yours, too!)

The final results of Saturday’s Freezer Cooking Day:

–4 meals’ worth of Barbecued Beef (Wasn’t really thrilled with how the recipe turned out, so I’m not sharing it here — maybe next time!)

–3 meals’ worth of Southwest Roll-ups (enough for

–4 meals’ worth of Marinated Chicken

–48 Frozen Fruit Cups

–Quadruple batch of Whole-Wheat Chocolate Chip Pancakes (Recipe was supposed to be coming, but they were all eaten before I got a picture. I’ll likely make these next time around and try to get a picture so I can share the recipe then!)

–Cooked bacon for BLT sandwiches and salads (enough for 3 meals)

–Cooked and chopped chicken for Homemade Pizza and Chicken Pasta Salad (enough for 4 meals — 2 of each)

By the end of my Cooking Marathon, I made enough for 18 meals or parts of meals, plus pancakes and fruit cups. For 2 1/2 hours of work, that was every bit worth the effort spent!

We still have 6 meals leftover from last month’s Freezer Cooking Day, so I’m pretty sure we’re just about set for dinners in May — and that’s such a great feeling! Yes, Freezer Cooking is very worth it.


Did you have a chance to do any baking or cooking this week? If so, post about it on your blog and leave your link below to your direct blo g post. I’d love it especially if you could share pictures and recipes so we can get ideas for our next Freezer Cooking Day! And I’m guessing many others would be inspired as well.

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  • Dawn says:

    How do you cook your bacon? I love bacon, but hate cooking it. I have yet to find great way to cook it.

    • Crystal says:

      I cooked it in the oven. Worked well, though it took awhile.

    • Beth says:

      @Dawn, My MIL cooks it in the microwave. It definitely cuts back on the greasy smoke and odors that linger.

      • Chelsea says:


        I also cook bacon in the microwave, and like it better than cooking it on the stove. However, the plate gets VERY hot, and cooking times can vary greatly, so I have to keep an eye on it. Also, I use lots of paper towels to soak up the grease. I think maybe I’ll try using the oven next time!

    • Holly says:

      @Dawn, I’ve cooked mine in the oven as well as in the microwave. The oven does take a while, but if you like crispy bacon without all the grease on it….the oven is great! I use a broiler pan so the grease drains off the bacon as it cooks.

      There are bacon plates that are made for the microwave as well. They work okay. :0)

      Happy cooking!

    • Jessica says:

      @Dawn, we use our George Foreman grill -NEVER greasy, ALWAYS quick and crispy!

  • Shelli says:

    The link to your wraps recipe didn’t work for me. 🙁 I’m always looking for new recipes.

  • Andrea says:

    I thin I might try this! It would be nice to know I would have to plan out dinners from the moment I wake up to make sure the meat is defrosted. Do you ever find that anything doesn’t freeze well or do any meals become frost bit? I think those are my only concerns.

  • Denise D. says:

    Oh, please don’t make us wait for the picture before you post the recipe for the whole wheat chocolate chip pancakes! They sound delicious.

  • Kimberly says:

    18 meals in 2.5 hours! I’m impressed!

  • FrugalFriend says:

    That frozen fruit cup reminds me of what I grew up eating in the Philippines! Except it was loaded with sugar from condensed milk!

  • Cris says:

    I have got to try the fruit cups!

  • Cathy D says:

    You have really inspired me to try freezer cooking! I’m going to try to come up with a plan – hopefully, this week!

  • I really enjoyed trying out Freezer Cooking Day. I can’ wait to do another one!!!

  • Lisa says:

    Great job!! I can’t get over how much you make! I do have a question though. Do you ever miss cooking on a daily basis?? I love making meals with my girls (and boy) every night for daddy’s arrival. Some nights (like soccer practice) I could see the frozen meal coming in handy, but I do think I would be sad to give up the daily cooking.

    • Crystal says:

      I love cooking, but I just don’t have time most days to spend a few hours in the kitchen (between homeschooling, running a business and three young children, my days are full!). However, when I have extra time, I love baking with the girls.

  • Lisa F. says:

    I agree about posting the recipe for the whole wheat choc. chip pancakes…they sound YUMMY!! Who needs a picture??? LOL 😉

    And the chicken pasta salad, is that a recipe you posted before? Time to get into summer meals, and that one sounds great!!

    Thanks for posting!

  • I don’t have a post about this to link to, but every fortnight I make a batch of bolognaise to freeze, which is for four dinners. Very basic stuff, but I plan to expand upon this once we buy a separate freezer. Currently we just have the freezer attached to the fridge. I’m glad I came across your blog, I love it!

  • Mags says:

    Another bacon question: Do you reheat it or just eat it cold? And if you reheat it… how? We don’t have a microwave. I suppose the toaster oven would work. I’m always throwing away half packages of bacon, because I rarely make a whole pack and we don’t have it often. This might be a good solution. 🙂 And it would make us have bacon more which would make my hubby happy.

  • Lisette says:

    Just a little tip, when I freeze baby food in muffin cups, I use the silicone ones. The pop right out with no problem. It’s SO easy!

  • Mandy M says:

    You can use dixie cups for the fruit cups. They hold up well for the kiddos and don’t fall apart as easily, I just defrost for 30 secods in the microwave and the kids eat them up. You can also transport them places fairly easy this way:)

  • Erica says:

    I wanna try the choc chip pancake recipe!! Please post:)

  • Kayla says:

    Mmm…. chocolate chip pancakes would be a hit around here – I’m excited to see the recipe!

  • Sheila says:

    Thanks for the inspiration! Had a “mini” freezer cooking day at my house, and will be reading up, preparing recipes, and executing a much larger scale freezer cooking day in the near future!

    Also looking forward to the pancake recipe!


  • Alecia says:

    I have a question about the chicken. Do you marinate it in the fridge overnight first? Or do you just put it all in a bag and stick it in the freezer? Sorry if thats a dumb question, I’m really new at cooking….The fruit cups were such a good idea, I would have never thought to do that but now I want to try it! Thanks!!

  • Shayleen says:

    I have found a few other items that freeze well. I’ve made each of these things twice in the last two weeks as they are delish! (Homemade tortillas do take a few extra minutes, but I have found they are WORTH every extra minute.)
    Baked Creamy Chicken Taquitos –
    and Stuffed Pizza Rolls –
    Maybe you can try these on your next freezer cooking day.

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