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My Completely Honest KiwiCo Review (plus get 30% off your first box!)

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Interested in trying KiwiCo for your kids? Read my completely honest KiwiCo review! And be sure to scroll to the bottom to get a KiwiCo promo code!

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A completely honest Kiwico review

A few weeks ago, I posted about a sample box that KiwiCo was offering. I’d heard a lot about KiwiCo before, but I’d never signed up for it.

KiwiCo is a monthly subscription service that offers kid’s educational projects, crafts, and activities on different themes. You can get a subscription for as low as $16.95 per month for the box — including shipping. This box will include 2-3 projects, all the materials to complete those projects, plus hands-on learning activities and more.

They offer monthly crate subscriptions for various ages: Cricket Crate is for ages 0-3Koala Crate is for ages 3-4, Kiwi Crate is for ages 4-8, Tinker Crate is for ages 9-16+, and Doodle Crate is for ages 14+.

Since the KiwiCo sample box was only $3.95 and a friend had highly recommended it, I went ahead and posted about it and signed up for a box. {Please note: The Glowworm Sample Box offer is currently not available.}

opened KiwiCo box

My Honest KiwiCo Review

We got the box within two weeks and I was very, very impressed with what we got for $3.95 (that price included shipping, too!)

The kit came with:

  • All the materials to build your very own glowworm
  • Set of fabric markers to decorate your snuggly friend
  • One-of-a-kind glow in the dark sock
  • Bonus firefly foldout project with set of glow sticks
  • 16 page explore! magazine filled with puzzles, DIY activities and kid-friendly recipes

KiwiCo activities

The instructions to complete the craft were very detailed and organized. For a non-crafter like me, this was especially helpful!

kid using KiwiCo

Silas has an absolute blast working with me to create his glowworm.

kids KiwiCo project

I loved seeing his focus and determination!

Kiwico review

He decided to name his glowworm “Billy Butler”, after one of his favorite Royal’s baseball players. 🙂

KiwiCo book

While he worked on his glowworm, I read to him from the accompanying book.

open KiwiCo book

I thought there was a lot of value in this booklet. Not only were there short stories, a poem, a number of activity pages, but there were also some fun additional related projects.

reading KiwiCo book

They gave you instructions on how to make your own FireFly Paint Jar — which looked cool.

KiwiCo activity on table

There were also pages you could cut out to make a Glow-in-the-Dark FireFly using the patterns and the glow sticks they gave you in the kit.

kids Kiwico activity in progress

Silas got to practice his cutting skills on this project!

KiwiCo fun

After he finished his FireFly, he went back to decorating “Billy Butler.” 🙂

He was so proud of his finished product — and especially excited that it actually glowed in the dark when he took it into a dark room. He asked if he could sleep with it tonight before he went to bed.

Kiwico discount

Save 30% off your first box with this KiwiCo promo code!

If this honest KiwiCo review made you interested to try it, I’ve got a great deal for you!

You can get 30% off your first month of KiwiCo as a reader when you shop through this link.

Note: Since a subscription is rather expensive, this also might be a great gift idea to pass along to Grandma & Grandpa for Christmas this year. I love that it’s mostly consummable, very educational, hands-on, and a gift that would keep giving all year long!

Have you tried KiwiCo before? If so, what was your experience?

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  • Leah says:

    We have had a kiwi crate subscription for over a year. I’ve found the projects to be fun and almost all very well done. Creative and not boring! We use them on rainy days! As the subscription is a little pricey, we’ve asked the grandparents to give it to our kids (1 box plus sibling add on) as a gift- so I have never had to cancel. I will say that the Kiwi Crate app has been a great source of other crafts that we have made recently, it’s free!

  • Anna says:

    We have had a subscription for over two years and we have had amazing experience with customer service. I’ve not cancelled but I have changed my subscription several times and never had any problems, so I am wondering what is going on with their cancellations right now.

    • Thanks so much for letting us know about your positive experiences!

      • Rick says:

        I am planning on getting the 3 month subscription for my granddaughter for her birthday but after reading some of the reviews, I decided to not give them access to my bank account or credit card. My solution is to purchase a Visa or MasterCard and load it with $60.00 for the subscription. That way, if I have trouble cancelling, I won’t get hit with any surprise charges.

  • Alice says:

    I really appreciate the honest review. I think it’s really questionable of a company to expect customers to communicate concerns primarily through facebook or twitter. It just seems really unprofessional of them not to respond to emails sent by customers, especially if you were following their directions about the process for canceling a subscription. No matter how fun or educational the materials were, I wouldn’t want to support a company managed in that way!

    • Melissa says:

      I agree. Not everyone has Facebook and Twitter.

      • Rae says:

        I’ll second that. Not everyone uses Facebook or Twitter.

        • Nikki says:

          I bought several subscriptions for my entire family’s kids for Christmas presents. As this is spendy, I did not want to continue forever. I cancelled by calling the customer service number. You don’t get a person, just a recording that requests you leave a message and include the name of the cancelled(child) subscription and reason for canceling(not really comfortable with this being mandatory) but it was effective. I cancelled all but my own son’s subscription and it was effective that month. They really could work on this but the crates are a life saver when you need something (NOW) to do inside. He loves em. I especially recommend the tinker crate, amazing hands-on science made so they can understand it and use it.

  • Jenny says:

    We used to have Kiwi Crate and we miss it! Time to sign up again, but for which box? 😉 I am loving your detailed, honest reviews for this and Stitch Fix! How fun!

  • Alisha says:

    I have thought about Kiwi Crate for my 4 year old but I won’t be trying now. I cannot stand it when companies purposefully make it difficult to cancel your subscription so that they can get more money from you. It’s too bad since their crafts do seem great.

  • Brittany says:

    I’ve had it for over a year and have received great service. I was overseas and mail took longer than normal, when I didn’t get a box on time they apologized and sent another. Even after I received both they told me just to keep them. When I moved back to the states I had no issues PAUSING my subscription, wasn’t billed the following month, and received an email asking if I wanted to resume or cancel my subscription 🙂

  • Jody says:

    Thank you so much for your honest review

  • We also tried Kiwi Crate for awhile. The projects are very well done and the kids did love the activities, but we couldn’t get through them fast enough, and had a stockpile, so I decided to cancel. It sounds like the process to cancel a sample box is a little different than the process to cancel a subscription. I had to phone in to the company and leave a message to cancel, and they did cancel in about a day or two. But here’s what I think, Kiwi Crate has no problem making it easy for people to sign up and pay money online. They should make it just as easy for people to cancel. I think this shows a lack of integrity on their part as a business. A company that is willing to take your money with the click of a button when you sign up online, should make cancelling just as easy, a click of the button on their site. No placing a phone call, no sending an email, and no messages on twitter. When you go into “manage” your account, cancelling should be an option. I actually specifically called Kiwi Crate out on my episode on integrity in business. It’s too bad, because their kits are really fun.

    • Liz Ann says:

      I totally agree! I’m frustrated with FabKids for the same reason. I have to make a phone call to cancel, undoubtedly dealing with a pushy salesperson instead of the click of a button, which is all that was required to purchase.

      • Corey says:

        Had a terrible experience with fab kids! I got a free outfit from there when I got went online to get it no where did it say I was signing up for the service! It wasn’t till a couple months later I figured out what that extra charge was a month-even if I didn’t pick out an outfit! My husband tried to cancel and they wouldn’t let him when I called
        They said many people had the same problem but the guy acted like it wasn’t a big deal and didn’t understand why I wanted to cancel!

    • Jennifer says:

      I completely agree with you. Cancelling should be just as easy as subscribing or the company isn’t completely above board.

  • Janet says:

    I’ve had a similar experience with Kiwi Crate, plus was disappointed in the products themselves. My kids were just not interested in the crates. We’ve been pretty happy with our Green Kid crafts subscription so far.

  • We have subscribed to Kiwi Crate for more than two years and I just signed my daughter up for the new Koala crate (she’s 3). I think out of the 30ish crates we have received, only 1-2 have I felt were not worth the price. The projects are really thoughtful, the materials are great and it is something our family looks forward to every month. I’m so sorry you had a negative experience.

  • Emily says:

    Thanks for the review! I’ve seen this, but never tried it , because I’ve had canceling issues with other companies (or I forget, which is terrible). But I love the idea of a gift subscription from the grandparents! Based on your post I think my almost 4 year old would love getting this in the mail, and I love that it’s not just more toys to junk up my house!

  • Rachel says:

    I, too ordered the $3.95 sample box thinking it would be easy to cancel my subscription and was excited to try out Kiwi Crate since they have such rave reviews. I never received my sample box and my credit card was charged for the next month’s subscription $19.95 even though I replied to their email saying I did not want the $19.95 box and to cancel it and refund my money. FYI, Your are only able to pause a subscription, not cancel, on their website and you have to physically pause each month or they charge you. After a week and a half, I was finally able to cancel my subscription, got a refund of my $19.95, and did received a second sample box that they didn’t charge me for. The craft took my 5 year old about 20 minutes with some help, he loved it, however after 2-3 days the worm no longer glows (he’s disappointed) and the hassle of dealing with the company makes me very leery of dealing with them ever again. I had no success contacting them with the 800 number on their website, but a post on their FB page about my trouble with them got results VERY quickly – a lot faster than 4 days of leaving messages. I also noticed that my post on their FB page was removed very quickly – and makes me suspicious of all their very positive reviews. Very disappointed in their customer service, I won’t be doing business with them again any time soon. They should be just as quick to refund my money as they were to take it.

  • Angi says:

    I had Kiwi Crate for a year or so. Loved it but outgrew it so cancelled. I didn’t have any problems cancelling at all. They responded right away and I never got charged for a single box after I requested them to stop. This was in February of this year.

  • Alison S. says:

    Just fyi… can purchase Kiwi Crate kits from Target. I have never purchased one, but after reading your review I might give a kit a try…..from Target. 🙂

    • Lynn says:

      Thank you so much for the tip about buying from Target! I was reading the posts and the comments and wondering if there was a way to get one at at time when I saw your comment! I don’t like anyone holding my credit card hostage but I will definitely be looking at Target!! Thanks!

    • Mindy says:

      Thanks so much for the awesome tip, I will check into this at Target! 🙂

  • tori ross says:

    Same experience. I ended up complaining on Facebook publicly in order to get a response 6 days after my email. I had the same problem with citrus lane.

  • K says:

    Not everyone has Facebook or Twitter accounts.

    • Thank you for saying this.

      I don’t have time for Facebook and don’t care for the concept of Twitter so I don’t have either. I was told by someone that I just need to “get with it”. No thank you – I’ll work on face-to-face relationships instead!


    • lisa says:

      Yes, this is true–not everyone has facebook or a twitter account–I don’t have either, and I am not interested in signing up for one—so if I were one of the people who had to cancel through twitter or facebook, I wouldn’t be able to. Companies have to realize that not everyone is on social media–or maybe they were once before, and for some reason, decided to delete their facebook or twitter account.

  • Rachel says:

    I’ve used it before and never had a problem, even when I canceled. The customer service was excellent. Maybe sample boxes are different? I loved all the crafts, and especially the specific instructions, as I am NOT an artistic or crafty person in any way. We only canceled for monetary reasons. I think every company makes it a little harder to cancel than to sign up. I wouldn’t write them off just because of that. But not responding to emails is just unprofessional.

  • sara says:

    I recently tried the kiwi sample box and had no problem canceling

  • Colleen Larkins says:

    We have subscribed on and off to Kiwi Crate for over 2 years. Last year we cancelled it because we wanted to save some money. At that time they took a while to get back to me. However they refunded my money and I still got a crate.

    We resubscribed earlier this year and got it for 6 months. After the 6 months we decided to cancel the subscription until after Christmas (since it will be a gift for our son). I sent one email and got a response within a day!

    I think they have heard the complaint and made changes to serve the customer better.

  • Rebecca G says:

    “Not getting” your email and charging/sending is likely their way of regaining the monetary loss on the sample box. It’s a gamble they take that most people will just keep the full price box and not argue about getting their money back on that one. Sadly this is a standard business practice of many companies.

  • Kirbee N. says:

    Thanks Crystal, for your review, and the work of following up on other people’s experiences. It’s nice to have your product review, but it’s especially valuable to have your review of interactions with the company itself. It sounds like after this, they might be a bit more sensitive to consequences of their poor responses and shady cancellations.

    These crate subscriptions are something I’ve been thinking about putting on our kids’ Christmas and birthday lists too – but there are so many now that it’s almost overwhelming to chose one that fits our family well.

    If Kiwi Crate isn’t going to be trustworthy, there are alternatives now, so hopefully they wise up.

  • Jennifer says:

    This is precisely why I don’t sign up for free stuff that automatically enrolls you in their monthly subscription. I have had problems in the past trying to cancel. It is too much hassle just to get something for free. From a business standpoint, I think they offer a free box/month of something as an incentive to sign up for the actual subscription. If 10,000 people sign up JUST to get something for FREE then their system is going to get backlogged with 10,000 cancelations. However, if only 500 people sign up for the actual subscription it is easier to manage.

  • Karen says:

    We’ve been getting Kiwi crates for almost two years now and we love them! My daughter looks forward to getting her “craft kit” every month. I love that she can often figure out how to do things herself even though she can’t read yet.

    I’ve had to contact customer service a couple of times via email, though never about canceling since I am an extremely satisfied customer, and have been quite pleased with the speed of their response. I wonder what’s going on there.

  • Pam says:

    We had a subscription a few years ago and my son really loved them. If there was nothing going on he’d ask to do a project from his “boxes.” However, now that he’s older, I find we don’t have the time to complete the projects due to school, sports, and family time, so I cancelled it and we work on the projects from previous boxes we didn’t finish here and there when we have free time.

  • Kathy says:

    I appreciate your review of this product. I’ve been on the fence about whether to subscribe or not. My budget is pretty tight and there are times I can afford an extra expense and times I can barely pay my bills for the month. Because of this, I am sure it would be likely I would need to cancel and resubscribe. Customer Service is so important when you run a business; and when you can’t reach them it is a poor business practice. I now know I won’t be subscribing to them because of your experience. Thanks again.

  • Tammy says:

    It’s unfortunate that (for many – not all) their customer service relies on the effect of public shaming to get questions answered and accounts taken care of. 🙁 Not everyone has Facebook or Twitter, and not everyone who has those wants to use them to take care of customer service issues.

    My daughter loves to do crafts, and I know she’d love to receive something like this in the mail but it seems overly expensive to me. Maybe I’ll have to hit up Hobby Lobby once a month and make up a box for her to do things. 🙂

  • Celia says:

    We got a subscription as a gift, but i really felt it would be better for children older than mine, (4,2).

  • Susan says:

    I’ve not subscribed to Kiwi Crate so I can’t speak to that company specifically.

    But just in general, subscription sales like this seem to be all the rage right now — clothes, toys, personal care products, book clubs, you name it. I steer clear of them altogether. I prefer to know exactly what the product is, then decide if I want to buy it or not. Had a bad experience with a book club a numbers of years ago, and I learned my lesson. Never again.

    Subscribing is super easy, but unless you are really diligent, there goes your money every month, automatically. It can be a real hassle to unsubscribe. Companies bank on people not cancelling their subscriptions.

  • Abbie Johnson says:

    We did the trial box. I wanted to see if it was something my daughter would like as a gift from grandparents. She loved it! I liked that all the supplies were included. I didn’t have to go dig out anything for her to complete the glow worm. But I had a bit of trouble when I went to cancel. I was annoyed a had to place a phone call and leave a message. Seems like email would be more effective. I didn’t get the email confirmation I expected so I called back a few days later and tried again. This time I got the cancellation confirmation. Then a few more days later I got an email saying they had accidentally already charged me for the next month, but they gave me the option of getting credit and no box or getting the box. I wonder if part of this was due to the high amount of people getting the sample and then canceling? I think it’s a fun idea and would probably try again. Did you know these are sold at target now?

  • Jill Jackson says:

    I also signed up for a trial. I kept it for two months and I CANNOT cancel my subscription!

    When I go into their update monthly subscriptions page, it will not let me change my subscription from active to cancel. It won’t work!

    I’ve sent a message through their Contact Us page. I know you mentioned that they requested customers to contact them via Facebook and Twitter…I think I’m one of the 5 billion people who do not use social media…now what?

    Their website won’t even allow me to remove my credit card.

    I guess this was a good idea in theory…

    Good news, if you like the product, but don’t like the service–the Kiwi Crates are available at Target!

  • Main Line Mom says:

    I think the Kiwi Crate product is fabulous, but very expensive for what it is. In addition, I have had a lot of trouble cancelling subscriptions. Their website does not allow you to “gift” subscriptions beginning with a specific box. If you want to do that, you either have to buy a single box or you have to buy a subscription that auto-renews. When I initially “gifted” Kiwi Crate in this way over a year ago, it was not clear to me at the time that it auto-renewed. Perhaps I am a busy mom that didn’t notice or perhaps they have made the auto-renew requirement clearer in the last year, but I think it’s a terrible practice. Also, it is hard to find a phone number, and they don’t respond to email very quickly (we’re in a 24/7 world, Kiwi Crate – take note). Finally, I directed the many Kiwi Crate emails to my junk folder, so I never saw the auto-renew notices. In short, the company has a lot of growing to do to be a real company. Unless you have the means to spend $400 on art supplies that you can get at Michaels for $40, please beware when you sign up – I’m several hundred dollars poorer partially because I’m a busy mom (my fault) but also because Kiwi Crate knows that and is trying to take advantage of that. I prefer to support companies that help make my job of raising my kids easier – not those that add to my to-do list.

  • Melissa says:

    Are they, by any chance, owned by the same people who own Citrus Lane? Because I had the exact same experience with Citrus Lane~tried to cancel, thought I had canceled, never heard anything, got charged for the next box, got frustrated, sent frustrated emails, finally got the charge reversed but still got the box…it turned me off from doing any of these subscription boxes again, even though this one sounds fun. I just don’t like the lack of accessibility these websites/phone numbers have, and I don’t like them just having my credit card number, to use even if I “tell” them not to…thanks for such an honest review, not all reviewers will tell us this stuff.

  • Sarah D says:

    We had kiwi crate for 10 months as a gift from my parents. We enjoyed doing the well thought out crafts & activities. Coming up to the Holiday season, we asked Mom to cancel our subscription. She followed the directions on the website & then was quickly charged for the next box. It took her calling several times to get it canceled.
    I will pass on that she wasn’t the only one taken advantaged of!

  • lisa a says:

    I’m still trying to get our 3 crates, that I ordered a month ago. 1 wrong one did arrive and I too am applauded by their lack of contact information. I wrote on the “feedback” page bc that’s where “contact us” sends you. I called their number (had to google it as it’s not listed on their site-crazy, you’d think you were trying to contact Amazon!). Their vm sends you to ONE LINE, to cancel and says “we’ll miss you!”. So I just tweeted and fb’d…unreal!

  • Paul Nelson says:

    Thanks Crystal, for great review.

    Both my son and daughter were equally interested in the spin art project with cardboard rings, vials of paint and loved taking turns spinning the tops and creating fun psychedelic art. They also loved experimenting with the “color separation lab” where we got to mix different colors and see how they changed and morphed right before our eyes.

    Kiwi Crate really was a fun way for us all to be involved in something creative and also learn a little something along the way.

  • Elizabeth says:

    I am going through the exact same thing…I purchase the crates for many of the kids in my life, but cancelling or changing an order is IMPOSSIBLE. I was recently charged for three crates that I have tried to cancel three times. I am calling the number, leaving all of my information and it isn’t getting processed. It is very suspicious that you can order crates online in perpetuity, but cannot cancel? It is such a great product…but not worth the hassle.

  • Christine says:

    I’m thinking about trying this for my 8 year old. I wonder if I can purchase with a reloadable gift card that way they can’t take money from me if they fail to cancel when I ask them to. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Paige says:

    I have received 2 crates in the last 2 months and really like them. My daughter is almost three and we enjoy doing the projects together. I am a working Mom so sometimes on the weekends I am not sure what we can do together on days we don’t have plans and these crates are perfect. I have zero experience with canceling but I enjoy the kits and the bonding time with my daughter when we use them.

  • Tonya L says:

    We homeschool, so in August, I paid for an entire year in advance for both a Tinkercrate & Doodlecrate subscription for my children. Silly me. We received the August boxes without any issues, but so far, the September crates have not even shipped, two weeks past their promised ship date! I was not notified of this delay. When I finally got a reply from customer service, I was promised that they would ship this week. Nope, they did not. I’m about 2 seconds away from canceling my entire subscriptions and filing for a full refund. I’m very frustrated with this company and have lost confidence in them. Just a simple explanation and a firm rescheduled ship date would have sufficed, but I can’t even get that.

  • Dionne says:

    Hi I am thinking of getting my nephew one as a gift. He is 8 but quite smart (in my proud aunt opinion). I’m not sure if I should go with the kiwi crate or the next one up for 9-14 year olds? Any suggestions ? If the kiwi crate is recommended for 5-8 would it be too young for a mature 8 year old?

    • Melissa says:

      Go with Tinker. Kiwi will skew too young for him. However, I caution you against subscribing in the first place.

      My very scientific 6 yr old liked Tinker projects, but we started doing more experimenting on our own. So, I tried to cancel, but they’ve charged me for 2 months that I didn’t order! So frustrated with them. My account on their site (when viewed on my mobile phone) showed no active subscriptions after I cancelled, so I thought it was taken care of. Then I was charged again. They just emailed me to say that although my account on their mobile site showed NO ACTIVE SUBSCRIPTIONS that I should have checked on desktop because I did have an active subscription after all. What? How? If the site on mobile showed no subscriptions how could they possibly think it’s OK to charge me? There is no way in 2015 that any company should mislead customers like this.

    • Amy says:

      I wouldn’t recommend this box. You can take him to the park, pool, or zoo and get more for your money.

  • Jeff Abbott says:

    I have a freight shipping company and if someone is unhappy with service,we don’t charge them or give their money back….The worse thing in business is that you make people chase you to cancel a subscription you really didn’t want anyways….The first few projects for tinker crate/kiwi crate or whatever name they are going by,was ok,but just then when we went to cancel,they didn’t and kept billing me…So they earn a trip to the Rip Off Report if they keep hitting my card…Simply put either adhere to my request to CANCEL or I will utilize the web to put out the way how you “fleece” people for the extra $20 payment,get them made and then cause this…..

  • Christine Judd says:

    We’ve used Kiwi Crate too, and had a lot trouble canceling the subscription. We were charged after canceling. This was after a 3 month paid subscription. My 6 year old enjoyed them, but I just decided to get some more good quality art supplies on a regular basis, and art books.

    One subscription box that was very easy to cancel was the Groovy Lab in a Box subscription. It is for older kids, 8-14 maybe? My oldest son enjoyed it.

  • Kendall says:

    Here’s a tip that new subscribers might try:
    I ordered the 3 different 3 month kiwi crate subscriptions for my 3 kids. I ordered them as a GIFT instead of the “GET IT” because I noticed that if you choose the “GET IT,” the fine print states that the subscription will renew automatically. So by gifting it to my own kids, it shouldn’t renew. Also another thing I liked by gifting it, is that you can pay through PAY PAL, which also should prevent the subscription from auto renewing. Hope this helps some people out.

  • Travis says:

    Thanks so much for the review

  • Zoe says:

    I ordered a 3 month doodle crate gift subscription. It was a gift and only a gift for 3 months. I heard from my sister that a 4th box arrived. Apparently, there was some fine print that I did not see that made it auto renew. I did not notice the email that was sent telling me that more boxes would ship at the most expensive price. Shouldn’t a 3 month gift be just that? I had my husband review all of the information sent and he thought it was clearly 3 months. I will never order from them again and I will tell as many people as I can that it is not worth the frustration to order from this company.

  • deanna says:

    Worst customer service ever. It just goes to show you have to research EVERY company no matter how popular they are or how many advertisers they pay. The experience of ordering a subscription online seems straight forward and easy, but when the box never arrives and then they start lying to you and making up different ship dates and excuses as to why they didn’t ship it the process becomes infuriating. They are fast to take your money and slow to never on delivering a product. This is compounded by the fact there is now customer service person to speak with on the phone. I would recommend anyone interested in giving a children’s gift subscription try another company, there are a few others out there.

  • Rosemarie says:

    I wish I would have seen the complaints on this website before I signed up and cancelled, saving me the hassle. I ordered Tinkercrate for my 4 yr old and 8yr old. They never sent a crate for my 4 yr old even though I had asked where my crate was. I was told that it was coming. When I asked to cancel as they never shipped for the month, they said it was a computer glitch. I should not have to cancel my subscription and ask for a refund for someone to do their job and help. There is no phone number to contact them and its like you have to threaten them to get help. It took corresponding them 3 times to get help. Its a shame as its a nice service. They just need to work on their customer service department. *sigh

  • D A says:

    I came across Kiwi Crate recently and thought we’d give it a try. I’m always looking for ways to inspire our two five-year-olds. I took the initial steps to obtain our first trial box, but then had second thoughts when I saw the price of shipping to Toronto. A couple of days later I received an offer for free shipping, so I figured I’d move ahead with the subscription. However, I could not add the free shipping on to my order. I sent a message to customer service and they told me that there were no free shipping offers active at the moment. To that I responded with the email clearly offering free shipping. Again about a week later an unapologetic email explaining that the free shipping offer is valid only in the US (then why did you send it, and why no fine print?). Suffice to say I’ll find a supplier with better customer service and attention to detail.

  • Sheri says:

    I had a kiwi and tinker crate subscription for my daughter. I also decided to try them out with the children I tutor. This ended being a big mistake. When I added the crates for my tutored kids, kiwi simply stopped sending my daughter’s crates for no apparent reason. I emailed them repeatedly with no response, then decided to buy 1 last single crate for my daughter.

    Kiwi Crate does look like a good idea, but most of their projects I’ve been able to find on Amazon. Much better quality and for about half the price. I ended up purchasing the rest of my kits from Amazon, and the kids had a blast.

  • M Stew says:

    Ordered a tinkercrate for 10 yr old grandson. It was a craft in our opinion not a tinkercrate, which on their website looks like building things. I emailed customer service. They never answered my query as it being a craft. Just told me their kits were tested by hundreds of kids. I cancelled the subscription. Immediately received an email saying it was cancelled. I will look on Amazon via the suggestions in your readers comments. I would not refer anyone to buy from them.

  • Jeremy says:

    Thank you for doing this.

  • sandra slater says:

    Is it just me, or do others feel that the “age range 5-8” is too much? I would like to see a 5-6 range; a 7-8 range because there really is a BIG difference between 5 year old’s interests and a 7 or 8 yer old’s interest.

    • Melissa says:

      Agreed! Also, why is their site lacking a Contact Us or Review section? My child and I are working on our first Kiwi Crate box and the directions are absolutely terrible!

    • Darlene Irvin says:

      Absolutely. How much of the project can a kindergartner handle?

  • Andrea Montano says:

    I am having a nightmare right now with tinkercrate and doodlecrate customer service. 3 months of getting crated and 3 months of issue. Every month an excuse and there customer service is awful. Ive emailed and asked for a phone call or a supervisor or just for someone to actually read the emails and to no avail. UGH!!! Just thought I’d share in case anyone else is thinking of trying.

    • Kristyn says:

      Have you found a phone number for customer service yet by chance? I’d like to contact them via phone, but can’t find the phone number anywhere on their site, facebook, etc.

    • Nana Jeanne says:

      I like the kits very much. My granddaughter age 4 and grandson age 6 like them a lot. However, they are NOT able to work on the kits by themselves.
      But we enjoy doing them together.
      Since my grandkids were visiting for the summer I ordered the age appropriate kits for 3 months.
      For some reason my 3 month subscriptions were renewed and I began getting more kits that I did not subscribe to. Also having trouble getting a response from customer service.
      Thanks, Annella for posting the phone number. I’ll try that route.

      • Susie Warren says:

        Same thing happened to me. I ordered for my grandchildren for Christmas a three month gift and it was automatically renewed as well. They said they can’t cancel mid subscription I’d have to wait till the end of may. I will not be recommending this to anyone. I’m a teacher who has recommended for my students.

  • Beth JK says:

    I’ve usually had pretty good response from their customer service. I tend to buy year-long subscriptions and just request that it be a “gift subscription” that doesn’t renew. I’m used to subscriptions being a little wonky on a monthly basis and I hate dealing with them. Not to mention, of course, that year-long is usually a much better deal.

    My family has two kids and two subscriptions, which has also made things a little odd where we have accidentally gotten two kiwi crates instead of one kiwi and one koala (the 3-4 yr box that we have ordered). However, they have always fixed the issue and allowed us to keep the accidental box, which is good, since kids rip into the boxes as soon as they see them.

    In general, I recommend the company and the boxes. We’ve always loved them and found them highly worth the price. Customer service isn’t perfect, but it is equal or better than the average subscription customer service that I’ve seen in other companies.

  • Kiwimom says:

    If I order both of my children a tinker crate will they get the exact same thing each month in their boxes?

    • Becca says:

      Absolutely not! We have three year old twins. We have two subscriptions. The girls received this as a Christmas present. December = two different boxes. I emailed to tell them that this wouldn’t work because you can’t tell two three year olds that they each can’t have the same thing. They promised they would try and send the same two boxes for January. January = two different boxes. I contacted customer service and they said that their business model cannot guarantee that the same two boxes be sent. They asked if I would wait until February to see if they could manage to send the same two boxes. February = two different boxes. Customer service said that there was nothing they could do and they cancelled our subscription. It’s all too bad because its a high quality product. Their business model cannot accommodate two children of the same age in the same house.

      • Dr. Shannon says:

        Thanks for the review. I’m a mom with 12 year old twin daughters & would love to subscribe to this product. I would purchase a 9-16 year old doodle & a 5-8 year old for my younger twin. She’s mild autistic so I feel she would understand the younger version better. After reading the reviews, have decided to wait before subscribing. I would be furious if I ran into customer service issues & I’m spending my money.

        • Mary Wolfe says:

          I just ordered my first crate for my 9 year old grandson. I am doing the monthly subscription. I hope it works out.

    • Valerie Slifer says:

      Yes, unless you choose different crates.

  • Stephanie Eakins says:

    I have been sending Kiwi crate to my niece (who just turned 8 in August) off and on since last Christmas. She LOVES it so I just ordered her a 12 month subscription for her Christmas present this year.
    I liked having the option to pick and choose when I sent them to her and I fortunately never had any issues (as long as I went into my account prior to the due date).
    I also like having the option to pick and choose between the crates since she is getting closer to 9.

  • Carol Tedford says:

    I got my 3 kids the crates Kiwi Crate, Doodle Crate and Tinker Crate for Crristmas from my dad for 3 months…seriously now hoping I don’t regret it with the cancellation problem you posted about!! I ordered them this morning!

  • Do you have a Kiwi Crate in Canada?

  • Susan Moon says:

    I am currently having a problem with Koala Crate customer service via email. It is as if the response is computer generated, because none of my questions seem to be answered with virtually anything but, “Are you wanting to purchase another 12 months?” Which is completely unclear communication given the simple questions I had. I am trying to renew a subscription that briefly lapsed due to my credit card expiring. I updated my credit card info as I was instructed to do when I received notification. While my profile says the account is active now, my child has not received any new crates. I merely have a few simple questions about nature of the subscription before answering yes to the robo-question. We really love the product; the activities are so hands on and my child has a something cute and useful to show for his work each time. I am surprised the genius of the product does not carry over to company practices.

  • NG says:

    Pretty terrible service. Charged me without shipping a crate. No phone number for service. When I contacted them through email, they offered no apology or explanation for the delay in shipping other than they’re trying to catch up on holiday shipping. Seems to me, you take a box off the shelf and slap a label on it. Not hard and shouldn’t take days and days AFTER a customer has already been charged. They offered no gesture of goodwill and made no attempt whatsoever to solve the problem. My guess is, they didn’t actually have any crates available to ship. Finally, I had to cancel my order entirely. Extremely disappointed. Don’t do it.

  • Carol says:

    I agree with all the negative responses regarding Kiwi Crate! I’ve experienced cancellation problems for the past 3 months. I ordered the crate because I thought I was getting a special deal through Family Fun Magazine (November 2916). I got no special discount and my credit card was charged $19.95 for one crate. I cancelled following their website’s instructions in November. I was charged another $19.95 in December so once again I cancelled using their website. Each time I received an email saying it was cancelled. Then again on January 3 I was charged again! Supposedly another crate is on it’s way. I have now spent $60.00 on 3 of their crates! Highway robbery! I finally called their so-called “customer service” and was treated to a completely unapologetic response. I won’t bore you with his bizarre explanation of what happened but according to him it was all my fault! I’m thinking of contacting the Better Business Bureau about this company. I don’t know how to get them to stop using my credit card info.

    • Missy says:

      I am thinking that the way to avoid (although you shouldn’t have to) being charged for additional months, is to do it as a gift sub, then “it says” it won’t auto renew. I don’t know that they follow that either, because I just purchased mine, hopefully they do as they say!

    • Isla Laslow says:

      Call your credit card company and tell them you are being charged without your permission. Talk to the people in FRAUD.

  • Suzanne says:

    I have had trouble with them as well. I ordered 7 of my 16 grandchildren crates for Christmas when they offered a Black Friday sale on November 25, 2016, supposedly for $7.95. they said I ordered off the wrong page of their website and charged me $12.95/crate. Then they did not send the correct crates after we had gone back and forth with getting my order correct (that continues to be a problem as 2 crates are still not what I ordered) all crates were shipped in one box, fine no big deal, but it was addressed to one of the children not to me so I thought it was one gift. A week later when the other crates had not arrived I thought I better open it and see, that is when I discovered the others where in there. AND they were ALL the wrong crates! They said I could keep those crates and re gift them and that they would rush ship the correct ones (this was now December 18th) when I asked them for a tracking number they said they didn’t get one, I thought it was due to Chrstmas and Rush shipping, so ok, I will give them that. Well, to make a long story shorter ? we had to go shopping on Christmas eve for 5 grandchildren! They did resend the order, which Arrived the first week in January…..but 2 were not what I ordered nor were the books in the order that went with 2 different crates!!! I will never order from them again, unfortunately, as one of my granddaughters really enjoyed her crate. I do want to say they mailed the 2 out of state crates in a timely manner and they were correct!

  • Missy says:

    I am currently having several issues.
    1. I tried ordering 6 subscriptions with “30% off your order if you signed up for the news letter” What that really means is 30% off the first month of each subscription, not the total.
    2. My order only went through for 1 subscription but was charged for 4 subscriptions without any discount. Sent them an e-mail, and they replied that they had given me credits for the charged subscriptions that didn’t actually go through and when I go back and reorder the others( yay get to enter all that info again) it will automatically give me the credits toward the purchase- great! A pain, but ok it will all work out in the wash, right??
    3. I replace the orders and it only subtracts $60.00 off of my credit balance. I have informed them that I want that credited back to my credit card (because if this is going to be like this every time, no matter how great this is, I won’t be ordering them again! So I am currently waiting for them to resolve this problem. I also don’t like that I can’t call them with issues. This is too bad because I have heard they are great and I think it is a cool idea!

  • Carole Melton says:

    I too am having trouble with customer service I can’t get them to cancel my subscription nor cancel the automatic renewal clause !! I’m now out over $240+! Credit card company has offered to block the company but with so many names I hope it can be done!
    I called to Mountain View CA and had to leave a message as all operators are busy!!! BS they don’t want to talk with anyone! Notifying Better Business Bureau & CA attorney Generals office! USPO for mail fraud as well!

  • Joanna says:

    I just ordered a 6 month subscription, and there was the option to do it as a gift. If you choose the gift option, they charge your card one time instead of ongoing. After reading your review, I’m glad I checked the gift option, even though it’s being sent to my house for my daughters.

    We have already received our first box, and it was a total hit at our house. (We ordered Tinker Crate which is for older kids). I thought my 10yo would be the most interested, but it was actually my 14yo who was excited about putting it together.

  • susan says:

    JUST CALL your credit card and tell them that you cancelled your order they will give you an instant credit…keep proof of your attempted contact with the company.

  • Heather says:

    I have a gift subscription for a 10 year old friend. We ordered him a 12 month subscription of the tinker crate. His first crate arrived and he loved it. It wasnt until 1.5 months later that we received the second crate. It is now more than a month later and the third crate hasn’t arrived. The problem is now my friend asks daily if I know where his crate is. This is a bad business model. It shows children irresponsibility. I have contacted customer service and they claim that it is my fault for ordering at the time I ordered. But I ordered 2 months before the first crate arrived. One would think they could send them in a timely manner. I tried cancelling and getting a refund so that I could get my friend something more dependable but they refuse to cancel my subscription.

  • Leslie Shafer says:

    All of these comments are so disappointing! I was going to order this for my son for his 12th birthday. NOPE! Not now. I don’t need this kind of hassle!
    Thank you all for the heads up!

  • Rachelle says:

    We are new customers and received an incomplete product our first shipment. My son was very sad. It took 2 business days to receive a response (no phone # to call for problems). And won’t have the part 10 days after the receipt of the initial package. I find this quite unacceptable this day and age, when there are too many companies with more responsive customer service.

    I will try Little Passports.

  • Betty-Kay says:

    I ordered the Tinker Crate today for my son. I was a bit distracted and accidentally ordered TWO 1 year subscriptions, which cost a little of $400. Oopppsssss I emailed customer service immediately. They responded the same day and canceled my order and voided the charge. We haven’t gotten our first crate yet, but I was very happy with their response in the same day.

  • Patsy says:

    I am so glad that I did this research before ordering the Koala Crate for my grand daughter! I certainly don’t need the kind of hassle that others have experienced. Such a shame, because it is a fantastic idea, and one which I know my grand daughter would enjoy.

  • Wendy says:

    We received kiwi and koala crates as a gift. We loved it so much we purchased a whole year for both our kids in advance. First they sent the crates separately so 1 kid was always disappointed and had to wait. After several phone calls, emails and becoming extremely frustrated they finally figured out how to send them in one box to arrive at the same time. At the time they also sent me a preview email telling me what was coming. I loved this because as a homeschool family I could plan curriculum around the crates. For some reason we no longer receive these emails. After a few months I began having problems with receiving our crates again. They would send an email saying it was coming on a certain day. Over a 2 week period that day was pushed back 3-4 times. Now instead of telling my kids when they are coming I let it be a surprise. Overall the product is great. We love what we receive, it’s getting it and dealing with customer service that’s a complete nightmare. Because of the headache and heartbreak I doubt we’ll renew for another year.

  • Tamanna says:

    I cannot thank you enough for this. i am so glad i did my research before ordering anything from them.

    • Loree CLAPHAM says:

      I have done 12mo sub for the Loot Crate for my 13yr old nephew and Doodle Crate for my 10yr old niece for the past 2 xmas’s. They LOVE their crates! My brother dreads due dates because they get so excited when the crates are due it drives him crazy! This xmas season, while my niece was trying to convince my sister to get her a hoverboard and my nephew wanted something electronic, Ipiped in and asked what they wanted for xmas from Aunt Loree(me). Without missing a beat they both yelled “Crates”. Boom. Xmas shopping done! Seriously, I am a Pediatric RN and all I heard from my little guys was “Loot crate this and Loot crate that” so i decided to try it-afterall, what a genus idea! What kid doesnt like getting packages in the mail, especially if the package is something you absolutely love-for my niece, who is a little artist, the Doodle Crate is perfect! She gets all the supplies to make a really quality project with enough extra to come up with her own “projects”. And I win because they call me to tell me what they got in that months crates and i get to hear the excitement in their voices. I, too, hate to hear about others negative issues with the service, but I honestly think they could send a crate full of homework and the kids would make something out of it! And when I figure that I spend less than $200 each for the crates and I know I would spend so much more on them AND they wouldn’t get a monthly surprise, then its really a win-win for the kids and for me! I do know, however, that there are TONS of companies doing subscription crates now. Maybe, if you are leary of this company, you could find something else your little bug would enjoy with better reviews. I have had zero issues with either crate service so as long as they want crates and I dont have to try to outdo my sister on gift ideas (this one made ME the favorite Aunt for the past 2 years lol) then a couple sub crates will be delivered to them monthly. (They even have crates for kids in College!) But really, Google Subscription Crates and have fun. There are crates for pregnant moms to family pets to newborn to the hunter to the cook, it never ends. Good luck!

  • Julia Hancock says:

    May I suggest magic School bus experiment science kit subscription. It’s awesome. About 7 experiments in each kit. Most materials needed are provided (ie. Even salt and sand). We all know they match a video or two as well that are easily found on YouTube or library. Email beforehand with printable certificate and online extras. Some experiments are easy some are cool… best for ages 5-8 . It’s wonderful and I had found a half price deal somewhere so it can be gotten for $110 instead of $220. Go for it. We homeschooled with it.

  • Nancy says:

    Sure wish I read the reviews prior to ordering 2 Subscriptions! The first grandchild had no problems! The second subscription in all honesty was ordered incorrectly by me! Thought it was a simple fix. Awesome customer service first call. Now 3+ weeks in to this the Crate which supposedly has been expedited twice (mind you I was chargedright away) they just never bothered to ship!!! Now I’m told the reason there was a week delay in the shipping the second time was because they moved their wharehouse! Unsure how that became my problem! He must have been aware of that fact when I was told a week ago would go out & be expedited with 2-5 day delivery! Tomorrow will be day 8 STILL NO CRATE! I have now called 6 seperate times to reach people that give great lip service just no follow through!!! The two subscriptions were MY LAST!!!!

  • Yolanda Mamacita says:

    All these complaints about the company refusing to cancel their subscriptions. Is there anyone here that knows how to call their bank or credit card company, explain they’ve repeatedly asked the company to cease, and request a stop payment? I know it works. I’ve used it a few times in the past, once against a household company that did this very same thing! I agree the company should so as promised, but they don’t, so take a little initiative yourselves! Also, yes, I’d do a BBB report. Companies don’t like bad reports, well, reputable companies don’t, anyway.

  • Anne N. says:

    I read your review prior to signing up with them. I knew to make sure I canceled in the time frame, and I even received an email confirming my cancellation (6 weeks ago). But they charged me for another 3 month subscription! I don’t recommend this company to anyone. Sadly because they have some nice productions, but this hassle isn’t worth it.

  • Rachelle Unruh says:

    I ordered a 12 month subscription for my boys to share in Canada. The first crate took a month to get here but they do warn on the website that international orders can take longer and can get stuck in customs. My boys LOVED their first Tinker Crate and can hardly wait to get the next one. However, they sent me an e-mail on May 3rd saying their May crate had shipped but we haven’t had any updates since then. They estimate that we should receive it today but, according to the USPS tracking number, they have only sent in pre-shipment info and the crate hasn’t even left the warehouse yet. I called customer service (1-800-714-4828) and spoke to a representative. She apologized profusely and was very easy to deal with. She said she would send an e-mail with my order info to the warehouse and to her manager to be sure that this issue gets dealt with. Apparently they have been having a lot of issues with shipments going to Canada. She said to expect an e-mail with a new tracking # and to expect our next crate next week. Hopefully she follows through!

  • Shelley says:

    I saw this company’s ad on Facebook and was very excited until I read these reviews. Being the sort of person who needs to judge first hand, I called them. I called the number provided by another reviewer. I just ordered the 6 month gift subscription for the 9-16+ crates for my son’s 35th birthday. I got a very delightful and helpful customer service person. She explained the somewhat confusing subscription program to me and it made sense to order the non- renewing gift subscription. I must say that this was one of the easiest, pleasantist, and most helpful customer service experiences I’ve had in a long time. I just ordered the 6 month gift subscription for my son’s 35th birthday. I am hoping that the follow through is as good as the customer service was.

  • Gramma Anna says:

    I appreciate you doing this. I saw the posting on Facebook and i wanted to hear other comments and saw your article. I like the idea of the boxes especially since my daughter will be homeschooling her two young kids ( my grand-babies 🙂 ) I think this will be fun and i don’t think i would be cancelling anytime soon so i can give it a shot. I like that your kids enjoyed it and can’t wait to hear what new things my grand-babies have made. I will keep you posted.

  • Katrina says:

    It’s so sad reading all of these comments. My son received a 12 month subscription for Christmas and we have had zero issues! He’s always excited when the box shows up and immediately starts in on his project.

  • Belinda Manning says:

    I ordered this as a gift for my grandson. I paid for expedited shipping and checked the box for the first shipment to be sent to my home. Luckily…or maybe not…my husband suggested I do the 3months to try before committing to the year. I just received notice that the box has shipped. This places delivery outside the date for “estimated delivery”. Additionally there will be no one at their residence to receive it because they will be here until the end of August. Unfortunately, I should have read comments on other sites, rather than just reviews. I am terribly disappointed and sad because this seemed like such a good idea…a great product and would solve a huge gift giving challenge. If it worked. I am not willing to deal with customer service issues on a continuing basis though. It’s just not acceptable.

    • Meg says:

      Oh no! I’m so sorry that happened! -Meg, MSM Team

      • Belinda Manning says:

        This morning I received a response from Kiwi Co. …Tinker Crate. Before I post their response, I must say that it is ALWAYS highly possible that I did not check appropriate boxes and I will own that. I am, however, thankful that no matter who was in err, this company will not allow for a little boy (really somewhere between little boy and young man); and his grandmom to be disappointed on his birthday. For me, that is what matters here and says a lot about who this
        company is. I will contact them and work out the financial aspects to ensure that the scales are balanced contractually; but the “heart of the matter” is resolved. For me, that is the most important part of this relationship because next to my children, their children are the most important things to me. I think this gift will light up his world. I’m looking forward to it. I’ll let you know.

        Here is the company response:

        “Hi Belinda,

        Thank you for reaching out to Tinker Crate – we’re so sorry to hear about this issue!

        Unfortunately, the 3-month subscription for Alexander did not come through with the “first crate to me” designation. We also show free shipping, so the first crate was not expedited. So the first crate (Spin Art Machine) is currently on the way to Cherry Hill.

        I will have a replacement crate (Planetarium) shipped out to your billing address via expedited mail. This replacement will ship out early next week via 2-day shipping. Then, subsequent crates will ship directly to Alexander at the beginning of September and beginning of October.

        We do hope that this subscription is a hit! Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to make this right!”

        Thanks Kiwi Co.!

      • Belinda Manning says:

        This morning I received a response from Kiwi Co. …Tinker Crate. Before I post their response, I must say that it is ALWAYS highly possible that I did not check appropriate boxes and I will own that. I am, however, thankful that no matter who was in err, this company will not allow for a little boy (really somewhere between little boy and young man); and his grandmom to be disappointed on his birthday. For me, that is what matters here and says a lot about who this company is. I will contact them and work out the financial aspects to ensure that the scales are balanced contractually; but the “heart of the matter” is resolved. For me, that is the most important part of this relationship because next to my children, their children are the most important things to me. I think this gift will light up his world. I’m looking forward to it. I’ll let you know.

        “Hi Belinda,

        Thank you for reaching out to Tinker Crate – we’re so sorry to hear about this issue!

        Unfortunately, the 3-month subscription for Alexander did not come through with the “first crate to me” designation. We also show free shipping, so the first crate was not expedited. So the first crate (Spin Art Machine) is currently on the way to Cherry Hill.

        I will have a replacement crate (Planetarium) shipped out to your billing address via expedited mail. This replacement will ship out early next week via 2-day shipping. Then, subsequent crates will ship directly to Alexander at the beginning of September and beginning of October.

        We do hope that this subscription is a hit! Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to make this right!”

  • Jo Anne says:

    I have 2 grandchildren ages 9 and 10. If I order them both Tinker Crate, will they receive the same projects each delivery?

  • Camille R. says:

    My son loves the Tinker Crates. We started receiving the kits in August and they have been a huge hit. My son loves reading all the information and putting the projects together. He is learning so much. We have had great experience with customer service. One of the boxes we received were damaged from the rain. I emailed the company and they shipped out a new one within a few days. Overall we love it 🙂

  • Elizabeth Dameron-Drew says:

    Beware. When you order a subscription for a set number of months it’s not actually just for that time. It is set to auto-renew and will keep charging your card beyond that time. Those terms are not clear.

    • Nana Jeanne says:

      This is exactly what happened to me. Can’t believe I missed where they said auto renew, must have been very SMALL print. I’ve been trying to cancel the auto renew boxes for months. Will contact my credit card company next.

  • W says:

    Don’t waste your time and $. We have received a kiwi crate and koala crate for 2 years. We just cancelled. The product is great the customer service is TERRIBLE!!!!!!. Every year they are supposed to send them together and every year it’s a fight. My kids look forward to them and when one gets it and the other doesn’t the one who didn’t receive a crate is hurt and upset. I call customer service, I get upset, and it takes several months for them to get it right. I’m done. I’ve cancelled. I’m going to buy them an art project or STEM project once a month instead. It’s not worth the heartache. Just avoid them altogether.

  • Alyson says:

    Totally agree with others here- THANK YOU FOR THESE REVIEWS! I was at the checkout and realized I couldn’t choose which Tinker Crate to order for my nephew- I know which ones he would want and which ones he would not. I was under the impression if you buy a 1 month gift, you get to choose the crate, but it didn’t seem like that was going to happen in the checkout process so I googled it how to choose it and arrived here. Definitely not completing checkout and not ordering from this company, but very disappointed about it. I really thought this would be a great gift. I also hate that they advertise promotions and discounts that mysteriously do not get applied to the cart. Sign up for email and get 30% off. Nope. Enter this code for a discount on your first order. Nope. Click here for 50% off your single month subscription. Nope. Place your order. NOPE!

  • Matthew says:

    It’s amazing how a positive post by the author can turn into such an onslaught of negativity. We have 10 year old twins (girl and boy) that get Doodle Crate and Tinker Crate. The projects are well designed and executed and my twins seem to have no issues doing the activities. We have never had a problem with shipping or had a need to contact customer service. My daughter seems to enjoy her Doodle Crate projects more than my son enjoys the Tinker Crates. She’ll do her project the day it arrives, he usually waits for a rainy day or until we remind him about it. Overall, it’s a unique way to give a gift once a month. All that to say, maybe you can try a 3 month subscription, and if not happy, then stop.

    • Grammy says:

      Perhaps the “onslaught of negativity” is because generous readers wanted to alert others to the substantial problems with customer service.
      You shouldn’t be surprised since discussion boards are designed for sharing information.

    • Matt says:

      “maybe you can try a 3 month subscription, and if not happy, then stop.” Well that’s exactly the problem: they DON’T stop when you expect them to. The reason it’s so frustrating is that the products ARE well designed and my kids do love them. But when a company charges my credit card without being totally clear that it’s going to happen, that leaves a really bad taste in my mouth. It’s a shame that the experience of getting such a nice product is being ruined by slimy business practices.

  • Darcy Ballentine says:

    Thought this was great, but now, not so much. Steer clear unless you want to commit. I tried their one month subscription for my two sons and four nieces and nephews. We all loved the kits, but I don’t think they are worth $20. I would consider a subscription for half that cost until I’ve had to deal with their customer service. I signed up for gift subscriptions and one month subscriptions for all children. Now I find out I’m signed up for 6 year long subscriptions and cannot get a refund since I didn’t call within 2 days of the boxes being shipped. That was on the 15th. My account wasn’t charged until the 23rd. There’s no way I would have been able to cancel within their time frame since I had signed up for one month subscriptions I didn’t look at my account page. They also say gift subscriptions are not renewable, but that is not true. All four of my gift subscriptions have renewed. I tried cancelling my subscriptions online. I had to select cancel 6 times for each account before the account cancelled. I’ve also tried emailing and calling, which took 20 mins to speak to someone. The customer service rep was nice but was unable to resolve my issue. When I asked to speak to a manager she said there weren’t any supervisors on the floor until this afternoon but would take my phone number and someone would call me back within 24 hours.

  • Mel says:

    I’m glad I read the comments but disappointed also. I was hoping to hear RAVING comments about how awesome the kits were…and it seems the kits aren’t the issue it’s customer service and billing! I definitely do not want to get swept into this, thank you all for posting your issues! It’s too bad because I even had my card out and was ready to order!

  • lucia johnson says:

    customer service is terrible!!! we joined last year and by no means made an annual commitment to the company (although there was apparently some well hidden agreement in the wording when we made the initial purchase, this was admitted by phone call with customer no service). they had $400 on hold for 5 days, then it cleared and now we wait to get the refund. all of this happened despite the fact that we changed our debit card that used to make the purchase!!!!! completely shady process, never again!

  • I took two 3 months subscriptions for my grands. Every aspect of my order was messed up. The first box was to come to me but it went to them. They were nice and sent a bonus box for each that I could give them for Christmas; only one arrived in time. Now, 3 months later I got a charge on my cc from them. When I contacted them, they said it was auto renew! I did not sign up for that and can only guess it was hidden in the fine print of the 3 month package. Even so, they never sent a receipt when they charged the card, I only found out from my credit card company. The product was a good idea but this company is a nightmare!

  • Alene Johnston says:

    My daughter received her first box from kiwi and she’s 10 she was upset with it she thought it was juvenile. She said it was more for little kids. I sent an email to the company and they responded that they will change her order for further shipping to a more mature content. Maybe a different create instead of kiwi.

  • Barbara Urban says:

    I was going to place an order but since the majority of the comments are negative I won’t take the chance on Kiwico. It’s a shame because my grandson and granddaughter would love these crates.

  • Stewart says:

    Yesterday (April 23rd) I purchased a 6 month GIFT order to myself because I’m always wary of renewal subscriptions. I want to believe that these companies would make more money if they didn’t have automatic renewal subscriptions.

    I’m concerned that, after reading a comment above, even gift orders are being renewed. I thought that a gift order was not renewed. If that is indeed the case then I am severely disappointed and will leave a bad review on this site, cancel my order with their company, call my credit company regarding fraudulent charges (because that’s what it is), and will leave a negative BBB company review.

    I’d like to purchase this as a gift for several other family members but will refuse to do so if I have ANY problems managing my money.

    • Cat says:

      Can you let us know how it went? I’m thinking about ordering but I want to know if gift orders are being renewed.

  • Anita F Brant says:

    I ordered 3-month subscription for 2 grandsons at Christmas. They continued to get more crates and I was getting charged every month. I tried e-mailing to rectify the situation. I can see the sent e-mails !!They say they did not receive any e-mails. It took me about an hour today to find the 800 number to talk to a live person to cancel my order. Of course, I won’t get back any of the money. BEWARE even though I thought I was ordering for 3 months only, there was some sort of automatic reordering !!! Just disgusted. Won’t order again from this company.

  • Shirley Looney says:

    I didn’t see the option for 9-16

  • Cyndi Raymond says:

    I just ordered 2 sets for my grandsons and hope to NOT have any problems with this company. I am cautious because of the negative comments but will try this to see for myself. I own large childcare center and whether I refer this to many others will depend on the product and customer service. I am hoping this works well so I can write a positive review.

  • Grandma Jo says:

    For 3 years, we have ordered Kiwi boxes for our grandchildren to share.
    They love the boxes and have learned to share responsibility and “fun” activities, as well as scientific principles.
    I have never had a negative issue with customer service.
    The boxes come to me about a month apart, I pay for them once a year, and I will continue to make this expenditure for many more years.
    I believe the benefits of the boxes to the children outweigh any potential hassles with the company.
    My advice is to order as a gift for a year. The children will love them and benefit, and with a year’s subscription there seem to be fewer problems.

  • Angela says:

    Kiwi crates are amazing! Such a great quality of materials. Everything is working once assembled and booklets are full with information and ideas. I have a problem with storage thought. We accumulated so many boxes and finished projects and my son refuses to get rid of any single bit. Do you have any system for storage?

  • Christina says:

    All right, so, I’ve read all of these negative comments. I’ve never gotten anything from this company before. I have 2 kids, ages 11 and 12, that I homeschool. These things would be a great asset to our learning activities — IF it all works properly without any major issues. Here’s what I’ve decided to do:: I’ve signed up for a “Monthly” subscription, and checked the “Gift” box. It is October now, so I will not TRY to renew or get anything next month (November). I will wait and see if the “Gift” renews automatically, and I will let you all know if I get charged again or get an additional box. (I’ve seen that a lot of people comment but most don’t tend to come back and let anyone know what has happened.) I’m going to bookmark this page so that I can let you all know how it goes.

    • Christina says:

      Okay, so we just got the Kiwi Crate (the tinker one that we ordered). On the box is a big red sticker that reads “This is your Last Crate.” My kids are working on putting it together. I’ll keep you posted as to whether or not we get one next month. The total for the one box came to about $26.00. I don’t know if it’s worth it to do it this way just based on the cost…

    • Amber says:

      Any update? I am curious.

      • Christina Lanier says:

        I’ve still not been charged for another box. I thin we ordered the first on the 18th, so I’ll post again after the 18th of this month to keep you updated. So far it looks like:: I ordered the monthly gift option and that’s all we’ve gotten and been charged for. One box, one month.

    • adri leslie says:

      thanks for your comment, I signed up with 2 discounts for 3 months (kiwi & koala). my question: will they renew with code discount? (I can’t afford continual crates without it) If I cancel, and re-up with new codes (eg-groupon) will our girls get the same 3 boxes they began with?
      please advise & thanks again

  • Emily says:

    We’ve been getting these crates monthly since June. I have three kids, 11, 9, and 7; so I get three boxes each month. LOVE them!!!! Materials are all prepped, instructions are clearly written, and my kids get VERY excited about each project. My oldest son’s last project had a light that didn’t work properly, so we emailed the company and we were immediately sent a replacement box free of charge. These projects have stirred creativity, problem solving, curiosity, and a love of learning in my kids; worth every penny.

    • Meg says:

      Yay! So glad to hear that. Thanks for sharing!! -Meg, MSM Team

    • Jenny says:

      Do you get the optional curated book to accompany the box? And is it worth the extra $10? Thank you!

      • Kimberly Harrison says:

        I order the curated book that accompanies each box. My Grandson who is 9 Loved the books too! He is 9. The first box was the Tinker box and was a kit to build a Paint spiral kit (Where the base spins and you drip paint in as it is spinning) and included a book on Physics. the 2nd box was the Planitarium box and included a book on constellations. My December 2018 box hadn’t shown up and i emailed the company and they responded quickly ON A SUNDAY and said they were expediting December box and then sent me another email saying “OH BY THE WAY, WE NOTICED THAT NOVEMBER’S BOX HASN’T SHIPPED) and they said they were shipping that one as well. (I did receive November’s box in November so i responded back that we had received it however they were sending it anyway). We will see when we get it. I haven’t received my tracking notice on it yet.

  • John R says:

    I had a 12-month Koala Crate subscription for my 4 (now 5) year old daughter.

    The crates were a fun activity for us to put together. Good for quality time. However, because of the hassle and SO MUCH wasted time on hold and talking with incompetent customer service agents, I cannot recommend these projects. You are better off making something on your own from scratch or finding another company that is reliable.

    The material in the crates is cheap and most of the projects fall apart after a few weeks of use. This caused a lot of disappointment with my daughter, especially since we had built them together.

    5 of the 12 crates never showed up. Another thing that she was excited about each month that led to disappointment. I had to call and ask them to send replacements. One of the five replacements never showed up and I had to have a replacement sent for the replacement.

    I suspect that part of the problem is the handoff between Fed Ex and the US Post Office. The company is trying to save money, but ends up providing a hugely sub-par experience for customers. They know this is a problem because they actually have a voice-jail # option to press for shipping issues.

    Each time you call, expect to spend 30 minutes up to an hour waiting on hold for a rep to help you.

    I learned to NEVER select the option for them to call you back (which is offered after about 15 minutes on hold) because it will disconnect you.

    Do not send an email, because the people replying do not have basic reading comprehension skills. When the last crate didn’t show up, I sent an email requesting that a replacement be sent. I provided the shipping ID number, and the tracking number, my name and all info.

    Their reply? Your subscription has ended, and you will receive no more crates.

    I would give them 1-star.

  • Nicole says:

    Is the appropriate for a 10-11 year old girl?

  • Ace1234 says:

    Hi. We really like TinkerCrate at our house.

    I ordered two 3 month subscriptions as Christmas gifts last year: TinkerCrate for my son, 12 at the time, and DoodleCrate for my daughter, 16 at the time. I opted to have the crates delivered in January, February and March. All of the crates arrived on time and included terrific projects. My son really liked his but my daughter was not as excited. The projects were interesting, but she was not interested in them if that makes sense. She discovered she is more of a sketch, draw, paint artist, so she gave her crate#2 (make a leather cover for a journal) and crate#3 (string of lanterns, I think) to the 12 year old who was quite delighted with this development.

    I ordered a 6 month subscription when my son’s 3 month subscription ran out. Our packages arrived in good shape, on time and with the necessary materials. My son looked forward to their arrival, and would want to build immediately whatever had been sent. The directions were clear enough to allow him to work independently which worked out well…. once, at a park program, I accidentally nailed a birdhouse to the work bench, but I digress 🙂

    As I said, we like TinkerCrate here. Our experience has been very positive. My son has been campaigning for renewal for Christmas.

  • We were gifted two sets of crates last Christmas, another for a birthday last year, and then all four of my kids were gifted three months again this Christmas. We have had really good experiences with all of our crates. Of course, some have been better or liked more than others. The ones we got this christmas did not get used as much as others in the past. I’m not sure yet whether it’s because they were mixed among all the other Christmas gifts or if it’s the actual projects. Overall though, I recommend this service IF you are going to get a 3 mo subscription or more. Otherwise, I’m not sure it’s worth the money unless you have plenty of money to spend and aren’t very crafty yourself. I do think the Tinker crates and the Kiwi crates are better than the other lines. But what is received in all the crates is age appropriate and neat things my kids are always excited about! Also, I did call customer service last year before ordering the first crates and had a good experience with minor wait times. They were knowledgeable and helpful. We’ve never missed a delivery. I highly recommend!

  • Mary Strupp says:

    I want to cancel my 2 subscriptions. They are 3 month subscriptions. I only intended the 3 months for grandkids Christmas presents. I wrote last week, no response other than you received my email.

  • heather karabelas says:

    I was disappointed that the first KIWI Crate that my granddaughter received had parts missing. She was unable to complete the project. The missing parts are being sent but it is not fun to work on a project and be unable to complete it.

    I thought the three extra boxes I ordered would be sent out each month but they have all arrived at the same time. I thought that they would be tracked over the months.

    • Deborah B Thompson says:

      I have had the same experience as Heather, above in that my grandson received the pencil sharpener, which was fabulous until he pulled the motor out of the crate and it had a broken wire, called to report twice, both times being promised by the recording that someone would call me back in 25 HOURS and finally did receive a call back mid January and the part was replaced… but the excitement of the project was lost and 3 weeks later he has not touched it to finish. Then a couple of days ago my granddaughter, 6, received an awesome medical project with body parts to make and a chart to place them on and one of the CHEAP connectors was missing on the stethoscope… why not just throw in a couple of extras instead of disappointing a child???? We love the crates, but if we are missing another piece I’ll be canceling our subscription. They have an awesome product (and I’m a retired teacher) but their quality control seems to lack a great deal… hopefully they’ll get that corrected

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