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145 Non-Toy Gifts for Every Age

Need creative non-toy gift ideas for kids of all ages? Check out this HUGE list of unique ideas for birthdays, Christmas, and more!

Guest post from Marci of Our Heavenly Home:

I’m willing to bet that you don’t need anymore toys laying around your house, right?!?

Whether it’s Christmas, a Birthday, or special occasion, there’s no reason you must give toys for a gift. Think outside the box a bit and I’m sure you’ll come up with a great non-toy gift to give.

Whether you create a themed gift basket using items listed below, or throw a few of the non-toy gifts into a gift bag, I’m sure they will be a welcome surprise for anyone on your gift list!

  1. Karate Class
  2. Books that you enjoyed as a child
  3. Zoo membership
  4. Trampoline
  5. Museum membership
  6. Sidewalk Chalk
  7. Swing set
  8. Donation to a Children’s Hospital or special cause in their name
  9. Savings bond
  10. Construction Paper
  11. Money deposited into savings or 529 account
  12. Clothing and shoes
  13. Children’s Cookbook
  14. Dinner date coupons (one on one time)
  15. Gift certificate to a cooking class
  16. Music Class for 1 session
  17. Arrange a family day at the bowling alley
  18. Cook a family dinner together
  19. Play Mat or Rug
  20. Movie Date at the Movie Theater
  21. Child’s Umbrella
  22. Drawing Pads
  23. Ride On Vehicle
  24. Water Table (use for kinetic sand in the winter)
  25. Scarf
  26. Work on a craft together and proudly display
  27. Gift Certificate to Favorite Restaurant
  28. New Christmas Ornament
  29. Horseback Riding Lessons
  30. Dress Up Clothes
  31. Add accessories to their fairy house
  32. A Radio
  33. Art Class for one Session
  34. Gift Certificate for favorite ice cream eatery
  35. Sheets and Comforter for Bed
  36. Spend the day with a friend at the skating rink
  37. Embroidery Floss
  38. Playing Cards (Uno, Go Fish, Regular Deck)
  39. Their favorite chefs cookbooks
  40. Your favorite books from your childhood
  41. Yearly Subscription to National Geographic
  42. Add necessities to their sporting gear
  43. Sandbox
  44. Beads for Crafts
  45. Gift Certificate to Paint Pottery
  46. Notebooks and Smell Markers
  47. Day out with a Friend For Skating
  48. Little Passports membership to explore the world
  49. Magic Tricks For Kids
  50. Head for a local kid or school theater for a play
  51. Your favorite movies (on dvd or blu-ray of course) from your childhood
  52. Gymnastics Class for 1 Session
  53. Cookie Cutters
  54. Dry Erase Boards & Markers
  55. I See Me! Personalized Book
  56. Kidorable Rain Boots (so cute!)
  57. Chick-Fil-A Gift Card
  58. Car Seat
  59. Amazon Prime Membership to stream movies and tv shows
  60. Snack Cups
  61. Yearly Subscription to Highlights Magazine
  62. Photo Album with pictures of the special kiddo
  63. Blanket
  64. Sign up for a library card
  65. iTunes Gift Card for Educational Apps
  66. Personalized Step Stool
  67. Colored Pencils
  68. Tickets to a age appropriate music concert
  69. Pair of Skechers Light up Shoes
  70. Finger Flashlight
  71. Fun Hat and Mittens
  72. A puppet theater
  73. Puzzles
  74. Fun Colored Belts
  75. Bicycle
  76. Finger Puppets
  77. Crochet Blanket
  78. Character Alarm Clock
  79. Kitchen Tools to help make meals
  80. Educated with a membership to
  81. Create a craft bin with supplies
  82. Pillow Pet
  83. Help your child create a Countdown Calendar for special event
  84. Diapers
  85. Markers
  86. Wipes
  87. Cooking Apron
  88. Writers Workshop (pencils, pens, notebook, journal)
  89. Bath Mirror for Bath Time
  90. Day out at the water park
  91. Go for a hike
  92. Crayons
  93. Membership to local attraction/amusement park
  94. Night out at a local hotel with a pool
  95. Candy Molds
  96. Drinking or Sippy Cups
  97. Teach a hobby of yours
  98. Funky Socks
  99. Create a coupon book
  100. Start a collection or add to an existing one
  101. Wendy’s Gift Card
  102. Spend a entire day baking and deliver the goods to friends and family
  103. Finger Paint
  104. At home movie night with dinner, snacks and dessert focused around the movie
  105. Popcorn Cart
  106. Potty Seat or Chair
  107. Squeaky shoes for toddlers
  108. Beanbag chair
  109. Science Kits
  110. Hat & Mittens
  111. Create a book on Shutterfly expressing your love
  112. Jewelry
  113. Bubbles
  114. Baseball Glove or Soccer Ball
  115. Book Shelf
  116. Karate Class
  117. Tickets to a Professional Sporting Event
  118. Crayons for Bath Tub
  119. Balloons
  120. Shadowbox of Keepsakes
  121. Book of handwritten notes of child’s “Silly Sayings” they’ve said over the years
  122. Night Light
  123. Pottery Kit
  124. Personalized Anywhere Chair
  125. Indoor Parachute
  126. Duct Tape
  127. Instrument
  128. Chalk board
  129. Outdoor Movie Theater Screen
  130. Slippers
  131. Sunglasses
  132. Nail Polish
  133. Hammock
  134. Drawing Paper
  135. Bag of Craft Supplies (Googly Eyes, Glitter, Popsicle Sticks, Cotton Balls)
  136. Bird Feeder and Seed (one of the best gifts we’ve ever received!)
  137. New Pajamas
  138. Stamps and Ink Pads
  139. Sleeping Bag
  140. Children’s Movies
  141. Sled
  142. Camping Tent
  143. Popsicle Molds
  144. Bubble Bath
  145. A treasure of yours that you would like to pass down

Do you have any items that you would add to the list?

You can find Marci Loehner sharing recipes for busy Moms at My Heavenly Recipes and DIY projects at Our Heavenly Home. You’ll find that each recipe and project is kid tested & Husband approved.

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  • c says:

    Any time you can share an experience (a play, movie, museum….) it is so much better than any STUFF you give.

  • Jenn says:

    I love all of these – we downsized our home recently and are trying to downsize our toys too so these ideas are really helpful. 🙂
    I also try to make my kids something every holiday and birthday that is exactly suited to what they are interested in and love playing with at the time! Sometimes I even rope my husband into some projects. By making gifts we have less “stuff” that doesn’t get used and we save money too. 🙂

    • I began making my children a gift each year, thinking they might not appreciate it, but they absolutely love it! Last year was matching PJ’s from a hand-me-down flannel sheet set. This year, I made bedside pocket organizers filled with chapstick, books, pens, & notecards. So fun!

  • Katie Arias says:

    Some great ideas! 🙂 Heads up ‘karate class’ is on there twice (#1, #116).

  • A few years ago, my daughter received an unfinished dollhouse and a few dolls & pieces of furniture for Christmas. It has been wonderful to work together designing it and painting, wallpapering, doing floors, trim, etc. Best of all, she receives tiny accessories as gifts for all occasions.
    Today, she had lost a tooth and found a tiny gingerbread dough, roller, & cutter accessory in the ‘tooth pillow’. Her stocking will have a wooden dresser (Dollar Tree) and tiny mantel clock & candleabra thanks to Michael’s clearance sale!

    • Mel says:

      Sounds nice! Are you familiar with Tasha Tudor’s dollhouse?
      Her family would create a Christmas party for the little house.

      • Thank you for that- we’ll have many more ideas from her! We have a mother/daughter trip planned to see the dollhouse at the Smithsonian & hopefully the one at Mt. Vernon, too. One of her gifts is a homemade D.C. ornament since the trip is the big gift!

    • G'ma Stacie says:

      When my granddaughter was expected, I started furnishing a dollhouse for her for when she got old enuff. Unfortunately, that turned out to be an inappropriate choice for her. But some of the free furnishings might be suitable for other girls. Every time I brush my teeth I see the toothpaste cap as a lamp shade. I formed a vase from Play Dough and a bouquet from baby’s breath I dried. The flowers last forever and the Play Dough also lasts forever if it’s allowed to dry out completely. I braided a rug out of a medium-heavy yarn for the floor and continued to keep an eye out for anything that resembled a miniature of anything. Now I’m waiting for a great granddaughter to have fun with.

  • kim says:

    Karate is on there twice… #1 & #116

  • Jen says:

    Great ideas! Curious if anyone has tried Brick Loot lego/building subscription?

  • Janet says:

    A cuddly bath towel!

  • Janet says:

    A personal child sized chair

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