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Cinnamon Roll Biscuits Recipe

I made this recipe last week using the Homemade Baking Mix and it was a total winner. Everyone in our family liked these and we had guests over and they raved about them, too.

Best of all? These are so simple to make. I timed myself and can have these in the oven in less than 15 minutes. Now that’s my kind of recipe — delicious, quick and even made with all whole-wheat flour!

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  • Emily Jo says:

    Oh my this sounds so good! I am definately going to be trying this!

  • Toni says:

    Thank you, my hubby will love these.

  • Katie H says:

    Oh these look amazing! and easy!! I need to schedule a freezer cooking day soon & try some of the great recipes you have posted! Hopefully in the next week or so I can do it. I will also be looking at your freezer recipes in order to get ideas to do freezer cooking for my sister who is expecting twins! I never know what will freeze well, so your posts help tremendously! Thanks!

    • Katrina says:

      Katie, I just had twins in February and I would be happy to give you ideas of things that worked really well for us! We were totally blessed by the help of our church family for the 8 weeks I was on bedrest and then about 4 weeks after the twins arrived (we also have a three year old). Let me know if I can help you with ideas to help your sister out. Trust me, she will LOVE you for the blessing!

  • Freebies says:

    I have made cinnamon roll biscuits before- so good!!

    We are gluten free and try to stay away from too many grains so I have modified the flour mix in these “almost grain free” scones into cinnamon roll biscuits before.


  • Christina says:

    on the list for Monday is your homemade baking mix! 🙂 so then I can make these yummy biscuits. 🙂 these will be great for Sunday school too – thanks so much for posting these! 🙂

  • Christy says:

    Where does the brown sugar come in? with the butter and cinnamon…I really want to make these! yummy!

  • Leigh Anne says:

    Since the homemade baking mix is a substitute for bisquick, do you think using bisquick in the place of the homemade baking mix would still work?

  • Bethany says:

    Thanks for posting this. These look amazing! I noticed that you grind your own flour for the baking mix and I’m curious about how to do that. Do I need to buy a flour mill or will a food processor work? Also, do you have any recommendations on what kind of wheat to grind? I currently buy the pre-ground high altitude whole wheat at Walmart. (We live at 5,800 feet above sea level.) Thanks for any tips you can offer!

  • Karla says:

    I have a question about the baking mix itself. I can’t add powdered milk to the mix b/c of my son’s food allergies. Can I leave it out or does anyone know of a substitute? Thanks!

    • Jen says:

      DariFree nondairy powder works well as a dairy free powdered milk substitute. It is a potato based milk replacer. 🙂

    • Doreen Sevestrean says:

      Yes, this is my version of the baking mix recipe and I prefer it with milk but I will confess I leave it out sometimes and they turn out just fine!
      Have fun making them

  • Pam says:

    Do you bake the cinnamon rolls then freeze or freeze then bake?

    • Crystal says:

      I haven’t frozen these. We’ve just eaten them straight from the oven. You could probably freeze before baking and then thaw and bake — I’ve not experimented with that yet, though.

  • Lisette says:

    Those look great!

  • Tracy says:

    I might be missing something, but what step do I add the brown sugar? I am in the middle of making them right now. I will try to add it to the cinn/butter. I am sure they’ll turn out, just wondered.

    Thanks and I love your site!

  • Can’t wait to try this! I love cinnamon rolls, but rarely make them because I like the yeast rolls that take all day to make. This sounds like a great alternative!

  • melissa says:

    A fun little trick I learned in high school home ec class (that’s what it was called back in the day) is to use a thread to cut your cinnamon rolls… slide it underneath, cross it over the top, and pull as if you’re trying to tie it (just don’t loop it through). It makes nice cuts without squishing the dough down. (Hopefully this makes sense.)

  • Robyn says:

    I am wondering what brand and what kind of coconut oil you use for the mix and where do you get it? Thanks 🙂

  • Tracy says:

    I have these made and sitting on my counter right now but i want to freeze some. Should I freeze them before i bake them or after?

  • Britni says:

    Do you think you could make the dough the night before and bake it in the morning? I was thinking about taking these to work on Monday but I wouldn’t have enough time to make them from start to finish.

  • Tracy says:

    Just finished a warm one that I made with Bisquick – very yummy. I froze half of them before baking – we’ll see if they turn out next time – they should.

  • Mari says:

    Yum! These look delicious!

  • jenny says:

    Crystal, what if I do not have or want to make the homemade baking mix. What else can I substitute for the mix?

  • Becky Steard says:

    I was just reading this recipe and noticed that you left out where to put the sugar. I am sure that it belongs with the cinnamon and butter. Just thought that you might want to know. Thanks for the recipe. I love cinnamon rolls but yeast seems to make me nervous so I am thrilled to be able to make these without using yeast.

  • Kristy says:

    Crystal- What is the Blueberry Muffin Recipe that you prefer? Thanks!

  • Kristina says:

    Does the baking mix recipe need gluten? I see that you grind your own, and I will be grinding my own as well. I have both hard white (higher gluten) and soft white (lower gluten- not good for yeast recipes, great for cakes and cookies) wheat. Which would you recommend I use? Thanks for the fun recipe- I look forward to trying it!

  • jeannie says:

    I make a baking mix but unlike this one and Bisquick I do not add the milk or fat so that when making biscuits , pancakes I can use the type of fat usually butter and also use sour milk. I use half oat flour (just whirl 5 cups of whole oats in the food processor till it is flour) . I find that oat flour in baked goods gives a really nice texture while making it whole grain. I have not tried this on yeast bread however.

  • Jennifer says:

    I made these with Bisquik today and they turned out great! I hope to make my own baking mix soon so I can have a healthier version next time! 🙂 I added a tablespoon of melted butter and 1 teaspoon of vanilla to our glaze and it was perfect! Great recipe!!!

  • Jen says:

    Thanks for the recipe! I have extra kids in the house this morning and made these for them – came out great, but it took quite a bit more time baking. I’d say I had them in the oven for 30 minutes at least. It’s rainy and humid here today and my oven is a pain in the petunia so maybe that’s the issue, but they were really yummy!

    I did half whole wheat and half white flour. I usually make yeasty cinnamon rolls, so the texture was very different, but they were gone by the end of breakfast! Thanks again!

  • Katrina says:

    My family can’t consume this whole pan at one time. I’m wondering if you could make these into separate rolls, freeze four or so for a serving, thaw, and bake?

  • Ellen says:

    I just tried this recipe using my own gluten free homemade baking mix and I must say that it is just totally awesome!! My non-gluten free boyfriend enjoyed them so much he ate 7 of them lol. I made the homemade baking mix as directed, but instead of regular flour I used my blend of brown rice flour, tapioca flour, potato starch and xanthum gum (binder). If anyone needs to know the parts of my flour blend let me know, would be happy to share. Thank you so very much Crystal for the awesome recipe!

  • Amy says:

    I used the Krusteaze brand baxing mix…I’m not satisfied with the results. I think I may have overbaked them, as I was looking for the traditional browning that occurs with regular dough. I ended up whipping up a big batch of homemade frosting to sweeten them up and letting the frosting melt over the rolls to help somewhat soften them. They are definitly not gooey good like I’m used to. I’ll keep experimenting with more butter and sugar, see if I can’t make it better another time around.

  • Busy Mom in AL says:

    You can also use the homemade baking mix to make one of the dozens of Bisquick Impossible Pie recipes!! Check the website for Bisquick. I have found that it works just fine and they are quick and easy and then you know that you are getting some healthy ingredients in there!

    Thanks Crystal for the idea for cinnamon rolls!! My mother-in-law requested for my daughter to bring homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast next time we visit and it will be a whole lot easier to carry baking mix and do it there rather than bring it!

  • Catrina says:

    Thank you for this recipe! Tonight I made up some of the baking mix in a gluten free version, and then made these delicious cinnamon rolls with it! The entire family went crazy over them! Thank you!
    I blogged about it here-

  • Becky says:

    I’ll have to try these, they look so quick and easy.

    Cinnamon rolls, though, need cream cheese frosting. 8 oz. cream cheese, maybe 1 Tbsp. milk, some vanilla, and enough powdered sugar to thicken. It’s not as frugal, but so worth it.

  • melissa says:

    What did I do wrong? It was SO sticky, I couldn’t work with it. I used margarine as my shortening in the baking mix. Was that it? I ended up using at least 5 cups of baking mix because as soon as I added the milk, I knew something didn’t add up. I used almost another cup of flour trying to roll the stuff out and then it still stuck like crazy as I cut them and tried to put them in the pan. Bummer. Hopefully they’ll still taste good!

    • Crystal says:

      The dough is somewhat sticky (you’ll need to add flour when rolling out), but margarine could definitely make a difference.

      • melissa says:

        Well, I brought them to a ladies brunch and they were a HIT! I added way more icing then the recipe made, but the biscuits were nice and light and fluffy. I think next time I’m going to try to not let my baking mix sit on the counter for long before I use it–maybe if the margarine is still partly frozen (or cold at least), it won’t get as sticky.

  • I have made these twice now, and they took significantly more baking time than the recipe stated (about 25 minutes total). Also, the first time, I put them in a 9×9 pan, and that did not work. They must go in a 9×13 pan. Mine also had a slightly bitter taste, and I’m wondering if it was the cream of tartar? What is the purpose of that ingredient; could I leave it out? Thanks for sharing. I’ll keep tweaking it ’til it’s perfect for my family.

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