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Category: Frugal Fun

What we did with the $10 extra in our grocery budget this week

Since we only spent $58.91 of our $70 weekly grocery budget this past week, I surprised the kids last night and told them they got to go to the store with me and pick out $3 each of whatever they wanted to go along with our dinner and Family Game Night last night.

The kids had the BEST time at the store looking at their options, comparing prices, and deciding what to get. (And taking a detour to check out the cake decorating designs!)

I gave very little input and, instead, just had fun watching them interact, analyze, and calculate totals.

In the end, sweet tea, Jell-O (we don’t usually buy it because of the food coloring), chocolate chip cookie dough, Milk Duds, and Lindt chocolate truffles won out.

And their total was $9.55 — which they were super proud of. Silas was all, “Now THAT is how you get good deals at the store!”

We came home and then they pretended to be me doing Instagram stories about my groceries (you can swipe right on this post to see their videos!)

Family fun and memory-making doesn’t have to cost a lot of money; it just requires a little bit of creativity and learning to make the ordinary (grocery shopping) into something special.

What are some of your family’s favorite frugal fun ideas? I’d love to hear!