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7 Easy Ways to Earn More Swagbucks

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Want to earn free gift cards from Swagbucks? I posted about How I Earned 70 Swagbucks the other day and a number of you asked me to share more information about how to earn more Swagbucks. Here are 7 ways to earn more Swagbucks:

1. Complete the To Do List Every Day

When you log into Swagbucks, look on the lefthand sidebar for your daily To Do list. You can click on each of the items on the list and it will take you directly to where you need to go to complete the task.

Most of these can be done in seconds and you’ll be awarded a bonus if you complete all of the tasks on your list each day.

Sarah says: “I absolutely love Swagbucks. The Amazon gift cards I earn from it pays for nearly all of the Christmas gifts we purchase as well as other household purchases throughout the year. I think everyone should give it a try.”

2. Check Your Swagbucks Inbox

Click on the little mailbox icon in the upper right corner and check your Swagbucks inbox. Usually, there are a least a few offers in there to earn easy Swagbucks — such as to watch a video and earn 1 SBs or to click on an article and earn 3 to 5 SBs.

I typically just click on anything email that is a 1-5 SB offer and then click through on it. You don’t want to take much time on these, but if you can earn a few SBs in less than 30 seconds or a minute, it might be worth it!

3. Play Videos in the Background While You Work

You can earn up to 500 SBs per day by watching videos. There are a number of different apps that will award you for watching videos. Currently, you’ll want to search for the following apps and download them from the app store:

  • Swagbucks Watch (TV)
  • EntertaiNow

You can also play videos directly on your desktop, but I think it’s much easier to play these through an app on your phone or device.

I would recommend making it a habit to start playing the videos at set times during the day when you don’t need your phone, but can have it near to you. I just turn off the sound and have the phone nearby me when I’m working on blog projects. You’ll want to check in on it periodically as sometimes it will stop playing or you’ll need to engage with the content or restart the videos to continue watching.

Christina says: “I LOVE swagbucks! Worst month, I make about $40. Best month, $120. Pays for all of our toiletries and then some. I run nCrave videos on my desktop, and run videos on my phone and tablet. Not much else.”

Karen says:  “Make sure you have the most up to date version of the app. If you don’t, it won’t let you earn points. I exclusively use the apps when I’m not using my phone or run them on another mobile device and it’s rare for me to not earn 50 SB a day from them.”

Do note that many of the videos are for movie trailers or other things that might not necessarily be family friendly. Also, keep in mind that playing videos will drain your phone battery, so it’s great to do this when you can have your phone plugged in.

4. Run the nCrave Videos in the Background

This is another easy way to earn Swagbucks that requires very little effort! Just click on the nCrave section (scroll down on the homepage to find it) and have these playing in the background while you are using your computer.

These will continue to play and earn points for you as long as you have the window open and periodically check in on the content and engage with it. Usually it will pop-up with a notice when you need to go engage with the content again for it to keep playing.

5. Book Your Travel Through Swagbucks

Do you purchase airline tickets or book hotels online? If so, you’ll want to check to see if you can purchase them through Swagbucks! They offer great cash back offers for many travel sites. And typically, when you book travel, it’s going to be at least a few hundred dollars — which means that your cash back can add up very quickly!

To book your travel, just go to the Shop section on the lefthand sidebar and then click on Travel. Click through on whatever travel site you are planning to purchase your tickets or book your hotel through. Since it takes a little while for Swagbucks to verify things, allow a week for your purchase to show up as pending in your account.

“Tip from Rachel: You get a 12 percent discount on your first $25 gift card you redeem every month. So I always redeem a $25 gift card at the beginning of the month (for 2200 SB instead of the typical 2500). And then I let the rest build up for birthday or Christmas gifts or for months when money is tight. Note that it does take a few days and sometimes more that to get the e-gift card sent to you.”

6. Refer Your Friends

Have any friends who might be interested in earning free gift cards with Swagbucks? If you encourage them to sign up with your referral code, you’ll earn 10% of their earnings — for life! So as long as they are earning Swagbucks, you’re earning Swagbucks!

Plus, they oftentimes run bonus offers where you can get an additional SBs bonus when they first sign up and earn SBs. (For instance, at the time I’m writing this blog post, you and your friend each earn an additional 300 SBs when they earn their first 300 SBs!)

7. Join the Swagbucks Swaggernauts Facebook Group

Karen submitted this tip and she said, “There is a Facebook group called Swagbucks Swaggernauts that is awesome! Be sure and read the pinned post at the top-it is full of tips and hints. Members also post new deals that worked and things to look for.”

What are your favorite ways to earn more Swagbucks? Let us know in the comments!

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