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5 Things I’m Loving This Week (+ get a FREE box from Rocksbox jewelry!)

5 Things I'm Loving This Week

1. Free Coffee at Panera

I didn’t get the free coffee at Panera all month long offer on my card, but a friend of mine did and she’s not drinking coffee right now so she gave me her card to use all month long! So it’s given me an excuse to sneak out to Panera for some quick coffee breaks — by myself! (Something that this introvert needs to do every once in a while!)

5 Things I'm Loving THis Week

2. Family Walk in the Rain

I’ve been working on being more intentional to be a “fun mom”. It’s not something that comes naturally to me, but it’s something that’s important to me and that my kids love.

So one night this week, I suggested we take a walk as a family and then come back and have a dance party. While we were walking, it started raining… which made the walk that much more fun and exciting for the kids. 🙂

I won’t be sharing any photos or video evidence of our dance party, but I will tell you that it was pretty epic and filled with laughter — especially when Jesse and I started having a dance off. The kids thought it was utterly hilarious!

5 Things I'm Loving This Week

3. The National Museum of United States Air Force

We traveled to Ohio for Kaitlynn to compete in a figure skating competition this weekend. We went a day early so we could go to the National Museum of the USAF. I’m not really a big museum person — especially when it comes to looking at airplanes for hours! — and honestly wasn’t really excited about going.

But you know the fun mom thing I just told you that I’m working on? Well, I decided to just have a good attitude about it since Jesse and the kids were really excited about it.

I ended up loving the museum! It was a hundred times better than I expected and I didn’t want to leave when we had to because they were closing. Jesse was shocked that I was so into it and kept stopping to read all the plaques (that’s not my usual personality; he’s usually the one wanting to read everything and I’m trying to patiently wait for him!). I found it so fascinating and interesting that I couldn’t help myself… I wanted to read everything and learn all I could! Maybe the non-crazy-busy-Crystal loves museums and I just didn’t know it because I was so focused on productivity before??

I’m going to devote an entire post to the museum because we enjoyed it so much and I took so many pictures. Plus, it is FREE so am amazingly frugal family activity! Look for that post coming in the next week or so.

5 Things I'm Loving This Week4. Facebook Live

I decided to start a daily morning show on Facebook Live this past week and I am just loving it! I’m still doing the Morning Motivation Show on Periscope around 8:15 a.m. CT every morning, but that show is focused on inspirational and encouraging content — kind of a shot of motivation to get your day going.

I wanted to do something more money-saving and frugal-related for Facebook Live, so after some thought and a little experimenting and then getting ideas from other people, I launched the Money Saving Mom LIVE show. It starts right around 8:30 a.m. CT (once I finish up my live show on Periscope) and I share what’s coming on the blog that day, a money-saving tip of the day, and the best deals of the day. I also throw in other fun things — like unboxing my first Rocksbox (see below).

I’d love to have you join us — you can leave comments, ask questions, and interact with the other viewers in real-time. You can see an example by checking out Friday’s LIVE show here.

5 Things I'm Loving This Week

5. This New Bracelet from Rocksbox (get a FREE month!)

I absolutely adore this new bracelet I got in my first Rocksbox. I never would have thought I would like this style, but I really do!

I’m trying out Rocksbox in order to write a really honest review of my experience (look for that soon!) In the mean time, you can check it out and get an absolutely FREE month when you sign up at Rocksbox and use my code moneysavingmomxoxo.

(I will share pros and cons in the upcoming post, but I definitely think it’s worth trying out for free. Just please put a reminder on your calendar to cancel the subscription before the 4 weeks is up in case you decide it’s not for you. I’d hate for you to get charged for something when you expected it to be free!)

Note: Want more information about Rocksbox? You can watch my Unboxing Video here to see what was in my box and hear more about this service.

Frugal Family Fun

“Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave? O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?”

What are YOU loving this week? Tell us in the comments!

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  • jess says:

    I live only 10 minutes from that museum. What a surprise to see it on your blog today. 🙂 Took my first field trip there in Kindergarten and have been going regularly ever since! (I don’t pace myself very well and always spend WAY too much time in the first hangar, and by the time we get to the last one, we’re VERY worn out. I keep meaning to start at the end and work my way to the beginning.) Can’t wait to hear your take on the museum. Next time you’re in the area, head to Carillon Park! It’s also a wonderful place!

  • You were sorta kinda in my neck of the woods! We love the AF museum, too. Our family has made a few trips to enjoy that free activity. Can’t wait to read more about your trip there. 🙂

  • Stephanie says:

    I went there when I was a kid and we had to go to Dayton. I loved that museum.

  • Stephanie says:

    My husband was just at Wright-Patterson for training and he said the museum is HUGE. He went a few hours before his flight back home and said he wished he had more time to see it.

  • Deb says:

    What I’m loving this week: my decision to go bed earlier (now I wake energized), time spent baking with my boys this weekend, all of the added freezer items from that baking event, stockup sales on blueberries and peaches. Finally, the “new” table and chairs from an Aunt that moved.

  • Tamah says:

    Thanks for the Rocksbox deal–I’m trying it for something fun and different! When does the month start–when you sign up or when you get the jewelry?
    Thanks for all your hard work on the blog–I thoroughly enjoy it and it’s a help to me! Keep it up!

  • Sounds like a fun week! My 5 things:

    1) I’ve written 3 mornings in the past week. It fills my cup – thank you for the inspiration & kick in the pants!

    2) My niece & nephew just stayed with us for a week while their parents celebrated their 10th anniversary.

    3) Meeting my newest family member last weekend! She’s just 3 weeks old.

    4) All these wild berries we keep finding to pick.

    5) Nature hikes & long bike rides.

  • mandi miller says:

    Thank you for the free code! Looking forward to giving this a try!

  • Amy says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed my free Panera coffee in the month of May! 🙂

    Right now I am loving:
    * Make Over Your Evenings (I’m on day 10)
    * Anne of Green Gables; my husband and I are re-watching it together (first time in years) and it’s even better than I remembered!
    * Our pool; such a gift to live in a neighborhood that has one! Making memories with many friends there this summer.

  • Amy says:

    OK, I just checked out and signed up for Rocksbox and I am super excited about it! I suffer from fashion insecurity, especially when it comes to accessorizing; I think this might end up being good for me! Thanks! 🙂

  • Beth says:

    My family loves the museum too–so much history–not just about planes, but about the military, and wars, and the passage of time. A true gem!

    By the way, have you read the book Quiet by Susan Cain? I’m really loving it these days–from one introvert to another–I’m thinking you’ll find it as empowering as I have.

  • Rosanna says:

    I have always enjoyed museums, however, I do relate to trying to be more fun. I’ve been trying to be more spontaneous this year with my kids.

    5 Things I’m Loving This Week:

    1. The Opportunity for my kid’s to spend the weekday mornings at Vacation Bible School.

    2. Doing Jillian Michael’s 6 Pack Abs two times this week.

    3. Having a long walk with a sweet friend.

    4. Picking lettuce and spinach out of my square foot garden.

    5. Finishing an amazing book; “What to Say When You Talk to Yourself” by Shad Helmstetter. I’ve actually scheduled alarms into my phone to remind myself to read out my affirmations several times a day. I’m starting to see a real change in how I view myself.

  • Jaime says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed the museum! We live about 15 minutes away and visit every so often. 🙂 The new hangar just opened up last month and I’ve yet to see it!

  • Theresa says:

    Legends & Lies: The Patriots. It’s a series running on Fox News exploring the lives of some of our founding fathers. It’s been on Sunday nights at 8. It’s really good.

    My church! I’ve missed a few weeks and was able to go back yesterday and it was like water in the desert. So good!

    Those ‘good mom’ moments. My daughter did something this weekend that was really selfless and I was so proud! <3

    Ibotta. Thank you for telling me about this! It's so easy. I've only been using it for a short time and I already have almost $20 in my account!

    My extended family. We had a big family party last week and it's always so great to see everyone and just hang out. They're the best!

  • Guest says:

    I am thrilled to see you mentioning the USAF museum in Dayton. My husband was on a project there many years ago and I went out to visit. I have often said it’s one of my favorite museums I’ve ever visited and we’ve traveled extensively. It’s well laid out, the docents are fantastic – a great trip and I hope your post encourage more to visit it! Hope the competition went beautifully also!!

  • Karen says:

    We love going to the AF museum in Dayton. We actually went there on our honeymoon and we go back there when we are in the area, so that we can see it again.

  • Jessica says:

    My husband and our 3 year old went there in January. We only live an hour away. We also stopped at two local yarn shops in Beavercreek 🙂

    It’s a fabulous museum. I *am* a museum person. We plan to go again soon to take our 6 and 9 year old kids to see it and they opened up the fourth hangar – it was not open yet when we visited.

  • Jen says:

    Five things I’m loving this week:

    1) my mom’s family (there’s eight bro/sis) all got together to celebrate the 4th of July. We came from as far away as Tokyo. We all had identical t-shirts and walked in our local parade. There were 90+ of us!

    2) my ten-year-old niece came back with us for the week. We took her all over the Indy area and had a blast.

    3) as a result of #2 above, my kids were exceptionally well behaved this past week.

    4) the fireworks show we watched was beautiful, bug free and cost us nothing more than a dollar or two in gas money.

    5) my Dad let me raid his jelly cabinet. He makes the BEST homemade jams and jellies. I brought home several jars and some homemade salsa.

  • Cherylsm says:

    The museum is on our bucket list. If you liked it you should go to the National Naval Air Museum in Pensacola. It is fascinating and also free.

  • Melissa says:

    We can see the museum from our house, and , yes, it is fantastic! We take many of our house guests there.

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