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My Completely Honest Review of Our Experience With KiwiCo (plus get 30% off your first box!)

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Interested in trying KiwiCo for your kids? This completely honest review is SO helpful!

A few weeks ago, I posted about a sample box that KiwiCo was offering. I’d heard a lot about KiwiCo before, but I’d never signed up for it.

KiwiCo is a monthly subscription service that offers kid’s educational projects, crafts, and activities on different themes. You can get a subscription for as low as $16.95 per month for the box — including shipping. This box will include 2-3 projects, all the materials to complete those projects, plus hands-on learning activities and more.

They offer monthly crate subscriptions for various ages: Cricket Crate is for ages 0-3Koala Crate is for ages 3-4, Kiwi Crate is for ages 4-8, Tinker Crate is for ages 9-16+, and Doodle Crate is for ages 14+.

Since the KiwiCo sample box was only $3.95 and a friend had highly recommended it, I went ahead and posted about it and signed up for a box. {Please note: The Glowworm Sample Box offer is currently not available.}

My Completely Honest Review of Kiwi Crate

We got the box within two weeks and I was very, very impressed with what we got for $3.95 (that price included shipping, too!)

The kit came with:

  • All the materials to build your very own glowworm
  • Set of fabric markers to decorate your snuggly friend
  • One-of-a-kind glow in the dark sock
  • Bonus firefly foldout project with set of glow sticks
  • 16 page explore! magazine filled with puzzles, DIY activities and kid-friendly recipes

My Completely Honest Review of Kiwi Crate

The instructions to complete the craft were very detailed and organized. For a non-crafter like me, this was especially helpful!

My Completely Honest Review of Kiwi Crate

Silas has an absolute blast working with me to create his glowworm.

My Completely Honest Review of Kiwi Crate

I loved seeing his focus and determination!

My Completely Honest Review of Kiwi Crate

He decided to name his glowworm “Billy Butler”, after one of his favorite Royal’s baseball players. 🙂

My Completely Honest Review of Kiwi Crate

While he worked on his glowworm, I read to him from the accompanying book.

My Completely Honest Review of Kiwi Crate

I thought there was a lot of value in this booklet. Not only were there short stories, a poem, a number of activity pages, but there were also some fun additional related projects.

My Completely Honest Review of Kiwi Crate

They gave you instructions on how to make your own FireFly Paint Jar — which looked cool.

My Completely Honest Review of Kiwi Crate

There were also pages you could cut out to make a Glow-in-the-Dark FireFly using the patterns and the glow sticks they gave you in the kit.

My Completely Honest Review of Kiwi Crate

Silas got to practice his cutting skills on this project!

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.45.12 AM

After he finished his FireFly, he went back to decorating “Billy Butler.” 🙂

He was so proud of his finished product — and especially excited that it actually glowed in the dark when he took it into a dark room. He asked if he could sleep with it tonight before he went to bed.

Want to save 30% off your first KiwiCo box?

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Note: Since a subscription is rather expensive, this also might be a great gift idea to pass along to Grandma & Grandpa for Christmas this year. I love that it’s mostly consummable, very educational, hands-on, and a gift that would keep giving all year long!

Have you tried KiwiCo before? If so, what was your experience?

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  • Christina says:

    All right, so, I’ve read all of these negative comments. I’ve never gotten anything from this company before. I have 2 kids, ages 11 and 12, that I homeschool. These things would be a great asset to our learning activities — IF it all works properly without any major issues. Here’s what I’ve decided to do:: I’ve signed up for a “Monthly” subscription, and checked the “Gift” box. It is October now, so I will not TRY to renew or get anything next month (November). I will wait and see if the “Gift” renews automatically, and I will let you all know if I get charged again or get an additional box. (I’ve seen that a lot of people comment but most don’t tend to come back and let anyone know what has happened.) I’m going to bookmark this page so that I can let you all know how it goes.

    • Christina says:

      Okay, so we just got the Kiwi Crate (the tinker one that we ordered). On the box is a big red sticker that reads “This is your Last Crate.” My kids are working on putting it together. I’ll keep you posted as to whether or not we get one next month. The total for the one box came to about $26.00. I don’t know if it’s worth it to do it this way just based on the cost…

    • Amber says:

      Any update? I am curious.

      • Christina Lanier says:

        I’ve still not been charged for another box. I thin we ordered the first on the 18th, so I’ll post again after the 18th of this month to keep you updated. So far it looks like:: I ordered the monthly gift option and that’s all we’ve gotten and been charged for. One box, one month.

    • adri leslie says:

      thanks for your comment, I signed up with 2 discounts for 3 months (kiwi & koala). my question: will they renew with code discount? (I can’t afford continual crates without it) If I cancel, and re-up with new codes (eg-groupon) will our girls get the same 3 boxes they began with?
      please advise & thanks again

  • Emily says:

    We’ve been getting these crates monthly since June. I have three kids, 11, 9, and 7; so I get three boxes each month. LOVE them!!!! Materials are all prepped, instructions are clearly written, and my kids get VERY excited about each project. My oldest son’s last project had a light that didn’t work properly, so we emailed the company and we were immediately sent a replacement box free of charge. These projects have stirred creativity, problem solving, curiosity, and a love of learning in my kids; worth every penny.

    • Meg says:

      Yay! So glad to hear that. Thanks for sharing!! -Meg, MSM Team

    • Jenny says:

      Do you get the optional curated book to accompany the box? And is it worth the extra $10? Thank you!

      • Kimberly Harrison says:

        I order the curated book that accompanies each box. My Grandson who is 9 Loved the books too! He is 9. The first box was the Tinker box and was a kit to build a Paint spiral kit (Where the base spins and you drip paint in as it is spinning) and included a book on Physics. the 2nd box was the Planitarium box and included a book on constellations. My December 2018 box hadn’t shown up and i emailed the company and they responded quickly ON A SUNDAY and said they were expediting December box and then sent me another email saying “OH BY THE WAY, WE NOTICED THAT NOVEMBER’S BOX HASN’T SHIPPED) and they said they were shipping that one as well. (I did receive November’s box in November so i responded back that we had received it however they were sending it anyway). We will see when we get it. I haven’t received my tracking notice on it yet.

  • John R says:

    I had a 12-month Koala Crate subscription for my 4 (now 5) year old daughter.

    The crates were a fun activity for us to put together. Good for quality time. However, because of the hassle and SO MUCH wasted time on hold and talking with incompetent customer service agents, I cannot recommend these projects. You are better off making something on your own from scratch or finding another company that is reliable.

    The material in the crates is cheap and most of the projects fall apart after a few weeks of use. This caused a lot of disappointment with my daughter, especially since we had built them together.

    5 of the 12 crates never showed up. Another thing that she was excited about each month that led to disappointment. I had to call and ask them to send replacements. One of the five replacements never showed up and I had to have a replacement sent for the replacement.

    I suspect that part of the problem is the handoff between Fed Ex and the US Post Office. The company is trying to save money, but ends up providing a hugely sub-par experience for customers. They know this is a problem because they actually have a voice-jail # option to press for shipping issues.

    Each time you call, expect to spend 30 minutes up to an hour waiting on hold for a rep to help you.

    I learned to NEVER select the option for them to call you back (which is offered after about 15 minutes on hold) because it will disconnect you.

    Do not send an email, because the people replying do not have basic reading comprehension skills. When the last crate didn’t show up, I sent an email requesting that a replacement be sent. I provided the shipping ID number, and the tracking number, my name and all info.

    Their reply? Your subscription has ended, and you will receive no more crates.

    I would give them 1-star.

  • Nicole says:

    Is the appropriate for a 10-11 year old girl?

  • Ace1234 says:

    Hi. We really like TinkerCrate at our house.

    I ordered two 3 month subscriptions as Christmas gifts last year: TinkerCrate for my son, 12 at the time, and DoodleCrate for my daughter, 16 at the time. I opted to have the crates delivered in January, February and March. All of the crates arrived on time and included terrific projects. My son really liked his but my daughter was not as excited. The projects were interesting, but she was not interested in them if that makes sense. She discovered she is more of a sketch, draw, paint artist, so she gave her crate#2 (make a leather cover for a journal) and crate#3 (string of lanterns, I think) to the 12 year old who was quite delighted with this development.

    I ordered a 6 month subscription when my son’s 3 month subscription ran out. Our packages arrived in good shape, on time and with the necessary materials. My son looked forward to their arrival, and would want to build immediately whatever had been sent. The directions were clear enough to allow him to work independently which worked out well…. once, at a park program, I accidentally nailed a birdhouse to the work bench, but I digress 🙂

    As I said, we like TinkerCrate here. Our experience has been very positive. My son has been campaigning for renewal for Christmas.

  • We were gifted two sets of crates last Christmas, another for a birthday last year, and then all four of my kids were gifted three months again this Christmas. We have had really good experiences with all of our crates. Of course, some have been better or liked more than others. The ones we got this christmas did not get used as much as others in the past. I’m not sure yet whether it’s because they were mixed among all the other Christmas gifts or if it’s the actual projects. Overall though, I recommend this service IF you are going to get a 3 mo subscription or more. Otherwise, I’m not sure it’s worth the money unless you have plenty of money to spend and aren’t very crafty yourself. I do think the Tinker crates and the Kiwi crates are better than the other lines. But what is received in all the crates is age appropriate and neat things my kids are always excited about! Also, I did call customer service last year before ordering the first crates and had a good experience with minor wait times. They were knowledgeable and helpful. We’ve never missed a delivery. I highly recommend!

  • Mary Strupp says:

    I want to cancel my 2 subscriptions. They are 3 month subscriptions. I only intended the 3 months for grandkids Christmas presents. I wrote last week, no response other than you received my email.

  • heather karabelas says:

    I was disappointed that the first KIWI Crate that my granddaughter received had parts missing. She was unable to complete the project. The missing parts are being sent but it is not fun to work on a project and be unable to complete it.

    I thought the three extra boxes I ordered would be sent out each month but they have all arrived at the same time. I thought that they would be tracked over the months.

    • Deborah B Thompson says:

      I have had the same experience as Heather, above in that my grandson received the pencil sharpener, which was fabulous until he pulled the motor out of the crate and it had a broken wire, called to report twice, both times being promised by the recording that someone would call me back in 25 HOURS and finally did receive a call back mid January and the part was replaced… but the excitement of the project was lost and 3 weeks later he has not touched it to finish. Then a couple of days ago my granddaughter, 6, received an awesome medical project with body parts to make and a chart to place them on and one of the CHEAP connectors was missing on the stethoscope… why not just throw in a couple of extras instead of disappointing a child???? We love the crates, but if we are missing another piece I’ll be canceling our subscription. They have an awesome product (and I’m a retired teacher) but their quality control seems to lack a great deal… hopefully they’ll get that corrected

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