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Go to Bed Early Challenge: Day 5 (Reminding myself to celebrate my successes!)

Go to Bed Challenge: Day 5

Good Morning! It’s Day 5 of the Go to Bed Early Challenge and I still didn’t hit my 10 pm goal again last night to be in bed asleep, but I’m happy that I’m at least working toward it, winding down earlier, being intentional about an evening routine, and getting more sleep.

I wish I could wave a magic wand and just never struggle with being consistent or self-disciplined again, but I’m reminding myself to celebrate the progress I’ve made this week (more consistent bedtimes, more sleep, more calmness), instead beating myself up over the fact that I’m not where I’d like to be.

By the way, my 2-step evening routine was a success again last night. Yay!


Are you joining me for the Go to Bed Early Challenge? If so, leave a comment on this post to let me know how you did with your go-to-bed goal last night.

We’re in this together… And if you didn’t hit your goal, that’s okay! Give yourself grace, don’t beat yourself up, and know that you can try again tomorrow!

P.S. Read more about the Go to Bed Early Challenge here. Need some help and inspiration to go to bed early so you can get up and use your mornings well? Download Day 1 of Make Over Your Mornings for free (scroll to the bottom of this page to sign up for it!)

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  • Julie says:

    More sleep and more calmness – you’re definitely doing something right!

    I feel like a total wimp when I see everyone post what time they go to bed. By 7:30 my mind is like, “Time to turn on the electric blanket and load the dishwasher. It’s almost bedtime!” ?

    Last night was good. I decided not to read on my phone in bed. I think I might try it again next week.

  • Sara says:

    Hi Crystal,

    I am curious about something. I used to take my vitamins at night and was told by several people that certain vitamins can interfere with your sleep, especially vitamin B and D.

    I don’t know if this is true but now I try to take them in the morning or afternoon. I already have enough issues with sleep… 🙂

  • Well, after two days of missing my lights out goal, I am happy to say I hit it (just) last night. I seem to be settling into a pretty good evening routine these days, which is helping.

  • Swapna says:

    I’m making improvement …. I went to sleep at 10:10 and woke up at 7… Guess my body needed the extra sleep 🙂

  • Lynnette Parmer says:

    I’ve met my lights out goal every night this month so far. 🙂 I am definitely feeling more rested, more energetic, and more patience with my kids now that I am getting a good amount of sleep each night. I can’t wait to see how great I feel by the end of the month if I stick with my goals!

  • Beth B says:

    I always seem to be a few minutes late wherever I go and apparently going to bed falls in with that! I’ve missed my bedtime by 5 minutes each night. ? But I’ve still been asleep by my lights out goal, so I’m counting this week as a small victory. It’s helped me get into a better routine and think about my sleep habits in a new light. I will continue to try and hit my 10 pm goal. Thanks again, Crystal, for starting this! I think I need a “be on time” challenge too. ?

  • Karen M. says:

    I have been getting in bed by 10:30 and sleep by 11ish, and have been up by my goal of 6:45. Taking a break for Friday and Saturday. Back to it on Sunday 🙂
    Thanks for this challenge, Crystal!

  • Kristen S. says:

    One thing that has really helped me during the past year to go to sleep on time is not going into my bedroom until it’s actually time to sleep. I used to read and wind down in bed, but then found that sometimes it was hard to actually fall asleep. Now I do my winding down in the living room or basement (reading or watching a show with my hubby). After I put the kids to bed at 8:30 pm, I wash my face, brush my teeth and put on my pajamas. Then I head downstairs to chill for an hour or so with my hubby. We head upstairs at 10 pm, lay out our clothes for the next day, and climb into bed. I’m not always super tired, but somehow I fall asleep anyway. I think my body says, “Oh, okay, you’re in bed so it’s sleeping time.” Thank you so much for being so honest and vulnerable as you learn and grow, Crystal! It’s such an encouragement to all be working on this together!!

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