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10 Ways I’m Taking Care of Me Right Now

Mamas, sisters, ladies… actually, all y’all: you need to make time to take care of YOU.

I know that there are a hundred other things pulling you in three dozen other directions. But you’re not going to be able to show up well for your life if you don’t show up to take care of you.

Taking care of you will look different for different people in different seasons. And it’s looked vastly different for me in my different seasons of life.

But I thought it might be fun (and hopefully helpful) for me to share 10 ways I’m taking care of me right now (remember, that I’m in a season of life where my kids sleep through the night and are very independent and now they mostly just need me to have long conversations with them and take them places!):

  1. Making 7+ hours of sleep a priority. And taking a nap on the days when I get less than that amount.
  2. Drinking a gallon of lemon water every day. Yes, for real. Here’s how I do it.
  3. Starting my day with exercise, prayer, and Bible reading. (Most days, I combine the three. I read my Bible while I do my walking warm up on the treadmill and, while I run, I pray over every aspect of my day, spend time thanking God for blessings, and pray for Jesse and the kids in earnest. I love starting my day in this way of filling myself up with Jesus, getting in a good workout, and praying over my day! I always feel so refreshed and ready for the day once I’m done!)
  4. Scheduling time for fun and down time everyday.
  5. Making sure I spend at least a few hours hanging out with a friend once or twice a week.
  6. Eating a big salad every day.
  7. Drinking decaf/herbal tea instead of coffee.
  8. Guarding my schedule so that I have time to be alone and recharge through quiet.
  9. Having a few truth tellers in my life who regularly check-in with me to make sure I’m not overloading my plate (something I am prone to do) and am taking care of my soul and health and marriage and priorities.
  10. Paying for help — with the business and with our home. This allows me to work full-time and run a successful business, while also freeing up the time to have space to nurture myself, my family, relationships, and other areas I’m passionate about.

Most importantly, I’m learning to give myself a lot of grace. To not be too hard on myself when I fail, when I disappoint someone, or when we have rough patches. Nobody does it perfectly and nobody has it all figured out!

How are YOU taking care of you in the season of life you’re in? I’d love to hear!

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  • Laura says:

    I like taking a bubble bath. I burn a nice candle, put on some music and use the “good” bubble bath. I close the curtain to shut out the outside world and just relax. It is so nice! And practically free!

  • Kristy Bialas says:

    I was finally humbled enough about a year ago to realize that I needed help learning to deal with anxiety, stress, depression, children growing into adulthood and not making the choices I wanted them to make. I broke down and started going to counseling. ( I am also blessed to have an insurance plan that pays for it.) I see my counselor about every 2 weeks and he has helped me to learn to “let go” of so many things….and helped to me to realize that its okay to take care of myself. I feel I was humbled and led to this counselor by the hand of God. It’s forced me to take an honest look at my strengths and weaknesses and trust in God’s love for me no matter what and that He has a plan for me.

    • I am SO grateful to hear this! Thank you for sharing!

    • Carol Lynn Tedford says:

      I just had my consultation with a therapist last week. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings….I was asked what my goals are and strengths and weaknesses..I don’t feel like I have any strengths…which may be one of my weaknesses. I have depression..started a medication for that a month ago and it has helped a lot. I realize I am not the only one going through this.

      • Kristy says:

        One of your strengths is being humble enough to recognize you need help. It takes courage to admit you can’t do it by yourself. I take medication as well…it helps tremendously. I hope your experience with your therapist is a positive one.

  • Pam says:

    I need tips for how to take care of yourself through an unexpected crisis. I’m a fairly positive person but find when a health care or financial crisis occurs, some of us have a hard time.
    I’m currently going through a divorce that was very unexpected. It’s been a blow to me, my daughter and my extended family. I need tips on self care as I navigate the waters of making sure my kiddo is ok while I work additional jobs to make ends meet and try to keep my home.
    It currently feels like my new normal is more than I can handle .

  • Erin says:

    This is something I’m learning now. I was recently diagnosed with several food allergies that literally forces me to make everything from scratch and take care of myself. It’s been a really hard learning process on top of everything else that is going on. My next goal is to wake up earlier and exercise/spend time with God – it’s just hard with my youngest not sleeping well yet 😉

  • Elisabeth says:

    I needed this. Like most women i point myself last. Always talking care of everyone else. I have given myself permission to take care of me I’m hoping i can pull myself pout of depression. Thank you for this forum.

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