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10 Goals for This Week

Considering everything that happened last week, I actually made some really good progress on my goals–which was encouraging! I totally fell off the running bandwagon, however, since I was quite sore from the accident for a few days, I decided that it was probably okay–and maybe even a good thing–to cut myself some slack and take the week off from running.

But I’ve declared a moratorium on the pajama-clad, bed-head look I sported for three days last week. Time to get back into the swing of things!

Here’s my list from last week:

Family/Mothering Goals

1. Finish reading The Imagination Station: Secret of the Prince’s Tomb.

2. Start ice-skating lessons for the children.

3. Have a date night with my husband to celebrate our nine-year anniversary!

Personal Goals

4. Finish reading A Deeper Kind of Calm.

5. Complete week 2 of the Couch to 5K program + run an additional 5 miles.

6. Write one handwritten note of encouragement.

7. Finish listening to the Developing the Leader Within You audiobook.

8. Finish knitting the Squidge dishcloth.

Business Goals

9. Finish writing an article for

10. Release my book, The Money Saving Mom®’s Budget {squee!!!! I have lots of fun things planned for the release week. Stay tuned for more details!}.

And here are my goals for this week:

Family/Mothering Goals

1. Finish reading The Boxcar Children aloud to the children.

2. Go to Florida with Kaitlynn for a FamilyLife speakers/MomLife writers.

3. Write a love note to Jesse.

Personal Goals

4. Finish reading How to Write a Book Proposal & The Now Habit.

5. Complete week 2 of the Couch to 5K program.

6. Finish listening to the Developing the Leader Within You audiobook.

Home Management

7. Put together two weeks of pages for my Project Life album.

8. Finish knitting the Squidge dishcloth.

Business Goals

9. Finish writing an article for

10. Participate in Twitter chat with @TwitterBooks on Friday (we’d love to have you join us! It’s slated for 3-4 p.m. EST).

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How did you do on last week’s goals? What are your goals for this week? I’d love to have you share your progress on last week’s goals and your goals for this coming week in the comments. Of, if you’ve blogged about it, leave your direct link below. Let’s cheer each other on to live purposeful and productive lives!

You can download a free customizable weekly goal-planning sheet here.

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  • I am making headway on my goals for January, although I am in the midst of moving to a new place. The one I haven’t accomplished yet, is taking my old coats to the consignment store, but I still have 15 days to accomplish it 🙂

  • Nicole S says:

    Great job! This week my goals are to stick to our menu plan, do an art project with my son, continue/finish Entreleadership, go on a smoothie (Jamba Juice!) date with my Mom and son and do 3 posts on my blog!

  • Crystal says:

    Crystal, I LOVE your book so much. It has inspired me to start my own business and take a leap of faith. I blogged about my weekly goals. I had a great week last week in terms of reaching my goals. You are such an inspiration.

  • Sheila says:

    Mackenzie, I’m with you on the moving thing. We are supposed to close on our house on Thursday and moving to a neigjboring state. All of my goals for the rest of January involve the move, packing, cleaning, getting kids settled, learning our new town, etc. It’s an exciting adventure ahead!

  • My next two months are slammed, and I’m coping by making daily, weekly and quarterly goals. It’s such a helpful reminder to see yours here every week!

  • Sandy Blain says:

    My future son-in-law (a radio announcer) has been encouraging me to get my blog going…so my goal is to launch it by the end of the week! It’s amazing what a little encouragement can do 😀

  • Thanks for sharing and the link up Crystal!

    I have not always set goals and the more I do it the better it is for my life and family. Goals have helped me keep my priorities in line, motivate me, plus help me accomplish a lot more by breaking them down into bite size (weekly) pieces. I still have a long ways to go but at least I am making some progress in the right direction! 🙂

  • Carrie says:

    I read your book this weekend and really loved it. Your section on goals was the push I needed. Thank you.

    P.S. I LOVE the Boxcar Children book. I still read this one to my children.

  • Amanda says:

    Thank you for the link up. I read this post of your each week and am inspired. I’ve started blogging my weekly goals, but so far they are just about cleaning/organizing. Trying to get the place back in order. I’m working on setting blogging goals and savings goals too. I pre-ordered your book, and I got it last friday. I finished the first chapter on goal setting this morning, and I took it to my husband and told him I wanted him to read it along with me.

  • BethB says:

    I love that dishcloth! Yesterday I pulled out all my yarn to evaluate what I had and found a whole bag of cotton. One of my goals it not to buy any yarn in 2012 but I think I’ll need to extend it another year.

    The Boxcar Children was the first chapter book I ever read. LOVED it. 🙂

  • Yesterday I had the idea to try “lunch break freezer cooking.” I have an hour lunch break, and it only takes 7 minutes to walk home. I’m hoping to make 3 recipes this week…I’ll see how it goes!

  • Jennifer says:

    I’m doing a project life album too!!! I’m super excited, so easy but still so cute! 🙂

  • Jana T says:

    Oh fun! You’re doing Project Life. 🙂 After hearing my friend Amanda rave about it all last year, I decided to ask for the core kit and some extras for Christmas. It looks amazing. I’m excited to still keep up with “scrapbooking”, yet have it much more simple and do-able. Now, I’m waiting for a picture order to come in!

  • April says:

    After reading your amazing book (I finished in a day and a half, most non-fiction books take me at least a week, it was that good!!), I made my first ever meal-plan and started decluttering my house. I am so excited about implimenting many of your wonderful ideas into my life. Thank you so much Crystal!!!

  • We loved the Boxcar Children! It was my favorite book when I was small and my kids enjoyed it as well. Hopefully one of these days (many years from now) I’ll be able to read it to my grandkids!

  • I put my goal list up on my blog!

  • Kimberly says:

    Thanks for the knitting pattern link! Can’t wait to try this one!!

  • wowza! You really had a busy week! Great Job accomplishing all you did.

  • Bethany says:

    I am so Excited to start setting goals again. I have them Written down and Blogged in hope to help me follow through with them. 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement!

  • Steph says:

    I just keep reminding myself “bite size pieces” when it comes to my weekly goals. Last week was a great week for me because I kept focused on the tasks for that day and not what the next day had. It was so refreshing to not have to catch up on anything this weekend. Thanks!

  • I loved the Boxcar Children book when I was young. It was one of my favorite, I’ve forgotten all about it. I love that you have “Leave a love note to Jesse.” A great goal.
    I’m good if I get my blogging done and one of my “to dos” done each day. I’m just super slow.

  • Kelly Love says:

    You may have answered this before, but how are you able to listen to audiobooks with little ones around? I haven’t had success with that.

  • Lucy says:

    Ooh, seeing the exercise goals is inspiring me. Perhaps this week I’ll set some goals for a certain distance to walk. 🙂 Aside from that, I’d like to finish writing an essay, draft a new blog post, draw a sketch, and memorize a Bible verse.

  • Crystal, I am almost 15 years older than you, but you have completely changed my outlook on goals!! Thank you for sharing your ideas and methods. It seems that you really CAN teach an old dog new tricks!! LOL!!

  • Lucky says:

    I got Develop The Leader Within this week from the library. I haven’t started yet.

    I love the Boxcar Children.

  • Love the love note goal 😉 I have three main focus goals for the month of January and I seem to make great progress on one each per week, while the other two get some attention. I think I need assign the specific steps of each goal to my to-do list for the week vs thinking of them as to-do items for the month.

  • Heather W says:

    Happy Anniversary! I just added The Boxcar Children to my booklist for the boys. I know Andrew will love it 🙂 We are almost done with Little Bear – yay! Have a great week and good luck!!

  • Erin Redick says:

    Crystal, don’t worry… week 2 of the 5K program is easier. I just finished it. I did the entire program last summer which culminated with me running in a 5 mile race and finishing in under an hour! This year I have restarted the program but increased my speed. I am going to run a 5K in less than 30 minutes if it is the last thing I do…discipline right? Keep running girl!

  • Amanda K says:

    Working on a weekly list is a new year’s goal for me. Gotta get my family and house ship shape before the new baby comes!

  • Nicole says:

    I just started posting my weekly goals on my blog this year and already I LOVE it! What a great motivation!

  • My daughter absolutely loves the Boxcar Children books, she keeps re-reading them. Great job on your goals.

  • Jenna says:

    Crystal, I having been following your site for a few years now and you are such and inspiration to me. This year I decided to follow your goal system and start a blog to keep me accountable to stick to my goals. I really don’t care if anyone reads my blog but it helping me to accomplish goals. I also like that I can hopefully keep all the projects that I liked doing all in one place so I can find it easier. I also chose to start your envelope system to keep me more accountable on how much we spend and so far it is working. Thank you for all your great information that you provide everyday!!!

  • Ebony says:

    How on Earth are you able to keep up with posting these on MONDAYS? 🙂 I’m still a work in progress, but I hope to nail this goals thing next week! Thanks for the continued inspiration!

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