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10 Goals for This Week

Update: For those of you who have written in and asked: I’ll be speaking four times at the conference — twice on Friday and twice on Saturday. My workshop topics will be:

You can download a complete conference schedule and description of workshops here.

This week, my main goal is to keep up with our homeschooling, continue to work on my home organization plan, and get all the prep done for the Cincinnati Homeschool Conference next week.

For some reason, I thought the Cincinnati conference was going to be fairly small. Don’t ask me why, I just did. Well, I found out last week that they are expecting something like 10,000-12,000 people! So I have some extra work to do this week in order to prep things for our booth.

And I also want to practice my speeches at least three times each since I found out that I’ll be speaking in front of a lot more people than I was originally envisioning (one of the rooms I’m slated to speak in has a capacity of 1800! Did I mention that public speaking is still way outside my comfort zone?!) and some of these are new talks that I’ve not given before.

It should be an interesting experience — and another great opportunity to step outside my “safe” zone. But truthfully, I’m really excited about it, especially since I’ll get to meet some of you there!

Last week’s goals:

Family/Mothering Goals

1. Read five chapters of Quest for Truth:Taken aloud to the children. Finish reading Mountain Born.

2. Continue our Countdown to Easter study as a family.

3. Write a love note to Jesse.

4. Grow Easter Grass with children. {We never got around to this. Oh well! There’s always next year!}

Personal Goals

5. Finish reading One of Us Must Be Crazy and I’m Pretty Sure It’s You. Start reading The Three R’s.

6. Complete weeks 8 & 9 of the Couch to 5K program.

7. Listen to at least one more hour of The 10 Habits of Happy Mothers.

Home Management

8. Follow my Spring Cleaning plan & blog about it every weekday.

Business Goals

9. Host the live webcast on Thursday.

10. Continue working on my talks for the Midwest Homeschool Convention.

This week’s goals:

Family/Mothering Goals

1. Read five chapters of Quest for Truth:Taken aloud to the children. Start Thomas A Edison: Young Inventor.

2. Write a love note to Jesse.

3. Meet friends at the park for a playdate.

Personal Goals

4. Finish reading One of Us Must Be Crazy and I’m Pretty Sure It’s You. Start reading The Three R’s.

5. Complete week 10 of the Couch to 5K program.

6. Finish listening to The 10 Habits of Happy Mothers.

Home Management

7. Follow my Spring Cleaning plan & blog about it every weekday.

Business Goals

8. Finish & practice my talks for the Midwest Homeschool Convention.

9. Finish & print handouts for the Midwest Homeschool Convention.

10. Create Powerpoints for my talks for the Midwest Homeschool Convention.

How did you do on last week’s goals? What are your goals for this week? I’d love to have you share your progress on last week’s goals and your goals for this coming week in the comments. Of, if you’ve blogged about it, leave your direct link below. Let’s cheer each other on to live purposeful and productive lives!

You can download a free customizable weekly goal-planning sheet here.

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  • Melissa says:

    Hoping to see you at the conference!

  • Amy H. says:

    Good job your C25K — do you have plans for a particular race? I really love that you’re including your fitness goals in with your family and organizational goals: i can VERY MUCH relate!

  • Melissa says:

    I heard you speak at Relevant, and you did great. I am confident you will do great at this conference too.

  • Goal setting has tremendously helped me to stay on track and get more done! The weather has been a little dreary here in Maine and if I didn’t have goals, I probably wouldn’t get anything done! Thanks!

  • I’m always working on more than my 3 in 30 goals but am happy so far with April’s progress. The goal that is the hardest for me to accomplish this year is still memorizing the book of James.

  • Mackenzie says:

    One of my goals this month is to drink more water and I am failing miserably. Any suggestions? 🙂

    • Stephanie says:

      When I am pregnant I have to drink LOTS of water. My big trick is to get a large mug (I use the ones from the hospital that are 32 oz, but a gatorade bottle works too) and fill it first thing in the morning and then refill 2+ more times in the day (whatever you goal is).

  • katelynnthomas says:

    I’m one of the 10,000-12,000 coming to the Cincinnati convention, and I’m hunting for the times and topics of your sessions. I’m excited that you will be there.

  • Jody Susan says:

    Thanks for all of your goal setting encouragement, Crystal.

    My big goals of the week are:
    * finish up income taxes
    * finish quarterly sales taxes for our vending machine business
    * finish two drafts of my ebook about riding the train to save money and avoid the hassle of flying or driving.

  • angela says:

    Well, take a deep breath… I cannot imagine speaking or dealing with that size of crowd either… but it will all be ok. I know that’s a lame comment for encouragement, but seriously it does seem to all work out. I for one will be having a baby instead of being there… and trust me … I’m a bit bummed. I’d love to hear you speak in Cinci. It’s a wonderful convention and we love to go.. but it’s not gonna happen this year. So try to enjoy yourself and know that some of us will be thinking of you from a distance =)

  • Laurie says:

    Well this week is rather crazy for me as my disabled son is home all week from school and that means my time available will be significantly curtailed. Usually I get really frustrated about not being able to do any homeschool with the other 3, but I decided this week not to fight it. I am just going to go with it and plan to accomplish very little and if we get more done then hallelujah!

    So my goals for this week are:
    1. Write a note to my oldest daughter who is out of town visiting family. (family)
    2. Have my children listen to the Magic Tree House audio CD’s from the library we need to finish. We have gotten behind on these and they need to go back soon. (family)
    3. Get the children on a better chore schedule. One of them was delighted with my new system, the other not so much. (family)
    4. Organize the Kids’ books. Their book shelf is completely out of control and I need to do some purging there. (Home Management)
    5. Finish swapping out winter clothes for summer and make a complete list of what they need. (Home Management)
    6. Wash the dog. I know, but he really needs it. Sigh. (Pet management)
    7. Have a “date” with hubby after the kids are in bed one night this week. We get so little time together. (Family)
    8. Finish reading “For the Childrens Sake” and start “This Momentary Marriage” by John Piper.
    9. List 2 things to sell this week.
    10. Remain on budget. This is our first REAL week. Sigh. It seems so insurmountable. We really are in such a position. We just have so little leftover. After looking at Dave Ramsey’s stuff, we are spending 25% of our income on food, 11% on utilities (and this is without cable and any luxuries), and 17% on medical bills we can do nothing about. You would think I could get the food one down. I have struggled and struggled to do so. It seems unless we go to eating processed junk I don’t know. I wish I had an Aldi’s here or somewhere with marked down produce. All of it is so high. Anyway, I digress. Those are my 10. 🙂

  • Meredith says:

    My #1 goal this week is to stay on top of your challenge!!!:)

  • Tya says:

    This week I hope to pressure wash the patio and front walk while the kids nap, catch up on laundry and dishes, make it to all extracuricular activities on time. 🙂 My big one is to take back my livingroom! Since my gall bladder surgery and it’s complications it’s become a huge disaster…much like the rest of the house. 🙁

  • Lee says:

    You are almost to the end of the c25k plan. Congrats!

  • Ami says:

    The Convention IS huge – you’re right. We looked into the other conventions like this and from what I can tell, this is the largest homeschool convention in the nation.

    But – everyone is happy and hungry to learn. You’ll do great with all of us eager people who love to be educated our whole lives! I would guess that most of the attenders also know that the typical exhibit/lecture at any homeschool convention is given by full time moms and family run businesses.

    The crowd is suprising though – it’s wall-to-wall bodies in the exhibit hall in the brief half-hours between lectures. I remember walking so much and so fast last time to see everything and get to the lectures I wanted. I packed most of my food, which was very important, becuase there were no where near enough food vendors to support the demand.

    I couldn’t believe that the authors of all my favorite homeschool and Christian parenting books were there, too. I am completely unplugged from pop culture, but I was starstruck seeing all my favorite authors there!

    • Crystal says:

      Thanks for the kind encouragement! And thanks for the tip on packing food. I was considering bringing food and you’ve just confirmed that that’s what we should do. 🙂

  • Elizabeth says:

    The Three R’s is a tremendous resource. I found it invaluable. It is one of the books I’m planning to keep even though my youngest is graduating from our home school high school in June.
    Look forward to seeing you at the HEAV convention in June.

  • Amanda says:

    I was so excited to hear you are speaking at the homeschool convention. It is huge and seeing it the first time can be very overwhelming especially the convention hall. I am so glad one of your workshops will be in the large room I was nervous that I might be shut out of your workshops. I know you will do great and will pray for you.

  • Shelly says:

    I did not get as much done this week as I had hoped. I ended up being out of the house more than usual and that really cuts into time for the usual things I can get done. But it was not too bad of a week all in all.

    Wish you the best at your speaking engagement. I know I don’t like to do public speaking either.

  • Karla says:

    I linked up my goals this week, actually got it done on Monday instead of Wednesday this week!

  • Amanda B says:

    Fell off the Goal wagon last week, but back on again. Whew. I feel your anxiety about public speaking. It is not my most favorite thing in the world. But I know that you can do it! You amaze me daily on everything that you accomplish, I just know that this will be just another feather in your cap!

  • See You In the Garden says:

    Thanks for being courageous enough to step out and try something out of your comfort zone. It has been very inspiring and encouraging.

    Even though I’m not going to the conference, I’m sure you will do great.

  • Nicole says:

    Can I just say how much I loved, loved, LOVED your webcast? It was a huge encouragement and help! I even took a page of notes! I had trouble getting the video to work at first (eventually had to switch to a different computer, it just wasn’t working on mine) and I didn’t quite catch the first 3 points on ways to contribute to your families finances. Could you mention those again?

    Wishing you the best during the convention, wish I could hear that, too! 🙂

  • Dona says:

    I believe if only 10-12,000 are at this convention..then that is a big drop compared to last year. I heard there were close to 20,000 last year. I was there and it was HUGE. However, they were more on the ball last year with promoting it..earlybird specials began before November last year, but this year they did not put stuff out till the week of Christmas. Also, last year the famous Duggar family was there as well as Tim Hawkins. This year it is Mike Hukabee and a lesser known comedian. So while, I think those are nice..the Duggar family and Tim Hawkins drew in quite a bit of people I am sure! But I will say, it is an AMAZING CONVENTION and the shopping is very overwhelming. I spent two days last year and still did not make it through all the booths. This year my husband is going with me and we are planning a three day trip! I am looking forward to meeting is surreal to me since I have followed your blog since Biblical Womanhood 🙂 But do be prepared for a massive crowd! Hope you enjoy it!

  • Lydia says:

    I had to basically repost my goals…I will get them done this week!

  • Week 10 of the Couch to 5K isn’t that the last week? Which means you are soon ready for your first 5K! Congrats. I still remember mine it was small and local and I even won a medal for 2nd in my age group (of course my age group had perhaps 5 people in it! LOL)

  • Beth says:

    Goals posted and hoping to stay on track a bit better this week! Posting them is definitely helping me! Thanks for providing a place to do so!

    Good luck at the convention – I’m sure you’ll do great! 🙂

  • Yay! Countdown to the Homeschool Conference…I’m really looking forward to meeting you & hopefully hearing you speak. (You’ll do great, I know. Just talk to us like you were blogging to us!)
    The conference was huge last year. It was my first year and a bit overwhelming. Yet, it was super encouraging and exciting.
    You want to at least pack snacks and drinks. Because some of the speakers last year were scheduled across the street at another hotel, and they didn’t have any food/drink vendors there. (But that may not apply to you.) Also wear comfortable shoes…:)
    Lord willing, see you next week!

  • Just posted my goals above – added the love note to my husband. 🙂

    I’m kinda liking your spring cleaning plan – haven’t done much of it myself yet – except clean out my purse and find some items for a yard sale. But I think I may have to give the plan a try… I know my husband would appreciate it.

    Good luck on your speeches!

  • Ani says:

    I love how you have goals, and don’t stress if you miss one or a few, it just gets to be one of your goals for next week. (I also appreciate how you only have ten, it’s not cumulative.) What a healthy way to live. And growing your own easter grass… I’m sure my cats would get along much better with that than the plastic stuff. 🙂

  • Great job on your goals last week. 🙂 April is proving to be a much better month for me to actually get stuff done.

  • Thank you for hosting, this is my first time linking up. I am hoping that by writing down my weekly goals I can get a lot more accomplished. I downloaded your free printable which helped me break down my goals.

  • Ace1234 says:

    I live in the area so I am very excited about the convention! I am also secretly hoping the 10,000 – 12,000 people do not all drive separate cars. 🙂

    Love always,

  • Lilianne says:

    Met my reading goals for April (two books) but I’m planning to read more! You can see what books I’ve read here:

    Also signed up for a 5K in August. I did one in November and it was a lot of fun, need to get training again!

  • Donna Slaughter says:


    You’ll do a great job! I’m looking forward to hearing you and know that God will fill in where you feel you can’t. Relax and enjoy – it’s a fantastic conference! – Donna

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