“You are such a FUN person to wake up to every day!”

Make Over Your Mornings

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Thank you all so much for your sweet, kind, and encouraging comments as you’re going through the Make Over Your Mornings course! You all bless me so much!

I spent Wednesday catching up on sleep and life after a few days (and parts of nights!) devoted to the launch. And then the last two days, Silas and I traveled to San Francisco for some business meetings with the wonderful folks from ePantry.com. I’ll share more about that trip in my 5 Things I’m Loving post tonight.

Thank you for letting me step back from the usual blogging schedule here this week to focus on the launch. I’m excited to dive back into regular blogging and our normal routine now that this big project is completed. My head is exploding with creative new ideas for future projects and upcoming posts. :)

Make Over Your Mornings

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I’ve had so much fun following along with your posts on Instagram, on Twitter, and on the Facebook Group. I’ve also been so encouraged by your emails of gratitude. Cheryl gave me permission to share this email she sent me:

Crystal, I am LOVING the Make Over Your Mornings course. You are such a fun person to wake up to every day! :) Wish you could just give me a pep talk every morning as I start my day!

Seriously, some of the highlights for me thus far (I’m on Day 3) have been:

Being personally encouraged to realize that I’ve heard you say some of these things over the years that I’ve followed you, and I’ve ACTUALLY IMPLEMENTED SOME! YAY! I sat down to write out an evening routine, and realized we have a great one! Of course there are ways we can improve it (ahem – can you say “cut down on screen time”) but we have a good framework.

Seeing you have your quiet time in PJs (or comfy clothes, if they’re not actually your PJs). Can I just say this is such a relief? I’ve read so many things about successful mornings that strongly suggest getting dressed immediately upon getting out of bed in order to feel ready for success. Honestly, I love drinking my coffee and having my quiet time in my yoga pants. So thanks for keeping it real.

Giving such practical, yet flexible, advice. I love how the ideas you share are applicable to so many life situations. I’m a WAHM (virtual office manager) with a preschooler and a toddler. I am trying to apply some of these same tips to afternoon nap time as well. If I don’t go into nap time with a good plan, I end up wasting the time that could have been so productive. With a great morning plan and a great nap plan, I am working towards reducing work-related stress during the other times of the day when my girls need more of my attention.

I could go on, but just know that you are blessing us in such a huge way! Thank you SO much! Can’t wait to see what is to come! -Cheryl

Make Over Your Mornings

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Have you gotten your copy of Make Over Your Mornings yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Go download it here. {And yes, those are actually what I wear for my PJs in the videos!}

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