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500 Things Decluttering Challenge: Day 1 (64 items decluttered!)

500 Things Challenge: I decluttered 64 items today!

It’s Day 1 of the 500 Things Decluttering Challenge!

Today’s project was to declutter at least 100 pieces of paper. This could be any kind of paper in any part of your house — paper scraps, magazines, newspapers, junk mail, etc.

I’m pretty much a fanatic about staying on top of paper piles (see my system for staying on top of paper clutter here), so I wasn’t sure if I’d come up with 100 pieces of paper to toss/recycle. Then, I remembered the junk drawer in my kids’ bedroom… There was more than paper in there to declutter — I found candy wrappers, jar lids, and even an empty medicine bottle.

Today’s total: 64 items decluttered (yes, I counted candy wrappers and all! Because I get to make the rules on what counts!! ;))

I’m going to keep a running total of all my items decluttered during this challenge as I thought it would be fun to not only do Daily Totals but also Overall Totals.

How many paper (or other!) items did YOU declutter today?? Leave a comment and let us know. 

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  • Sarah P says:

    I did 50 books, and that was just 2 bookshelves, but it filled the box I had. Since today is a day where I have an extra kid, getting rid of 50 things with 4 kids 5 and under feels like a win. 🙂

  • Monica says:

    Magazines, used ribbon, and food containers. Total of 6 items today so far…

  • Nikki says:

    Like you, Crystal, I don’t tend to keep much paperwork, so I didn’t have too much to go through, especially since I just went through our filing cabinet last year. However, I do have a problem with recipes: I print them out and tear them out of magazines, and I never rarely try them. So I went through my recipe notebook and was able to throw out 125 recipes that my family didn’t like or that I know I will never try. My notebook is much skinner now, and lighter, too!

  • Ashley says:

    I’m going to need to repeat this day at some point. I got to 105 pieces of paper and that was only my desk! I’m loving this challenge and it will be good to redo every quarter or semi annually!

  • I got rid of some school paperwork and sold a water cooler. So happy to have less stuff and money in my pocket.

  • Amy says:

    I’m not specifically following the challenge, but we worked on my boys room today and have a trash bag pretty full, a lot of recycling and a bag of stuff to give away! I think we could do the 500 things from their room alone! If I get to count each origami paper, we may have hit 500 already.

  • Annie D. says:

    One of my New Year’s resolutions was to get my paperwork organized and keep it that way. I made a lot of progress in this area last week, so I couldn’t find many pieces of paper to get rid of today. However, I did throw away 51 other odds and ends from around the house!

  • Charlene E says:

    I have 41 items de-cluttered. I am keeping count. I really hope to make 500. I don’t have the course so I didn’t know today was paper and that is probably a good thing. I may not have started. I have some paper to throw out but not too much. I feel good about even this progress. I’m not a hoarder but I’m not a minimalist either.

  • Jenny says:

    I got rid of about 50 pieces of paper — tossed a bunch of holiday paper things as I sorted through that (including cards- I don’t save them from year to year), a few paper ornaments we no longer need, several magazines I had started but not finished reading, old bank statements we no longer need (quarterlies will suffice), a pile of junk mail, and a nice thick pile of receipts I’d been saving and no longer need!

  • I’m estimating about 150 pieces of paper, conservatively. Library bag- about 15, magazines -67, LOTS of homeschooling papers and half-used curriculum (maybe 100 “decisions” of stuff to get rid of as Kathy Lipp said), some preK duplicate books to pass along, etc.
    It is getting easier since I’ve been decluttering for 2 years at least! The amount is much less and I’m faster at making the decisions especially with that unused curriculum. I’m realizing what I like & don’t. If I’ve never used it, am unlikely to use it with the next child in line, I got rid of it.
    It’s hard for me to do this on weekdays though, switching my brain from homeschooling to decluttering mindset, so we’ll see how the week goes! I might catch up on the weekend.

  • Sierra says:

    I’ve had a large stack of paper that I have been avoiding so I tackled it today. I filed/kept about 20 important docs and special kid momentos and tossed the other 120 pieces of junk. Felt great!

  • Tamara Ruiz says:

    I’m at 70 right now but i still haven’t hit my home school piles or magazines. I’m sure who ever didn’t make it to 100 I will make up the difference.

  • Darcy Hicks says:

    I managed to count and get rid of 100 paper items (receipts, magazines, catalogs, and just other paper stuff). But I also threw away a ton of my son’s school work that he comes home with every week. I’d just been piling it up in a bin. I did not take the time to count it but I’m betting there were at least 100 sheets of paper/work just in that pile! 🙂 So I’m counting #200 for today!

  • Susan B says:

    Tossed 56 paper items. I am aiming toward the overall goal of 500 items.

  • Yolanda says:

    I didn’t realize it was paper day either. My daughter has been cleaning through her Barbie items today. 🙂

  • Jessica says:

    I started early. Last week, I went through my 3 year old’s dresser and closet and filled up a huge trash bag of clothing. There are more than 100 items in there. I already had the next size up of clothes waiting for her in the basement.

  • C Vermeulen says:

    Got rid of old receipts (about 25). Shredded about 30 sheets of paper from medicines sent from VA clinic. Tossed some old store ads too. Now up to almost 100.

  • Amy says:

    I didn’t know it was paper today either. I sold a few things on the Facebook Garage Sale site. I threw away a stack of paper, but there’s still time so I think I will go finish a drawer or two. 🙂 Does anyone know what the task for tomorrow is?

  • Kelly says:

    I did a huge tub of cookbooks– 30, plus sold 25 DVDs!

  • Leigh says:

    I didn’t know you were starting today! Poo! I’ll have to catch up!

  • Jenn says:

    I got rid of 220 pieces of paper. ? It felt great!

  • Nicole ross says:

    I was able to get rid of 89 pieces of paper!

  • Kristy B says:

    I got 100 using free magazines (they multiply like rabbits!), expired coupon inserts and old CVS receipts. I forgot about it until I saw your post. It only took a few minutes. I should do this more often. 🙂

  • Renee says:

    I *just* finished “konmari-ing” every category of my house on Friday. Tomorrow is trash day… let’s just say, we have a lot of bags to put out. Also, when my husband pulled in the garage the other day, he told me he thought, “my wife is going crazy.” So, I didn’t count. But I’m going to guess at least in the ballpark of 500. haha. Note, I thought I was already an uncluttered person. Konmari showed me otherwise 🙂

  • Brooke says:

    Over250 papers decluttered. My desk and counter look so good and I’m ready for taxes.

  • Tonya says:

    I’m working each day wherever I feel inspired so today I removed 44 items from my bathroom (did not tackle under the sink or 3/4 of the closet yet), 8 pairs of shoes/jackets from the hall closet, and cleaned out the pantry (not bothering to count food items). Definitely feeling encouraged by my start and can’t wait to see my progress in a few weeks!

  • Leigh says:

    I did 100 pieces easy….didn’t realize how much paper my kiddos had everywhere! They love to color and draw and cut….it got out of hand. I did 100 pieces and didn’t even make it to the kids bedrooms. I’ll have to do 100 more another day!

  • Natalia says:

    I tossed 1 Trader Joes paper bag full of paper, I have 4 sets of twin sheets being donated to a local kids camp, and 4 ripped space bags. <3 not sure the itemized number count, so I will guesstimate 90. I am sure there is more to come today as the day is young. Good Luck to everyone. <3 and Happy Winter Decluttering.

  • Stephanie says:

    I already hit 111, and have a Iot more. I’m going to make time to keep going later today.

  • Kathi Lipp says:

    It’s so exciting to see everyone jumping in and decluttering their homes! Thanks so much for making your journey available for others to see. 🙂

  • Renee says:

    I stopped counting once I hit the “100” mark. So, I count that a success. It was so much fun to get rid of stuff.

  • Elisa says:

    I got rid of 102 pieces of paper and there’s still more to go! I’ve got to get the kids to bed now, but I’m glad I hit the target. Can’t wait to get rid of some more stuff!

  • Berneice says:

    Well, I stepped into my closet and went through purses, belts, sweaters, workout clothes, shoes and of course clothing. Then I hit all the drawers in our room and finished with my husbands stuff. I quite counting after 60 but it is all loaded in the Blazer for a donation stop. Thanks for the incentive. Been thinking of doing that for a LONG time. Didn’t even take that long. Maybe an hour !!

  • Theresa says:

    I am ON A ROLL!!! Have made TWO trips to Goodwill in the past 3 days, backseat completely FULL of boxes and stuff that started to fall out when I opened the doors. Feels so good to de-clutter… and I am a saver of everything, with great intentions, of course… to craft or re-purpose, or sell, or use ‘one day’… eventually. It’s so hard, but I’m trying. And the more I get rid of, the better I feel. Like the mountains of my stuff in my house, and my brothers basement, and my two sheds, and the garage… as they go down and as stuff gets trashed, burned, donated, or sold… a weight is lifted off my shoulders. 🙂

  • Sam says:

    I just started last night. Don’t judge me too harshly but I got rid of 184 things from just 2 trays on our desk! Hubby and I are terrible with our mail! But it has certainly motivated me! Don’t know if I’ll get to do a new challenge every day but I’m aiming to complete the whole thing within a month.

  • Dawn g says:

    Two garbage cans full of junk. Papers magazines shredding. 4 bedroom/closet doors 2 chair and a desk.

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