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Ultimate Double Chocolate Brownies

Ultimate Double Chocolate Brownies

Guest post from Brigette Shevy

These are *the* brownies Crystal and I grew up on. Our family first discovered this recipe in a Taste of Home magazine, and it instantly became a favorite. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve made these addictive, chocolately gems over the years – definitely more than I can count! My mom often served them with ice cream when we had company over, and they were always a hit with adults and children alike (because who doesn’t like homemade brownies?!).

Ultimate Double Chocolate Brownies

They magically bake up with a crinkly chewy crust, and rich fudgy insides, which is exactly the way I like my brownies. And in all the times I’ve made them, I can’t remember them ever not turning out.

These are a must for every serious chocolate lover!

Ultimate Double Chocolate Brownies

Ultimate Double Chocolate Brownies

Brigette is a full-time wife and mother who is blessed with three amazing bundles of energy (ages 6, 4, and 2). She enjoys music, experimenting in the kitchen, homeschooling her children, finding great deals, long-distance running, and anything chocolate.

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    • Linda says

      This is the best brownie recipe I have ever made. They are moist…great texture…and are scrumptious. My friends all gave them a huge stamp of approval and so have I. Thanks! As far as timing, mine took 30 minutes…done to perfection.

  1. says

    Yum! I love brownies and will easily pick them over cake or cookies any day. I *might* make these for my family…myself…. I mean my family. lol…:) Thanks for sharing Brigette! Hope you have a great weekend!

      • Brandi says

        This is my first time making homemade brownies. Omg. Everybody loved it! It is perfect. I baked it for 35 minutes and put a crumbled oreo crust on the bottom. So good so perfect and so moist!! How could anyone say this is bland???? 🙈🙉🙊

  2. says

    I looked up the original for the carb count for my son – that’s the cool thing about Type 1 Diabetes: they can have all sorts of fun stuff too!

    I am so making these for a Sunday lunch play date for him and a friend! Thanks Brigette!

  3. Susan says

    You asked “who doesn’t like homemade brownies?” The answer is my 13-yo daughter. The girls does not like and will not eat chocolate. I, on the other hand, can easily eat an entire pan of brownies. Which is why I rarely ever make them.

    But they sure do look good! I’m keeping the recipe for when we have company. Or maybe I’ll bake some, eat like two, and bring the rest to work where they’ll quickly disappear.

    Thanks Bridgette.

    • Brigette says

      I haven’t ever used dark chocolate chips (I am the only dark chocolate fan in my family), but I’m sure they would be amazing – if you like dark chocolate! I have used both semi and milk, and they both are great (my husband prefers milk, I prefer the semi-sweet). The “best” kind to use will depend on your personal taste preference!

  4. Lynn says

    *(Note: If you prefer your brownies not quite as sweet, you can always scale back on the amount of chocolate chips.) -HAHA!! 😉

    • Brigette says

      Yeah, I know – how could brownies possibly be TOO sweet? 😉 But apparently not everyone in the world agrees with me, so I just thought I would add that disclaimer!

  5. Sarah says

    We tried these this afternoon. I did find that they were done after just 20 minutes, and would have been best after just 18 minutes, so I’d say to keep an eye on them. Also, my family usually makes a salted fudge brownie recipe, and we found these to be rather bland in comparison. These actually reminded me of a boxed brownie mix. Thanks for sharing though, it’s always nice to try something new!

    • Tanya says

      Thank you for this! My family loves boxed brownies but I have been trying to find a recipe to make them from scratch. Most of the recipes I have found are more cake like. Can’t wait to try these!

  6. says

    Oooh–my homemade brownie recipe uses SIX eggs, so I hardly ever make it (too expensive.) This looks yummy and much more reasonable–thanks so much!! :)

  7. Angela M says

    I made these tonight. They are amazing!!!! I don’t think you could ever get this much chocolate out of the box! Thanks so much, this was the first time I ever made brownies from scratch. I think my hubby would have eaten the whole pan if I let him :)

    • Brigette says

      I haven’t ever tried that, so I don’t know. I DO they that they freeze beautifully after you cook them – I do that all the time, and they stay nice and moist!

  8. Becky says

    We made these tonight! I used about one cup of chocolate chips in the batter. Once they came out of the oven, while they were still piping hot, I dumped some chocolate chips on top & waited for them to soften. I then spread them like frosting all over the top. This was my first brownie mix from scratch! They were so good! My family gave them a thumbs up! Thanks so much for sharing the recipe! :)

  9. Jisoo Rho says

    Ok, so let me start by saying that I LOVE the fact this does not require a mixer of any sort. I’m a college student! I just want to bake brownies on a friday and not have to spend a fortune on a mixer when making baked goods from scratch! So that’s a plus. I also didn’t have chocolate chips, so i used some discounted halloween chocolates I bought at the drugstore. woohoo! After Halloween, I went all out and bought m&ms (PB, white chocolate, and milk chocolate!), snickers, resees pieces! This recipe was super easy and I’m so excited to share them tomorrow at work!! After reading a previous post, I decided to check up on the brownies at 20 minutes because i know my oven tends to be on the hotter side. Took them out at 20 and they look great! I just have to wait for it to cool. The hardest part… I am actually going to be patient this time…(every other time I make something off of pinterest, I never wait and eat it piping hot. lol!) Thanks for the recipe! This is definitely one of the easiest ones that i’ve made so far! (Though I haven’t made too many!)

    • Brigette says

      I can SO relate to your comment about being a college student with no mixer. :) Been there, done that (and made a TON of chocolate chip cookies by hand during grad school – it IS possible…just tedious!). That’s really weird about them only taking 20 minutes, because there is NO way mine would be done in that amount of time – but, I’m glad you thought to check them. :) Thanks for taking time to leave a comment!

  10. Julia says

    Hi there!
    that’s a really nice recipe you have 😀
    but i have one question, i’ve never made brownies before and i’m from Austria (Europe)
    so my question is about the flour, you say 11/3 cup.. is it really almost four cups of flour you put in there? or is it just 3/11 cup, so just a little?
    might be a stupid question, but i think it’s important to know 😉

  11. Christine Thompson says

    I am about to make a dairy free version of these. I will let you know how it turns out!

    • Amy Klun says

      I would be very interested in your substitutions. I have a good friend whose daughter has never had a brownie because of egg/dairy, and nut allergies. I was considering using applesauce for eggs and a butter substitute. Please post your results! Thanks!

      • Christine says

        I still use egg as that isn’t dairy and is therefore not a problem for me, but I do know a recipe that doesn’t use egg either. I use Earth Balance Vegan Butter Sticks to replace butter and that works just fine. Coconut oil can also be used as a replacement in many recipes. The ones I made came out great :)

  12. Christina says

    Thank you so much for putting this brownie recipe on Pinterest my family loved the brownies last night they were so yummy :-)

  13. Shirley says

    I made these. I put them in a 9×9 pan because it seemed that a bigger pan was just too big with the amount of batter it made. They turned out cakey and not great. Could it be that the 9×12 pan makes them thinner and this gets the right consistency and that gorgeous crackly top? Help! I am determined to find the perfect gooey, crackly top brownie!

  14. Matt says

    I used this recipe to make some delicious pot brownies (I live in Colorado). For the butter, I substituted a little more than 2/3 cup of Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil, which I infused myself at home using a double boiler. I think that this is the best recipe for pot brownies I have tried and I am very satisfied, especially after using more chocolate chips than suggested. Thank you, and much love!

  15. Amahnda says

    Hi I was just wondering if the eggs would scramble if putting them in after boiling water? Or do you let it cool down?

    • April says

      I’ve made this twice, and didn’t have any problem with the egg. By the time I mixed the cocoa/butter and hot water to a smooth consistency it probably wasn’t boiling temp.

  16. April says

    I’ve never tried making brownies from scratch before. Since finding this recipe, I’ve made it twice. It’s so easy, and the taste is phenomenal. My kids and husband told me not to bother buying boxed brownie mix anymore. Thanks for a great recipe.

  17. Jaclyn says

    I just made these and they’re amazing! All of my siblings and family members say they’re better than the box mix. Thank you so much!!

  18. Khulood Yaseen says

    Hey thanks for the recipe , I ‘ve tried a few recipes but it’s always more cakey, unfortunately this one was cake ish as well , maybe I need to bake it for 15 mins only rather than 20mins …

  19. Amy b says

    I made these tonight and the flavor I’d good, but they were overdone at 20 min :-( they would have been best around 17 min. (weird, bc I’ve never made brownies that cook for less than 25 minutes) Mine didn’t develop a flaky top either. I’ll probably try them again with a 16 min cooking time.

  20. Secil says

    Hi, thanks for sharing this recipe. I did bake them for 35 min but they were really overdone; It could have been easily done at 20-25 min in my oven I think. I will keep an eye on them next time. And I just want to say that I love that the ingredients are listed in the same order as they are in the recipe; it makes it really easy to follow. Thank you!

  21. Melissa says

    These are some of the best brownies I’ve ever had. My family absolutely loved them! I followed the comments and only baked them for only 20 minutes and they were perfect! Thank you!

  22. says

    I have made these a few times and am never disappointed! Tomorrow I’m going to bake them with half a bag of chocolate chunks (I always do a full bag of chips, but the chunks are all we have and I don’t feel like going to the store…haha). I’m excited to see how they turn out!

    Also, I’ve made these using GLUTEN FREE flour and they’ve still come out delicious, in case any one on here was curious! In fact, the first time I made them they were gluten free and I fell in love!!! :) Thank you for a scrumptious recipe!

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