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We Spent $68.24 at the Grocery Store This Week (+ our dinner menus)

Want to see what we bought for this week’s $70 grocery budget? I’m currently challenging myself to stick with a $70 budget for our family of five. This includes almost all of our breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and dinners + most household products (toiletries, laundry soap, etc.).

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I was excited to find some great deals at Kroger, be able to stock up on a few things, and stay under budget. Here’s what we bought this week:

Kroger Shopping Trip #1:

  • 4 boxes Creamette Pasta — $0.49 each with the Kroger digital coupon
  • Duncan Hines Microwave Cakes (I thought these would be fun to have for a movie night!) — marked down to $0.39 each
  • Kroger Hashbrowns — $1.79
  • Fresh Salsa — marked down to $0.99
  • 1 bag of apples — marked down to $0.99
  • 3 jars Kroger peanut butter — $0.99 each after Kroger digital coupon
  • 1 jar natural Kroger peanut butter — $1.79
  • Kroger cheese (16 oz.) — $3.99
  • Pillsbury Pie Crust — marked down to $0.99
  • 3-lb bag of Gala apples — $3.99
  • 2 lbs ground beef — marked down to $1.99 each
  • 3 bottles Odwalla juice — marked down to $0.99 each
  • 2 boxes Kroger cereal — $1.49 each
  • Milk — $2.79
  • Half & Half — $1.99
  • Total with tax: $38.38

Kroger Shopping Trip #2:

  • 2 boxes Kroger cereal — $1.49 each
  • Hostess Cupcake Dessert Mix — marked down to $0.39
  • 2 cans Chef Boyardee — marked down to $0.19 each
  • Simple Truth Refried Beans — marked down to $0.39
  • 4 bags Kroger Frozen Veggies — $1 each
  • Lemi-Shine Dishwasher Tabs — marked down to $0.89
  • 5 packages of Pampers wipes — $0.99 each with Friday-Saturday digital coupon
  • 2 Stayfree pads — $1.69 each when you buy 5 participating items, used $3/2 Kroger digital coupon = $0.19 each
  • 2 Suave shampoo/conditioner — $0.99 each when you buy 5 participating items, used $1/2 Kroger digital coupon = $0.49 each
  • Kellogg’s Raisin Bran — $1.79 when you buy 5 participating items
  • Milk — $2.99
  • Simple Truth Eggs — marked down to $1.49
  • Total with tax: $29.86


Our Menu Plan This Week

Note: When you see the meals below, please remember this: I buy ahead often. Which means that when I find a great deal on something I know we’ll use, I buy as much as I can afford in our budget to have on hand.

This means that you aren’t going to see all of the groceries my shopping trip that I used to make all of the meals we ate.

Please also remember that I’m putting this out there and it’s not a perfectly balanced menu. This is just really what we ate — and I hope that it encourages you to see the real-ness and lack of perfection here.

Breakfasts: Cereal

Lunches: Leftovers, Salad, Apples/Peanut Butter, Mac & Cheese, Yogurt, Cookies, Chips, Random other markdowns/sale items 🙂


Sunday: Leftovers + Mac & Cheese

Monday: Breakfast Casserole (recipe sent to me by a follower)

Tuesday: Fend for yourself + leftovers

Wednesday: Tyson Anytizers, Broccoli, Brown Rice

Thursday: Chicken Tetrazinni, Green Beans, Bran Muffins

Friday: Pumpkin Waffles, Bacon (Jesse & I went out to dinner with a gift card we were given by his parents — we’re trying to get in some dates before the baby gets here!)

Saturday: Dinner out (Kathrynne had an out of town basketball tournament)

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  • Shonda says:

    So, you have inspired me to work on my food budget. I don’t know if I’ll make $70 a week, but I spent $95 including cat litter (which every week I spent $10-$20 on cat food and litter). But I made 6 freezer meals and 4 lunches for myself. I have lots of ingredients to make other things as well as fruits and veggies. I’ve learned to make my own yogurt and crackers. My goal is $125 or less each week and trying for $100. Thanks for sharing.

  • Petra Catogge says:

    I stayed at 80 then another 20 so 100 a week for 4 still trying to lower but I have picky eaters

  • September says:

    I really need to start tracking our food budget. There’s no way on earth I could get it to $70 with a family of six and two teenagers (the 14 year old boy is a bottomless pit and surprisingly the 3 year old isn’t much better).

    • You might be surprised what you can do! I’m not saying $70/week, but I would challenge you to change your mindset from “there’s no way I could do that!” to “What can I do??” A can do, creative, committed attitude can rock your world — and your grocery budget!

  • Bethany says:

    I try so hard every week to use only $100 for our groceries but always go over. We are a fsmily of five. Do you have any tips for not going over your grocery budget? Thanks!

    • Have you ever tried only bringing cash (in the amount of your grocery budget) to the store for a few months? That’s one surefire way to make sure you don’t go over your budget. Also, I add up my total as I add the items to the cart and I’ll put things back if I’m going to be over the total.

  • Summer says:

    Love this and your whole blog. I was so excited to find out there was a Kroger in the town I grocery shop at. I’ve saved so much money shopping their with the markdowns. I menu plan, shop my freezer/pantry first, shop for 2 weeks at a time, scratch cook as much as possible and shop from 3 different stores. We hit Kroger first, then Aldi and then Walmart making a big circle. We have a family of 6 and budget $150 per week including toiletries, cleaning supplies and dog food (2 German shepards and a Chiweenie).

  • Kelly says:

    Thanks for these posts! We have six people in our family and eat almost entirely organic and I have a super-specific diet because I’m a cancer survivor, and we live in a high cost of living area (Southern California)… so I’ve been really trying to stick to a $175/week budget + $175 a month at Costco.

    I share this because even though that’s a lot more than you, it still takes some effort to stick to that amount – we would naturally settle in at more like $300 a week and a couple $300-400 Costco visits, if I wasn’t intentional about how we shop. Thank you for your encouragement in inspiring me to stick to a budget that works for us!

    One tip that helps me a lot: I divide my shopping list by section of the grocery store: produce, bakery/bread, freezer, meat, shelves, and dairy (cheese, milk, eggs). Then I take my given amount to spend for the week (usually $175, but maybe a little more or less depending on our other spending that month), and I write how much I can spend per category: $50 for produce, $10 in the bakery/cereal/bread section, $20 in dairy, and so on.

    I like it because it keeps me focused in that area of the grocery store, and it also keeps our eating a bit balanced: we don’t blow all our money on baked goods and then not have any fresh produce, for example.

    It’s a strategy that’s working well for me lately!

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