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My Top 3 Favorite Sites to Get Great Deals on Clothes

Like to dress in cute clothes but don’t want to pay a high price tag for them? Here are some of my favorite ways to get great deals on clothes…

As I talked about in this post, I’ve changed how I approach fashion and clothes in the past two years. I’ve surprised myself and discovered that I really enjoy cute clothes, cute shoes, jewelry, dressing up almost every day, and having more variety in my wardrobe. But I’m still very committed to keeping a simple wardrobe and not spending an arm and a leg on clothes.

On my Facebook Live videos people are constantly commenting on my clothes and asking where I got an item. So I thought it was high time I put together a post of my current favorite places to find great deals on clothes:

1. thredUP

I get a lot of my clothes on thredUP and it’s my very favorite used clothing site to shop from. (I got the jeans shown above brand-new for just $8.99!)

One of my favorite ways to shop thredUP is to search for deals on high-quality brands I already know that I love and adore but would never pay full price for. You can often find name brand items that are in like-new condition (or even new with tags!) — at great prices!

I love that they have a HUGE selection and that you can really drill down to very specific searches — you can refine your search in great detail if you choose: what colors of clothes you want, what brands you want, and what price range. This allows you to really find exactly what types of things you are looking for.

Plus, if an item doesn’t fit you, you can log into your account within 14 days from when it’s delivered to say that you want to return it. You can then print a postage paid shipping label and return slip. Read my full review of ThredUp here.

2. Amazon

If you watch my Facebook Live videos, you know that I’m sort of an Amazon freak — especially when it comes to shirts/tops. I may need an intervention. And I may be the only person on the planet who thinks that Amazon is the best place to buy clothes from.

But I don’t care. Not one bit.

I’ll fly my freak flag and wave it loud and proud. Because y’all, AMAZON. ‘Nuff said. 😉

Here are a few shirts I’ve loved this fall/winter that I got from Amazon:

And here’s a post I wrote with some of my faves for spring/summer: My 3 Favorite Summer Shirts from Amazon

If something doesn’t fit, most Amazon clothes purchases can be returned for free, but you have to read the details because different sellers are different. I also look at the reviews of the shirts, too. Because Amazon reviews are a goldmine of helpful information!

What I’ve found works best is to find a few brands that I love and then buy multiple colors of that same item once I know that I love it (because I might be branching some, but I’m still boring enough to have multiple colors of the same shirt. Hey, if I like it a lot and it fits really well, it’s so much easier to just have the same shirt in different colors!!)

Amazon’s search feature is not set up well to find exactly what you are looking for, so you might have to do some poking around. I usually poke around a bit and then, when I find an item I like, I look at the “Customers Who Purchased This Also Purchased” section halfway down the page. This tool often turns up some great finds that are in similar styles to what I love.

3. Zulily

Zulily is an online daily deal site that has lots of sales on ladies’ clothing. They offer sales on brands and high-quality items often. They especially seem to have great deals on shoes and workout clothes. Most of their sales last for 3-4 days.

My favorite sales are when they have a huge clearance on workout clothes. I’ve gotten sports bras for just a few dollars each, workout tanks for just a few dollars each, name-brand running shoes for half price, high-quality workout shorts and leggings for around $10 a piece, and really high quality leggings for less than $10!

One important thing to note: They do not ship right away and it usually takes 2-4 weeks for you to get your order. They occasionally offer free shipping, but it’s usually $7.95, so I wait until they have a great workout sale or clearance sale and stock-up.

Other than these four places, the only other places I’ve bought clothes from in the last year (as far as I can remember) are from Stitch Fix and my shoe-shopping experience at the mall. Over the last few years, I’ve gotten a few high-quality items from Stitch Fix, as well, just using credit I’ve gotten from my Completely Honest Review post.

I have mixed feelings on Stitch Fix because the prices are high and it’s sort of a risk you take to sign up for a fix. But I have gotten a few items each year that I’ve loved and I’ve not spent anything out of pocket on it because their referral program is so generous, but I think it’s one of those things that can be hit and miss — and it can work great for some people and not work at all for others. Read my Completely Honest Review of Stitch Fix here.

5 Other Places to Get Great Deals on Clothes

Your Closet — Don’t run out and get something new because “you have nothing to wear” without first checking your closet. There might be a dozen items in there you’ve not worn for awhile just because you forgot about them! Save yourself a trip to the store plus the money for new clothes by making sure you’re wearing what you already own!

Thrift Stores — Thrift stores are a gold mine of deals, if you have the patience to dig and look. Approach it like a treasure hunt, have strict guidelines for what you are looking for, and make sure

Swap Meets with Friends — Get your group of girlfriends together and have everyone bring what they no longer love, need, fit into, or wear and swap out clothes. This is a fun way to freshen up your closet — for free!

Cents of Style — They offer GREAT sales a few times per month (as you probably know if you follow along here!). Never pay full-price from their site, but definitely sign up for their email list to be notified of their sales. I especially love their t-shirts and their leggings.

TJ Maxx — I’ve found lots of great deals at TJ Maxx over the years. You never know quite what you’ll find, but it’s a great place to find deals on basics like camis, socks, scarves, and workout clothes.

Target — Target often releases great coupons through their cartwheel app that can be paired with items from the Clearance Racks. This can make for great deals!

What are YOUR favorite ways to get great deals on clothes? I’d love to hear! Tell us in the comments!

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  • Janet Fahey says:

    Probably 80-85% of my wardrobe, including accessories, shoes and jewelry comes from Kohls. Between the 70-90% off sales racks, the discount coupons that come in the mail (for being a charge card customer) and their rewards when I make purchases, I buy a lot of stylish clothes that cost next to nothing. They also sendt me $10 off coupons every year for my birthday and I recently received a $15 off coupon to celebrate ten years of being a Kohls charge customer. I am willing to buy things off season at deep discounts but stick to basics that I know I can wear with several outfits. I find many good sales for my grandchildren also. Every now and then I buy interesting household items at deep discounts too.

    • MindaC says:

      Yes! I love Kohls! And I have bought some awesome holiday stuff off season like Easter decor during July for 90% off 🙂

    • Jen says:

      I agree with Kohl’s, though I don’t hop there super often. I mainly have purchased kids clothes lately. 90%off plus coupons can’t be beat… Usually pay $1-2 a piece for kids clothes, which is more than searching garage sales but cheaper than buying used at a second hand shop!!

    • I get the majority of my jewelry from the Kohl’s clearance racks! You just can’t beat their deals!!

  • Shauna says:

    I just placed my first order from but a lot of my neighbors love them. They have really cute stuff and I think you would like it. It is like an online discount boutique. They say the customer service is awesome also.

    • Brittney says:

      I love for everything from clothes to gifts. I’ve bought many items from the site and never been disappointed. And they have some very cute finds that I don’t see other places.

      • Chelsea says:

        I agree! I’m signed up for daily emails and they have the cutest outfits and home decor and other random stuff that is useful and cheap! All are boutique style items and the site is 2-day sale. So if you don’t buy within the 2 days you miss out on the offer. Only thing is I wish their shipping was a little cheaper but overall LOVE

    • Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Carrie says:

    I like ThredUp too. As far as Stitch Fix goes, I suggest buying the whole fix for the discount and selling what you don’t love in the Stitch Fix Facebook buy/sell/trade group. I did this recently and it was so easy! The community is friendly, and fast moving. I love Stitch Fix especially now that I have a stylist who nails it!!

  • lynn m. says:

    I usually take my time with my purchases and get almost all my clothing at Nordstrom Rack, Anthropologie, Loft, or Lands End nothing I own did I pay more than 30 bucks a piece on. Most of it ends up being more in the 20-25 range with a few pieces falling above or below that. All of the places do sales and sometimes have coupons or extra percent off sale days. None of it is “fast fashion” but well made pieces that I have curated and taken my time on purchasing. Sometimes spending a bit more on quality clothing equates to money saved because you are not having to replace it frequently.

    I also strongly suggest good care of clothing. Lay flat or hang to dry most tops, wear jeans several times between washings, turn anything with a print/embroidery inside out in the wash, and make sure buttons/zippers are done. Use a lingerie back for really delicate things if you don’t want to handwash. Also most dry clean only things can be handwashed or done in a lingerie bag and line/flat dried. Under tanks can also make clothing last longer by putting a layer between your shirt and your buttons and waist band on your pants which can frequently cause small holes in clothing.

  • I dislike shopping but like to have well made pieces that make me feel good. I’ve found that shopping The clearance rack online at my two favorite stores (White House Black Market & Chicos) is my best go to. I know how their clothes fit me and what styles look best. By shopping the clearance rack I rarely pay more than $15 to $20 per piece when stacked with coupons. Sign up for their membership (it’s free) and you get free shipping and 5% off automatically as well as the other coupons. If I see something fabulous I’ll go ahead and pay more. I also always use Ebates so I get a couple more percentage points off.

  • Debbie says:

    I love fashion and I love clothes and I love to be frugal and I have found Kohl’s to be one of the best places to purchase clothing for the whole family amongst other things. Couple their sales and coupons and end of year clearances and you can get great stylish and or classic clothing for next to nothing. I am also a big Zulily fan. Thanks for a great article!

  • Susan H. says:

    You should check out! It’s a lot like ThredUp but even less expensive plus I find their site easier to navigate. Also, always do a google search for a coupon code because you can often get free shipping (always free with a $50 purchase) or percent off codes. I just got my little guy a bunch of Gap jeans (the only kind that really fit him well) for $5-$6 and got myself several summer dresses for $7 each.

    A couple people already mentioned too – I check them every day! Lots of cute gifts and kid stuff on top of great deals on boutique type clothes. Plus if you shop through Swagbucks they often have 19 per $1 spent on Jane so I get a nice “refund” from that.

    • Thanks so much for the tips on I’ve tried them out twice and just haven’t fallen in love with them as much as I have ThredUp… and of the three items I got, I was really only happy with one of them. 🙁

      Maybe I just need to give them another shot!

  • Mary says:

    Most of my clothes come from Kohls and Lands End. I just got $40 slippers free from Lands End with codes and sale.
    I look for specific names usually at Kohls and have gotten $44 jeans for $15 at Kohls.

    • Mary Sunshine says:

      Same here! I buy most of my clothes–especially nicer pieces for work–from the clearance page of the Lands End website. This week, I got 2 pairs of dress pants, a boot skirt, and three turtlenecks for $95, using a 30% coupon on top of the clearance pricing.

    • Barbara Caudle says:

      I love Lands Ends’ 40% Friends and Family discounts!

  • Julie says:

    Has anyone tried or used Kidpik ( ? It seems to work similar to
    Stitch Fix. Just wondering .

    • Michelle says:

      My daughter gets one a season, she has received 2. The prices are very reasonable and the clothes are shoes are super cute. She has received shoes and clothes she loved in both her orders so far and I have been very pleased with the quality. We have been very pleased.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Ebay. ☺I like shopping goodwill and trying things on. Then I search for those same things on ebay. It can be cheaper then thred up.

  • Charlie says:

    Love your site and Facebook live videos! I buy my clothes from consignment & thrift stores but my fave online shop is Poshmark:)

  • Michelle says:

    I love Amazon deals, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls. I have a monthly subscription to Le Tote which I love. I like being able to rent the latest fashions and return. If I really love something and think it would be a good wardrobe staple I can buy it. I mostly buy staples now and use Le Tote to add in on trend fashions to my wardrobe. I like that it helps keep my closet from exploding and I get to try new styles all the time.

  • Bonnie says:

    I usually hit TJMaxx if I’m shopping for myself. But first, I go to cardcash or cardpool and pick up a printable gift card for 10-20% off. I love to be able to save extra on top of the good deals there!

  • Sarah says:

    I discovered Poshmark about six months ago and I’ve saved so much money! It’s better than eBay because you only place a private bid to the seller and most sellers are happy to drop their prices. I’ve also sold some of my own unused items or clearance deals on there and made money. I’ve even gotten my teenage brothers hooked on it! Most items are new or nearly new. It’s like high end consignment shopping.

  • Kirsten says:

    I have bought several clothing items from Zulily that were made with extremely thin fabric. A couple of them were shirts that now hang in my closet unworn because they are too see through. They have a no returns policy so I’m stuck with them. I also have a cardigan that the hems were unfinished. Very disappointing.

  • Katie says:

    I really like a few of the Amazon shirts that you shared. How do they wash up? I never get around to hand washing and do not like it when the shirts pill.

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