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FREE Homeschool Curriculum & Resources | Huge List of 26 Freebies!

This is a weekly list of Free Homeschool Curriculum and Resources compiled by Carrie from If you aren’t a homeschooler, but you’re a parent, teacher, babysitter, or nanny, you’ll probably find at least a few useful freebies in this list. You may also want to go through the Educational Deals and Freebies from earlier this week for more.

free homeschool resources

General Homeschooling Freebies:

The Benefits of Repetition + Repetition Punch Cards FREEBIE – Most kids learn by repetition. Whether it be spelling words, math facts or even chores. Use these FREE repetition punch cards to help keep them on track for any number of things.

FREE Unit Study Planner + Homeschool Unit Study Themes – If you’re a unit study homeschooler, you’re going to love this FREE printable planner. Sometimes it just helps to be able to sit down and write it all out on paper.

FREE Colubmus Day Coloring Activities – Columbus Day is just around the corner. Use these FREE printable coloring pages and activity placemats to get your kids excited about the days studies.

Awesome List of FREE Printable Board Games for All Ages – Do your kids love playing games? What about playing games to learn? Check out this awesome list of FREE printable board games for kids of all ages.

Columbus Day Mini Puzzle Unit – Puzzles and activities are always a fun way to learn more about any topic. Kids will love these FREE Columbus Day Mini Puzzles and Activities.

YouTube Channels for Homeschoolers – If your kids love watching videos and learning from them, why not put the FREE videos on YouTube to good use! Check out these highly recommended YouTube Channels for Homeschoolers.

Early Learning Freebies:

FREE Games for Letter Sounds Review – Tired of the same old reviews for letter sounds? Try these FREE games to add some fun to the review lessons. Games are a great way to help kids learn their letters and sounds.

FREE Johnny Appleseed Copywork Printables – Fall is the perfect time to learn about apples and Johnny Appleseed. Littles ones will enjoy working through these printables while learning about Johnny Appleseed and working on their handwriting.

FREE Teach Your Child To Read Flashcards – Do you have a budding reader? Use these FREE flashcards to help them learn to read. Simply download, print and use daily for best results.

FREE Columbus Day Emergent Readers – Little ones will love using these FREE emergent readers to learn about Christopher Columbus. These emergent readers include four different levels.

Christopher Columbus Tot & PreK-K Pack – Columbus Day is coming up soon and this Tot & PreK-K pack is the perfect addition to your studies about Christopher Columbus. Download it FREE and get started today!

Free Science, Nature Study & Notebooking Resources:

Free Bat Printables – With October here, bats are one of the fun topics you can study. They may seem scary at first, but they really are fascinating creatures. Use these FREE printables to introduce your kids to them and more!

FREE Fall Notebooking Printables for Your Homeschool – Fall is here! If you love using notebooking in your homeschool, don’t miss these FREE Fall notebooking printables where they can record everything about the season.

FREE Printable Find and Draw Scavenger Hunt for the Fall – Do your kids love scavenger hunts? Fall is the perfect time to look for changing leaves, animals preparing for the winter and much more. Use this FREE printable find and draw scavenger hunt for your next outing.

FREE Activities for Teaching Nutrition to Kids – Learning healthy eating habits takes time. Use these FREE activities to help teach your kids about proper nutrition and eating habits while their young.

FREE Christopher Columbus Notebooking Pages – Do your kids know about Christopher Columbus? Now they can record everything they know and learn about him on these FREE printable notebooking pages.

Free Math & Geography Resources:

FREE Task Cards for Teaching Equal Sharing – Are you starting fractions in your math lessons? These FREE equal sharing task cards are the perfect introduction to fractions and make it so fun, kids don’t even know they’re learning them!

FREE Division Practice with Superheroes – Most kids either love or hate math. Sometimes it helps to do math with superheroes. Download and use these FREE worksheets to help kids practice their division skills.

FREE Math Equivalencies and Conversions Cheat Sheets – Do your kids struggle to remember the math equivalencies and conversions? I know I do! Use these FREE cheat sheets to help them remember as they work through problems.

FREE Math Worksheets for Conversions and Equivalencies – Learning and remembering different math conversions and equivalencies isn’t easy. It takes practice and for some, even extra practice. Download and use these FREE worksheets and tables to master these skills.

Free Language Arts & Foreign Language Resources:

FREE Printable Fall Word Search Sets for kids – Word searches are such a great idea for so many reasons. They can help with reading, spelling, and even learning more about different topics. Download these FREE printable word search sets to use with a unit or during your next inside day.

FREE ASL Alphabet Worksheets – Do your kids need or want to learn a foreign language? American Sign Language is a great one for kids of all ages. Start with these FREE alphabet worksheets.

FREE Colubmus Day Writing Activities – This FREE printable pack includes over 60 pages of writing activities from copywork to writing prompts. Kids will enjoy learning and creating their own stories about Christopher Columbus with these printables.

Free Bible & Upper Grades Resources:

Homeschooling Science for FREE – If you love using hands-on activities in your homeschool studies, then you’re going to love these FREE Science resources. These resources are for Middle School and up, so be sure to check them out!

FREE Teen/Tween Bible Study Guide – Are you working with your tweens and teens to have their own Bible study? Download and let them use this FREE Bible Study Guide to encourage them to develop their own study habit and discernment when reading God’s Word.

FREE Printable Geometry Cheat Sheets – Is your high schooler struggling to remember all the terms, shapes, angles and more that go with geometry? These FREE printable cheat sheets can be used for kids from upper elementary thru high school.


Carrie has been homeschooling for over a decade and loves to share FREE homeschooling resources, deals, and reviews over at Homeschool Giveaways. You can find homeschool freebies, free homemaking resources, meal plans, free unit studies, and much more.

FREE 14-Day Trial to Thinkster Math Tutoring!

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Do you have a child who needs some extra help with math? Check out this FREE Thinkster Math trial!

Thinkster Math Skills Improvement

If you have a child who struggles with math skills, Thinkster Math is offering a 14-day trial to their online math tutoring program right now!

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Get two months of Adventure Academy for just $5!

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here.

Do you have elementary or middle school aged kids who love online gaming? You might want to check out Adventure Academy!!

Adventure Academy Fall Deal

Adventure Academy — a new educational MMO game created specifically for kids in elementary and middle school — is currently running a limited time Fall special!

You can get two months for just $5 right now — which is a savings of 74% off the regular monthly price!

Developed by the top video gaming designers and crafted by a team of curriculum experts, Adventure Academy is a highly engaging and creative platform that focuses on building critical knowledge and skills in language arts, math, social studies, science, and more!

Adventure Academy features thousands of educational learning activities, such as videos, reading experiences, games, quizzes, and many other interactive elements— all within the frameworks of U.S. (and international) curriculum standards.

I checked it out and it plays a lot like an adventure game (think Zelda!) but within an educational framework. It’s really cool!

Adventure Academy Fall Special

If you wish to continue with the service after two months, you’ll be billed at $9.99 per month.

If you do not wish to continue with the service, be sure to cancel your subscription before the first two months ends so that you avoid any future charges to your credit card. It’s very easy to cancel at any time by logging in and clicking “my account.”

{If you’d rather try it for free, you can still sign up for a free 30-day trial here. You just won’t be able to take advantage of this introductory two month offer. You’ll be billed $9.99 per month after the free trial, if you wish to continue.}

Go here to sign up for two months of Adventure Academy for just $5.

FREE Homeschool Curriculum & Resources | Huge List of 24 Freebies!

This is a weekly list of Free Homeschool Curriculum and Resources compiled by Carrie from If you aren’t a homeschooler, but you’re a parent, teacher, babysitter, or nanny, you’ll probably find at least a few useful freebies in this list. You may also want to go through the Educational Deals and Freebies from earlier this week for more.

General Homeschooling Freebies:

FREE Printable Report Card Template – Does your state require that you keep records? These FREE printable report cards are a great way to not only track your child’s progress, but also keep records for the future. Download them today.

Homeschool Budget Sheet – Whether your family is on a tight budget or you just want to stick to a budget, you will want to use these Homeschool Budget Sheet. Use these to keep you on track and watch where you’re spending your money.

Fall Themed Mini Puzzle Unit – Do your kids love working through puzzles? Why not make them both fun and educational with these FREE Fall Themed Mini Puzzles and activities.

FREE Autumn themed Coloring Activities – Even though it can be nice to get outside in the cooler air of autumn, sometimes you’ll have rainy and cold days where the kids have to stay inside. Use these FREE coloring activities to keep them occupied.

Early Learning Freebies:

FREE Kindergarten Morning Binder Pack – This 25 page sampler includes calendar pages with weather observation and emotional assessment, phonics practice, secondary colors, counting, handwriting practice in print and cursive and much more!

Jump into Fall Tot & PreK-K Pack – Fall is here, which is the perfect time to use this adorable fall themed tot & prek/kindergarten pack. This pack includes puzzles, prewriting practice, beginning letter sounds, graphing and much more.

Fall Themed Emergent Readers – Your budding readers will have fun reading through these fall themed emergent readers as the weather changes and cools down. There are four different levels included to help them improve their reading skills.

FREE Build a Room Activity for Kids – This FREE pack includes hands-on activities for little ones to look at pictures of six rooms, determine where the missing pieces fit, plus cut and paste the appropriate items to complete their picture, draw their favorite foods on the dining room table, identify things that do not belong in the living room, match kitchen items to their appropriate area and much more!

Science, Nature Study & Notebooking Resources:

FREE Animal Habitat Printables: Land Animals, Ponds and Rivers, Oceans – Do your kids find animal habitats interesting? Now they can learn all about the habitats of land animals, ponds, rivers and oceans with these FREE printables.

Why and How to Use Life Science Lapbooks (FREE Horse, Platypus, LadyBug Lapbooks) – Whether you love lapbooks or are looking to add them to your homeschool, you don’t want to miss these FREE sets. In this set, you’ll get lapbooks for horses, platypus and ladybugs.

FREE Printable Types of Leaves Resource – As autumn is here, leaves will be falling from their branches soon. Have your kids take a walk and pick them up to study them as they work through this FREE printable types of leaves drawing activity.

FALL Themed Notebooking Pages – So much happens during the fall months. Leaves are changing, weather is cooling off, holidays and more. You’ll find over 50 pages in this printable set in three different types of handwriting lines.

FREE Butterfly Unit Study – It may be fall, but there are still plenty of butterflies fluttering around to study. Through this FREE unit study, they will be learn about different butterflies, the plants that attract them, their anatomy, geography of where they can be found and more!

Free Math & Geography Resources:

FREE Printables to Help Make Sense of Absolute Value – Do your kids struggle with math? What about making sense of absolute value? These FREE printables will help them learn and (hopefully) master absolute value.

FREE Math Problems for a Cupcake Shop – Who doesn’t love cupcakes?! This adorable math printable set is a great way for kids to practice adding money and play a little prete d at the same time.

FREE World Extremes Cheat Sheets – This FREE resource will introduce students to different countries through extreme records they hold. You’ll find the largest continent by area, the largest continent by population, the highest point on each continent, the wettest places in the world and much more!

Free Language Arts & Fine Arts Resources:

FREE Poetry Worksheets and Printables – Not all kids love poetry, but it is an important part of learning literature. Use these FREE printables and worksheets to help you teach poetry in your homeschool.

FREE Spelling and Coloring Pack for Autumn – Yesterday was the first day of Autumn. This spelling and coloring printable pack is a fun way to incorporate some homeschooling while they enjoy the season.

FREE Artists and the Elements Unit Study (Limited Time)The Artists and the Elements isn’t a collection of one and done projects but rather a series of experiences that each build on the next for a real art experience. Hurry…this is a limited time offer. Download yours FREE by September 27th!

Fall Reading Challenge + Free Printable Calendar – Fall is a great time to get outside as the temperatures are cooling off, but keeping your kids entertained inside isn’t as easy. Use this FREE printable fall reading challenge calendar to keep the learning fresh and give them a little extra incentive too.

Jump into Fall Writing Activities – Get your kids ready for fall and improve their writing skills with these FREE Fall themed Writing Activities. This set includes 67 total pages of copywork and writing prompts too.

Free Bible & Upper Grades Resources:

24 Short Bible Verses For Kids To Memorize + FREE Download – Do you include Bible time in your homeschool day? Memorizing Bible verses can help kids in a variety of different ways in life. Get them started with these FREE printable Bible verse cards.

FREE Homeschooling High School Readiness Checklist – Don’t let homeschooling high school scare you. Make sure you and your child are ready with this FREE Readiness Checklist.

FREE Biblical Feasts Copywork: Verses About Rosh Hashanah – This FREE Biblical Feasts Copywork from both the Old Testament and New Testament is one tool you can use to help your kids commit verses to heart.


Carrie has been homeschooling for over a decade and loves to share FREE homeschooling resources, deals, and reviews over at Homeschool Giveaways. You can find homeschool freebies, free homemaking resources, meal plans, free unit studies, and much more.