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How I got 6 shirts, 16 bars of soap, and 30 hair bands for just $4.48 for Operation Christmas Child!

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Kimber emailed in the following tip:

The other day, when I saw the $10/$25 coupon for JCPenney posted here, I wondered if I might be able to use that coupon to grab some items to finish filling my Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.

I remembered that I had received a similar coupon in the mail, so I dug through my coupons to find it – and discovered that I had been mailed a $10/25 coupon AND a $10/10 coupon! I knew I had to head to JCPenney!

I hit up the clearance rack and found some cute shirts for $4. But when they scanned, I was thrilled to see that they had been marked down to under $2 each! I picked up six shirts for a total of $11.97, so after the coupon, I ended up paying $1.97 for all six shirts!

I’m blessed to live near several major stores, so I hit up Michaels next to see if they had any fun clearance items. I found some cute sparkly hair bands for $0.19 per package. So after tax, I paid $1.03 for 5 packages (30 bands total!)

Finally, I ran to Target to pick up a few groceries and one more thing for my boxes. A few days ago, Dial had a coupon for $2 off 8-10-count packages of men’s Dial soap on their Facebook page. I used two and I printed off a $2/2 TQ from Swagbucks. The two packages of soap I purchased were $3.49 and $3.99; so after coupons, I paid just $1.48 for 16 bars of soap.

My Operation Christmas Child total for the day was $4.48 — and I brought home 6 shirts, 16 bars of soap, and 30 hair bands. Now I just can’t wait to ship off my shoeboxes that Swagbucks paid for!

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  • ryan says:

    I did not get my $10/10 yet. Did others get theres?? I need to know if I have to call them.

    • Adrian says:

      It was sent in the mail last week and I believe the coupon expired on Sunday. 🙁 They are usually pretty good about sending them out every couple of weeks this time of year. So, don’t throw anything away without looking at it! I accidentally threw away my $10 off $10 coupon to Kohl’s last week! 🙁

      • lucy cabral says:

        I didnt get anything from Kohl’s, how is that i shop there all the time. I tried to borrow a 30% coupon from someone that cashed out because i had a 20% and a huge purchase, but the cashier didn’t allow it. I tried calling the number on the credit card to complain that i never get a 30% coupon, but never got through. i wonder if i’m the only one

        • Kim M says:

          you’re not the only one. My husband has worked there for almost 10 yrs and has never gotten a 30% coupon, however there are plenty of other associates that have. The coupons are non-transferrable, as stated on the back of the coupon, which is why the cashier wouldn’t do it. Our loss prevention team keeps a close eye on the registers during the 15-20-30% off sales and I’ve known a couple of people who have gotten in trouble for doing so. Keep trying the customer service number though, it cant hurt.

          • Mia says:

            Friends and I believe the more often you shop there the less likely you are to get the better coupons. They seem to want to lure you back with the higher coupons.

        • Susan says:

          In my opinion, Kohl’s is just the worst in sending and honoring coupons. I’ve actually received discount coupons in the mail, addressed to me, that have been refused in the store because I do not have a Kohl’s charge card (and I refuse to get one — I don’t do credit cards and that’s all there is to it).

        • dawn says:

          The amount of your coupon is based on how much you spend/often you shop. (According to what I was told) seems to be true for me. If I go a month without purchasing/spending much there, my next coupon is back to 20%.

  • Liz says:

    How did u get 10 off 10?

    • Kimber says:

      It just came in the mail. There was an ad that I almost threw away, but I opened it up and there were two coupons inside – $10/$10 and a $10/$25.

  • Sandra Ralston says:

    Hi, I would love to receive free General I’ll coupons and more.

    Thank you


  • Kimber says:

    Thank you for sharing my shopping trip, Crystal! I am SO excited for shoebox packing next week!

  • The Dollar Tree has packages of 100 elastics (with metal clamp) for $1. They have some other packages with 30 (no metal clamp). So, if anyone else wanted to get some elastics to put in boxes, you could get those and portion them out for your boxes.

  • Joyful_2010 says:

    This is great! One item worth noting is that Ivory soap is preferred because it floats. Many children bathe in rivers and have difficulty keeping track of their soap because it sinks. White Ivory soap is easy to spot on the top. And no, I don’t work for Ivory/P&G. Just passing along a tip that OCC shared with me. 🙂

    • Kimber says:

      That’s a great tip. I don’t usually use bar soap, but I’m wondering if Ivory has a milder smell, too? That’s always my worry, that the soap smell will take over the box. I double-bag everything, and I even put the candy inside of a metal water bottle, but still – soapy candy. Yuck. 🙂

  • Emily says:

    That is so awesome! Someone will be so thankful!

  • Dara says:

    What a terrific haul, Kimber! I’ve just about finished my own
    boxes, and am excited to send them, too. You sure got a lot of
    bang for your buck!

  • Elizabeth Quick says:

    Hi there was wondering if I could get someone to explain how to start couponing !! Need to learn!! Please please help !! 🙂

    Thanks so much


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