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P90X On a Budget: Phase One Downloadable Menu Plan

If you follow the Money Saving Mom® Facebook Page, you know that I recently started the P90X Extreme Home Fitness Workout Program.

I’ve been feeling like I really need to intensify my workout routine and, after some research, my husband and I felt like P90X would be a good program for me to do. And everyone I spoke to gave it rave reviews. So, with my husband’s encouragement, I decided to go for it.

How We’re Doing P90X on a Budget

When I’ve told people that I’m starting this program, often the first question I get is: Isn’t that going to cost an arm and a leg? Well, it could, but I don’t think it necessarily has to.

The program is a little on the pricey side, but I was able to save up my Swagbucks and purchase it with Amazon gift cards I’ve earned. (I’ve heard you can snag copies on Craigslist or even from your library, if you’re looking to get a copy inexpensively.) So far, I’ve been thoroughly impressed with it.

My biggest challenge, aside from figuring out when I was going to fit a longer workout routine into my day (!), was determining how to pull off the nutritional program without breaking the bank. I really want to give this program 100% — which means I need to eat the P90X diet — but I also didn’t want to triple our grocery budget to do so!

After reading through all the nutritional material and doing further research online, I came up with a menu plan for the first thirty days (Phase 1) which follows the nutritional plan to a tee, but which I believe we can pull off without spending any more than $60 per week at the grocery store. Continuing our usual shopping of loss leaders, using coupons, getting most of our household and hygiene products for pennies on the dollar and shopping at Aldi will help to facilitate this.

Download the Menu Plan

If you’re interested in seeing the menu plan I came up with, you can download it here. The children are eating a similar diet, but I’m throwing in extra fruits and veggies and carbs for them. And since the exercise plan is only six days per week, I planned the menu accordingly. I’m taking Sundays off and will eat similar to the plan, but give myself a little breathing room and not adhere to it so strictly.

The menu plan is very quick and easy — and I’m sure some of you might find it way too simple and boring. 🙂 But I knew that if I planned meals which required hours of work, though and effort, I’d be setting myself up for failure. My goal is to do all food prep for the entire day in less than one hour.

I also incorporated our weekly dinner out into the plan as well as a once-a-week treat of a Vivanno smoothie from Starbucks. If you wanted to follow a similar menu but reduce the costs, you could substitute these items for homemade foods.

We’re buying the protein powder and protein bars from Amazon using Swagbucks, so we’d probably have to tack on another $15 to $20 per week for those if we didn’t have the option of using Swagbucks. The protein powder and protein bars we’re using are comparable to the ones offered from P90X, but they are significantly less expensive. I’m drinking chocolate milk for the recovery drink right now, as that is also less expensive and is a good recovery drink, from the research I’ve done.

So, that’s the plan right now. I’m planning to sticking with this menu for the first thirty days and then will redo the menu when I move into Phase 2. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!

And stay tuned on Saturday for a full report of my grocery shopping this week and how much we ended up spending.

If you’ve done P90X before, I’d love to hear about your experiences and any tips or suggestions you have for me!

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  • Jenny says:

    I have not done it, but best wishes to you! Thanks for sharing your story with us!

    God Bless!

  • Katie says:

    My husband and I did P90X together and it was great. It is a hard workout but the results you see kept us going. It was really fun to workout together 6 mornings a week. Even if our evenings were really busy we always had an hour or so together.
    I now have a 3 month old but am hoping to start it again in a few months to get this mom-of-three body back in shape.
    Good luck with the work out and thanks for the diet plan!

  • wow good for you!
    my husband is doing p90x (we got it off ebay for a little cheaper) and it looks hard! I break a sweat just watching him! You have inspired me to give it a try… maybe 😉

  • Sarah says:

    That is too funny! I am starting over with P90X tonight and I just happened to see your post! I did it for about 6 weeks and lost motivation but am starting up again. My brother is getting married in 8 weeks and I would like to be 2 dress sizes smaller.

    It is hard and sometimes I felt like throwing up but it is so worth it! You feel awesome after the workouts and proud of what you have done. I need to lose a fair amount of weight and these programs are so intense that even without the diet, I lost weight pretty quick with it. I would love to start eating perfectly too but it is hard. It is more expensive and I work full time so it is harder to take the time to get our grocery budget perfectly in check (though I still use lots of coupons). Good luck to you!

  • Leigh says:

    Thanks for the menu plan! I am getting ready to start p90x also. Can’t wait to hear all about your experiences with it. Maybe it will keep me motivated to continue!

  • Eileen O. says:

    The hubby and I started this program also not too long ago. If I had done what I needed to do, I’d be on day 55 🙁 I am gonna do the treadmill till the hubby is done with this round and join him again on Round 2 of P90X. I’m a nursing mom and it was really hard to follow the diet plan strictly.

    After 4 kids, I need to get back into shape. We’ve been using chocolate milk as the recovery drink also 🙂 As protein bars go, I’ve tried a bunch and can only stand Cliff Bars. We go to Trader Joes and get the whole wheat pitas as the carb and the kids have been getting used to not having white bread and eating brown rice 🙂 Its a family lifestyle change 🙂

    • AllieZirkle says:

      @Eileen O., I’m with you! I’m a nursing mama to a 6 month old, plus I have 12, 7, 2 1/2. It’s tough to stick to the plan while nursing, but I found that it was mostly a mind game 🙂

      • Eileen O. says:


        I know, its mostly that I’m nursing a 10 month old and tending to the needs of an 8 yr old, a 6 yr old and an un-potty-trained 2 yr old 🙁 So I guess I just don’t want to be restricted when I have that crazy hour of the day (I’m sure you know about that), where I am frantically craving a couple red vines or a an icecream sundae 😉 I’m really trying to take this one day at a time here. In about a month and a half I’ll be all done with nursing and hopefully will have more time for myself. I can’t wait to start over again and join the hubby!

  • aimee says:

    Honestly if you could menu plan the entire workout for me I would totally do it to the full extent! lol I am so uncreative and draw blanks when it comes to planning meals. If enough of us got together we could also get on the beach body website (like stated) and track our progress together!

  • Stacy of KSW says:

    Hi Crystal, Saw your post on the P90X FB page and clicked over. I’m so glad I did. I’m finishing my 1st week of Phase 2 and haven’t had access to the diet plan since I borrowed the DVDs from one of my husband’s colleagues. I didn’t see any dramatic results in my first 30 days and I know it is because of my diet.

    I whipped myself into shape for Phase 2 and signed up for Jillian’s website trial to find some healthy dinners. Two night eating healthy and I finally lost a pound and a half (yippe!).

    Best of luck and feel free to ping me when ever you need someone to talk to. I’ve been tweeting my progress and get tons of support.

    Keep me posted

  • jen says:

    Dear Sister Crystal,
    Why are you so concerned about your weight?

    • Courtney says:

      @jen, i have never seen Crystal but i assume she does not appear to be overweight with that comment. I am not skinny but i get that question when i talk about needing to eat better/exercise more. Its not just about losing weight in my eyes.. its about feeling better and being able to do 10 regular push ups without falling flat on my face! Its hard to believe that skinny people feel the need to work out and eat right because that is what us ‘healthy’ girls want to look like 🙂 we all feel like those last few lbs are just hanging around..i think p90x is great for any person.

    • Crystal says:

      Actually, this has nothing to do with weight. I’m very happy with the weight I am and one reason my husband and I specifically chose P90X is because it’s not a plan for weight-loss but for getting physically stronger and in better shape. I want to be more physically fit so I can better serve my family and the Lord and, Lord-willing, live a long and healthy life. I believe it is important to be stewards of the body God has given us — so long as this is in balance.

      Thanks for asking so I could clarify!

      • Kelly says:

        @Crystal, I am new to this site and new to P90x…I do need to lose a few pounds, but my main motivation is my last physical. My blood pressure and cholesterol levels are too high and I’m in danger of developing type II diabetes. At 36 and a mom to 4 kiddos, I need to do something. I do not want medication, if I can help it. Therefore, I’m hoping losing the weight will help. Glad I found you to help me in the journey! 🙂

  • Laura says:

    Thanks for writing a post about this. I’ve never heard of it. I love the name of the vitamins- Supermom! I need some of those! : )

  • Jennie says:

    I love P90X. I’ve gotten part of the way through it 3 times, but this time am doing it with my twin 15 y.o. sons…and they won’t let me quit! The diet is where I’ve had the hardest time. I’m anxious to see your plan, b/c I’ve thought the recommended P90X plan would potentially require a signficant investment in grocery dollars. I do use the Recovery drink and think it’s VERY helpful.

    Good luck…Bring it! 🙂

  • Jaden says:

    Dear Crystal,
    Can you please explain your menu plan a bit better for a newbie like me. For example how many eggs for breakfast, explain is it an 8oz recovery drink with how much chocolate milk, ect, ect. That would be amazing if it could be a bit more detailed! Thank you!!!

    • Crystal says:

      If you have the P90X Nutritional Plan Guide, it tells very detailed specifics on serving sizes. I purposely kept it not extremely detailed since it’s going to be different serving sizes for different people depending upon what level you’re at in the program.

  • ACB says:

    Are you being compensated by p90x? This sounds like an infomercial.
    Bloggers who are compensated and/or sent review or demo products need to disclose that to their readers.

    • Crystal says:

      Nope, no compensation. 🙂 You can rest assured you won’t get any infomercials on my blog. Nope, nada, never.

      See my disclosure policy here:

      As I said in the post, I paid for this with Swagbucks. P90X has never contacted me and, as far as I know, knows nothing about my blog.

      And I’m very familiar with the FTC rulings and seek to abide by them in every way, shape and form. My husband’s an attorney so we take that kind of stuff very seriously. 🙂

      • Jen says:

        @Crystal, Besides that, she is giving people options of things to buy OTHER than the P90X products (such as the protein powder and the recovery drink). I don’t think the makers of the program would pay someone to tell people to buy other products. Also, if you had read carefully, while she does say the program got good reviews, she does not say she has had marvelous results or anything like that (which you would expect from an infomercial). In fact, it sounds like she hasn’t even started the program yet.

  • Jen C. says:

    Crystal, this is the first time I am commenting, ever. I absolutely love your blog. Over the past year you have helped me to save my family so much money and I want to thank you so much. I am currently a stay-at-home mom but have been and still am a registered dietitian since 1995. I don’t want to sound discouraging, but diets really don’t work. I hate to see you spend money and time on this plan, which is actually quite restrictive. Only endurance athletes need protein powder and or protein bars and it kills me that the plan recommends using those items for the average person wanting to lose a bit of weight or tone up muscle. If you feel you need to lose weight I really recommend (and have recommended to hundreds of patients) the book called Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole. Or, you could also check out the American Dietetic Association website, which is chock-full of valid, scientifically proven weight loss advice. I just would hate to see so many of your readers who honestly look to you for advice jump on this new bandwagon that you are so excited about. I wish you the best of luck and thanks again for all the help you’ve given to so many of us!!

    • Crystal says:

      This is actually not a diet at all, but a very intense fitness and nutrition plan — not for losing weight (something I’m not trying to do at all!), but for becoming extremely fit. If you read the Nutritional Plan, it explains more why they have you do this for four weeks. Then they gradually move you to a much more balanced diet. And it’s a really intense workout which is why you need the extra protein.

      I think if you read up on it more, it will make more sense. I did a LOT of research before investing in the program and believe it to be one of the best out there.

      • Kristan says:

        @Crystal, I’m also a registered dietitian and I’m sure she means “diet” as in a way of eating, not a weight loss diet. I would tend to agree with her points about balanced eating, etc. as the way to go, though I don’t know the book she references. Even with such intense workouts, there is no need for THAT much extra protein. Low carb high protein diets are great for weight loss and I think that’s mainly why they’re stressed for the program, not sure why else you would need them for a fitness regimen. Sounds like the phases of South Beach or Atkins, which are for weight loss. I guess I was also wondering if you’re still nursing Silas and what effect that would have on him (I’m still nursing my 12 m.o.). I have heard great things about the workout component, just question the meal plan component a little bit (since it seems like they really just want to push their products – green shake, etc) – but to each her own, of course, as long as you’re eating a balanced diet and it fits in your budget. 🙂 And you’re right about choc milk as a GREAT recovery drink! I don’t mean to criticize at all, just add some thoughts as one who’s been a health coach and taught weight loss classes and studied nutrition for a lot of years. I love your site and am curious to hear how your plan pans out for you (and your kids).

        • Crystal says:

          If you read the Nutritional Handbook for P90X, it explains in detail why they have you do a low-carb/high-protein diet the first 4 weeks. The next Phase becomes more balanced and the final Phase is a very balanced diet. My husband has been working with a nutritionist at the gym and this lines up with everything she’s encouraged him to do as well. You ought to check out the program from the library, I think you’d find the nutrition portion of it very interesting.

        • Julie says:


          This meal plan wasn’t thought up by someone who doesn’t know wha they are doing. It was created by a nutrition expert. Its very interesting why they created the nutrition plan the way they did. But as Crystal said, it changes as you progress. Borrow the book or buy the book its an interesting read.

    • Eileen O. says:

      @Jen C.,

      I think of P90X as more a of lifestyle change for a better you, NOT a diet! It’s something that needs to click in head already that says, I need to be a healthy person, it’s not about losing a ton of weight for me, although in order to become a healthy person, (I) need to lose weight. It’s about going through with some healthy changes to show yourself and children that there is a better quality of life out there and that they can have it. Believe me, I take weekends off, but that doesn’t take away the fact that we no longer eat white toast for breakfast everyday, don’t restrict, just find a healthier alternative. I think that if I’m fixing my family healthy balanced meals on a weekday basis and decide to have pizza and a pop on the weekend, that is my choice, but just not everyday. I’m trying to show my kids that they can give in to things they love, just not everyday and just don’t overindulge. LOL, we live in Chicago and have access to the best food ever in the widest variety so its very very hard to be restrictive here 😉

  • I love P-90X – I just do the workout routine, not the diet.
    I have gone from a size 12/13 to a size 8 since January and it is thanks to P-90X and drinking green smoothies 3x a day.
    I love the workout movies – the instructor is great and not annoying like so many other instructors seem to be!

    …I love it… but I hate it… =)

    • Eileen O. says:

      @Jessica Lynette,

      <3 that quote: I love it, but I hate it 🙂

    • Christy says:

      @Jessica Lynette,
      Hi Jessica,

      Curious what your green smoothies consist of and are you eating anything other than the smoothies? That’s a fantastic improvement you have made since January! Congrats to you!!!

      • @Christy,

        I have written about them on my blog, with recipes and why we put different ingredients in.
        Most important is adding fats to the greens to aid in digestion.

        And I do eat other food throughout the day. I haven’t been very strict with my eating or working out – I don’t live near family and my husband is in the Army and is away from us a lot and sometimes surviving is all that is on my mind – not attempting to get fit 😉
        We are working out a plan that will hopefully enable me to get to the place I want to be fitness wise.

  • Dani says:

    I hope that you update us regularly! I have thought about this program before but the cost is insane! Plus, I have never had a work out routine that I have stuck to for longer than a week. I wasn’t even out for sports while in school so haven’t ever been ‘forced’ to exercise regularly and I’m naturally thin so don’t feel pressured to work out. However, I know that it would be great for me to start and I would also like to get toned, as I have practically no muscle! 😉

    • beth says:

      Actually, we don’t think the cost is so insane. For my husband and I to work out at Snap Fitness, it was $50 a month. So less than the cost of 3 months at a gym, we can keep the program and do it in the comfort of our home. Works out great for us! @Dani,

    • Patricia says:

      @Dani, We just started the program as well. We didn’t have the money in our budget to buy it from the official website so we went on Craigslist and saw several listings from about $50 to $65, which is half the cost. I contacted one of the listings and met her within a couple of days. It was unopened in it’s original shrink wrap! We are only on day two but so far so good. With my husband doing it as well as myself, we hope to stay on track for at least the full 90 days.

  • Brandy says:

    OMG…thanks so much for the menu..I’m gonna get started with you!

  • Amy Lauren says:

    I’ve always wanted to do P90X. I’m a runner, so I definitely have that going for me, and I’m pretty strong. I love working out and saving money. It’s pretty interesting that you can buy protein bars and protein powder from Amazon, I never thought of that. I go to a store called the Vitamin Shoppe for protein powder (I have to use the Mass Gain one, which is really for bodybuilders, but I’m trying to put on a few pounds from losing weight being sick with anemia earlier this summer). They send out coupons for 20% off sometimes, it’s not much but Vitamin Shoppe is definitely cheaper than GNC. I’ve seen protein powders in places like Walmart and Target but it’s just not as good quality.

  • Erika Felt says:

    I learn so much through you and really appreciate this meal plan!
    I may finally suck it up and try the P90x as well.’
    I’ve been hesitant because in all honesty *hangs head* I’ve bought a few different workout dvd’s and haven’t done more than one episode of each.
    I’m consistent on my elyptical however. Maybe because of the thought of how much it cost us lol
    As for any recipe ideas or even meal plans other than this one….
    I hate to see anyone sign up for a site that costs money just for recipes.
    Sparkrecipes and are both great resources and FREE 🙂

  • Crystal says:

    Good luck with this I may try your menu plan since my Hubby is currently deployed (he would think I was trying to kill him if I made him eat like that lol) I noticed you take SuperMom vitamins. I’ve just came across them and have been thinking about trying them myself.

    • Crystal says:

      My husband signed off on the meal plan before I finalized it. He’s super adaptable and so wants me to do this fitness plan that he was completely willing to have super simple meals, few carbs and lots of proteins for awhile.

      By the way, he’s eating almost the same as me — with a few exceptions since he’s on a different fitness plan right now.

    • Monica says:

      @Crystal, I love Supermom vitamins. They give me so much energy. I was so excited to find out that the special two vitamins by NOW at are exactly the same and half the price!

  • Jill says:

    I did P90X and it changed my body so much. I am much stronger. I did miss that there wasn’t much cardio involved some days. My favorite day is plyometrics, but don’t go strong on the first time around!!!!! I went from 3 pound weights in the beginning (thought I was going to die) to 10 pounders! I went from P90X to Insanity, which is by the same company. I enjoy this a little better because it builds up my cardio system. I know many that combine these and when I get through Insanity (60 days) I am going to look for a combo to work on muscles and cardio!

  • This seems like an awesome program. We are planning on having child #3 in the near future so I am not in the market for a workout routine at the moment. This will be our last baby so I will keep this program in mind when I want to get back into shape!

  • Emily says:

    I have also tried P90X a couple of times. I was going to tell you that we mixed our protein powder with apple juice for our “recovery drink”. You would want a protein powder flavor that would mix well with apple juice, maybe vanilla? I thought it tasted good. I think we discovered that tip in the Beach Body forums. We also bought cheaper protein bars that closely matched the P90X bars. And we bought our entire weight set off CraigsList too!

  • Emily says:

    Oh also, I’m going to try Insanity too. I hear it’s super tough! When you are done with P90X you might also look at I think her videos are even tougher than p90x…. no joke! She does a lot of step aerobics, but I’m not really into that. I just get her strength training and circuit training videos. Love them! Toughest ones around.

  • Charlene - Balance Beam says:

    Congrats on starting P90X! I love that you are giving the frugal point of view! I actually made it thru all 90 days and started during the holidays even. If you need any day by day motivation (or a laugh) check out my blog sometime. I have a link on my sidebar or you can use the search bar and type in p90x. (pics and everything – lol!) Good luck!


  • Charlene - Balance Beam says:

    Oh – and reading an above comment, I will add that I also was not compensated in anyway for my p90x experience… Unless of course you call killer abs “compensation” . Hee hee!

  • Angela says:

    I love P90X. I’m in week 2 of Phase 2 on round 3.

    the problem I have is now, no other workout I do comes close. I do others but I just don’t feel the burn I do on P90X.

    I use Boost and Ensure for my protein shakes – with the deals at CVS, I can generally get these for a fraction of the cost of protein powder and they are very grab and go.

    Good luck!

  • Lori says:

    We’ve been doing P90X around here for a few months, too, and love it. The diet is not at all restrictive, it’s well-rounded and so easy to adapt to foods you already enjoy. The best protein bars I found are Pure Protein; they are almost exactly the same ingredients as the P90X bars, but much cheaper. And when my budget doesn’t even agree with them, there are Target brand bars that taste very good and are 1/2 the price, just a few grams of protein less 😉 Good luck!

  • Kristi says:

    Hey Crystal,
    I am actually on my 3rd week of Phase 1 of P90x so this post comes at a great time! Two questions for you – one, what kind of protein bars have you been buying? I’ve been trying to find some cheaper ones that still meet the nutritional quality of the P90X bars and I’d love to hear what you are using. Second, aren’t you supposed to be eating more snacks? I only ask that because I’ve been trying to figure out what kinds of easy/portable things I can have for the 3 snacks on this plan and so I was wondering if you had suggestions, but I noticed on your meal plan you only have one built in plus the bar/drink. I’d love to hear your thoughts on those! But overall looks like a great plan and I am really excited to see how it works for you!

    • Crystal says:

      You’re only supposed to have two to three snacks per day — unless you need more. I’m using the protein bar for the morning snack and the cheese/yogurt for the afternoon snack. That has seemed to work so far.

  • Nita says:

    Ahhhh HELP!!! I don’t like salads!!! I was so excited to see you came up w/ a menu and couldn’t wait to download it…..and then I saw all the salads and tuna and hard boiled eggs….what am I going to do???? Guess now everyone knows why I need p90x! 😉

  • Rachele says:

    I use half a scoop of vanilla protein powder in fresh carrot juice for my recovery drink. Tastes like drinking a slice of carrot cake. Yum! I’m about to start Phase 3. It’s really a demanding program for moms, and I wish the time requirements weren’t so huge. But I feel much stronger and healthier and have lost a fair amount of weight, so I can honestly say it’s been worthwhile. Best of luck.

  • Aimee says:

    Looks pretty good although you need to remember to use egg whites for your scrambled eggs and to stay clear of saturated fats, esp for your burgers. I’d highly recommend going to the library and getting the Eat Clean Diet Recharged by Tosca Reno as a great explanation for eating clean. Also if you’re using coconut oil make sure it’s the highest quality only! Phase 1 is all about lean protein and very low carb. Make sure you are utilizing a beach body coach. If you don’t have one, I’d be more than happy to coach you for free. Go to and sign up for a free account make sure to list me – fitmommyj as your coach. I can answer any questions you might have about diet or schedule, modifications or injuries. Plus I’ll be the best cheerleader you’ve ever had!! This goes for anyone else doing a weight loss program too – beach body or not. I’m happy to coach you for free. I’ve learned a lot and I want to pass my knowledge on to you. Its my way of giving back 🙂

  • Heather says:

    I just wanted to chime in that, for me, the Recovery drinks were totally worth the added cost. I buy the Orangle Dreamsicle kind (I don’t actually know if that’s the name or not, it just tastes like one!) and mix it up before I start my workout. Then I stick it in the freezer and when I’m done with the workout, it’s cold and delicious. YUM!!

  • Jill Foley says:

    I do the workouts, but don’t follow the phase plans or eating plan. I am in the best shape of my life. I have strength and endurance, but I wouldn’t say I have a “beach body”! (Maybe that’s because I don’t follow the plans). I don’t want to be a slave to it, so I do what I feel like doing. Today I felt like doing arms, so I did. Tomorrow I think I’ll feel like torturing myself a bit, so I’ll do plyometrics. When I don’t do a workout, I honestly miss it.

  • Mary says:

    My husband and I do P90X and I blog about it from a mom’s point of view, I have a 5 steps to a thrifty P09X post also. 🙂

    We don’t do the diet because our children all have allergies so we can only eat pure meat and fresh veggies but our diet is already really healthy and full of protein so we’ve never had any issues with it and both of us are still losing weight and gaining muscle so we’ve never had a need for all the bars and shakes.

    Have fun – my husband and I love working out together!

  • Tracie Murphy says:

    Dearest Crystal,

    Go for it but give yourself grace! This is just advice from a slightly older woman who is a season of life ahead. My husband and I have been doing P90X off and on for about a year. I have older more independent children and found the hour and 1/2 (most days) and 6 days a week schedule hard to maintain, not to mention the cooking. If you get really into it, it can become a bit all consuming, which can put your priorities and life a little out of balance. We are wives, mothers, have jobs, and demands, we aren’t athletes training for the olympics. If you miss a workout or get out of order, don’t feel guilty, just pick up where you left off. Given your schedule, you may not get your “results” as fast as the charts say you should, but that is ok. They will come. Also, don’t get discouraged if your husband’s results happen much faster (which has happened with us). Having said that, the workouts are very good (except I have found other yoga dvd’s I like better). Also, with the great summer weather, I choose to do outdoor activities on the cardio days instead of Plyometrics or Kenpo. Summers are just too short here in the Pacific Northwest to stay indoors. You are brave to put yourself out there as we get to see how you are doing, but get to keep our exercise success/failures to ourselves:) Bless you!

  • Nicole says:

    I am curious to know what protein powder you’ll be using? scrmbld (at) hotmail (dot) com, thanks and good luck!!

    PS Don’t forget to post your results!! It might motivate some of us {ahem}

  • Julie Hall says:

    I loved loved loved P90x – true fitting it all in was hard time-wise, but if you really want to, you can. I will say that I starved for the first month – it was just tough to be working out so hard and eating so few carbs. But I guess that’s the value of it. Good luck!

  • Laura says:

    My sister and I started P90X this year, I didn’t finish because I moved, and I am currently waiting till next month to purchase it again. It is pricey, but my husband wanted to buy a weight bench, and all that equipment. And I told him to give me a chance to buy P90X and he’ll see how incredible it was. What phase are you in Crystal???
    Such an awesome program if you haven’t done it. I also try to use tips from It has recipes, and workouts. Being a stay at home mom, currently on vacation from school, I feel out of shape, even at 95 pounds. Weight has nothing to do with anything, its the feeling inside, I feel so much better when I work out, and my body has more energy. I will look into the menu plan, since I’ve never tried it, our P90X was borrowed,so we didn’t bother asking for the menu. Thanks

    • Natalie says:

      Amen to THAT Laura! I’m about 98 lbs but oh man, when I have a running hiatus due to my crazy schedule you should see what happens… trust me, the world is a much safer place if I can just run, zone and get some endorphins going! ; P

  • Audrie says:

    Hi Crystal,

    P90X is awesome. I don’t care what anyone says, I love the guy that hosts it. My husband and I think he is too funny.

    We, too, do the P90X because we were a healthy weight, but wanted to be more toned and healthy. And it’s worked out great.

    My biggest advice is take the host’s advice. He often tells you to take breaks and you should. This workout is hardcore and will take sometime to build up to. I tried to do it all at once and was sore for a week. I was so sore that I had to stop my training and start over again with a more logical way of thinking!!

    Good luck with it all!

  • Hi Crystal,

    I LOVE P90X. The results are great! The hardest part is trying to fit in one hour of exercise six days a week. You are a determined lady, so I imagine you will find a way to achieve this goal.

    I’m excited for you! Have fun. And look forward to not being able to walk properly after doing Legs and Back 🙂 If you husband does it with you it will be fun to both have trouble walking. It is nice to commiserate together. Keep us updated.

  • Sophia says:

    You have perfect timing! My husband and I are planning on starting P90x in the next week or so. I don’t know how we will find the time with a two year old and a one month old, but I really want my old body back! I have lost all the pregnancy weight, but I am definitely not as strong or toned as I was. I appreciate the menu plan-I was dreading that part! And look forward to reading about your progress!

    • Jerilyn says:

      @Sophia, You have a 1-month-old and lost your pregnancy weight already? Way to go! I just finished losing mine and my little guy is 11 months! I guess I need a program like this before next time! lol

  • Sara says:

    I did the P90X last year is great you feel stronger and my posture improved (I always had back problems), however I only had time for 5 days a week, so the first 60-ish days where by the book and the last 30-ish days just my favorites.

    I didn’t follow the “diet” or menu plan entirely it only served as a guide line. I really won’t recomend those protein shakes/powder/bars they are not good for your body (this is my personal opinion). I changed that recovery formula for homemade green smoothies instead.

    In February of this year I try to do Insanity and almost died !! (j/k) I couldn’t even stand up from the floor the first weeks jaja!

  • Kara says:

    I did the cardio portion in PE just a couple week ago. It was extreme, but worth it. We did P90 in late May/early June (I was still running on adrenaline an hour later, I rearranged our living room)

  • Heather says:

    Yay, Crystal! Good for you! P90X is awesome. Thanks so much for the meal plan. I have a difficult time following the diet plan since I’m still breastfeeding; the baby just can’t handle all the dairy and eggs. I do eat Clif bars as my snack and I LOVE them! They’re all natural and so delicious! It’s like eating a candy bar. I get them off Amazon for slightly cheaper than in the store.

    After you’ve done the program for a few weeks you’re going to love the option to turn Tony Horton’s voice off. His comments get a little irritating after a while! 🙂

    • Miriam says:

      @Heather, I’m curious what you have instead of all the dairy and eggs. I think my 5mo. old doesn’t take to those things too well, either, and this looks like a great program!

  • Melissa says:

    Today is my first day of week 11! I am loving this program so much. So glad to see you are doing it too. After my husband and I are done with P90x we are taking a three week break then starting Insanity. We are having so much fun together getting in shape. Like you I don’t have weight to lose just want to get toned and stronger. Good luck!

  • Jennifer Ott says:

    Thank you sharing this journey with us; my husband and I have contemplated doing this after the baby (I am on modified bed rest until then…). We’ve wondered how the long-term effects of it might work though, since we hope to be on the mission field in the near future and won’t be able to do 1-hour workouts or eat as we do here in America! It will be interesting to see how you like the plan and the workouts!

  • Beth says:

    I don’t know if someone else suggested this (I read some of the comments, not all), but to save money you could make your own protein bars. They are expensive and could easily increase your grocery bill. Here is a link to a recipe that my friend developed. You could sub whatever protein powder you have on hand for the hemp protein powder. Good luck!

  • Hannah says:

    To save money, we bought our on craigslist. We saved a TON of money!

  • Mary Kate says:

    It looks like you can pick this program up used through Amazon for about $80. You can use Amazon gift cards for used items.

  • Erin says:

    Does this menu plan mean you are no longer freezer cooking? It looks like much of the menu won’t freeze well.

  • Kate says:

    wow. I feel like I’ve been living in a shell. I’ve never even heard of it…lol

  • Jen A says:

    I did it! It was good – although time consuming. I did the “girl” version. Maybe it was called “lean.” Did the videos in a different order that the standard version. It’s in the book.

    Am looking forward to doing it again, but for me it is a winter thing. In the beautiful weather, I prefer to run outside. Will do the 90 days again this winter in my basement. Hubby plans to do the same.

    Our favorite food was the turkey meatballs (sweet & sour) I make them ALL the time. Enjoy & Best of Luck!

  • Heather says:

    What equipment is required for this program? I’m pretty sure a pull up bar is required, right? Does he give other alternatives. I could swing buying the program, but not so sure I could swing buying extra equipment. We have 3, 5, 10 and 20 lb dumbells, resistance band, aerobics step with incline (the transfirmer), stability ball, and a yoga mat.
    I’d love to do this with my husband.

  • Alison Armstrong says:

    that doesn’t seem like very many calories. I don’t know how you wouldn’t loose weight w/ working out that much and not eating too much.

    How are you going to fit it in the schedule. anything over 30-45 min I can’t guarantee I can get through w/o a kid needing something. I can’t imagine getting 60 min in 6 days a week. At least not with the ages of my kids right now (4, 2, & 8 mo).

    • Crystal says:

      It’s actually around 2000 to 2400 calories per day — which is the recommended amount to eat for my activity level and BMI.

      I get up really early before the children are up to workout. Otherwise, it doesn’t happen.

      • Erin says:

        I have to get up super early to get my P90X in as well. Good for you, Crystal!!!

        • Julie says:

          Yup, I get up real early to get my P90X workout in too. I get up at 5 am so that I am done and usually showered before the kids get up. Its usually my youngest that gets up first and he will sit on the couch and ask if I am almost done. When I don’t answer him immediately (because I am busy breathing), he will yell, “MOM aren’t you listening to me?”

          I love this program and could feel the changes immediately, but be aware it will take longer to see the changes on the outside than it will to feel the changes on the inside. For me it isn’t about losing weight, its about feeling great.
          It’s an extremely difficult workout, but it can be done if one sets their mind to it.
          Good Luck and keep us posted.

  • Charity says:

    My husband and I started P90X last August. We’re currently going through the program for the 4th time. I do the Lean routine, which is a little less intense on the weight lifting. I wasn’t looking to lose weight, but to get stronger…and feel great! We try to make good choices about what we eat, but don’t stick to a specific meal plan. I just tried the Chicken Burrito recipe in the P90X book last night…yummy! As Tony says, do your best and forget the rest!

  • Alyssa says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us! We (half heartedly) started P90X a month ago and their menu plan made me crazy! With 2 little ones in the house and my husband and I trying to follow it! I totally couldn’t shop the way I was use to, I tried for 1 week and spend a fortune. Anyways, then I tried to simplify it but having a different kind of soup with lunch and dinner everyday!?! Needless to say I just gave up! I do a few workouts a week and love the yoga one (never tried yoga before). My husband says August is our new starting date and he has to lose a little weight for USAF test coming up. This gives me losts more motivation in the meal plan area! I think that it is crazy that anyone would give you a hard time for trying to follow this, this meal plan or “diet” loads you with so many good things! I think that any change (at least for us) is a huge step in the right direction. And if anyone has tried to decifer the meal plan that they put out, they would at least see they want you to eat way more good food that, at least me, could ever eat. Thanks again!

  • Tiff says:

    My husband just last night had said something about the two of us doing the p90x. He thinks we both need it…and we do. I have been thinking about it to. He was worried about the nutrition part (he can’t do a planned diet) and I told him not to worry. THIS will help us out greatly. Thanks. I think once we get one week in, it will be easier to keep it up. Both of us think I should get a little fitter before adventure #2 into pregnancy. I know people who were fit before they were pregnant and were able to stay active during pregnancy. It makes labor, deliver, and after so much easier. It took forever to get my preggy weight off. Don’t want to do that again. So thanks again. This just confirms we should start it asap.

  • Teandra says:

    I’m on week 7 right now! This is my 3rd or 4th time doing the program, I love it! I’ve been following the portion approach since the recipes would require us upping our food budget, and it’s been easy. I mostly just eat egg whites, protein powder, soy products, tuna and turkey bacon for the protein and yogurt, cottage cheese and cheese sticks for the dairy etc. I buy my protein bars (20g protein) each week wherever they’re on sale and normally spend no more than $1 per bar. I bought a similar protein powder at GNC. Thanks for the suggestion of using amazon and swagbucks. I will check out your diet plan as well, thanks!

  • Patrice says:

    MY husband and I are just about to start P90X this next week, so this is perfect! Thanks for sharing. Since I’m not nearly as organized as you, I’m sure I’ll be “stealing” many of your menu plan ideas.

  • marney says:

    I’ve never heard of this either, but some people do well on a structured diet/exercise routine. However, my doctor reminded me that “the pavement is free” and I have two very willing walking partners – dogs!

  • I decided to do P90X on a budget last week with a friend. Thanks so much for posting this menu plan, it’s really helpful!

  • I have been looking into exercise programs to get back into shape after our fourth baby comes. However, I have been on bedrest for a few weeks. I have been reading the comments about how hard the workout is. Do you think that it would be feasible to start this 6-8 weeks after baby comes after being on bedrest for a couple of months? Or do you think I should start another program first to build up to this? Just wondering what your opinion would be. Thanks!

  • Rachel says:

    The menu looks great! Thanks for sharing! My husband and I are on and off of P90X, but we’re trying to get back “on”. My husband kept bugging me about downloading your meal plan so I just did! Thanks again!

  • Jen says:

    I’ve heard a lot of people talking about P90X but never really knew what it was. I’ve always been interested in fitness (and saving money of course). I’d love to try P90X, but this just isn’t the season of my life for it. I’m pregnant and so sick I can barely get out of bed to take care of my kids most days, let alone figuring out how to fit in 60 minutes of intense working out. Add to that the fact that anything other than white rice, toast or pasta (which obviously aren’t part of the meal plan) makes me extremely sick. Good luck and hopefully you’ll stick with it and I’ll be joining you as soon as I’m up to it after the baby comes!

    • Crystal says:

      Sounds like you need to follow my pregnancy mantra: “Do what works for you” — even if that means surviving on toast and applesauce for six weeks.

      Been there, done that and hope you get to feeling better soon! It’s worth it in the end!

  • AllieZirkle says:

    First, I don’t ever comment because I never see you interact in the comments, but WOW! I see you responding so I’ll leave some comment love. 🙂

    Second… The PDF is helpful for me in the sense of camaraderie. My husband & I are doing P90X and set up a meal plan quite similar to yours.

    For the protein bar, we use the Clif Bar Builder’s bar. My favorite flavor is choclate mint, 2nd chocolate, 3rd PB.

    For food, I make a big batch of tuna salad (4 portions) which we use for lunches on Day 1 & 3. We grill chicken and use this for lunches on Day 2 & 4. We also use the grilled chicken for dinners. We’ve had good success with Greek salads with red wine vinegar & olive oil for the dressing. Lunches for D5 & 6 are leftovers from the prior dinners, usually a protein turned into a salad lol (salmon, steak…)

    Also, cheese sticks have become a great friend. Because 1 cheese stick is 1 oz, it’s easy to portion onto a salad, simply slice and toss in.

    I prefer my fruit whole or sliced while my hubby likes his tossed into his smoothie. Chocolate strawberry shake is his fav. I prefer the chocolate shake with the strawberries on the side.

    For exercising, we found a band system at Sports Authority (Lifeline Plugged Cables & Handle). This has been the cheapest system that allows us to customize our cables (bands) by weight without buying excessive amounts of bands. (

    Thanks for sharing your plan! Looking forward to hearing an update on this in 30 days 🙂


    • AllieZirkle says:

      @AllieZirkle, PS- We use the Clif Builder’s bars because they have the same nurtritional make up. I’ve found this $1.24/bar at my local WalMart and $1.10/bar on amazon. These prices beat the P90X bar ~$1.75 – $2.25/bar.

    • Crystal says:

      I’ve finally restructured my blogging time in the last month to be able to respond to comments. 🙂 I can’t respond to all of them, but I’ve been doing my best to respond to those I can — so comment away!

    • Crystal says:

      Oh and I forgot to say, thanks for the input! As we progress into Phase 2, I’m hoping to incorporate more variety into our diet and your ideas were very helpful!

  • Paula says:

    Ok, I met you at the homeschool conference in your state and can’t believe you would even need to work out. Do you work out regularly? You were super thin! Amazing! I would be anxious to know whether or not you always work out or just occasionally.
    I thought you looked fantastic!

  • Abbie says:

    Anytime anyone gets up and exercises, it is a great thing. People need to move more, eat less and be more aware of the food they eat. If it works for you, go for it!! 🙂

    That said…

    I really believe you don’t need to buy anything to get in shape. I used to buy different programs just to realize that I wasn’t going to stick with it. You know what I did? My husband and I made a goal together and we have been each other accountablity partners. We run (I’m NOT a runner), we bike, I walk. It’s all for free! We stick the baby in the jogging stroller, we pull a trailer behind the bike for the two little ones and the older one rides his bike. We go to the local school track and the kids run and play while we run. Now they are exercising too and a part of our activities! We eat in moderation. We are in the best shape of our lives. I looked in the mirror the other day and was confused by what I saw. Then I realized that it was muscle! 🙂
    Don’t think you can’t have bread, just don’t eat a loaf. Have one roll. Don’t think you can’t have a sweet dessert. Eat one piece a couple times a week. Moderation is the key!!

    • Crystal says:

      You’re absolutely right that you don’t have to buy anything to get into shape. But I was really feeling like my walks to the park and regular workouts were just not pushing me anymore and my husband encouraged me to try to step it up a notch with P90X. 🙂

    • Jen C. says:

      Well said! That is my point exactly. No one should have to spend money to get in shape, or remove any food groups from their meals.

  • Jamie says:

    So excited for you! My husband and I have done P90x once (started it a second time a few months later… then found out I was pregnant… so I changed workout plans). we both loved it! It is so encouraging when you realize you are doing the entire Plyo without fainting! My biggest tip: get as much rest as you can! it will wear you out if you start slacking off on sleep. I love your menu plan, that was my hardest time with it. I may keep it handy for after the baby is born and I feel up to doing it again!

    • Crystal says:

      Yes, I’m finding I *have* to get 8-9 hours of sleep. And I’m still waiting to be able to get through Plyo without stopping and feeling like I’m going to throw up! 🙂

      • Jamie says:

        haha, I can laugh only b/c I have been there. Just wait, you’ll be exstatic! such a milestone. I felt the same about the ab ripper, too though. But it is all worth it when you can see the results. Hang in there, you can do it!

  • Lesley says:

    Yeah! We love P90X. My 6’3″ 250lb husband, and me, 5’1″ and 116lb, can work out TOGETHER and we don’t have to take turns on gym equipment. We just have to take turns on the pullup bar, but we know the routine well enough that the waiting one just does the next exercise then we can skip on the DVD. We don’t need much equipment – pullup bar, heavy-duty stretchy band for my husband, and these dumbells: 3,5,10, and 35lb. We get up at 4:45am and finish by 6:30am. We don’t like the yoga (I go to yoga class instead) so we just do an extra cardio day and skip the yoga tape. And I can kick his butt on push ups!

    Also I put the Plyometrics and Legs workout on my iphone, and now while my daughter is in dance I go to a quiet room with my little speakers, 5lb weights, and a mat and get an extra workout in that day. Since I don’t have the pullup bar, during the back exercises I just do some ab stuff.

    This has been the BEST workout I’ve ever done, and I have been, in a past life, a fitness specialist trained under a famous (in the business) exercise physiologist!

    We don’t necessarily view it as a 90 day program but just do the exercises as part of our regular workouts. Sometimes I thrown in other DVDs instead. We don’t do the eating plan as we already have a healthy, balanced diet.

    Good luck!!

  • That’s awesome! My personal trainer started out with P90X (she did the entire program twice – with DOUBLE workouts her second time through). After you complete P90X you may want to check out Crossfit. That’s what my trainer teaches now. They’re killer workouts that really build and tone muscle, but most of them are significantly shorter than P90X. It’s a fantastic program and I’ve seen great results from it. Good luck!!

  • J says:

    I just finished 90 days of P90X. I didn’t lose any weight (i’m 5’5, 130 pounds), but toned up A LOT! It’ s great workout! I found that for me, I got best results when I dropped the recovery drink and protein bars (too much sugar in both). Have fun! It feels great to be able to do 175 push-ups in one workout! 🙂

  • Julia says:

    My husband and I are almost done with Phase 1 of P90X. As a nursing momma I am less stringent about the diet than my hubs, but we just cut out junk food for the most part. I think this program is sound, and it’s been wonderful for us. We can work out at home, work at different levels, and the equipment to start up was basic. My husband did a get a pull up bar, but I just use resistance bands we already had, and we borrowed assorted weights from family and friends. Our three month old is still little enough that we can work out and he just watches and laughs at us looking crazy.
    But following the diet plan exactly was not possible for us, and I think that’s just fine. We eat more lean proteins and veggies and watch our carbs and sweets. Of course he’s dropped tons more weight than I have so far, but that is the beauty of this program. I’ve been able to pace myself to avoid injury, irritation and… starvation lol. I was so excited to see the diet plan! Thanks Crystal. I like to think God Blesses our weight loss efforts, and your meal plan was definitely a blessing to me!

  • Paige says:

    I’m so glad to see this as I want to try P90X after having daughter #2 at the end of September (15 moths apart!). I want to establish good breastfeeding first and then maybe start in January-ish. I think that will give me enough time to get a good schedule going with my babies and start taking care of me, the Mommy. : )
    I love your blog and your willingness to share your experiences. I’m going to keep your menu plan to future reference.
    Yay Crystal!

  • Amy says:

    Hi Crystal-

    Just an idea for a protein breakfast. I loved the Brown Bag Burrito recipe you shared some time back. I cut out sugar from my diet and added more protein and invented this recipe from the burrito recipe.
    It’s not an exact recipe. I use eggs, cheese, chopped up peppers if I have them, and use the La Banderita Soft Taco (Low Carb) shells from Wal-mart or I’m sure there’s other taco shells. These particular shells are very soft and don’t break easily. I scrambled my eggs and added the peppers if I used them in it . I put them on tortillas and topped with cheese. I then wrapped them up just like the Brown Bag Burrito recipe and they work the same way. Just pop them out of the freezer and heat up. Instant protein breakfast. They are very filling.
    Good Freezer Cooking Day recipe as well. 🙂

  • michaela says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I’ve done p90x, but quit. I plan to start back up and it’s good to see how you have an alternative for food. This is very helpful.

  • Rae says:

    You do P90X? Oh geez, good luck convincing me that you are not superwoman now! 😛 Homeschooling, religious, good mother of 3, excellent blogger, bake/cook from scratch, debt free, money saver, clean house (yes even when you post the “excuse my mess” pictures), etc etc and now very fit? You may not be perfect but you are the closest I’ve ever seen to it… seriously you are inspirational 🙂

    • Crystal says:

      Oh goodness! Did you see my menu? It’s like the easiest menu on the planet. I’m basically keeping meals super easy for the next 90 days in order to carve out more time for P90X.

      And don’t forget that I’m blessed with lots of help — a team who helps with the blog, a wonderful husband, a girl from church who comes each week and helps me with laundry and other household chores and lots of family nearby. If I didn’t have all this support and help, I’d certainly not be able to do what I do. And I have plenty of days where it feels like I’m failing at everything. 🙂

      • Rae says:

        @Crystal, haha no I didn’t look at the menu plan I was just talking about the workout itself 😛 And I still think you are amazing 😀

      • Aimee - AR says:

        @Crystal, I didn’t realize the support you have but would like to thank you for letting us know! (Not that you don’t do a TON of course!!) It’s sort of like when you see the models on the cover of magazines and you think, yeesh, wish I looked like that and then see how much goes into making them look that way.

        Anyway, love the idea of hiring a girl to help a few hours a week. I really need to do that as I think it would really help our family balance things a bit more.


        • Crystal says:

          Yes, it’s important for me to constantly re-iterate that I’m not doing this alone! I don’t want anyone to get visions of some superwoman or compare themselves and feel like they don’t measure up. I have a wonderful team behind this blog (I’d be sunk without them!) and am so blessed to have local support as well. And hiring a mother’s helper for one morning a week has been a huge, huge blessing for our family. I’d highly recommend it for all moms — especially those with young children.

      • robyn says:

        @Crystal, Is the gal from church your “mothers helper?” Can you elaborate on what exactly she does/a mothers helper is? This sounds like something that would be very beneficial!

        • Crystal says:

          Yes, she’s our “mother’s helper” — which basically means she comes and serves as my right hand for part of the day. She usually always does a lot of our laundry and does some vacuuming and/or cleaning the kitchen floors. She also often watches the children for an hour or two so my husband and I can go on a date or run errands. It changes from week to week depending upon what needs to be done, etc.

  • Sarah says:

    I just realized I left a comment but didn’t give any tips which is what you wanted. But from the sounds of it, you are already into it a little ways! It is super hard but stick with it. My only tip is modify the moves if you have to. That is what I did for a few moves that I couldn’t do and though I couldn’t do everything they could do at first, if I kept moving and trying, I still felt great afterwards and it still worked my body. Have fun!

  • carrie beth says:

    This looks pretty overwhelming! I do have a regular fitness routine, but I just do not feel like I can give more than 30 minutes a day to that part of my life and keep things in balance. I guess that it is a matter of perspective, though- we all know what is best for us at different points in our lives.

  • Jerilyn says:

    I’ve heard of it and am interested in the future. I can’t do a lot of protein drinks right now though. I did alot when my baby was younger and man was he one fussy constipated baby! He might be fine now as he is older and on food but it made my life miserable!

    I’ve been on a weight-loss plateau for 3 months and I’m doing the Jillian Michaels workout plan again, hopefully to finish losing the weight I gained while pregnant!

  • Hollynn Kidwell says:

    I have been wanting to try P90X but am concerned about the amount of time you have to invest. I noticed that several of the comments said the exercises are like 60-90 minutes a day. I just don’thave that amout of time to invest. I have 3 kids and a full time job with a 90 minute drive each way every day. Can you minimize the videos to meet your time availablility? I was also wondering about the Protein bars. They have so much sugar and not much nutritional value. Couldn’t you use something like Chobani Greek Yogurt which contains 14grams of protein, more than most protein bars. I eat this most mornings now.

    • Crystal says:

      Unfortunately, I don’t think you can minimize the workouts and get the same effect. It is a big time commitment and one I didn’t take lightly. I talked about it with my husband for a few weeks and rearranged my schedule before committing so that I was sure it would work.

      As far as protein bars go, I was hesitant, too, as I never eat stuff like that. However, since I’m eating little sugar elsewhere and the program highly encourages them for a variety of reasons, I went for it. I’ll let you know if I thought it was a good decision after ninety days! 🙂

    • AllieZirkle says:

      @Hollynn Kidwell, I’m in the same boat 🙂 4 kids, 75 minute commute each way, and 1 of the kiddos is nursing so I’m a pumpin’ mama (on the road lol). I allot 4 am – 5:15 am the time to workout, 5:15 shower and on the road by 6. I work 7:30 – 4:30 and am home at 6. Dinner is prepped on the weekends to ensure we eat on the plan. Lunches are packed during dinner cleanup. Relax 7p – 9p, and we’re asleep by 9:30.

      At this time in our life, it’s more important to get our health in check than to overextend ourselves and commit to man outside activities. Bible study group is on Wednesdays as is jr high youth group. We aren’t committed to anything else to ensure we have enough time for our children and our health.

      Hope this help! 🙂

      • Crystal says:

        Um, so did you want to share your secret for pumping while you drive?? Is that what you said you do? If so, I think that is multi-tasking at its finest. 🙂

        And I agree about streamlining outside commitments when you have young children. We rarely do things on weeknights and go to bed early.

  • Crystal! Thank you so much for posting this! I have been a reader for a long time and am absolutely thrilled to see this! I have lost over 115 pounds from beachbody products and follow a VERY strict budget. I try to encourage others to do the same but I am constantly told they can’t afford it. Thank you so much for sharing ideas on how to live a healthy lifestyle for less!

  • Candice says:

    My husband and I are doing this together and are on week 7. I have not lost any weight but have gained muscle as I have seen over 9 inches total lost, so I know it is working. My problem area after having two kids is my belly and the “new” shape it obtains, so I am anxious to see how it is after all is said and done. My hubby though has been doing great, he was overweight and has already lost 20 lbs and you can really tell the difference on him. I haven’t been following the diet plan as it was complicated for me when I work full time but just watch what I eat and drink the recovery drink on days we do weights. Probably during round 2 I will do the lean version for extra cardio as I don’t want to bulk up too much. My knees have been giving me problems though so this week I am going easy on lunges and squats to see if it helps…congrats and stay with it, so worth it in the long run.

  • Angela D. says:

    Thanks so much for posting this. My husband is planning on starting P90X soon and I am afraid he will eat us out of house and home! I’ll definitely be seeing how we can use your plan 🙂

  • Lindsey says:

    Thank you for posting! We bought P90x in January and I never really stuck with it. You and everyone who has commented has really made me want to jump back on the bandwagon and get my body toned again! I’m thinking about starting a family soon, so want to be in shape before I do, that way maybe its easier to get my body back after the baby! 🙂

  • Erica says:

    My husband and I just started the P90X workouts on Tuesday! It is awsome you are posting the meal plan on a budget!

  • Angie says:

    Thank you for your menu! My husband and I are almost finished with Phase 1 and it has been difficult to not spend huge amounts of money on food. I like the simplicity of your menu. I do have a question however…when looking at the portion approach to the eating plan, you’re only suppose to have 1 dairy per day (at my level). I noticed that you often have 2 servings of dairy, one of which is usually frozen yogurt. So I am just wondering how you came up with the dairy servings and what kind of frozen yogurt you use (maybe it’ll satisfy my icecream cravings :)).
    Good luck with your program! I’m looking forward to your next menu.
    Bring it!!

    • Crystal says:

      The extra dairy falls under the snack category so it doesn’t count as a dairy — unless I read my book wrong! But I’m sort of in-between Level 1 and 2 (I’m supposed to have around 2000 calories per day plus a little extra since I’m still nursing) so I didn’t worry too much if I went over the allotments for Level 1 a little bit.

      As far as frozen yogurt, I’m just buying whatever is the best deal at the store that is nutritious, too. 🙂

  • Rachel says:

    Crystal: I quit P90X after about three weeks because I just couldn’t figure out how to squeeze all the workout time into my day. I have to get up at 4:30 to do it but I KNOW that my husband and I benefit so much from having a workout plan in place. Freezer cooking the P90X way will help me so much. Can’t wait to see how you do it. Seems like most of the freezer cooking I’ve done in the past has definitely NOT been on the P90X plan (or even in the same universe) 🙂

  • CJ =) says:

    Hi Crystal! I wanted to let you know that I run a P90x recipes blog where I’m posting new simple and cheap P90x recipes every day. I also have a food journal on there that I developed as I’ve been managing my husband’s diet as he does the P90x program. (I’m not a coach, it’s an informational site only.) Hopefully a few of the recipes might be helpful to you as you are following the nutrition part of the program! =)
    – CJ =)

    • Crystal says:

      Thanks so much for sharing! I really enjoyed checking out your blog and may link to it in an upcoming post. 🙂

      • CJ =) says:

        @Crystal, Thanks, Crystal! I’m so glad that I came across your blog as I was researching all things P90x – I’m a follower now! =) One comment that it’d be great for you to broadcast to your readership – if they are buying copies of P90x used on Craigslist, Ebay, etc., urge them to make sure that the nutrition guide booklet is included in the documentation they get, not just the discs. The nutrition guide is not easily findable online, and Beachbody won’t sell you another copy unless you bought your discs through them, so there are tons of people out there that got the discs second hand and are very frustrated because they can’t find the guide info anywhere. I do have the “official” version of the nutrition guide PDF on my site that is missing a few pages, and I provide some recommendations for how to find the missing info. But people will save themselves a lot of grief if they make sure that they get the nutrition guide in their original purchase! =)
        I hope this is helpful. Good luck as you start P90x – I’ll be reading for any good tips on doing P90x on a budget that I can pass on to my readers as well!
        – CJ =)

  • Kelly says:

    I tried P90x for a bit, but just could not keep up with the daily schedule of workouts that lasted over an hour. My husband is a CrossFit certified coach so I started doing that instead and love it. I have consistently been working out for the last 6 months and have definitely seen results! We also follow a Zone or Paleo (Primal Blueprint) diet with very tasty and simple meals. I hope this helps if you find that P90x is just too time-consuming. I hope you can find a CrossFit gym in your area!

  • My P90X is in the mail! I can’t wait to start. My hubby is on board too! I have been thinking about doing this for a few months now. Your posts, as well as all of the others, have made me want to jump right into it. I am a nursing, work from home Mom of 4 kids, ages 5 yrs to 5months old. I felt like I have been pregnant for the last 6 years and am finally excited to get fit so that I can feel better for myself, look better for my hubby, have more energy for my kids, and serve God even better! Plus, it will be nice to get back down to my healthy pre-prego size! Thanks for your menu and all of the encouragement!

  • Melinda says:

    Just a few weeks ago, my friend Lauren & I started the P90 program. Since our friend Sarah can’t leave for an early workout at a gym (her hubby leaves at 5:30am), we go to her house and do it there…the 3 of us…in the living room. HYSTERICAL. This fall, we’re going to split the cost P90x program and keep going to Sarah’s house. On most days, we’ve also been able to take an extra 20 min afterward for coffee & chic chat. Getting in shape…refreshing my heart. I’m looking forward to your future posts on it. Go get ’em!!!

  • JenS says:

    My brother and his wife just finished P90X and had great results. They were able to save costs on the diet by making their own protein bars. I’m not sure of the exact recipe, but it was a combination of protein powder, oatmeal, peanut butter, and a few other ingredients. I’m sure you can google the topic for ideas. They made a fresh tray each Sunday to have an hand all week. Just an idea.

  • George says:

    How about a recipe for phases II and III! I found your plan for phase I very interesting.. and frugal!!!

  • Gabi Henry says:

    Do you know of any good/healthy homemade protein bar recipes?

  • Liz says:

    What protein powder and snack are you ordering through Amazon?

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