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My 4 Goals For 2016 (the year of rest!)

My Goals for 2016

I debated a lot about goals for 2016. Not because I didn’t want to set them, but because I have such a driving personality that I knew that I could easily set goals that would throw me off from my plan to make 2016 a year of rest.

I had to ask myself and my husband, “How do I pair having a year of rest with goal-setting?” And then I had to really let myself mull over the answer for a few weeks. I finally decided that I would pick only a few goals, and I would only pick goals that would inspire me and refresh me.

I’m the master at picking goals that will challenge me. In fact, I usually love nothing more than a great big challenge to tackle. But this year, I’m just tired. And any goal that is great big and involves a challenge will overwhelm and exhaust me.

So I chose goals that sounded inspiring and motivating to me — while at the same time being ones that would encourage me to be intentional in my priorities.

My Goals for 2016

Now, let me be clear: I think at sometimes it’s really good to choose goals that will challenge us to work really, really, really hard. Some of you need to set those kinds of goals this year. You need the goal that is going be the swift kick on the backside to get out of debt, or to start that business, or to tackle that HUGE project.

But there are also some of us who need to choose much simpler and much smaller goals. Goals that aren’t going to make us feel like we need to work, work, work, work, work… when we’re already tired and worn out as it is.

If you’re in one of those seasons of exhaustion, I challenge you to choose goals that will inspire and refresh you. That’s what I really kept in mind when I chose these 4 goals.

My Goals for 2016

Here are the 4 goals I chose for 2016:

  1. Motherhood — Go through a creative writing course with the kids.
  2. Marriage — Go on two overnighters with Jesse.
  3. MyselfPractice handlettering for 5 minutes every day.
  4. — Produce & launch a Make Over Your Evenings course.

And that’s it! I carefully chose each of these goals considering what would be best for our family, for this season of life, and that would encourage me to keep my commitment to make this a year of rest.

How & Why I Chose These Goals

People often ask me how to figure out what goals to set. One of the things we’re going to cover in-depth in our goal-setting course is exactly how to decide your priorities and then how to determine your goals based upon those priorities. 

My current priorities are mothering, my marriage, myself, and the business. With these priorities in mind, I chose an area in each of those categories that I really want to work on/develop or improve in. Then, I refined that focus area by turning it into a very specific and measurable goal. Something that I could clearly define and know when and if I had completed it.

My Goals for 2016

1. Motherhood Goal: Go Through a Creative Writing Course With the Kids

Creative writing is an area where all three of our kids need to spend some extra time and effort. They love most academics, but they all struggle in different areas with writing.

I want to equip them with the skills and knowledge to write well, to be able to clearly express their thoughts and ideas on paper, to have neat hand writing, and to be able to craft compelling and engaging paragraphs, essays, and more. 

This goal encourages me to spend quality time with my kids sharing something that I love to do, while at the same time, giving them a skill that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

My Goals for 2016

2. Marriage Goal: 2 Overnighters This Year with Jesse

My husband and I talked about this and asked each other, “What would be goal that would inspire us? What would be a goal that would be good for us that would really impact our marriage?”

After some discussion, we came up with the goal of having 2 overnight trips this next year. This could be for a weekend and could be at a local hotel or bed and breakfast. Or it could be a bigger to do. It doesn’t matter where it is, what matters is that it’s at least 24 hours and it’s just the two of us.

After three years of not having a just-the-two-of-us trip, we recently went to New York City together for a very short getaway. On this quick trip, we remembered how important time away without the kids is for the health of our marriage. Yes, it required effort to make it happen, but it was so worth the effort.

We got to get away from all of the usual responsibilities of life and just have fun together, hang out together, experience new things together, and just talk. It was so good.  

My Goals for 2016

3. Goal for Myself: 5 Minutes of Handlettering Each Day

I know this is sort of an interesting goal and you may be wondering why I would choose it. Some of you might even be thinking, “Why on earth would she pick such a weird goal??”

Truth be told, at first I felt almost a little bit embarrassed to put it out there that I had set a personal goal to do 5 minutes of handlettering every day. But when I was thinking about goals, I realized this was something that would not only be fun and really inspire me, but it would be something I could use in many different ways.

I can use lettering to write cards to people. I can use it to make signs to put around our house. I can use it to make graphics for social media. I can even use it to just write pretty to-do lists every day!

Most importantly, it’s a gift I can give myself: to be intentional about taking time to sit down and quietly focus on creating something beautiful. I also love that it encourages me to exercise a different kind of creativity than I usually am exercising — which I think is a very good and healthy thing to prioritize.

{I’m going to be posting on my Instagram account sharing some of the lettering and practicing I do each week to keep myself accountable and hopefully to inspire someone else, as well. By the way, here’s the book I’m currently getting inspiration from.}

My Goals for 2016

4. Business Goal: Produce and Launch a Make Over Your Evenings Course

Ever since we launched Make Over Your Mornings, people have been begging for me to release a Make Over Your Evenings Course. 

Since I’ve cleared my schedule of a lot of clutter, I’ll have the time to devote to creating, filming, and launching this course. I’m not going to push myself to have to get it out at a certain time but I’m going to aim to finish and launch it the first half of the year. We’ll see how things pan out! 

What are YOUR goals for 2016? I’d love to hear! Leave a comment and tell us!


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  • Anne says:

    I’m so grateful for your example and I really need it! We’re expecting our second child on 7/7/16. I have been sidelined by morning sickness/viruses/ infections this whole pregnancy and our three-year old has some mild special needs that really need my attention. When thinking about my word for the year, I keep coming back to one word: HABIT. Last year, I worked on habits as my New Years Resolution for the first half the year, then became too ambitious while doing MOYM and wrote a handful of reasonable SMART goals, and lost focus on my habits. In this season of life, I am accepting that working on one to two habits until they become automatic will not only propel me farther than goals, but will equip me to attend to those goals when I am in a different season.

  • Rosanna says:

    I’m still working on my goals for the New Year, but this is inspirational. For myself, I need to work on working a lot harder in this season. I believe this is the time for me to launch my online business. It is hard to me because I have been really comfortable for the last 10 years of mothering. I do want to keep priorities straight, though, and include rest in there, too. It’s a tough balance to strike.

  • One of my major goals in the new year is to bring the “personal” side back to my blog… in the chaos that has been my life in the past couple of years, I’ve fallen into writing mostly “practical” posts and have felt a loss of community as a result. I’m hoping to write 3-5 posts a month that have a personal connection with my readers, hopefully reinvigorating my love for the blog!

  • Julie says:

    Hi! I was wondering what book the regret quote is from? SO GOOD! I was reading through one of the “Learn How to Make an Income from Home” emails this afternoon regarding learning from failure. You challenged us to think of times we’ve failed and what we learned from it. As I thought, I realized that after 2 of what I would consider big failures, I stopped trying. My path took a different direction after that, so it might not be a true measure, but I was really, really impacted by that truth. I would consider myself a very hard worker, so this was very sobering to discover. Then I read the “regret” quote. Truth! I’m exciting to be growing into bravery!

  • Molly says:

    I always look forward to your goal setting posts — a few years ago you inspired me enough to set my own goals and go after my dreams. And although I rarely (ok, never) complete them all… well, that’s really not the point, is it? They still keep me focused and allow me to get so much more accomplished than just “flying by the seat of my pants”. So thank you for that.

    Enjoy your year of rest. 🙂

  • I’ve been thinking about my goals and am still trying to figure out what they should be. I love couples trips! We go every January to an exotic warm place without the kids. We are heading to Sayulita,MX next month. Anyhow–I’d love to offer up our cabin in midway, Utah. If want to come explore Utah, let me know and I can get you on the calendar (free of charge)! Fall is a beautiful time with all the leaves changing.

  • lorie says:

    Off subject but I was wondering if you were going to list the best books you’ve read last year and the ones you’re going to read this year. Your suggestions are always great I chhise the books I read off of your recommendations and I’m never dissapointed. I recently finished reading “calm my anxious heart” and I loved it! Now I sm reading ” your best yes” . I hope you will. Thanks crystal

  • Liz Wine says:

    I am still working on my goals as I am signed up for the make over your year course!

    However, I think my word of the year is going to be gumption (initiative, courage, spunk etc) so my goals will formulate around that.

  • Elise says:

    I love your goals – these are so inspiring. I’ve been conscious lately of how precious my time is, and the need to use it judiciously. My husband and I have been brainstorming resolutions for 2016, and both agreed we want to focus on reading more and exercising together. We had our first child at the end of 2014, and not surprisingly, those two things have slipped to the back burner. I just started David McCullough’s 1776 and we’ve been out for a run with the jogging stroller every morning this week, so we’re building back the momentum. 🙂

  • Linda says:

    Great post. My word this year is actually a sentence. Be not afraid (2016) I have decided to stop worrying about everything and about all the what ifs which tend to stop me when it comes to completing some of my bigger goals. And thanks so much for the hand lettering book suggestion. I recently started bullet journaling and joined a facebook page about bullet journaling where lettering is a big part of the group.
    Thanks for the many inspirations you post on your blog.

  • Tara G. says:

    I’m not sure if this is what you have in mind, but I’ll throw it or there for you to consider. We, too, want or kids to be able to articulate and communicate clearly so writing well has been a focus in our home education. We began using materials from the Institute for Excellence in Writing several years ago and have not only enjoyed it, but we have seen great progress in this area.

  • Sally says:

    Crystal, I love these goals! Thank you so much for sharing! I especially love the hand-lettering goal, and you’ve totally inspired me to get that book. I’ve always loved beautiful handwriting and would love to practice this more myself. So thank you for putting yourself out there and sharing this goal! I talk about how much you’ve inspired me in the area of goal-setting here –
    I hope you and your family have a healthy and happy 2016!!

  • Kelli B says:

    That’s a great set of goals – I love how you broke out one big goal for each area of your life. I also like how they were actual specific goals and not over arching things like “get in shape” (which is the stereotypical norm). Best of luck to you on ALL of them… I hope we get to hear about your progress in the new year!

  • Cheryl says:

    The word for me this year is Simple. My goals are real simple too, keeping motherhood, being a wife, and my daily life simple. My husband and I started going over our couple goals at the beginning of December and now this weekend we are doing an overview of the past year and also our goals for the New Year including our theme Bible verse. We plan on going out to lunch too. I recommend “Our Best Year Ever” from Bill and Pam Farrrel-they have a website filled with great info for couples. Have you heard of them Crystal?

  • Rose says:

    Well I just got let go from my job today. Happy New Year to me!!
    : ( So… Guess I REALLY have to think on goals for 2016. One will definitely need to be getting healthier as that is the main reason I lost my job. Missing too much time. {I have rotator cuff tears in both shoulders which caused me lots of pain and issues in
    2015. } Not really sure what I want to do with the rest of my life, I am 57 so not young anymore!!

  • Sara says:

    I love having one specific goal for each category/priority in your life. I have a tendency to get too ambitious and set all kinds of goals and then get overwhelmed and let them slide. I think this is a great way to be focused and actually get something accomplished. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jamie says:

    My hubby and I sit down the first week of the new year to make our goals for the year. We don’t want to be working against each other, so we try to make goals for the family as a unit. The only one we have down for sure is to eliminate our cc debt, which will be BHAG, but hopefully we’ll have the motivation to push through it!

    I love your year of rest idea. Maybe after pushing hard this year we can do tht one next. 🙂

  • Sarah Mae says:

    Bravo! Excited for you for 2016! 🙂

  • Monica says:

    I LOVE this time of the year! Thank you for your encouragement and example and for your consistency in sharing your dreams, goals, and shortcomings with others. I’m slightly obsessed with the beginning of new year. I love all of the possibilities that it brings. I had a great time blogging about my goals this morning and I look forward to reading those of others. Best of luck to all! Happy New Year!

  • Jessica H says:

    My desire is to keep things simple as well. My word for the year is joy so I know I need to slow down and focus on what is most important. More time in the Bible, decluttering, and learning to cook more nutritious food are my goals for the new year. This is the first year that I won’t have financial goals. I will still try to be frugal, but I have a hard time keeping financial goals in balance. I wish I knew how to save hard without it becoming an idol!

  • Kelly Cox says:

    Great goals and loved the scope on this too! I have lots of goals this year and I’m praying on the Lord’s direction with it all. My Blog is a big part of it and I’m starting an ebook. YAY! Happy New Year!

  • Charlotte says:

    My husband and I decided that our health is our 2016 goal. Because of your inspiration and prayer we decided that I should work from home. My husband decided to follow his lifelong dream of becoming a fitness personal trainer. I will be selling nutritional supplements to his clients. That is our plan.

  • Brenda says:

    I think you’ve done a great job setting your goals according to your word “rest.” I like that you’ve set aside time to do something with everyone in your family, including yourself. I haven’t really thought about goals for myself for 2016, other than talking less to give my family a break. I did think of goals for my blog, though.

  • Christin H says:

    Just curious, what pens/pencils are you using with that lettering book? Honestly, that is one of my goals this year as well…I would love to have beautiful handwriting again and not just quick typing fingers! 🙂

  • Bethany says:

    My goal is to get curriculum for my oldest child for his first year of school. Make a homeschool schedule and keep to it.
    To start a bible study with my sister.
    Pay off 2 credit cards and then save up enough money to buy my husband a guitar with cash.
    My word for the year is resourceful.
    Btw I love that your sitting in a booster seat. We always make fun of my sister asking her how she drives with a forward facing car seat because she is so little. 🙂

  • Rose says:

    Ok I decided. My word is going to be “choose” As in choose to change MANY things in my life : ) I wont write out all of them because it could take awhile. LOL

  • melissa pyke says:

    What will you be using for creative writing with your kids?

  • Kristen S. says:

    My goals for 2016 are:
    1) continue my read-through-the-Bible plan using the YouVersion app, which I’m loving!
    2) have an “off-site” day (away from home at a library or coffee shop) once each quarter to read, reflect, and recharge.
    3) start strength training 3 days a week just for a few minutes (start small!)
    4) go on 1 overnight with my husband
    5) save half of the amount we need for our 6-month emergency fund. This is going to be a real stretch, but I’m excited about it!

    I’ve made a lot of personal changes the last couple of years and am feeling so much more healthy in many areas of life. I’m really excited about 2016!

  • Love your simple goals. They are totally do-able. I’m so glad you are taking a year to rest and recuperate from years of pushing so hard. All of those hard years will hopefully pay off for you. 🙂

  • maya says:

    I am feeling overwhelmed after reading all other people goals and ambitions really feeling that I should have some goals. I have applied for job in New York and have couple of interviews there. But this year is going to be very challenging as If I get the job I have to decide that whether I will move with my kids or without my kids and if I move with my kids then how I am going to manage on my own with 12 hours shift everyday. Moving without kids is heartbreaking for me and them as well.My husband has a good job locally so its almost impossible for him to move with me. Also at the same time the job is really a huge milestone in my carrier and will help me able to be practically earn a lot of money in three years guaranteed and I will achieve the goal of MY life with this job. So much overwhelmed with finances,marriage ,kids and carrier at this point and really don’t know what to do .Any suggestions?

  • Guest says:

    My word for this year is rest! It felt like such a strange word but it kept coming to me. Guess it isn’t as strange as I had originally thought!

    The picture of you in the booster seat made me laugh but not because of the booster seat. I work for a large, global company and telecommute full time. Many, many times I have worn a blazer and dress shirt with shorts or yoga pants. When I’m on video, they only see waist up – ha! After the call is over, I throw on my tee shirt again. ☺️

  • I shared my 2016 goals on my blog yesterday! my one word this year is persistence. I want to continue to strive to be a better wife, a better mother, a better homemaker, a better financial steward, and most recently a better blogger. Even through all of the struggles life throws at me, I want to be persistent!

  • Amy says:

    Perhaps this year for you will be a type of the year of Jubilee? I do like when you share spiritual goals and hope you will continue to do so.
    My word this year is Focus! I’m still working out what that means but I do know I am to weed some things out and really focus on what matters.

  • Emily Moye says:

    Instead of picking one word this year, I picked a Bible verse: Ecclesiastes 3:1 “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.” This reminds me that I need to do everything in God’s timing, not mine, which I guess goes back to one word: patience. I need to keep reminding myself to do things in God’s timing, not my own. My goals are here: ‎broken down into Faith, Family, Fitness, Finance, Friends, and Food. =)

  • Sarah says:

    I love your honesty (one of the reasons I follow your blog!). I generally stick with one or two goals at a time myself, just to keep things realistic. As a working mother, my goals this year are also largely centered around self-care: exercise, playing the piano more often (especially if the other option is TV), and starting to participate in my church choir again (now that I’m done with babies and breastfeeding, I’m out of excuses, and I miss singing!).

  • Diana Kerr says:

    Crystal, I love your simple, laser focus. Knowing how goal-oriented you are, I’m sure it was tempting to pursue so much more. I wish more of my coaching clients were more intentional like you were for 2016 about focusing on just the very best for their goals. 🙂 But, it’s fun helping them get clarity when they DON’T have things figured out as simply . . . I feel like that’s a strength God gave me to use to his glory. 🙂

    My 2016 goals post isn’t up yet, but January goals is!

  • Diana Kerr says:

    Got my 2016 goals up! Yay! 🙂

    Thanks, Crystal, for being such an inspiration for us go-getter Christian chicks. 🙂

  • Cyndy says:

    Hey, Crystal. I have been following you for some time. I have all of your books and have gained some really great advice from you over the years. Thank you. I saw in one of your periscopes that you were looking for a writing program to do with your kids. Have you heard of Julie Bogart? She is awesome and has a family writing program made for kids and there parent(s). She just opened a new session. Of course you could purchase her book (The Writer’s Jungle) and go through it yourself. Anyway, here is a website address for the new session:

  • Gina says:

    We’re almost 2 weeks into the New Year and I’m finally sharing my goals for 2016. I applaud your endeavor to rest this year!

    As a single mom of 5, I periodically set aside time to rest, recuperate and reflect. This year, I’m not doing that, but I’m also not making a long list either.

    I’ve been a single mom of 5 for over a decade. I’ve found that the older they get the busier I get. I hope this isn’t discouraging news to anyone? Maybe it’s just a different kind of busy? It’s fun and rewarding to teach my teens how to drive, take them to job interviews, help them explore ideas for college and careers, etc. But these things are far different than picking up toys and refilling sippy cups. So, this year, I’m not resting but I’m leaning toward realistic.

    Here is a list of my 7 goals for 2016:

    Thank you, Crystal, for your encouragement, dedication, and transparency! I hope you have an amazing year!

  • Gina says:

    I forgot to mention, I LOVE your hand lettering goal! I tried it for the first time last year and was hooked! I didn’t make it a goal to work on it consistently this year, but it’s something I definitely enjoy doing…especially in my journal. I write Bible verses or keywords (e.g. joy, slow, be, etc.) at the top of the page. I think it’s fun, pretty and relaxing. I’m happy you’re doing that this year. 😀

  • I finally have my goals set and mapped out for this year! I took my time and broke them down into bite-size pieces!! I’ve got 10 I’m working on for February:

  • Tracy says:

    My goal for last year was to pay down some debt. I did.
    My goal for this year is very fun. I want to use my tax return and work 15 extra shifts and take my 7 kids on a big trip. A tropical trip for a week! I have been talking about it for 25 years, and this is the year. We live in Minnesota and I want to take them to the Bahamas and rent a cottage for a week. In June.

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