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It Pays to Email Companies

Is there a product your family really loves? Have you written to the company and let them know how much you like their product and letting them know you’d gladly accept any coupons they could send? Companies really enjoy hearing from satisfied customers and often are very happy to send coupons.

Here’s what Kelsi emailed me yesterday:

Last week I emailed the manufacturer’s of Luna bars asking for coupons and telling them about my Luna-A-Day habit while rocking my newborn with my foot and pumping breastmilk at the kitchen counter. Today I received six coupons for a FREE Luna Bar or Luna Protein Bar and a 100% organic cotton baby blanket! -Kelsi

Have you emailed any companies before? I’d love to hear about your experience!

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  • Tanya says:

    Before we were blessed with the birth of our first daughter (now have two), I was a high school English teacher. One writing assignment for my 9th graders was to write letters of appreciation to a company they appreciated. I always wrote one too. This served two purposes: 1. training in writing form letters 2. teaching about gratitude in a soceity filled with negativity. We always had fun sharing our responses, the students were quite excited about some of the free products they received. When we first started the project, I had no idea we would get so many wonderful responses. I still remember being giddy with “my kids” when I received a free sports sack from a running shoe company. Let’s make sure we’re truly expressing appreciation and not just writing to our favorite companies to see what we can get. Remember, the coupons and free products are a bonus to expressing gratitude. A grateful heart is truly reward enough. 🙂

  • Nikki says:

    I emailed Pilot Travel Centers (a local gas station. Not sure if it’s a national chain or not.) telling them how much I loved their store, and how friendly their employees were. I got an email a couple of days later thanking me for my feedback. They also sent me a $5 gift card in the mail. 😀

  • lynsie says:

    I haven’t tried emailing companies about what I like! I recently had a problem with a Craisins package I had bought, as well as those Kraft 100 calorie cheese packages. I got 2 coupons for free Craisins from Ocean Spray, and 4 free coupons for the cheese from Kraft! I will have to try the “sugar” approach as well. But, with my past dealings, I’ve been very pleased with the nice responses.

  • Tina says:

    I wrote to Odwalla and told them how much I loved their energy bars and they sent me a handful of coupons for free ones! Ronzoni pasta sent me free pasta coupons when I emailed them to lament my grain beetle infestation problem and my need to re-stock my pantry.

  • Katrina says:

    I emailed red vines telling them I loved their product, and a few weeks later got a box in the mail with 3 big bags of red vines in it! =) I also emailed a bunch of other companies and got lots of coupons!

  • Ericka Lewis says:

    I’ve done both complaints and actually asked for coupons. When the coupon for Naked Juice wouldn’t print out, I let them know how disappointed I was that the $1/1 coupon wouldn’t print and they sent me a coupon for a free one. I also complained about a Redi Whip can that stopped working the second time I went to use it and they sent me a coupon to replace it. I’m planning to send some other letters for products I really like. I also recently sent a compliment letter to the Tropical Smoothie Cafe–they had excellent service and the food was amazing. Not sure if they will send a response or not. Might make me change my mind.

  • Jean says:

    I’ve been emailing companies for the last 6 months or so with OUTSTANDING results!!! I can’t even name all of the companies that I have emailed, but I have received SOOOO many coupons for free products, as well as lots of $-off coupons. I think my best email yet was to Chef’s Requested. They sell lower-priced, prepackaged meats. Walmart usually sells them. I just let them know that I had recently tried their bacon-wrapped beef fillets and thought they tasted really good. I told them that I appreciated them providing good meat at an affordable price… A couple of weeks later I received over $25 in free meat coupons!!!!!! I was totally shocked!!

    When I send out emails (and I try to send one a day), I make sure to specifically tell the company the product that I like and a true reason why I like it… I’ve never asked for coupons, but at least 75% of the companies I have emailed have sent coupons. Have I mentioned, I love going to get the mail!?? It’s like Christmas!

    Penny Pinchin Mom does a daily email and calls it “Apple A Day.” Here is the link to the full list of companies that she has emailed:

    I do want to mention that my results have been a little different than hers… I’m not sure why!

    Happy emailing!! 🙂

  • Natalie says:

    I contacted Enfamil when my son could drink only Nutramigen due to a milk protein allergy/intolerance. They were very helpful in sending a couple free samples, coupons, and also got me in contact with a representative of the company who then gave me a whole case FREE!! I am so glad I took the time….because that stuff is expensive!

  • Darcey says:

    My 4 year old son was swinging his wet diaper around one day and it hit something and burst all over the room. As most of you may know, the diaper gel is not easy to clean up. I looked online for solutions and when none were to be found, I contacted Pampers to see what they would say. I received an e-mail the next day telling me to let it dry and then vaccuum or sweep it up. They then told me they would be sending me a coupon. I eagerly waited and then one day it came. I opened the envelope and got a $10 off coupon. Wow! That is more than a half box of diapers. And I didn’t even complain.
    Now I did complain to another company and only got a simple retaliation, but it is worth a try.

  • tightwad says:

    I promise, you will be surprised how many companies will respond to your request not only with high value coupons, but also with coupons for free items. You can read here ( about companies that responded to my request for coupons. Thus far, I have received over $120 worth of free products, ranging from organic expensive food items to my unhealthy favorite snacks, like ice cream. 🙂

    My mom was coming from Belarus to see my family for 3 weeks. Well, I decided to e-mail all the restaurants in our areas asking for a coupon. The result??? Free food! I received the following coupons.

    – two free whoppers from Burger King

    – two free subs from Jersey Mikes

    – $5 dollars gift card from Schlotzsky’s

    – 4 coupons from Zaxby’s for a meal of my choice

    – 2 Chick Fil A Sandwiches and 1 coupon for free chicken tenders (I actually asked managers of a restaurant for coupons)

    – 2 free drinks of any choice and any size from Starbucks

    – 2 free coupons from IHOP for free pancakes

  • Lori says:

    I emailed pampers on day because we have been having problems with the tabs on the diapers pulling off. I received an email the next day from them letting me know they were going to send me coupons in the mail. When I got the envelope it had 2 coupons for $10.00 off in it!!! Very worth my time!!!

  • laura says:

    Sweet baby Rays free product
    New York toast free product
    Bar S free product
    emailed all three and received a great response with free product plus coupons!

  • Kylea says:

    When Quaker came out with their new (at the time) mini rice cakes, I wrote to the company saying how much I enjoyed them. I wanted to let them know I really liked the product and was hoping they would not be discontinued. It was maybe 2-3 months later that they mailed me a whole case with a nice letter and lots of coupons. It was a great surprise!

  • Rita Collins says:

    I only call when I really enjoy or really dislike a product, or if the item was defective/moldy/bad/not right.

  • Nicole says:

    I bought a package of Nabisco saltines which were burnt! I emailed the company and they promptly mailed me out a check for $4.49 (even though I only bought the crackers with coupons for under $1). Sadly, when I went to deposit the check a week later I got it back from my bank marked “refer to maker.” and it couldn’t be deposited. So, I emailed Nabisco again and they mailed me 5 coupons for up to 4.49 in FREE Nabisco cookies or crackers!!!! I was so happy!

    Amys will also send you coupons in the mail. I had written them a couple years ago telling them how much I liked one of their meals and then a few months ago complaining about the prices of their products. They were super apologetic and said they don’t actually set the prices of their products, the third party distributors and stores have more to do wih the pricing of their products. So I got some good coupons again.

  • Donna says:

    A slightly different take on the topic – I recently had trouble at a Target store with the BOGO SoBe water sale. I bought 10 and then presented 5 BOGO coupons. The cashier barely looked at the coupons and declared that because of the $5 giftcard Id be receiving (as part of the promotion) that I could only use ONE BOGO coupon. I was so upset that I told her I didn’t want the water and left. On the drive back, it just irked me that they wouldn’t take MFR coupons that they would be reimbursed for anyway. Why? I just needed an answer to that. So I emailed Target, let them know the exact store I was at and the situation. The very next day I received an email back, apologizing. The rep in the letter said that after reading my email, they called the store and told them that the coupons were allowed to be used. That very day, I went back to the same Target, bought 10 SoBe’s and was allowed to use all my BOGO coupons – no problems.

  • Naomi says:

    I e-mail companies all the time. I love Earthbound Organic produce and I do get coupons on the net at times but I e-mail them and told them how much I loved them and they sent me coupons for free produce as well as high volume other coupons. I also love Kashi products and love it when I get high volume coupons from them or coupons for free cereal. I usually get some kind of a response from a company with great coupons, whether I complain about an item or rave.

  • Mel says:

    Last Christmas, my son received some really cool Crayola products from his favorite aunt. ONE item in the pack was dried out. So, the day after Christmas, I called Crayola to see if anything could be done. To my surprise, a very kind woman on the other end told me she would ship out an entire new package. We received them in under a week. I wrote a thank you letter to headquarters in PA and haven’t bought any other brand since. Customer service is a big deal in my book. They stand behind their product and that’s what makes them #1.

  • Janie says:

    When I complained, nicely, to Green Giant about several stem pieces in a package of frozen green beans, they sent a personal reply and two coupons for free products worth several times the value of the green beans.

    Annies, Earthbound Organics, and Stonyfield Farms are all generous with coupons from time to time.

  • Sharron says:

    I have gotten free product coupons from many many manufacturors. Both for complimants and complaints. Johnson and Johnson is a great company in my book. I bought the new toilet gel deoderizer and just hated the smell. To me, it was overpowering. I emailed them, and got an email the next day telling me they would send me product coupons to replace the one I did not like. Within a week, I had 3 free product coupons in my mailbox. I should say that that was overkill but I was very happy and satisfied. I buy J&J as much as I can and tell others at every oppurtunity how great their customer service is.

  • I used to write letters to companies through snail mail. I wrote to Regal Cinemas on two different occasions, years apart, for two problems that occurred when I went to the movies. One time the projector wasn’t lined up during the movie and one time they cut the movie accidentally halfway through. Both times I received a pair of complimentary movie passes! I also remember writing compliment letters to Dr. Pepper, Kellogg’s, and Babybel Cheese and receiving coupons.

  • Katherine says:

    I did this with Scrubbing Bubbles last year – I told them I loved their bathroom cleaner so much that I had recommended it to my mom. They sent me two free product coupons – 1 for each of us.

  • Kristina Best says:

    I actually did this last night. My husband bought a freezer queen turkey slices. We found them to be gross so I let the company know and they said they were sorry & they are sending free coupons for their other products. Thank you for posting this.

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