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How To Survive a Layoff

If you have recently been laid off, might be facing a job lay off in the near future or have recently had to make budget cuts due to income loss or other circumstances, Connie’s post on how they are surviving an unexpected layoff will be an encouragement to you.

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  • Heather C says:

    For anyone who has lost a job but still has one income in their home, don’t lose faith. I lost my job unexpectedly while on maternity leave a year ago and at first was so distraught over how’d we be able to survive, especially with a new baby. But after sitting down and making a budget and realizing how much I was spending just on gas and would be spending on daycare, and how much money we wasted on things like eating out and junk we don’t need, between that and coupon clipping (and thanks to sites like MSM) we were able to make it work. A year later I’m a stay at home mom and I feel like losing my job was an eye opening blessing about what is really important in my life. Great Post!

    • Holly says:

      Heather, thank you so much for sharing your inspiring story! I think so many of us don’t understand how much money we waste until we are forced to see it.

      Unfortunately, my husband lost his job during a time when I was a stay at home mom. It’s been two years, but we’ve made it through. I certainly appreciate all I’ve learned here to help stretch the emergency fund!

  • Holly says:

    I know firsthand how stressful and difficult it can be dealing with a job-loss. My husband is currently unemployed, and we had to really crimp down on our budget and our spending to make things work. It has work, and has been a blessing in the process as well- we have what we need and are more grateful than ever for it. Never lose faith in the Lord, he will always provide.

    I appreciate the positive attitude of the author, she is a great thinker and example of being positive in a hard situation.

  • Dianne O. says:

    I find it really hard sometimes. We had just bought 2 new vehicles and we were doing great and then a routine surgery became a major disability for my husband. He has been out of work since June. Temp disability ran out in December and still waiting on permanent to kick in. With no income on his part and me trying to scrimp where I can with coupons and stuff it has been really difficult. I find myself paying bills with credit cards and stuff like that which isnt helping in the long run but will keep our credit good. I do appreciate all you do to help people save money. I have saved a lot which has really helped. And thank the lord that it will get better.

  • Ora says:

    I find it hard bringing the only income to the house. It’s been over a yr now that my husband hasn’t been working. At times I get upset about it but I keep it to myself. Lately he does all the cooking and cleaning. I do appreciate what he does. Recently he has been applying on-line and has a couple interviews set for next week. By going on this site I’ve learned a lot. I’ve saved a lot with all the coupon tips and freebie ideas. Thanks to everyone that posts tips and endless suggestions. 🙂

    • holi says:

      I am so grateful to hear someone else who gets upset. I have been the income for 2yrs now and it has become a major fustration to me. Especially since he does no cleaning and cooks maybe 1 time a month. In the past 2 yrs I have gained about 50lbs with all the stress I am under & he has amazingly had the time to work out and lose 50lbs. I am mentally & physically exhausted.

  • Karen says:

    We did survive a 1-year layoff, so I understand completely the challenges and blessings that come with that trying time. My husband lost his job when I was 4 weeks into my maternity leave with our daughter. When she was 5 weeks old, I returned to work (since it was an unpaid leave, I had to go back early). At the time, we had 3 children in diapers–17 month old twins and a 5 week old baby. Since the twins were premature, our family seemed to be drowning in medical bills already, with 2 incomes. What was going to happen when we went down to one income??? But I knew that God would never lead me where His grace would not keep me. So I did what my parents had taught me to do…I prayed…and cut my budget. 🙂 I cut coupons, cooked at home as much as possible, made my own burp cloths and bibs, and even dressed my daughter in some of our sons’ hand-me-downs. And I realized that we were experiencing something many families didn’t get to experience…my children had the wonderful opportunity to have a stay-at-home dad. And since I’m a teacher, for 3 full months they got both parents at home! Looking back, my husband’s layoff was one of the biggest challenges we’ve had to face in our marriage, but it was also one of the biggest blessings as it led to comfirmation of our faith and so many wonderful opportunities to share our experience with others! It may be difficult, but it is not only possible to survive…it’s possible to thrive!

  • Katie says:

    We survived a layoff in Sept. 2010. We were lucky that it only took a month for my husband to find a new job. They also didn’t give the 7 people who were laid off any notice. We didn’t get any severance pay at all. 🙁
    The first step I took (after I doubled over crying when he told me) were to contact his student loan companies to put his payments on hold. This saved us $190/month. I run a daycare from home, so we at least still had some income. He also applied for unemployment as soon as he could. I always maintain at least $2000 in savings, so we had that as well.
    We then reached out to every and any contact he knew in the design community. Luckily, a former coworker knew a company in CA that he started doing some freelance stuff for. Also, a couple jobs opened up. He ended up accepting 1 of the 2 jobs he was offered even though it did not pay as well. He was fortunate to stay at that job from the end of Oct til December. A friend hired him for a new company in Jan.–a job that pays more. He now has a senior position at a new agency, and he loves his job.
    Throughout the unemployment, we never stopped believing in God. We also kept giving to our church weekly and praying a lot. God definitely got us through the period of unemployment even when everything seemed so dismal.

  • Allison V. says:

    What a good post. Loved the “What we will NOT do-lose our faith in God” part. My husband walked out on his $19K/yr job last June, leaving us completely income-less, savings-less, and me a SAHM with three preschoolers. Panic time, right? Well, since then God has provided everything miraculously and in His perfect timing, so much so that I just kinda sit back and enjoy the ride now. While it was the beginning of the end of my marriage (different can of worms) God has been on my side through it all, and while I struggle with having to work and leave my kids, I am in the best place I’ve ever been: riding high on my heavenly daddy’s shoulders.

    There’s a lot to be said for perspective. It was five months before I got my job, and in the meantime, I knew it wouldn’t be the end of the world if the electricity got shut off in the summer, we wouldn’t be freezing to death and PB&J keeps just fine at room temp. Turns out it didn’t even get shut off! But I learned even more about sacrifice, contentment, frugality, and resourcefulness during that time, in addition to my complete reliance on God. Now, I have a job that pays more than my husband made, plus my bills are less, I just paid cash for an amazing new-to-me minivan to replace my clunker, and -here’s my favorite part- I have the freedom to give and bless others who are walking the same road I walked for so many years. God is so good!

    • amy says:

      I was struck, reading your post, by one more blessing: your children gained a mom whose faith is even deeper. What a heritage. May they be like Timothy.

  • I wrote a post today for Smockity and any woman whose husband has lost his job. “How God Provided when My Husband lost his job” is about My husband being out of work for 5 months – God made our HOUSE PAYMENTS & worked several miracles during that time! If you don’t mind, here’s the link:

    *I always LOVE for GOD to get-the-Glory from EVERY situation!

  • Tammy says:

    My husband has lost many jobs in 26 years of marriage.In the age of technology we have had lots of support and almost everyone has had job losses in the past 2 years so he has not been alone like in the past.

  • We survived a 6 month period of unemployment (my husband lost his job) in 2007-2008 when our daughter was a baby. It was frustrating. My husband lost some confidence and gained weight. My job duties significantly changed also- my job was eliminated, but as a union member, with seniority, they had to find an equivalent position for me.

    Looking back, it was one of the best things that could have happened. I found this website! I became more savvy with budgeting and saving money. Doing that we were able to pay off our home -30 year mortgage- in just 6.5 years and paid cash for a “new” car too! My husband loves the job he began in 2008, he’s become more physically fit and a much happier person.

    I read the person’s link and some of the comments, and I was a little put off by a few things people said. Some of them sounded haughty as they pronounced that God called them to stay home with their children and they refused to bring in any income to replace their husband’s. It seemed like they weren’t considering their husbands’ feelings and also putting down women who do work, and have no choice about it.

    However, she also had some great suggestions and I thought it was beautiful how her faith grew through her trials and tribulations. A great testimony.

    • Marsha says:

      Some of those comments remind me of the old joke about the man who prayed fervently and faithfully to win the lottery. After he died, he came to heaven and asked God why his prayer wasn’t answered. “You might have helped me by buying a ticket!” was the reply.

      Sometimes salvation comes in forms we’d not choose for ourselves. We should always, always remember that.

    • Heather says:

      Amen. I also read some of those others comments and was a bit shocked. I am religious, a stay-at-home, etc., but if my husband lost his job, I would definitely consider working outside while he looked for another. I am grateful to live in an era where women are able to find many different types of employment.

      • Yup, that’s what I did too. When my husband lost his job I went back to work on the weekends as a Nurse. We “should have” had an emergency fund, but didn’t. Many families get caught w/o one. However, God STILL provided through many streams of blessings when my husband was out of work for 5 months. I agree that I’m personally called to stay home with my children. However, if my family needs taken care of and God gives me a way to do so, then I’ll do it. The blessing though was we didn’t have to pay daycare {I wouldn’t have worked if we did}, b/c my hubby was home w/ the kids.

        This is a great topic and should give a lot of insight to those in this situation!

    • Katie says:

      I’m glad someone else noticed some of the comments. One said that her husband works 3 jobs. I would never let my husband work 3 jobs when I could work at least one and let him watch our daughter. I worked for Walmart from age 16-20. They don’t require any sort of qualifications. I was fortunate enough to be able to start a daycare in our home, so I get to be able to make some income and be home with my daughter. My small income helped when my husband lost his job. But, my daycare parents were aware that I might have to go back to teaching if he was out of work for a long period.

  • Jen says:

    My husband is in his second stint at being unemployed in two years. I have been a SAHM for 13 years. Even though I’m college grad, I have no marketable skills that make it financially reasonable for me to work. I’d be working to pay for daycare for 4 kids.

    One of the biggest frustrations is all the well-meaning but frankly uninformed people who think they have all the answers.

  • Katie says:

    Thank you for posting this. I have been feeling really down about my job lately because I have to work evenings. My husband works day shift, so I never get to see him. I have been feeling anger towards my job and employer because of it. This post helped me to realize how very lucky I am!! I have a job. It pays well and includes benefits. I have nothing to complain about and everything to be thankful for.

  • Katie, that is WONDERFUL! My hubby and I have worked alternating schedules in the past, so I could be home and homeschool during the day and he could be home w/ the kids in the evenings. We didn’t see each other much during those seasons, however we did what was best for our family…just like you are doing now. You’re very blessed and yes, many people would LOVE to have your job 🙂

  • Anne says:

    Thank you for all of the stories, they are really inspirational. I came close to being laid off this year (we’ll see what next year brings) and our family went through a lot of stress, cutting our budget and saving as a result. We won’t be changing our new plan for the coming year, but knowing that everything will be okay, even if a layoff happens, has really helped our outlook. For anyone still looking for a job, much luck to finding one in the near future!

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