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How to Cut Your Budget By $100 This Month

Need to cut your expenses by at least $100 right now? This post is for you!

Cut Your Budget By $100

How to Cut Your Budget By $100 This Month

A few months ago on Facebook, I asked this question: “If you had to cut your expenses by $100 this month, what would you cut out?”

There were lots of great comments and I wanted to put together a post with some of the top suggested strategies for cutting your budget by $100 this month:

1. Call and Re-Negotiate Your Bills

Look at all of your monthly bills and see if there are any you can discontinue (subscriptions or membership fees?) or call and ask for a better rate.

It never hurts to ask — especially when it comes to things like phone plans, internet, and insurance! The worst that can happen is that they say no!

Bonnie says: “We cancelled our landline phone for savings of $38 per month. We re-negotiated our DirecTv bill and got it cut by $50 per month. We also discontinued a monthly subscription service to save $10 per month. Finally, we re-negotiated our internet and got faster service with a savings of $7 per month!”

2. Switch Your Cell Phone Plan

There are so many cell phone options out there now! If you’ve not checked into them recently, you definitely should!

For instance, Twigby currently offers phone plans starting as low as $8 per month!

Judy said: “I just ordered the phone and plan from Tigby. With the plan I selected (unlimited talk –I will only use wifi option), I will be saving approximately $50 a month. I currently have Verizon – a basic plan with unlimited talk/text/2g of data. I keep my data off most of the time and hardly use any at all, but my current total cost per month was $73.00 with Verizon.”

3. Brown Bag It

Since we’ve been married, we’ve saved thousands of dollars alone just by packing sack lunches. While Jesse was in law school and we were living on a beans-and-rice budget, brown-bagging it was a must as there was no way we could afford even eating off the dollar menu on a regular occurrence.

But even though we brown-bagged it out of necessity, we found lots of ways to make it easy and yummy — so it really didn’t feel like a sacrifice. Plus, the money we saved made it every bit worth it!

Tip: I’ve got lots of great tips for how to make sack lunches quick and easy here.

4. Eat From Your Pantry

One very simple way to save money is to skip shopping for a week or two and use what you already have on hand. We call this Eating From the Pantry at our house and it’s something we try to do fairly regularly

Instead of approaching eating from the pantry as a difficult thing, we make it a game on occasion to see how long we can survive without going to the store. When you view it as a fun challenge, it makes it exciting and interesting. And it can help bolster your spirits when you find yourself eating some rather interesting meals.

Need some tips and ideas to get started? Here’s my post with how it works for us!

5. Cut Back to a Barebones Grocery Budget

What would you need to cut or change in order to save $25 per week off your grocery bill? (If saving $25 per week isn’t possible, what about challenging yourself to trip $5 or $10 per week off your bill?)

Could you eat less meat, eat more beans, plan your menu around the markdowns, or shop at Aldi?

I’ve got 10 of my best tips for cutting $50 off your grocery budget this week in my free cheat sheet here. Sign up and I’ll email it to you!

What would you do if you had to cut your budget by $100 this month?

I’d love to hear! This is something Jesse and I regularly talk about and it really helps us to remember what are needs versus wants and what we could do if we needed to quickly reduce our budget. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

P.S. If you feel like you’ve cut everything you can cut and you still are coming up short, I highly recommend looking into making more money. I compiled a list of some of my best income-earning ideas here.

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  • Charlotte says:

    There are two things my husband and I realized that we needed to stop doing. One, I realized that I needed to cut out spending money on zip-up sandwich bags. So I bought really cheap lunch boxes with compartments including one for sandwiches from Aldi’s.

    Second, stop sending my husband to the store multiple times during week because this or that was forgotten or forgot to put something on the list. We can wait for the next careful planned out trip or wait for a sale and coupon.

  • MindaC says:

    We took a hard look at our budget during the month of August and made some changes. We switched car and home owners insurance. My husband reduced our DirectTV package. I started really being intentional with the grocery shopping. I use Clicklist at Kroger 90% of the time and it’s easy to click on things that you don’t need. I started paying attention to our inventory and shopping from the freezer and pantry. I set a grocery budget for the first time ever and stayed within it! We enjoyed eating out for lunch this summer but we reigned that in and both of us have been brown bagging it. It really adds up!

  • Busy Mom in Alabama says:

    When I know I need to save grocery money, I make a menu with my cheapest meals and I only buy what I need for the week. Some things can wait. 😉 Potato Soup, Mexican Beans and Rice, Egg Salad Sandwiches. Split Pea Soup and muffins. Find some really good recipes for the cheaper meals and they become favorites! Then I make a plan to bake a few things for easy snacks. Muffins, Quick Breads, Energy Bites, any kind of Breakfast Bars. Just make a search and pick a blog you trust. Crystal has a lot of great ones to try. 🙂 That saves us money!

  • Luba says:

    Here are some things we have done:

    * Eating out is a rare treat, as in maybe five times a year or so.
    * We do not have internet at home.
    * We do not purchase soft drinks.
    * I limit our grocery shopping to once every 2 weeks except for 3-4 items.
    * We use grocery bags for trash bags.
    * We use cloth cleaning rags instead of paper towels.
    * When something non-perishable goes on sale, we buy large quantities of it.
    * We unplug out computer when it is not in use.
    * We limit our use of the air conditioner.
    * We take walks and clean the house to exercise for free.
    * We love books and borrow them from the library and buy them used online.

  • This is such a great question. Without a doubt, calling to re-negotiate your bills is something that is so easily overlooked. I need to see about doing this. If I had to cut $100 from my budget, hands down I would get rid of cable/satellite and go completely app. The only thing that has been really holding me back is I am trying to decide if it really will save me money.

  • Christym says:

    YouTube videos!

    From YouTube, I have learned to trim my dogs’ nails 2 x 8.00=16.00

    Treat my own lawn. Saves 20.00-30.00

    Fix my own lawnmower saved probably 50.00

    Fix some issues with computer…

    You can learn to cook, meal plan, cut hair, do your nails, fix cars, repair things around the house…

    • Jordan says:

      Youtube is a great resource. I’ve learned how to replace a wiring harness in the trunk of my car ($500 savings), fix my microwave ($200 savings), and restring the tension rods on our tent ($100 savings)! I have learned I’m pretty handy. -Jordan, MSM Team

  • Jessica says:

    Using a grocery pick up service has been great for me. It is easy to avoid impulse buys and also I can review my cart before I “checkout”. Plus it is a huge time saver!

  • Alaina says:

    I called and talked with our insurance agent about switching companies 6months ago because our rates had slowly increased. He sells for multiple insurance companies. Ours was still the cheapest price comparison wise. He decided to rerun our insurance score(which I didn’t even know was a thing) it cut our cost between home and auto insurance by $800 for the year. Our current company was still the cheapest with the updated score so we didn’t even have to switch companies. We live in MI which is a no fault state and has ridiculously high auto insurance rates.

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