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Free Homeschool Curriculum & Resources | Huge List of 38 Freebies!

This is a weekly list of Free Homeschool Curriculum and Resources compiled by Carrie from If you aren’t a homeschooler, but you’re a parent, teacher, babysitter, or nanny, you’ll probably find at least a few useful freebies in this list. You may also want to go through the Educational Deals and Freebies from earlier this week for more.

free homeschool curriculum round-up

Free General Homeschool Curriculum:

FREE Blank Notebooking Page Templates – What would you say the most versatile homeschool tool is? One of the most adaptable, use-it-anywhere tools has to be the notebooking page. This set of 10 FREE blank notebooking page templates is a great way to get started.

Curriculum Buying and Planning Checklists and Resources – Homeschoolers are big planners, and we have to begin to plan ahead early in order to be successful, and not miss out on purchasing the materials that we need. In the homeschooling community, the end of the school year means time to purge and get rid of old things to make room for the new. Check out these resources to help you in your planning.

Get Ready for a Portfolio Review with these FREE Printables – A portfolio serves as a record keeping tool, but is also fun to look back on each year and see how your children have progressed. Some states have homeschool laws that require you to keep a portfolio for a certain amount time and have it reviewed, so it is important to always keep it up to date. Here are some FREE printables to help you!

How to Start a Homeschool Fellowship Group + FREE Planning Templates & Guidelines – As homeschooling moms, it’s just as important for US to find mom friends as it is to provide opportunities for socialization for our children. I want to share with you the practical steps that you can take to start a homeschool fellowship group, keep it low-stress, minimal work on your part, and build long-lasting relationships with other families.

FREE Resources for Learning about Cowboys and Cattle Drives – Cowboys and cattle drives actually played an important role in the history of America’s expansion towards the west. These free resources for learning about cowboys and cattle drives will help even city kids appreciate the country lifestyle.

Free Seasonal Resources:

FREE Printable Gardening Logs and Charts – Are you planning a Spring garden? If you also love gardening or you want to get started with some gardening basics, check out these FREE printable gardening logs and charts.

FREE Singing in the Rain Movie Study – Musicals are a fun way to introduce different types of songs, dances and even eras. My kids are big fans of old, classic movies and musicals. I am so excited to introduce them to one of my favorites this year, Singing in the Rain. Head over to download your copy today!

FREE Ultimate Springtime Bucket List Printable Pack – Every year we ask the kids to give us input on creating a bucket list. And we finally came up with the Ultimate Springtime Bucket List with over 102 items listed! Download this Ultimate Springtime Bucket List to help you track all your adventures this year!

FREE Gardening Cut & Paste Activity – Are you planting a garden this year? Help your kids have some gardening-themed fun even when you can’t go outside with this FREE Gardening Cut & Paste Activity. They can enjoy worksheets on flowers, fruits, vegetables, and more!

cut & paste gardening activity

Free Fine Arts & Bible Homeschool Curriculum:

FREE Electricity Guided Drawing – I think almost every kid is fascinated at some point by electricity. How something like a tiny battery can accomplish such amazing tasks is a marvel, and the ability to use and store electricity has changed the world. If your kids are fascinated by electricity, they’ll love this FREE Electricity Guided Drawing unit!

FREE Miracles of Jesus Coloring Pages – Do your children enjoy coloring or keeping their hands busy while you read them a story? These FREE Miracles of Jesus Coloring Pages are a great tool to help you keep your kids engaged in the story and help them commit it to memory while they work.

FREE Old Testament Bible Stories Reading Comprehension Unit – Do your little ones enjoy reading or listening to stories? Do you ever wonder if they are understanding what they are hearing? This is a fun FREE reading comprehension unit that will help you enjoy reading two Bible stories with your kids, help involve them in the stories, and help you gauge what they are understanding.

FREE Famous Composers Notebooking Research Journal – Their work continues to be used in movies and countless other ways today. But how much do your students know about some of the world’s greatest composers? Help them dig into the work of these amazing individuals with the FREE Famous Composers Notebooking Research Journal.

FREE Famous Artists Notebooking Research Journal – Your children have probably heard of da Vinci, Rembrandt, and Michelangelo. Maybe they can name a few of their works. But do they know about Giotto, Pieter Bruegel, Berthe Morisot, and many other artists from history? This FREE Famous Artists Notebooking Research Journal is a great way to get them started!

Language Arts Freebies:

FREE Poetry Printables for National Poetry Month – There is something so hypnotic about the rhyming and meter of poems that mesmerize me. When I realized my kids needed to be taught poetry, at least at some point, in our homeschool journey, I panicked. Until I realized just how many FREE tools and resources there are out there to help us homeschoolers.

How to Teach Poetry in Your Homeschool (FREE Printable) – No matter what age your children are, learning about poetry in your homeschool is important. Even if they struggle to understand the nuances and meanings, they can learn to appreciate poetry and it’s symbolism.

The Importance of Teaching Vocabulary in Your Homeschool (FREE Printable) – Teaching vocabulary is essential in homeschooling. We can make vocabulary a part of our everyday learning process, and it isn’t that hard to do. Here’s some insight on the importance of teaching vocabulary in your homeschool and how to make it easy for your kids to learn new words, plus a FREE Vocabulary Resource Pack!

40 FREE Spelling Helps & Printables for Elementary to High School – Even though we are in the digital age and spell check is everywhere, it is important to know how to spell. While being a great reader doesn’t always mean you know how to spell, knowing how to spell does help you be a better reader. Check out these FREE helps and printables.

Learning with Nursery Rhymes: FREE Printables, Crafts and Activities – The thing I love most about nursery rhymes is they are great for all ages, not just little ones. They are so fun and can be a great teaching tool for early readers. Because they are typically short stories with a sing-songy rhythm, even your littlest ones can become entranced with the catchy rhythm.

Free Math Homeschool Curriculum:

FREE Economics Lesson for Kids – Wants versus needs is just one of the many life lessons about money that we all work to learn–and remember–throughout our lives. Try this fun way to get your kids talking about needs and wants and other important economic concepts with this FREE Economics Lesson for Kids.

FREE Math Worksheets for Elementary – Sometimes worksheets work well for older students who need a break from their math curriculum and need some extra practice on a specific area. I like to mix things up when I have a child that is getting frustrated or struggling in a certain area. There are tons of different math worksheets available that are fun, and free!

FREE Geometry Terminology Copywork Notebook – Math can sometimes seem hard. Not only are there all the new ideas and skills to learn, there is new vocabulary to learn as well. Help your kids solidify in their minds the definitions of some basic geometry terms with this FREE Geometry Terminology Copywork Notebook.

FREE Multiplication Practice with Superheroes – Help your kids multiply their math super powers with this fun FREE Multiplication Practice with Superheroes unit. Kids have a chance to practice multiplication tables 1-12, word problems, and more, and it’s all based around superheroes.

FREE Geometry Resources for Upper Elementary – Geometry can seem like a very daunting subject in the high school years. This is why it’s important to introduce geometry concepts in the younger grades, especially upper elementary. Upper Elementary aged kids will have a blast with all of these geometry resources. Many of them have a fun STEM like feel to them as well and don’t even feel like math.

free Hawaii history homeschool curriculum

Free Geography Resources:

FREE Countries of Europe Geography Notebooking Journal – You probably know the capital and maybe the borders of European countries such as Spain, France, and Italy, but what about Andorra, Latvia, and Liechtenstein? If you and your kids don’t know those answers, don’t miss this FREE Countries of Europe Geography Notebooking Research Journal!

FREE Geography Terminology Copywork Notebook – Do your kids know the difference between latitude and longitude? Do they know what the earth’s axis is or where to find the Prime Meridian? If you’re not sure they are comfortable with the language of maps, grab this FREE Geography Terminology Copywork Notebook.

Over 1,000 FREE Maps of Countries and Continents – Would you like to expand your homeschool student’s map skills this year? This amazing resource has over 1,000 FREE maps of countries and continents you can use with various homeschool lessons or use along with your history or geography lessons.

World Geography Unit Study: The 7 Continents, Latitude, Longitude and Hemispheres (Includes Instant Download) – World Geography is one of those subjects that unit studies work really well with. When you pick a specific continent and then choose countries in that continent to begin to study, everything just comes alive! There are so many things to see and learn about, that your children will be excited to learn geography. Don’t miss the Instant Download here!

FREE Printables and Unit Studies about the History of Hawaii – Are you studying about the 50 States? Or maybe you’re dreaming of a wonderful family vacation to a tropical location? These free printables and unit studies about the history of Hawaii will help your kids explore the United States of America’s island paradise.


Free Science Homeschool Curriculum:

FREE Resources for Learning About the Sense of Touch – Our sense of touch helps us to receive information about our environments. This sense allows us to feel pain which aids in protecting us from getting hurt. If something is too hot or too cold our body instantly knows this because of our sense of touch.

FREE Equine Science Unit Study Resources – Unit studies work beautifully for a child that doesn’t like to do school or starts to get glossy eyed when you pull out a big, fat, science textbook. If you have an older student that does horse riding as a hobby, or is in a horse or pony 4H club, adding some equine science unit studies to their studies could create a nice, well rounded elective credit!

FREE Electricity Projects Your STEM Children Will Love – STEM is an educational philosophy that ties Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math together with lessons that have projects and experiments that create an immersive learning experience. Use these FREE STEM projects to teach your children about electricity.

FREE Sun Terminology Vocabulary Copywork Notebook – We’re all familiar with what the sun is, but how much do your students really know about this tremendously powerful star that God has set in the heavens to give us the heat, light, and energy we need to survive? Help them dive into this fascinating topic with this FREE Sun Terminology Vocabulary Copywork Notebook!

The Ultimate List of Solar System Freebies – If your children are fascinated with space and learning about the night sky and planets, they will enjoy learning about the solar system. There are tons of free printables and activities to immerse your children into learning about the solar system that you can do it for FREE without even using a curriculum.

Early Presidents Resources

Free History Resources:

FREE Ancient Egypt Resources: Printables, Activities & More – Whether your kids are studying Ancient Egypt or they are just fascinated with one of the queens or pharaohs for a specific projects, you’ll need resources and printables to help get you started. Check out these printables, activities and more to help create a unit study, if you want to study about Ancient Egypt.

FREE U.S. Presidents Cheat Sheets – Many of us can name a handful of United States Presidents. But what about Hannibal Hamlin, Thomas R. Marshall, Hubert H. Humphrey, and Charles Curtis? Do you know where they fit in history? These FREE U.S. Presidents Cheat Sheets can help!

FREE Great Depression Unit Study – Do you struggle to engage your kids in history? Do you wonder how to tackle some of the sadder periods of history such as the Great Depression? This FREE Great Depression Unit Study is a helpful tool that you can use to spark an interest in history in your kids, even if it’s not usually their favorite subject.

FREE Early Presidents Compare & Contrast – In this FREE Early Presidents Compare & Contrast unit, students will get to know the first ten Presidents of the United States. Through a series of activities, they will have the chance to research each President and record information about their lives, their terms, what domestic issues they faced and how they dealt with them, and much more!


Carrie has been homeschooling for over a decade and loves to share FREE homeschool curriculum, deals, and reviews over at Homeschool Giveaways. You can find homeschool freebies, free homemaking resources, meal plans, free unit studies, and much more.

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