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Free Homeschool Curriculum & Resources | Huge List of 24 Freebies!

This is a weekly list of Free Homeschool Curriculum and Resources compiled by Carrie from If you aren’t a homeschooler, but you’re a parent, teacher, babysitter, or nanny, you’ll probably find at least a few useful freebies in this list. You may also want to go through the Educational Deals and Freebies from earlier this week for more.

Free Homeschool Curriculum

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Free General Homeschool Curriculum:

Free End-of-Year Homeschool Certificate – As your homeschool year comes to an end, celebrate your child’s achievements with a free printable award certificate! Use their printable end-of-year certificate to recognize your “Most Improved Math Expert,” “Super Speller,” or “Literary Master.” You can even customize the award to your child’s strength!

Free Printable Sermon Notes For Kids – Sermons are difficult for kids to understand. When they don’t understand what’s being said, they often lose interest very quickly. The best way to help steer our kids and their thinking skills when it comes to sermons, is to offer prompts and questions. Use this FREE Printable to help!

Homeschool Organization for the Non-Planner (Instant Download) – Keeping a record of work completed is a great idea for portfolios, regardless if you even use a homeschool planner. This free instant download will help you keep a record of your homeschool days…as you go, if you are a non-planning homeschool mom.

free homeschool organization download

Free Bible Study Resources:

FREE Bible Study Guide for Kids – One way to teach our children about the Lord is by helping them study the Bible to get to know God’s love, character and nature for themselves. A checklist or a guide is often times a helpful resource. Children are learning what it means to form good habits and create disciplines, and a Bible study guide for kids is the perfect tool to begin with!

FREE Verses About Friendship From Proverbs Copywork – We all know the importance of having good friends, those special people in our lives who know us almost as well as we know ourselves and aren’t afraid to let us know when we get out of line. Help your kids learn about what makes a good friend with this set of FREE Verses About Friendship From Proverbs Copywork.

FREE Bible Study Journaling Pages – If you are wanting to incorporate some more Bible Study into your homeschool and you don’t want to purchase a curriculum, there are tons of free resources available to you. Journaling pages are amazing for children and even moms that may get overwhelmed and not know where to start. Check out this list of FREE Bible Study Journaling Pages.

FREE Old Testament Musical Instruments Study – Are you ready to learn more about 12 musical instruments of the Old Testament? Would it surprise you to find a type of bagpipe in the Bible? Do you know what a sistrum and a timbrel are? Bring the family together and get ready to learn about music in the Bible with this FREE Old Testament Musical Instruments Study.

free Soil Science homeschool curriculum

Free Science Homeschool Curriculum:

Free Worksheets All About States of Matter – Do you know that there are really five states of matter, but we pretty much only need to know three? Use these free resources and free worksheets all about states of matter to get kids engaged in science.

Solar Eclipse Resources & Activities – Solar eclipses are a semi-rare, yet fun event for the whole family. Use these resources to teach your kids about the different types of eclipses and why they occur. You can also learn how to create viewers to watch them!

FREE Animals of the African Savanna Printables – The African Savanna is home to a wide variety of beautiful creatures. The savanna is most popular to herbivores, that feed on the grasses found there. There are over 40 species of hoofed mammals living in the savannas. Your children will love learning about these African savanna animals.

21 Free Kids Chicken Printables & Homeschool Resources – Do you have chickens at your house? Are you thinking about getting some? These 21 free kids chicken printables, activity sheets, lapbooks, and crafts are a fun way to get talking about chickens with your kids!

FREE Cells, DNA and Heredity Worksheets – If you are going through biology in your homeschool you will see that there is so much that needs to be learned in regards to cells, DNA and our genetics and how we are made up. If you are learning about the human body, cells, or genetics in your science curriculum don’t miss these FREE resources!

Free Resources for Learning About Forces and Motion – Learning about force and motion can be really fun in your homeschool Take an opportunity to make science fun, with these free resources for learning about forces and motion.

FREE Soil Science Vocabulary Copywork – If your students think dirt is just dirt, help them discover what lies beneath their feet with this FREE Soil Science Vocabulary Copywork. They can learn about layers of the soil, types of soil, and much more while practicing their handwriting.

free Geography homeschooling unit


Free Geography Resources:

FREE Resources for Discovering Grand Canyon National Park – Are you doing a study about Arizona or National Parks? Maybe you have also wanted to visit the Grand Canyon but are unable to. Enjoy these free resources for discovering Grand Canyon National Park.

FREE Geography Terminology Copywork Notebook – Do your kids know the difference between latitude and longitude? Do they know what the earth’s axis is or where to find the Prime Meridian? Can they locate the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn? If you’re not sure they are comfortable with the language of maps, grab this FREE Geography Terminology Copywork Notebook.

50 States Resources – Songs & Videos to Learn the States & Capitals – Learning the 50 States and Capitals doesn’t have to boring! Add some fun tunes and catchy lyrics to encourage memorization in your children. Check out this list of FREE songs and videos to help your kids learn the 50 States and their Capitals.

FREE U.S. Geography Reading Comprehension Unit – Help sharpen your student’s reading comprehension skills and learn geography at the same time with this FREE U.S. Geography Reading Comprehension Unit. The United States Reading Comprehension Geography Unit is intended to be a supplement to your study of U.S. geography and is geared for grades 4-8. Get yours FREE for a Limited Time!!


Free Fine Arts Resources:

15 Museums You Can Visit From Home – If your family is like most, unable to visit the super cool museums because of geographical location, finances, or shutdowns, then know that we still have an option to learn in ways that weren’t available just a few years ago. Your kids can virtually visit a museum from the comfort of their very own home.

FREE Elements of Art and Color Wheel Worksheets – One of these concepts that is important to learn is about the elements of art and learning how all the colors come together like what is shown in a color wheel. Thankfully, there are many wonderful, free printables and lessons so you don’t need to buy a formal art curriculum to learn these things at home. You are going to love all these wonderful FREE Elements of Art and Color Wheel Printables and Worksheets!

free American Revolution homeschool curriculum

Free History Homeschool Curriculum:

Resources to Teach Kids About Native Americans – There is so much to learn about Native Americans and the history of this indigenous people group. These resources to teach kids about Native Americans can help your homeschool explore this rich culture and vibrate history.

12 Homeschool Resources for Studying Roman Britain – Upper elementary and high school students will enjoy this variety of homeschool resources about Ancient Rome and how they invaded Britain. Students will learn about the incredible impact the Romans had on Britain with these resources!

Hands-On Activities for Studying the American Revolution – The American Revolution was the defining period of American colonies’ breaking away from Great Britain’s rule. These hands-on activities for studying the American Revolution will help your kids learn about it.

FREE American Revolution Guided Drawing – Help your kids get excited to learn more about the American Revolution with this FREE American Revolution Guided Drawing activity. They’ll learn about ten famous men and women from the early days of the nation while engaging their artistic sides.


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