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Early to Rise Challenge: Wake Up With a Plan for Your Day

Welcome to the Early to Rise Challenge! Throughout the month of March, I’m challenging myself and my readers to make the most of their mornings. So every week day morning at 9 a.m. EST, I’m posting a short Early to Rise post. I’ll share a few of my thoughts on the day’s passage from Early to Rise, tell you what time I got up that morning, and encourage you to leave a comment to tell us what time you got up and how you’re doing on the challenge.

Wake Up With a Plan For Your Day

We’re skipping the weekends for this challenge because I’m all about giving yourself grace and breathing room while still challenging yourself. And also? I need to extend that same grace to myself. Which means that I typically sleep in until at least 7:30 a.m. on the weekends. Kudos to those of you who powered through and got up early the past two days, though! 🙂

Today, I’m catching up on the Early to Rise book by reading Days 2-4. There are a lot of excellent thoughts there, including making friends with Fred (your alarm clock — Andy recommends the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock app. Have any of you tried it? I’d love to hear your thoughts.) and how you can “be selfish at 5 a.m.” since it’s not taking away from your family to do so — well, unless getting up early means you end up being a grump toward your family and everyone else the rest of the day. If that’s the case, you either need to go to bed earlier, or you need to rethink the wake-up time you committed to.

I was inspired by the Day 4 reading on how getting up early sets the tone for your whole day. I’ve certainly found this to be true! When I wake up with a plan and I execute that plan, my day goes so much better than when I sleep in late and spend the morning pretty much putting out fires and going around and around in circles.

Today’s challenge: make a plan for your mornings, if you don’t already have one. Think about three to five things you can do each morning to set your day up for success. Tell us what they are in the comments. I’ll be sharing a post tomorrow on things you can do each morning to set your day up for success.

What Time Did You Get Up This Morning?

Me? I got up at 5:33 a.m. to be exact.

What time did you get up? Leave a comment and let us know!

Join in the Chatter!

Want to blog about this challenge? If you’re blogging through this challenge with me, be sure to leave your link to your direct post for today below. Plus, if you’d like to post your daily posts to the Early to Rise Group Board on my Pinterest page, just shoot me an email (moneysavingmom @ gmail dot com) and I’ll invite you.

Want to follow along on Twitter or Instagram? Each week day morning on my Facebook Page, my Twitter account, and my Instagram account, I’ll be posting a picture of my alarm clock as public accountability. I’d love to have you do the same or join in the discussion on Twitter and Instagram. Just follow hashtag #EarlytoRise to see what others are tweeting and Instagramming about this challenge!

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  • I woke up at 6:25am–5 minutes ahead of my goal! (I also slept in over the weekend). 🙂

  • Getting up in the morning and making a to do list when the house is till quiet helps me organize my busy brain and my busy thoughts.

  • Andie says:

    i got up at 5:30 as well.

    I do have a question though. I was wondering how everyone who is stuck with daylight savings is planning on getting thru it this coming weekend? it is the 10th, right? I was almost thinking of trying to aim for 30 min earlier for a few days prior and getting to bed earlier so it isnt such a slap in the face. maybe i’m over thinking it

    • kristi says:

      In the spring, when we move the clocks ahead, I usualy change the clocks when I wake up on Sunday instead of when I go to bed on Saturday night. I’m usually up early enough that losing an hour on Sunday morning doesn’t really affect our timliness for church. Even though I’ve lost an hour in that day, it feels more like I’m going to bed earlier that night. In the fall, when we move them back, I do it before bed on Saturday for the same reason. For me, it helps adjusting to that “jet lag” feeling over the next few days.

  • Amy Lauren says:

    6:15 for me this morning. Managed to coffee in, get husband to work, and get an entire document edited for work before 9. Half the time I’m slugging through just trying to get in the work mindset at 9. So yay for this challenge!

  • chariy says:

    I got up at 515 partially because couldn’t go back to sleep but it is around my ideal time of 5/530 wake up time….my problem is not getting up but getting motivated to dosomething instead of just mopeing around….I think I will work on my list of a routine today like you suggested.

    1. Start coffee maker
    2. Read bible/ pray 15 mins
    3. Make hubby breakfast and see him off to work
    4. Shower and dress
    5 start breakfast for kids

    If I can get tse things done that would be a great start! Thanks for the motivation.

  • Sandra says:

    Set the alarm for 0630 and woke at 0550…bonus! My focus in the morning is to spend as much time as I want to worship, make a decent breakfast, get ready for work and head out on time (0930). With the extra time this morning I unclogged a bathroom drain, and sent off a few emails to friends I’ve been meaning to write back to. I’d say I was fairly productive thus far and it’s only 0815! Have a great day everyone!

    • Sandra says:

      Oh, I forgot to share the things I do in attempts to get my day off to the right start. Guess I’ll have a second cup of coffee.

      1. Start my day off with worship, prayers of thanksgiving.
      2. Eat a solid breakfast with a good cup of coffee.
      3. Take my vitamins.
      4. Get ready for work allowing myself plenty of time.
      5. Have no other expectations of myself before work.

  • Angela says:

    I overslept a bit but our dog had a bad seizure at 4am so I allowed some grace and wiggle room. Top 5 things to be done in the morning
    1) Quiet Time

    • Angela says:

      2) Husband and baby ready for the morning
      3) Exercise
      4) List of tasks for the day
      5) A jump start on that day’s chore
      Thanks, I am excited to finally follow along in a series!

  • Cindy says:

    I set my goal and woke up at 6:15 am (earlier than my normal wake up time of 7:00 am) but I really need to rethink this time. If I want total quiet with no one else up I need to get up at 5:15 am. I am really not a morning person. I like to lay in bed and read at night (many times until after 1:00 am). I will have to start putting the books away much earlier if I want to start my day off quietly with purpose. This is not going to be an easy challenge for me but I want to become an early riser. I know this will make my life much more productive and easier. Thank you for this challenge and the encouragement!

  • Shannon says:

    Woke up at 5 a.m.
    Read today’s chapter in Rise Early
    Had my coffee maker on timer so coffee was ready
    Ate a banana
    Took vitamins
    Got husband off to work
    Woke up my son with a little morning song 🙂

  • Jenni says:

    I have had a hard hard time adjusting to the new schedule – the first day went fine, then the next couple of days I felt wiped out. I seem to be having a hard time on the going to sleep early part – it’s not that I don’t get myself ready for bed by the appropriate time, it’s that I lay there, even when I’m totally tired, and I can’t fall asleep. It’s probably just a weird thing I have, but knowing that I have to get up earlier stresses me out every minute I lay there not being able to fall asleep, which just makes it worse. Last night I was tired, but couldn’t fall asleep until 1 am even though I went to bed much earlier than that.

    That said, here’s the weird thing: after a weekend of getting up early (didn’t know that we were allowed to sleep in) and feeling wiped out and stressed out by the sleep cycle app saying I needed to go to sleep by a certain time to wake up at the time I wanted, I turned my alarm off last night and said it wasn’t worth it to lose sleep over waking up early.

    And then, this morning, I woke up on my own. At 5:57 am. And I felt fine. Of course, this is the morning, so I might feel awful by this afternoon, but I think my body has adjusted to waking up early no matter what time I go to bed and is on its own alarm clock now. It’s happened before when I try to wake up early – after a few days, it just becomes normal.

    As for having a plan, my plan takes place in baby steps. The first few days, my plan was to wake up early, even if it meant staying in my bed and reading email or something else. It’s too much for me to get up early and accomplish a few things right off the bat, but now that I’m getting used to the waking up part, then the next part will be getting out of bed, and hopefully working out for 30 minutes or so after I have my coffee.

    • Jenni says:

      Oh, and I meant to add that on Sunday, I woke up early and tried to sleep in but couldn’t, so I guess I kind of slept in on Sunday (or just laid there :)).

    • Mel says:

      Jenni, I’m the same way – if I know I need to get up at a certain time that’s different than my usual, I toss and turn and generally have a terrible night’s sleep. I finally figured out that if I take a Tylenol PM (just one) about 15 minutes before bedtime, it helps me get past the stress of trying to fall asleep.

      Also, I have a white noise app on my iPad (Sleep Pillow) that I set for however long I want to sleep. That helps me STAY asleep after the affects of the Tylenol PM wear off and all those little noises in and outside of the house start invading my subconscious.

      Hope this helps!

  • Delores says:

    I got up at 5:10. I get up, make coffee, read a chapter from No Man is an Island, a chapter from the bible, pray and journal (today my iPod was not charged otherwise I would have prayed a rosary), and then give myself “me” time to check email, facebook, browse the internet.

    After we have family prayers I do my exercising. I have been pretty good about doing all of this since January, but this wake up early challenge is good to motivate me again! Because that ‘heroic moment’ of getting out of bed when the alarm goes off is still very hard!!

  • April D says:

    I’ve been doing this since Jan. (I couldn’t wait until March:)
    Been getting up at 5:30 every morning although I give myself a break on the weekends
    1. Quiet time
    2. Prayer journal
    3. Eat breakfast
    4. Pack lunches
    5. Take an uninterupted shower

  • Lana says:

    5:30 every weekday!

  • Karin says:

    I love this challenge! I am a big fan of getting up early to start my day (even though my husband thinks I am crazy, and worries I don’t get enough sleep!) Today was my day off work, and I was up at 4:27am, and got to Meijer by 5am, grocery list and coupons in hand! Got home in time to put everything away and have lunches packed and breakfast made before the kids woke up. Success!! Thanks for the motivation and the reminders that getting up early and starting the day with productivity in mind is SO worth it!!

  • Theresa says:

    Got up at 4:51 one today (one minute after the alarm went off). Blogging about it also as I go. :~) Accountability really makes a difference! And getting started earlier w/o kiddos makes for a nicer mama throughout the day! :~)

  • Bethany M says:

    6:10, went to the kitchen to make out my honey-do list, and flew through the morning to get to work.

  • Betsy says:

    Woke up before the alarm because my son came into my room – bad dream. My daughter came into my room some time during the night also due to a bad dream.

    But when the alarm went off at 5:55am, I got up. 🙂

  • Melissa says:

    I got up at 5:03. The things I always do to set my day up for success are:
    1. eat breakfast with my husband
    2. walk my dog/take out the trash
    3. do all of the dishes
    4. pack our lunches
    5. Carpool to work with my husband and be out a few minutes before 7am

    This morning I not only did all of the above, but also managed to throw a load of wash in the washing machine (because I didn’t make time for it over the weekend). There were quite a few things I didn’t make time for this weekend so I kind of felt like I was trying to play catch-up this morning. I’m trying to not feel disappointed that I didn’t get more of what I should have gotten accomplished over the weekend done.

  • Dee Wolters says:

    5:37 AM. Teens are out of town for a 4-H event, so I have all the farm chores. This morning that included: feeding bottle lamb her 1st bottle, checking for new born lambs (none today), feeding chickens, feeding guard dog, give guard dog medicine, fill water trough. Could not fill water, as hose is frozen, will wait until the sun warms things here. Headed up the road for morning 2 mile walk. Now working on things around the house. Looking forward to a short nap after lunch.

  • amy k says:

    My goal is 800, today i woke up at 740. I want to encourage all those who don’t get up at 5 or 6 to post as well! I use to feel badly, but now i don’t. I work better at night than morning, PLUS i have 4 littles, including a 7 month old who is my first non sleeper. I have to give myself grace to sleep when i can, or i am not much good as a mom or teacher to my crew the whole day! And my old time was 830, so backing it up half an hour is still a challenge for me! 🙂

  • Teresa says:

    Got up at 6:30 this morning, instead of my goal time of 5:30. I have been sick since Friday, so I am hoping to get back on track with the book and my goal time. In the past, getting sick would have been my ‘excuse’ for not being able to stick to my plan and I would have dropped the challenge (yes, that quick!). Today, even though I did not get up early, I am giving myself grace and getting back to it tomorrow morning. Thanks for all you do Crystal-You are soooo inspiring!!

  • Jessica says:

    Uh, so my 10 week old baby woke up at 2am and I’ve been up ever since 🙁

  • kristi says:

    Was up at 5:30…but so was the baby…so I laid there for a little while hoping he would go back to sleep. He didn’t 🙁
    I made it into the shower at 6 but somehow still ended up 10min late for work. Double 🙁

  • Brooke says:

    I took time off over the weekends as well. I read the days for the good tips, but enjoyed the extra sleep! I woke up at 4:12, twelve minutes past my goal, but about 40 minutes earlier than I had been waking up, so that was great to have the extra time!
    Last night I had my coffee all set up with my mug by the pot and it was brewed when I got to the kitchen. I also picked out my clothes for the day. Knowing all that was ready PLUS my *new slippers* by the bed, helped me get right up and get started with my morning! 🙂

  • For me the weekend was the easiest time for me to get up early and with a plan. I have been going to bed at the right time and getting up at 7:30. Today was my first day to sleep in. I didn’t do it on purpose. I heard Fred go off but I didn’t get up. I gave it to myself as an okay to sleep in. I did end up getting up at 8:30 and already I have noticed that I feel crummy. I don’t have an energy that I normally have. I am looking forward to my plan for my morning tomorrow.

    Wake up at 7:30
    Shower and get dressed to shoes
    Turn on our local Christian Radio station
    Start Breakfast

  • I made it up by 5:49! Inching closer to 5:30. Woo hoo!

  • Lucy says:

    I’ve been reading this challenge and never committed on your post, but I bought the ebook in last minutes on Day 1. I have been struggling with a heavy insomnia since I was young and taking a medication. I really want to wake up at 5 a.m, but I still cannot figure out what time I should take a medication to order to wake up at 5 a.m. I set my Fred on 5 a.m but very dizzy and unable to wake up at 5. I pushed myself to get up 6:30 this morning, I usually wake up around 8:00 or 8:30 even if I go to bed by 10:00 p.m. But I won’t give up, I like to have a morning time alone for myself, especially I need a quiet reading time for my bible and also good books.

  • TeamBonk says:

    My alarm did go off at 5:00 am … and I woke. But after a very sickly night (and two not-sleeping-through-the-night girls) I decided to stay home from work today and went back to sleep.

    I hope to spend some quiet time this afternoon catching up on the reading for days 1-4 and prepping myself for success for the remainder of the week.

  • 8:20! I go to bed way too late :O

  • Kristi says:

    I am not quite following this challenge…but today I got up, read my Bible and did all of the “before breakfast” stuff on your printoff. I’ve also managed to clean the house and plan out the day – something that hasn’t happened for months actually…before 9:00 I mean. Anyways, thank you for your inspiration and leadership. I’m sure we can all agree that we are better for it!

  • This is a love hate relationship right now with my alarm clock but I can honestly say I am enjoying getting up. My body is still just screaming that it wants to stay in bed. It would help if we were not addicted to watching Downton Abby right now. We are staying up too late watching. 🙂

  • Angie D says:

    5:28 according to the Sleep Cycle app! I went to bed too late and had restless sleep (I wonder if I was doubting the new app would wake me?), but got to the gym, had quiet time, worked, got a phone call in and am starting school NOW! It will be interesting to chart how much sleep I get and my patterns, and if it wakes me at the optimal time, it’s worth the $.99. I may have also been wakened by giggly girls at 5:30 (what?!), but pretty sure it was the alarm.

    • Crystal says:

      Good for you! I’m really considering the app… you’ll have to tell me at the end of this week if you think it’s worth experimenting with or not!

  • Melodie says:

    Monday is my day off work, so my goal was to get up by 9. Woke up at 8:10 but didn’t get up until 9. My husband is a disabled vet with severe PTSD…..and we live in a 400sq ft house….so when I sleep in it gives him a little more uninterrupted sleep time :-). My goals for the mornings are to have a healthy breakfast, enjoy some coffee and conversation time with the Lord, exercise and shower….and just have a productive, relaxing start to my day!

  • Mandy says:

    Wow! Waking up earlier n the weekends makes a world of difference. The hubby and I both woke up 6:30 both days during the weekend and we were able to get our Bible study in and also breakfast just the two of us on Saturday! Hubby says it was like a date and he really loved it! Waking up early during the weekend set the mood because I was actually ready before the day started, which has never happened!! We were early for church and didn’t feel hurried during the day.
    This morning I woke up a little late (snow tubing the day before made me a little sore!) at 6:15, but it was about an hour before the kiddos woke up so I still got to spend time with The Lord before the craziness began.

  • Andrew says:

    The Sleep Cycle Alarm clock works really well! I used it last summer and I always felt better in the mornings. I don’t know if it makes any difference for the rest of the day, but it helped in the first few minutes.

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t work if you share a bed with someone.

  • Sarah says:

    First, I just wanted to thank you, Crystal, for being so inspirational and challenging us to be better and improve ourselves!

    I know I am a little late jumping on this challenge bandwagon, but I will be doing my own modified version of this challenge, since I am pregnant (and don’t sleep very well because of it) and have an almost 3 year old (who doesn’t sleep well half the time either). While getting up earlier is my goal, I don’t intend to kill myself to do it since my sleep is so often interrupted at night. I am motivated to follow the other advice by changing my mindset (I *can* make the most of my mornings/days no matter whether I woke up earlier or not) and I can set my day up for success in other ways. Personally I have to make my plan/to do list the night before and wake up knowing what I have to do that day…otherwise I can’t seem to get going or get my brain to overcome the overwhelming list of “everything that has to be done”.

  • Lora C says:

    Getting up early allows me to start my day with a workout. If I don’t get in my workout first thing I probably won’t do it. I am happy to say that this has helped me get on track with my weight loss goals.

    I started getting up early prior to reading the book and joining this challenge, but somehow it seems a little easier now. I have found that I have been super productive each day and I even got up early over the weekend.

  • Heather says:

    Up at 6:05. I had a half hour to do my devotion before my 2 year old was up. I really feel refreshed and have energy today! Tomorrow I plan on getting up just a little earlier.

  • Dianna says:

    I got up about 7 minutes late (hit sleep once, but got up before the alarm went off again). Not perfect, but it was a huge improvement for me! In the morning, I have to shower first thing, as I have a hard time waking up. Then I get dressed and make breakfast (something good today, since I had plenty of time!), pack my son’s lunch. I made a plan for my week yesterday so I was also able to get a head start on some of the many things I want to get done today. All in all, I’m pretty excited about this challenge so far!

  • shina says:

    I got up at 4:45am. Fed the baby and hit the gym at 5:20. Worked out for an hour, home at 6:30. Showered. Fed my three boys @7am. Baby up at 7:15 to eat again. Two loads of laundry and two loaves of banana bread. It’s finally 10am. Lunch well be in an hour…

  • Susan says:

    I got up at 5:30 AM, to the alarm on my phone. (I have an early morning commitment every Monday morning.) So far, being part of this Early to Rise program has made me more aware of my bedtime. Last night, I went to bed at 9:30 PM, earlier than usual! For the rest of the week, I plan to arise by 6:30 AM on weekdays.

  • K Quinn says:

    I woke up at 7:15. Going for 7am tomorrow. I did sleep in over the weekend. Yeah the daylight savings will be tough. I usually am up late Saturdays getting things ready for church in the morning. Will have to revisit this.

  • Sarah McBride says:

    Up at 0530! Load of laundry folded and put away….washed another load and hung it on the laundry rack 🙂 Finished loading the dishwasher and pushed the “normal wash” button as we headed out the door.
    I find that I’m getting so much done in the mornings now, it’s awesome! My hubby has noticed and complimented my efforts as well!

  • Sumitha says:

    Got up at 6:28 am today – a couple of minutes before my target time. My goal for this challenge was to try and wake up at 6:30 am on weekends as well, but… it ain’t happening 🙂 I don’t want to entirely give up on that goal, but I don’t want to “force” it on myself either. So I am resetting my challenge as 6:30 am on weekdays and “whenever my daughter wakes me up” on weekends (~ 7:15 am) with the aim of sleeping early enough that I can wake up happy no matter what the time is.

  • Jill says:

    I was up at 5:30am this morning. My three things I want to accomplish early this week. 1.) Personal Devotions 2.) Writing a review 3.) Starting a load of laundry.

  • I didn’t sleep well last night so although my eyes openned at 6:20 I stayed in bed until almost 7am . :/ However, I did get up at 6:15 and 6:30 over the weekend so I’m not being too had on myself.

    To answer the challenge, my morning plan includes: spending time reading the bible and praying, showering and emptying the dishwasher. I also want to add writing for 5-10 minutes once my earlier rising schedule is established.

  • Shelly says:

    I got up at 6:29 today, about a half an hour ahead of my goal time. It was hard to get up as I didn’t sleep well last night but I got up and there was a beautiful sunrise this morning. 🙂

  • marie says:

    Very excited because my goal time is 6am and I was out of bed at 5:50! I read scripture, made some scripture index cards, and printed coupons. I just wish I could get rid of the feeling that I should be able to do more in an hour.
    But on the positive side I’ve started making sand witches for lunches ahead, portioning out fruit and veggies for lunches and snacks in baggies. Now it literally takes me seconds to assemble two lunches.
    One goal is to start exercising. The doctor said today that in another 3 weeks I can! So my goal is to figure out how to implement it into my schedule so I’ll be ready. I’ve already figured out how to get more reading time in so I’m very excited. It’s baby steps but they’re steps….

  • Genevieve says:

    Okay… my goal was 6:30 and I was out of bed by 6:34… pretty good. I am contemplating moving my goal time up a bit. I felt a little rushed this morning and I want my routine to be a little more relaxed. So, my new goal is … 6:15 without adding anything to the routine. I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

  • Mel says:

    7:31 here! I’m working toward 6:30 or even earlier if possible because man, do I get a ton accomplished during the day when I get up early. It’s only 11:42AM here and I’ve already: read today’s book chapter; journaled; had breakfast; washed, dried, & folded all of my laundry (still need to put away); ran some errands; answered emails and Tweets; put in a little time on a freelance project; had lunch; fixed an issue on one of my websites; written an article; cleaned out my car; taken out the trash.

    I mean…that’s a huge improvement over here! I am starting to see some areas to improve/tweak, though, so tomorrow I’m going to try this routine:

    1. Get up at 7:15AM.
    2. Read chapter.
    3. Start hot tea.
    4. Journal
    5. Drink tea and finish writing the day’s To Do list (I start it the night before as part of my bedtime routine).
    6. Start breakfast – something more substantial than yogurt so I’m not starving at 10:30!
    7. Get dressed/do hair and makeup.
    8. Eat breakfast while checking email/Twitter/Facebook.
    9. Get cracking on the day’s tasks.

  • Robyn S. says:

    I woke up at 5 am this morning. My morning routine is reading my daily bible plan, praying and writing in my prayer journal and gratitude journal, and reading my other books. Then I start a load of laundry, straighten up my bathroom and bedroom before my 3 kids wake up at 7am. I love my mornings of quiet before the craziness begins!

  • Nicole Taylor says:

    I got up at 5:16 this morning (alarm was set for 5, but I got up!). I’m trying really hard not to “do”, but just to “be” as the book suggests. Because of this, I am really loving the silent mornings! Believe me, it’s hard getting out of bed, but once I do, I really enjoy the quiet. I read the chapter for the day, write in my gratitude journal (I’m doing the Joy Dare), pray, and read some of my current book (The Four Agreements). I don’t touch my computer! Oh, I do have coffee too :). What I found this morning is that I am so much calmer and happier than I normally am on a rushed morning (that’s the point, right?) I turned on some music to wake my husband and kids gently, went in and gave them each a kiss, and then got myself dressed! I am usually the last one dressed with ten minutes to dress, do hair, and make-up before flying out the door and get my daughter to school late most days! I actually folded some towels, emptied the dishwasher, cleaned the breakfast dishes, and did a 10 minute pick up! Oh my! This is incredible! THANK YOU!

  • christine says:

    not off to good start this week- up with sick 2yo. good news she’s fine, just hope other 2 don’t catch whatever it was.
    here’s hoping tomorrow is better!

  • Erin S. says:

    5:10am this morning which is an accomplishment for me as I love to stay up late, but have had to discipline myself to go bed early. I am LOVING my morning time before the little ones wake up! I am truly a different person throughout the day. Thanks for the inspiration and kick I needed do this!

  • Diana says:

    It helps me to set the coffeepot on auto. The waiting coffee gives me a little incentive to get up 🙂 Now if only I could rig up a way to waft the aroma back into our bedroom! 🙂

    Also, I’m not officially doing this challenge because it’s a season of little ones. (Up every two hours last night, for example!) But getting up early consistently is definitely a goal I’m keeping in mind for future years, and I’m enjoying this series even if I’m not really participating! 🙂

  • My wakeup time for the challenge is 4:30… I have made it every day so far! I use Sleep Cycle, and yesterday I was wide awake at 4:00.. and the alarm went off a couple of minutes later. I blogged about “Fred” on Saturday. 🙂 Anyway, I like the Sleep Cycle app, but as someone mentioned, it doesn’t work as well if you share a bed. My husband works several nights a week. I still use it sometimes when he is home, but I don’t think it’s as accurate. JMHO. It definitely helps to have a plan for exactly what you’re going to do… I’m using the early time (after devotionals) to work on a grant proposal, and I make a “to do” list every night of what I need to accomplish the next morning in the allotted time.

  • Stacy says:

    I got out of bed at 6:04 am!! I was able to read both of my book chapters for the day, doa 15 min. morning yoga affirmation/stretching session, pray, cook/eat breakfast, and unload the dishwasher all before I went to work! My most successful day yet. I pray I can keep the momentum going.

    The plan to start my day successfully:
    1. Read the Early to Rise chapter for the day.
    2. Read the Draw the Circle: 40 Day Prayer Challenge chapter for the day.
    3. Pray and start reading Proverbs.
    4. Do some type of stretching and meditation.
    5. Cook and eat breakfast at home instead of taking it to work or buying junk on the way.

  • Susan says:

    I was up at 6:21 this morning for our day of shopping in the US (we live about 2 hours north of the border in BC). The only routine today was my shower! I have 5 things I’d like to do in that early-morning time, although I’m only getting 3 of them done consistently:

    Devotions/Quiet Time
    Read for inspiration

    I probably need to get up earlier than 6:30 to do all I’d like to do in the early morning, but I know my record on rising early, and any earlier than 6:00 and I won’t stick to it. Maybe by the end of the month?

  • Amber says:

    Was up at 5;00 am!

    As for a plan..

    Wake up 5 am.
    Read Andy’s book
    Make breakfast/lunch for work/Eat breakfast
    Read Proverbs
    Out the door by 8 am on days I work

  • Shelley says:

    My time is 4:30. I have made it everyday!
    It helps that my husband is an early riser.
    My Plan:
    Read Lent Bible Plan
    Read Andy’s Book
    Daily email
    Make Bed/15 min room pickup/Ready for work.

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