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Category: Money-Saving Ideas

How to Pay for a Big Trip with Kids Without Going Into Debt

How To Pay for a Big Trip with Kids

Jessica at Life As Mom has a great post up on how to pay for a big trip with kids without going into debt. Here’s a snippet:

Back in our credit-card toting, debt-defying days, we took a few vacations. We flew to Minnesota to visit family. We drove to New Mexico for a conference once. We spent a weekend in Saint Louis just to say we had done it.

But, we always used credit cards. Typically I felt pretty guilty about it. It wasn’t our money we had spent. And we’d be paying for it long after the laundry was finally washed, and the kids couldn’t even remember the voyage. That was a little disheartening.

In 2009 we paid off the last of our consumer debts. A year later we decided to take our first, bonafide vacation. We drove up the coast, stopping in Santa Barbara, Santa Ynez, San Luis Obispo, and Monterey. We visited the Aquarium, slept in a funky hotel on the beach, and ate pizza at a place we’d never ever heard of. It was fabulous to get out in the world with our kids.

Even better was knowing that it was paid for.

There was no nagging feeling about how to strategize to pay for it nor any worry about whether or not we should or could buy something or do something. There was freedom and a lot of joy.

So, how do you pay for a trip? And how do you swing it with a family?

Read the full post here.

3 Marks of a Healthy Financial Relationship

3 Marks of a Healthy Financial Relationship

My husband and I are blessed to come from families where good financial principles were modeled. Unlike many of our friends, we went into marriage knowing that it was possible to have a healthy financial relationship.

We’ve now been married for 12 1/2 years (can you believe it?!) and we’ve grown and struggled and learned a lot through those years. Today, I wanted to share three marks we’ve learned that signify a healthy financial relationship:

1. You’re on the Same Team

To win in life and in finances, you’ve got to be on the same team. This means that you leave the me versus you at the door.

Drop the phrases “his money” and “her money” and replace it with “our money.” Because if you’re going to be a team, you need to join hands — and assets.

Three Marks of a Healthy Financial Relationship

2. You’re on the Same Page

Once you are willing to be on the same team, it allows you to be in a place to get on the same page financially. There’s so much momentum and excitement that comes from working on your finances together.

This requires mutual trust and open communication. It’s a heart that says, “We are in this together — sink or swim. We are FOR each other and we are working on the same goals together.”

In order to work on the same goals together, you have to openly discuss your finances. This means talking about everything regarding finances — not just the fun stuff but also the nitty-gritty hard stuff, like where your financial pitfalls are and what parts of your budget are coming up short.

3 Marks of a Healthy Financial Relationship

3. You’re Willing to Compromise

If you want to stay on the same team and the same page, compromise is essential. You aren’t always going to agree all the time. In fact, you are more likely to disagree much of the time.

This is why you need to be willing to compromise. A strong and healthy relationship requires give and take, with both parties being willing to give up what you want for the other’s good.


What do YOU think are some marks of a healthy financial relationship?

This hot offer ends at midnight!

Did you see this HOT deal on diapers and wipes?

One of my very favorite companies — ePantry — is offering a special Introductory Baby Bundle deal exclusively to readers and it ends at midnight!

This deal is valid for new or existing ePantry customers through September 6, 2015 only.

The Introductory Baby Bundle is a $67 value, but MSM readers can get it for just $29 for the first month. The bundle comes with the following:

    • 5 packs of Seventh Generation Diapers
    • 2 packs of Seventh Generation 64-count Baby Wipes
    • 1 Grove Collaborative Hand Sanitizer

ePantry has worked really, really hard for the past few months to put together an offer that I would stand behind 100%. I kept sending them back to the drawing board to figure out a way to make the offer better because I want it to be the very best offer they could give you all.

I’m thrilled with the final offer they’ve put together and am so excited that many of you have been really excited about it, too.

Did you see this HOT deal on diapers and wipes?

I’ve mentioned this special Introductory Baby Bundle Offer multiple times in the last week, but I wanted to highlight once more because the offer ends Sunday night and I don’t want anyone to miss out!

Here are 5 reasons why I LOVE this offer — and why I think you will, too:

1. This Introductory Price is pretty much the BEST you will see anywhere!

ePantry did a bunch of price comparison and came up with a deal for you all the pretty much beats out every other per-diaper offer on Seventh Generation diapers.

See proof here on how the prices on the Introductory Baby Bundle stack up next to Amazon’s prices:

Check out this HOT deal from ePantry!

2. The ePantry customer service is amazing!

I cannot say enough good things about ePantry’s customer service. They are so committed to serving and giving everyone the very best experience possible.

If you have any issues before, during, or after placing your order, they want to help you out. During business hours, you can use the live chat feature (look for it at the bottom of each page on their site — it will only show up when there is someone there live to help, but it will usually always be there during normal business hours) to ask any questions you have.

I have met all of their core team in person and spent time with them and can attest that they are some of the nicest, kindest, most generous people out there. They run their business with integrity as well as generosity.

{And by the way, just as an example of the kind of people that they are: we’d had this special offer planned for weeks and weeks — long before we had any idea that this was going to be a hard week for me personally and that I was going to be down and out for a couple of days due to surgery. Not only did they send me flowers and check in to see how I was doing regularly, but they offered to change the sale to another week or write all of the blog posts for me so that I didn’t have to worry about a thing!}

Did you see this HOT deal on diapers and wipes?

3. You’ll never have to worry about running out of diapers & wipes again.

Have you ever had to make a run to Walmart or the drugstore in the middle of the night to buy diapers or wipes because you discovered you were completely out? With this special Bundle Pack offer, you can get a month’s supply of diapers delivered to your door every single month.

You’ll never have to worry about making a late-night run for diapers again! All you need to do is enter your child’s weight and a bundle with the right size diapers arrives at your doorstep.

You’ll automatically receive the bundle with 5 packs of diapers, 4 packs of wipes, and a hand sanitizer each month and you can customize the diaper size as your child grows. You can even mix and match sizes when your baby is in that in-between-sizes stage.

{Psst! If you’re looking for a really helpful gift idea for someone you know who is having a baby, signing them up for this Baby Bundle offer could be an amazing gift idea!}

Did you see this HOT deal on diapers and wipes?

4. You can earn FREE diapers when you share this offer with your friends.

What’s better than a great deal on diapers?? How about FREE diapers??

You can share this amazing deal with your friends or blog readers or Facebook followers and earn free credits to use on future diaper purchases (or any purchases from ePantry!) That means free diapers and/or free organic and all-natural household supplies!

Just sign up for an ePantry account, take advantage of this deal Baby Bundle Deal, and then grab your referral link and share it with friends. To grab your referral link, look for the pop-up at checkout offering you the option to refer friends and earn $10 for each friend who orders. Send them the link (or post it on your blog or Facebook Page), have them sign up under you, and then send them to this post to get in on this great deal!

For every person who orders, you’ll earn $10 in FREE credit to spend on anything you’d like at ePantry — diapers, household goods, and more!

Did you see this HOT deal on diapers and wipes?

5. You can cancel at any time, no questions asked.

The best part about ePantry is how incredibly easy it is to cancel your subscription or skip a month or two any time you’d like, no questions asked!

ePantry will email you to let you know when your next order is scheduled to ship and will give you plenty of time to decide if you want the shipment, want to add anything to your shipment, or want to bump the shipment to next month. It’s super easy to make this happen with just a few button clicks in your account.

If you decide you no longer need or want the service, you can cancel your subscription at any time with just a simple email — no questions asked, no hassle.

This sale ends at midnight on Sunday night (September 6, 2015)!

So what are you waiting for? Go sign up for the Introductory Baby Bundle here. But hurry! It’s only good until midnight!

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