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If you have books around your home which you no longer need or want, you should definitely see how much they are worth on Cash4Books. If you sell three books to Cash4Books in January 2011, you’ll earn an extra $5 bonus! Just include this email in with your box of three books and you’ll get $5 extra credited to you via Paypal.

Cash4Books pays promptly through Paypal so you will quickly have your money in hand after shipping off the books.

If the amount offered from Cash4Books isn’t very high, you could consider taking them to a local bookstore to exchange for cash or bookstore credit. Or, you might consider trying to swap them on PaperBackSwap.

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  • Nellie says:

    i just used them for the first time last month. super easy!

  • Meg says:

    They don’t pay you once you ship. They pay you after they have received them and checked/looked them over to make sure there’s no damage etc.

    Probably like a week or so. But great site, I use them all the time. Plus if you have a friend or would sign up under you, you get a $5.00 bonus as well for having a referral.

    • Crystal says:

      Oh, my apologies for the misunderstanding! I was just referring to the fact that they pay promptly, not that they pay immediately after you ship them. They have to receive them first. 🙂

  • Tamara says:

    Thanks for the info. I was able to sell 4 books to them tonight. Already printed off the postage label. Super Easy! 🙂 Thanks again!

  • Terri says:

    I love Cash4Books!! Thanks for sharing. This is a good reminder to go back through my books and unload some stuff!

  • Monica says:

    so, I just shipped 21 books to them last week… I didn’t know about the extra $5, how does this work, did I need to pu in a code or something like that? Just curious. We got over $100 books that were just lying around our house!

    • MaryBeth says:

      They accepted 3 of my books but I didn’t see anything about the $5 bonus either and wondered the same thing about needing a code. Maybe it will just be a surprise when you get paid $5 more. I sent customer service an email, because I had another site offer more money for my books, but with the $5 credit cash4books was actually better.

      • MaryBeth says:

        Update: I already heard back from them and they sent me a flyer that I had to print off and include in the box with my books when I ship them. They made it seem that without the flyer you won’t get the $5

  • jane says:

    Another great option for cleaning out books is Amazon’s Textbook Buyback program, here:

    They pay the shipping and pay you in Amazon credit, issued automatically and electronically once the shipment is received. Bestsellers and textbooks, mostly, but some things have a surprisingly high re-sale price. They also buy back DVDs and video games.

  • Melonie K. says:

    I second Jane’s comment re: Amazon’s buyback program. Just printed off my label for my first shipment yesterday. They originally offered me buybacks on some titles I purchased through them recently (which worked out well because I’m not using the books as much as I thought I would). I also put in other titles that I had planned to get rid of and got a few bucks back. I like the fact that they offer me a list of things they are looking for from my prior purchases – but it doesn’t matter if your books were originally from them or not. And as a military spouse living overseas, I loved that they let me choose between UPS and USPS as the shipping agent, as I don’t have easy access to UPS here.

  • Amanda says:

    You may want to add that there is a flyer you need to print off and add to your box of books to get the extra $5 credit.

  • Melonie K. says:

    Some additional feedback – I just went to check out Cash4Books to see if they would accept my APO address via a USPS shipment and they did! As with other folks who have commented already, I did *not* see an additional $5 credit to my account though I went through your referral link above. Looking forward to some further info as the $5 will be helpful – but also excited that they offered me more than Amazon did for several books I had set aside to try later elsewhere. Thanks for the tip to check them out! Just doubled my book sellbacks thanks to this. 🙂

  • LINDA says:

    I HAVE A FEW BOOKS. but not sure if i should take the risk.


    never got my money nor my book back.


  • I have been saving books that we don’t want {gifts from well meaning folks, yard sale finds that didn’t turn out to be as nice as I thought, ones we tired of, etc.} for about a year – I kept a box in the garage and would add to it when I found a book I didn’t want.
    A new used bookstore just opened right near our house and my husband took the box of books in and we got $90 store credit for the books!! Woohoo! It took about 25 minutes of his time and we now have $90 for book store dates – which we love!

  • ok, can’t find the $5 flyer. Where is it?

  • Laura says:

    I just spent 15 minutes and made 7.oo for 7 books. These have been sitting around for years and are great books. SO glad someone else will get to enjoy them. Thanks for this tip!

  • Alicia Jay says:

    Wow! Thanks for this info! I never even knew something like this (and the program from Amazon) even existed. I have 2 boxes full of books in my garage that haven’t sold at our last 2 yardsales. I am going to go through those boxes and see if I can’t make some money. Thanks once again for sharing this info!

  • Julie says:

    Thanks SO much for the post. Because of it, I came across, which is a site that allows you to input the ISBN and returns the amount currently being paid by dozens of different book buying sites. Book Jingle was best for me on all three ($8.50 total vs. a total of $5.91 w/ cash4books), but the $5 bonus made it worth sending the books to them. Thought others may want to know that bookscouter cuts a bunch of the work though when there isn’t a special offer somewhere.

  • Kim says:

    Have tons of books and they are buying 7 of them for a lil over $60 plus I get my $5 bonus!! Thanks! And love that it goes on my paypal account quicker than a mailed check!! THANK YOU!!!

  • Jackie says:

    Thank you so much for this post and the comments from readers about Amazon’s buy back program. I sold back 7 of my textbooks for just under $150 in AGCs. No more paying for diapers for a little while! I’ll be checking out the bookscouter tonight for my novels.

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