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A Day In My Life: Not as productive as I’d hoped, but sometimes that’s just how life is, right?

A Day In My Life

So yesterday wasn’t as productive as I was hoping.

It started out well, though…

Since I’ve been sick this weekend, I’ve had trouble sleeping, so I woke up around 4 a.m. and just got up and stayed up.

I started the Diffuser going with OnGuard. Took my vitamins. Made some coffee. And sat down to read my Bible and catch up on emails and blogging work.

I got a lot of work done in those few hours before the rest of the family woke up. When the kids got up, I made sausage, berries, and fried eggs for breakfast and then we sat down to eat and do our morning school.

Once we were finished, I cleaned up the kitchen while the kids got ready, did their morning chores, and then got started in on their independent school.

I had planned to take a shower and get some more housework done, but around this time, I started to really feel icky again. So Jesse took over and I went back to bed (he’s been out of town more than he’s been home recently, so I was very grateful that I could actually go back to bed today!)

A Day in My Life

He washed the girls hair and then they came in to have me fix it. Should I confess that I didn’t even get out of bed to fix their hair? I just propped up the pillows and they sat on the edge of the bed while I fixed it.

And then he fed the kids and took them out to ice skating lessons, swimming lessons, and baseball practice while I tried to get some work done while resting. I had trouble focusing, but I ended up getting most of my list done.

After my list was mostly finished, I got up and made myself some Throat Coat tea, switched the laundry from the washer to the dryer, and then I folded some laundry, and worked on my talks/slides for the Arlington Homeschool Conference.

Jesse and the kids arrived home and we ate dinner, cleaned up the house, and then I headed to bed for an early bedtime.

I was so grateful to wake up feeling somewhat better today — and I finally had the energy to tackle Silas and Kathrynne’s clothes.


Kathrynne helped me go through her clothes and I was shocked how many clothes she actually has since she re-wears the same things over and over again.


And I went through Silas’ clothes — with a little input from him, too.



I organized both of their drawers in a similar way as Kaitlynn’s and gave them strict instructions that they are to keep them this way and make sure to fold and put away laundry in this order to simplify things.

It feels so good to have pared down some of their clothes — especially since I haven’t done this since we moved here a year ago!

How was YOUR day yesterday? Did you get any cleaning or organizing done? Is everyone well at your house? I hope so!

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  • Danielle says:

    Sorry to hear your family has not been feeling well lately. It seems like we have had someone constantly with a cold or stomach bug here for 10 weeks! I think we’re finally in the clear now that spring has broken…
    I hope your express instructions to your children to keep their clothes organized go better than mine. Granted, mine is almost 5, so she is still in the training phase, but it does not help that the one year old keeps barreling in and throwing her clothes out!

  • Rebecca says:

    That’s what I need to do too with my daughter’s clothes! How do they accumulate so much?

    It still sounds like you were productive even though you didn’t feel all that great.

    Here’s a saying from my pastor that I just love: “God’s grace keeps pace with whatever we face.”

  • Diane says:

    I hope you feel better soon!

  • Jennifer C. says:

    I think it sounds like you accomplished quite a bit for not feeling well – I’m impressed 🙂 I’m sick today & so frustrated as I look around & see all the things that I wish I had the energy to do! I may have to try the tea that you mentioned.

    Get well soon!

  • Sorting through the kids clothing is on my list of things to do this week as well. I always dread this task so much, but I love the finished product. You’ve motivated me to stop putting it off!

  • Jaime says:

    You still got a lot accomplished! The last two days my toddler’s been a little sick and she’s refused to nap, which has made my days VERY long, haha. Maybe tomorrow I can get some cleaning done?

  • Jen says:

    Work that neti pot and Vicks! As far as keeping from getting sick, I want to suggest to you fermented foods. I drink a kombucha a day and haven’t had so much as a cold in the year and a half since I started incorporating it into my diet (and that’s really something considering I work in healthcare). I have a friend who was getting sick every 2-3 months with various cold/sinus issues; he started drinking kombucha a few months ago and hasn’t been sick since. Other popular and readily available fermented foods include sauerkraut and kimchi. Our gut harbors about 70% of our immune system, and fermented foods have tons of beneficial bacteria. Hope you feel better soon!

    • I’ve been drinking kombucha, eating plain yogurt, and eating fermented foods. Hopefully, that’s helping it not be as full-blown as it would have been otherwise and I’m hopeful it’s one of the reasons that I never got a fever and seem to be quickly on the mend… now if I could just get my kids to eat fermented stuff, too! Working on that. 🙂

      I’m SUCH a fan of Saline Rinses, too. I used to have all sorts of sinus issues and that has been a lifesaver for me and this is the first time in a long time that I’ve had any congestion issues — which is a night and day difference to where I was a few years ago. So grateful for such improved health and that I rarely get sick any more. I’ve been really vigilant the past two years about taking care of myself and it’s made world of difference! So worth the effort!

  • K says:

    You’re a trooper! You got so much done despite the fact that you were not feeling well. I was 100% today and didn’t get that much done. LOL!

    I do hope that you continue to feel better.

    I like to have organized drawers, too. It does make “laundry life” much easier – in my opinion, anyway. 🙂

    Your family has been in TN for a whole year already? Wow! I can remember the posts that you wrote about your move as if it were yesterday. Time does indeed fly by. 🙂

  • Kristin says:

    I’m so sad I won’t make the Arlington Homeschool Conference! Right when I was going to register, I got put on full bed rest until I deliver the baby. Maybe next time!

  • Jennifer says:

    No, not well here. I just recovered a couple weeks ago from a virus that lingered for six weeks.
    Now my son is sick and is developing the dreaded earache.

  • Kristin Mohr says:

    Ugh…there’s nothing worse than feeling icky and need to take care of children. I’m happy to hear you are feeling better though, and you have inspired me to go through my daughter’s clothing. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now. How then end up with so much is a mystery to me! So thank you for the inspiration!

  • Allie says:

    Glad you are feeling better! I noticed your little one’s clothes stacked in the picture. If you haven’t read Marie Kondo’s book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” yet, I highly recommend it! Konmari walks through a great way to make it really easy to keep closets and drawers organized – even for little ones. It has been a best selling book in Japan and is starting to make the rounds here in the states. I have no affiliation with the book, I just LOVE how much easier it has made keeping our house clean! (I became a full believer since my girls’ toy room has stayed clean for over a month with NO reminders on my part… amazing!)

    • I’ve got that book on my list — have heard rave reviews of it!

      We switched out Kaitlynn’s drawers to the “system” that I just did Silas and Kathrynne’s drawers in and it’s made a WORLD of difference for her and her struggle to keep things organized. I’m hoping it works the same for Kathrynne and Silas!

  • Shelly says:

    So sorry to hear your not feeling well. It’s good you are taking time to rest, I know I often try to power through which seems to only prolong the sickness.

    Today I was able to spend some time with my dad. My husband’s co-worker was having trouble getting a new seat cover on his motorcycles eat, so my husband brought it home and with my dad’s help we got it fitted nicely on. It was nice to spend the time with my dad and get to do something to help someone else too.

  • Cheryl says:

    Its been a hard week here too, Sunday I started getting the flu and stayed home from church ( I never get sick) and I spent the next two days in and out of bed, helping with the kids. Tuesday as I was taking them to school my brother called and my mom was in a serious car accident, so I spent the day at the hospital and am headed back there today. God was with her though, she does have a broken neck, it could have been much worse…All plans for this week are not important now. I will praise Him in these storms!

  • Jaime says:

    Your daughter’s braid is awesome!

  • Kristin says:

    Hope you’re feeling better today! Just wondering what kind of diffuser you have. My birthday is coming up and I’m thinking about getting one 🙂

  • kariane says:

    I hope you’re on the mend soon. I’m impressed that you got so much done when you weren’t feeling well. We use essential oils when we’re not feeling well around here too, along with a host of other natural remedies. My favorite home remedy for a sore throat is this:

  • Barbara says:

    Your daughter’s braid is beautiful. Can you share how you did it?

  • Marna says:

    I love how real you are. You acknowledge your challenges and still push through what needs to get done. Thank you for sharing with us:)

  • For a sick day, that seems really productive! We’ve been battling colds plus the stomach flu and I just barely feel like I have my brain back. 🙂

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