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500 Things Decluttering Challenge: Day 8

500 Things Decluttering Challenge

It’s Day #8 of the 500 Things Decluttering Challenge and today’s project was to go through kid’s stuff, sports equipment, and Hobby/Art supplies.

I went through our craft tubs and found quite a few items to get rid of. I was especially excited because I was able to consolidate down to one tub!

I’m thrilled that our house is really starting to look more and more decluttered! For the last few months, I’ve been meaning to get to certain problem areas and then just never made it a priority. But every time I would see those problem areas I would be reminded that I still needed to get to decluttering and organizing that area.

So it feels so nice to finally be tackling and conquering those areas — one day at a time!

Today’s total: 45 items decluttered

Total for the entire challenge: 328 items so far!

I’m keeping a running total of all my items decluttered during this challenge as I thought it would be fun to not only do Daily Totals but also Overall Totals.

How many items did YOU declutter today?? Leave a comment and let us know. 

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  • 26 items today for a total of 331… to be honest, it wasn’t my best effort today. I know I can find more items if I try harder. I just wasn’t in the decluttering mood earlier. Maybe later tonight I’ll get some motivation and add to the total.

    I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone’s totals and updates in posts and comments over the past week. Even on days, like today, where I might not have the best attitude, the rest of you really inspire me to push ahead! Thank you!

  • Marsha says:

    44 items today, 702 total so far. Thank you for the much needed motivation.

  • Sarah says:

    1,038 so far since early Jan, more than 300 today. I think my stuff multiplies when I’m not looking lol. I was able to get away with packing it all in as I live in a cottage that should be enough room for a family but it’s just me so my stuff just sort of spread out to fill the space. But I’m on a mission now – use it or lose it!

      • Sarah says:

        Thanks! Anyone trying to decluttering should watch Hoarders on telly as that’s the perfect incentive. It makes you realise how much stuff we hold on to ‘just because’ or ‘in case’. There’s simply not enough hours in the day to use it all or learn from it (books etc). I try to donate as much of it as possible or recycle it or sell some bits and bobs on eBay. That relieves the guilt, but it also makes you a more conscious consumer in the future

  • Brenda says:

    That’s great! I like when I’m able to condense things down to less tubs too.

  • Michele says:

    Last year, I must have uncluttered half my house. Now, I am going through household items again and Christmas decorations.
    I’m building a household starter kit (aka hope chest) for my daughter as I downsize. As I have thinned out the household items and decorations, it has been great to pare down, set some aside for my daughter and donate the rest.

    In the Fall, my daughter left for college. She blessed me with a disorganized mess. I just put everything left out into her room and shut the door for 4 months. When she returned at Christmas, she went through all her clothes and shoes. I had several bags of clothes to donate plus a few empty clothes baskets.

    It feels good.

  • Rachel A. says:

    What are people doing with their items? Are you just donating them? My mom and dad have a storage unit since my Grandma passed away this fall (their call) and so far all the extra clutter that I don’t want to donate is going there and then up for sale on Facebook in a couple of months. I am due with my fourth baby in 6 weeks. We are going to use the money we both earn to money towards a joint Disney trip in the next couple of years.

    I need to get back into decluttering and join this challenge.

    • Kathi Lipp says:

      I think most people are donating their items. It’s easy to bring them back into the house if they are in storage. It’s a great idea to start that Disney fund and use those items to go toward it. Congrats on the new baby!

  • I’m a little behind, but still motivated to keep up as time allows.
    Here is what I accomplished today:

  • Jenny says:

    The last few days I haven’t had the motivation to declutter so I’ve been using the 5 minute rule and just committing to 5 minutes at a time. I shredded about 10 pieces of junk mail, plopped 2 more magazines in the donation pile, and finished burning a candle that was near the end.

    I’m hitting a wall where I don’t feel like I can get rid of many more of my belongings, even though we have way more than we need, for fear that I may need it and will have to replace it. I don’t know how to proceed.

    Total items: 138

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